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A timely nom for Equity please. Now we’re all probably aware of this bunch of mincing pansies as the union for thesp types, but it seems nowadays they, like many of the wastes of plasma that constitute the intellectual wastelands of Twatter, consider themselves to be at the forefront of all the PC, woke, anti-waaycism bullshittery.

To the point where when actor Laurence Fox appeared on Question Time the other day and spoke the basic truth to this daft cow:


As she was trying to impress on him in her God-awful simpering manner, that good old Meghan is leaving the poisoned teat of the UK because of racism. Her reasoning? He shouldn’t be allowed to comment because he is WHITE, proof if it were needed that in the minds of these simpletons racism is only a thing if it’s directed at “people of colour”.

Equity have seen the opportunity to get themselves some headlines, and have of course immediately denounced the witch and called on all of their good-with-colours members to make sure Fox never works again. Cunts one and all.

Nominated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

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  1. Unions exist to stop people being unfairly treated by employers and yet this one is so woke it will actively attempt to have a member discriminated against for political views which any right-headed person would regard as moderate and fair. Actors with any integrity should boycott the Union, taxpayers money should be withheld from propping up loss-making woke globalist-themed productions that serve narrow-minded right-on leftist audiences in the cities and instead be spent on bringing world-class touring productions out into the regions.

  2. I bet the queen wishes the Markle woman had never come into contact with halfwit Harry, caused no end of problems for her and the royals, bad enough that she had air miles Andy trying to fuck up the brand.

    The problem with Markle wasn’t the colour it was all the baggage she carries, as for the press being racist, I don’t think so but of course it’s easy for the stupid (like the silly cunt on question time) to shout racist, Markle is black(ish) so it must be racist!

    Laurence Fox has a last given two fingers to the luvvies, the cunts who can’t wait to jump on any bandwagon which gives them extra Woke points.

    Best QT for years!!
    Equity can fuck off!!

  3. Boycott this union.
    Virtue signalling cowardly cunts.
    I was actually waiting for this to happen after Fox made his views known .
    All sane thespian types should cancel their membership.
    What he did was called freedom of speech and they’ve tried to criminalise him.

  4. A timely appearance of this cunting, as Alastair Stewart is now the centre of another waycism shitstorm, and Fox has something relevant to say:

    There is a war on language. These authoritarian, totalitarian ideologues want to scare you into silence by forcing racism into every word and thought. They have exploited our tolerance and our decency. They are the exact thing they acuse you of. #AlistairStewart



    • The problem is that the woke movement is unable to think with any reasoning. Who was it that said ‘ it is hard to win an argument with an intelligent person and impossible to win an argument with a fool’?

      • Although termed a Comedy Measure for Measure is better understood as a ‘problem’ play. And the problem is not racism. The problem is what price chastity? The dilemma Isobella faces should she sacrifice her virginity to save the life of her brother? Nothing about race. How could there be? It is set in Italy and all the characters are Italian.
        Now if if had been Othello there night be some cause. ‘The thick lips’, ‘sooty face’. Now if he had called him that it would have been blatant racism.
        But the quote from M for M has simply the word ‘ape’ in it. It is not an insult like ‘you whoreson dog’. The meaning of the quote is really ‘you are a small man’. That is all.

      • You are taking Stewart’s quotation in the context of a privileged white male playwright’s despicable waycist opinions, you nazi fascist bad mans, you.

      • Tubby or not tubby. FAT is the question- whether it is nobler in the mind to stick your tongue up some fat bird’s arsehole? Or to wait while you get a slim one. Aye, there’s the rub.

      • I think Black and White would make a great Black Othello.
        In Act 1, Scene 2 he says . . . . . . . .

        Othello: “ Let him do his spite:
        My services which I have done the signiory
        Shall out-tongue his complaints. My fuckin’ tongue is twice the size of his and verily I say, I may thrusteth further up yon maiden’s asshole.”

      • Afternoon L.L
        Black and White has to be careful what he says. One slip of the tongue, and he’s in deep shit,

      • Lol, love this, so funny, just spat my beer out laughing at this, bbtc you sir have the gift of the gab! I salute you sir!

    • It’s about time these cunts were slapped down and using the term ‘white privilege’ should be classed as racist, after all it is the opposite black c*nt.

  5. Alastair has now joined Laurence as an early nominee for the coveted ISAC of the Year Award.

    Factor in the resignations of that BBC cunt Lord Hall and, just today, that libtard wimminz editor of Wireless 4, no doubt undermined by Dom telling the troops not to appear.
    Then there was Sir Nigel’s farewell speech to Verhofstadtcunt and friends yesterday. I shall really miss more of those speeches (and I’m convinced they retired to the bar afterwards and ended up crying in each other’s arms around 2am)

    This year has started very promisingly. Could it be that the long-awaited fightback has begun ?

      • Ohh, you can’t quote Shakespeare anymore, it’s wayy-cist.

        “The common curse of mankind, folly and ignorance, be thine in great revenue.”

        ~William Shakespeare~

      • This is why it’s so important that IsAC and similar sites keep pushing back in order to defend free speech.

      • We must widen our catchment area. I suggest that we use B&W Cunt as a Trojan Horse. We slip him into the BBC and let him run amok. I can see it now and Ii frankly feel sorry for them . Those poor women presenting Woman’s Hour will return to their partners of an evening crossed eyed and walking like John Wayne.

      • He’s definitely the best weapon we’ve got. The tongue is mightier than the sword!

      • Evening chaps.

        I admire your optimism but sadly cannot share it. Refreshing though Laurence Fox is, he’s merely a molecule of oxygen in a cosmos composed of PC BAME LGBTQXYZ flatulence.

        As long as Marxism has a stranglehold on the teaching profession, churning out mindless snowflakes, things will continue to get worse.

        Important and refreshing that Fox spoke out nonetheless.

        Never mind, at least we’re going to get HS2 (to be paid for with money borrowed from China), Huawei, Coronavirus, the Fourth Reich have us over a barrel…

      • PS: There’d have been no question of Alastair Stewart having to resign or get fired if this nonsense had occurred even 5 years ago. Much Ado About FUCK ALL!

      • Evening Ruff one.
        “As long as Marxism has a stranglehold on the teaching profession.”
        Bang on. You’ve hit the nail right on the head!
        It hasn’t come about by accident. This has been slow and assiduous but is now reaching fruition.

      • Would you like me to mop your fevered brow ( not in a gay way you understand! )

      • That’s very kind of you… but I vant to be alone… with my nurse with big knockers and legs that go on forever…

        Oh fuck – Lady Creampuff wants to know what’s happened to her dinner!

        Be seeing you…

      • B&WC would have to be a braver man than I, Bungditin, if he were to lip his tongue up The Brucie’s rear crack…

        But his devotion to the cause indeed seems limitless.

      • Spot on RTC regarding teachers, after graduating in the eighties there were no employment prospects whatsoever in my area, eventually took a low paying job in Londonistan just to get experience. At that point I was considering going into teaching as an absolute last resort. IMO there are 3 possible reasons for becoming an educator, you love kids and want to help them fulfil their potential, you find children arousing and see it as an opportunity for romance, or you are a useless lazy waste of a perfectly good sperm, who is otherwise unemployable and likes the idea of 80 days paid leave a year. The final category is the biggest, hence the high number of clueless lefty cunts trying to indoctrinate their pupils.
        Oh, and happy Brexit day for tomorrow!

  6. I could give two stony shits what any member of Equity has to say, nor the cunts in tinsel-twat-town over the pond, on any subject matter outside of a precis of whatever woke roll they’re doing currently.

    I’m surprised that the fuckers haven’t gone full tilt and rebranded themselves as Equality, where you’re only welcome if you’re a wimmenz, a BAME, one of the alphabet people (or – preferably – all three)!

    Just because you can play the role of a President, Prime Minister or Scientist, doesn’t actually make you one! So as far as your views on politics, or the climate fiasco goes, I genuinely could give a fuck. I’d pay more attention to a drug-raddled homeless cunt because at least they actually have some real-life experience of hardship, as opposed to imagining what hardship is (which for you cunts is a lack of soy-lite milk to go with your triple-half-cafe, decafe espresso, that was demanded on you waiver along with 15,000 other demands of privilege)!

    As far as normal people are concerned, outside of the glitterati bubble, Lawrence Fox’s standing has gone up several notches for nothing more than stating the truth and talking common sense. Fuck what Eqtwatty think!

    Luvvie, condescending Cunts!

    • “rebranded themselves as Equality, where you’re only welcome if you’re a wimmenz, a BAME, one of the alphabet people (or – preferably – all three)”

      Supporting evidence in the pics of happy Equity members in the ‘Sign Up’ frame of this page:


      The theme of black man and white woman is repeated in the ‘How to join’ link. But the woman isn’t quite so Jewish. Their alphabet status is of course unknown, but if we extrapolate from known data on luvvies….

      • Did you scroll down a notch?

        Safe Spaces
        Read more…

        I give up!

      • I was caught in an artillery barrage once, I would imagine it was howitzer due to the angle, any way the street was exploding and I ran down a concrete ramp to a garage, They wer hitting heavy and I knew that if one burst I would be shredded, between the ramp and the building there was some wooden blocks, I pulled them up and there was a gully there I dropped in to it .
        It was full of stagnet shit, black rotting stick to you shit, I climbed out of it and lay on the ground as the salvo came in.
        There are places to die and a trench full of shit is not one of them.
        There is no no such thing as a safe place

      • That toothy old Tom, Billie Piper is behind that Safe Spaces shyte. Fuck knows why; she has handled more helmets than Barry Sheene.

        That cuckolded, limp-dick Tennant is also lurking behind this.


      • 85% of this country are white British. 50% of people are ‘bame’ on Equity’s webpage. Funny that…

      • It allows for the tinkering about of statistics, Dr.
        Likewise, 98% of the gang arrested for grooming were Pakistanis but there were a couple of negros and whiteys so put their photos on the news.

      • Before signing off tonight, a cunning linguistic thought…

        “The penis, mightier than the sword.”

        Just remind me to keep mine away from the vitriol …Ouch !

        It’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from four (vagina-stinking) candles…

    • None of us will live long enough to see a white actor take the lead role in any biopic about Mandela, Ray Charles or Malcom X, just because whitey happens to be good at the part.
      Racism and racial equality only flow in one direction, but these woke bellends refuse to notice it.
      Cunts the lot of them.

      • Fuck. I think I used the wrong email and got biffed into moderation. I’m a thick cunt, dontchaknow?

  7. The silly bitch doesnt appear to know what an ‘ad hominem’ argument is; ‘you’re a white privileged male, therefore…’

    Still, being a lecture in a made-up subject at Edge Hill ‘university’ , she probably wouldnt.

    • The fact the dozy cow managed to be racist, sexist and classist in three words was stupendous. They can fill the media with this nonsense all they like average Joe has broad shoulders and can take being called a racist et al. But only to a point, if they aren’t careful the backlash won’t be pretty.

    • This woman is a lecturer in Education at this Micky Mouse university. If anybody wonders where lefty, snowflake teachers get their ideas, then Edge Hill is their finishing school. You can imagine the crap that’s contained in one of her ‘lectures.’
      She appears to have been a Primary school teacher for just 6 years before she got this post.
      When I trained as a teacher, those who lectured had a lifetime experience of teaching behind them and had plenty of life experience to offer their students. This woman has nothing to offer, other than a phoney Scouse accent and a dogma ridden agenda.

  8. “Venues should
    recognise that
    audiences can be
    the perpetrators
    of harassment.”

    I read that in Equity’s “Safe Space” document here:


    “Booooooo! GET OFF! You’re fucking rubbish!”

    “Right Mr Audience member, you opinion of this work is technically harassment and so it’s off to chalky for you!” – Sgt Plod, Hurty-Feelings Division, New Scotland Yard.

    New Scotland Yard – policing imaginary and thought crimes that matter to YOU!

    Policing rapey gangs however… not so much!

  9. He’ll never work again but he comes from ‘fuck off’ money so I doubt it will bother him too much.

    Also, ‘fuck off’ money:-


    Fair fucks to him for putting his head above the trenches.

  10. Equity: Bunch of cunts.

    Talking about cunts: That Fenian bitch at the EU yesterday. Bog off back to Paddy land and eat a potato.


  11. Equity are hypocrites. They bang on about “equality” and “minority rights”, yet my script for “Have A Tuppence” was sent back to me. It’s a movie starring Megan Fox, Kate Upton, Beyonce (woman of colour), Nicole Sherzinger (could pass as Indian/Pakistani), Lindsay Lohan(part time lesbian) and Perrie Edwards (once sprained her ankle so could pass as a raspberry). They’re playing the part of lesbian strippers who, after getting naked onstage, decide to lick each other’s tuppences and smother each other in vegan butter that doesn’t use palm oil.
    Not much dialogue, just some moaning and grunting while some Barry White style instrumental music plays in the background. As you can see, this movie has an all-female cast, a woman of colour, an Asian (sort of), a homosexual, and someone who has suffered a disability. Perfect.
    What’s their fucking problem?
    Racist, misogynist homophobes.

    • First blood to the tabloids in the 1st couple of wokeness’s war on the press.

      • I’m not for one minute saying Mr. Windsor-Porchester is guilty as charged, but if he were hit repeatedly around his fat head by an angry old man with a well-oiled cricket bat, I’d be very happy; also, not at all surprised.

  12. Equity.

    Surely people should be more concerned with Equinety.
    The poorly and unloved horses.

    The Black Beauty themetune still makes me excited when I hear it. 🙂

  13. Apparently there’s a “Conservative voting comedian” on Remoaners Question Time tonight. I didn’t know there was such a thing but, hopefully, he’ll do a Lawrence Fox on their arseholes. For once, i’ll definitely be watching.

  14. Shame about Stuart. Another decent, old fashioned news reader. Probably to be replaced by some woke autocutie.

    • I wonder if ‘Sir Trev’ will back Stewart? Probably not…
      The clack bunt who grassed Stewart is a smear of shite and a crybaby race card grass of a cunt… I hope he gets hell…..

  15. The cream of BBC’s cunts on their back-slapping Brexitcast. Tony Hall, Jeremy Fruit, Kuntssberg and Katy Adler dressed as an old Tom.

    More mutual masturbation than the Steve Wright show and what a juggernaut of wank.

    Kuntssberg should get naked and start noshing Adler in her FMB’s. Might give it some purpose.

  16. I see Katie Hopkins has been suspended from Twatter… Apparently she said something nasty about Saint Stormzy of Grenfell…. But the loony left’s favourite chocolate novelty wasn’t kicked off Twatter for his anti-gay rants or spouting anti-white bile, was he?… More to the point, nobody mentions them or is allowed to mention them in case it is seen as ‘racist’… This is a total fucking madness and war needs to be declared on this demented shit and anyone who practices it… All out fucking war!

    Lozza Fox is God! Fuck Equity up Sir Patrick Stewart’s liberal old arse!

    • Not BBC rent-a-coòn darling Stormzy!? The voice of black people, who with total un-racist impartiality defends her royal highness Meghan Markle as being the salt of the earth to the hilt and definitely isn’t homophobic, must be protected!!

  17. It’s not compulsory for an actor to be a member of Equity so all the counts in Equeerty can tuck off.

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