Zarah Sultana MP

A gentle, nursery slope cunting with little stabilisers please, for 26-year-old (though she sounds all of 12) Zarah Sultana, who tried to instigate class war in Parliament by brandishing her student loan statement in front of the House, which amounts to £50,000 (she says.) She ought to think herself lucky that with a bit of creative accounting in the expenses department, she will get her debt cleared quicker than the poor cunts who studied with her and had to endure her little girl me, me, me voice every day:

What a tiresome fuckwit she is (You can hear her on the Daily Express website in full flow.)

I am sick and tired of these kids who get to Parliament with zero life experience, just because they happen to be non-white. I certainly wouldn’t stick my tongue up her arsehole for fear of all the bile and bitterness festering away in her butt crack.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. It cost this halfwit £50k to get a degree in International Relations and Economics. Yet another version of the Mickey Mouse PPE.
    These degrees equip you for McDonalds or Politics. I know which is more useful.

  2. Never mind luv, now your feet are under the table and you’re on best part of 80 grand for 6 months “work” a year – if you’re unlucky – you’ll soon have it paid off. Chin up.

  3. If poor little Zarah didn’t want to contribute to the cost of her Mickey Mouse degree she should have taken a job that pays under £26,000, then she wouldn’t have had to pay a penny.

    As it is she’s on £79,000 (plus expenses), so suck it up, you entitled whinging fuckwit..

  4. I wouldn’t drop a magnanimous load of man-porridge onto her face but I would inquire whether she had a younger sister.

  5. When she ran for the European elections last year, during the campaign she faced potential deselection as a candidate after The Jewish Chronicle reported that in 2015 while she was a student, Sultana made a series of controversial social media posts from a later deleted account, which included implying that she would celebrate the deaths of former Labour prime minister Tony Blair, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the former US president George W. Bush. Imagine the outcry if the candidate had been a whitey.
    Needless to say, Labour still selected her for both elections.

    • PS. Lady Godiva would be ashamed of her beautiful flaxen hair and English rose complexion were she alive today. (Coventry being this creatures constituency)

  6. It blew my mind when I discovered raisins are dried red grapes, sultanas are dried green grapes, and prunes are dried plums.

  7. She had three career paths in life: ‘Activism’, academia, and politics (on an all-female shortlist in a ‘diverse’ area). The fact she was ‘looking’ for a minimum wage job, and not even actually working, says it all about this waste of space. At dole offices in London being a local Member of Parliament probably features on the job boards: Requirement south asian woman sought to sit on your arse and complain about the white patriarchy, no experience necessary.

  8. Did the dumb arse not get the memo that her studies would cost and she would be lumbered with debt once they are finished? Did anyone put a gun to the cunt’s head that she must study at University and therefore be committed to a student loan?

    Oh, just fuck off woman.

    • One can hardly expect economic students of colour to consider in advance the cost price of an educational investment and estimate it’s potential financial return! That’s far too advanced for the little darling.

  9. Making peacefuls pay for their education is, if I may quote the famous political analyst, Stormzy, “100% raaay-sist for sure.”

  10. And no doubt blames the Tories for her “International Relations” course (what a fucking surprise) debt when in actuality, it was her beloved communist Labour Party who did this when she was 5yrs old.

    But like most millennial wank-stains, this (yet another, cos we need more in OUR parliament) chippy BAME gobshite no doubt thinks it was the Tories that brought in tuition fees and NHS privatisation.

    Probably another “nothing to see here” shill when it comes to Pakistani Rape Gangs too, seeing how her family are Kashmiri exports!


  11. I’m surprised she has an iq high enough to go to “university” or become an MP as her ancestors have been marrying their first cousins or brothers daughter for forty generation. Useless peaceful cunt.

    • I believe the requirement to do the course she enrolled on (and to become an MP) is that you know somebody who knows how to breathe without being told to do so.
      OR have a brother/father/uncle/other relation that drives a taxi. And has fucked you.

      • A nice iron boot that gets pieces of wood hammered down into it to really upset the wearer of said boot.
        Very popular a few centuries ago.
        Needs a comeback.

  12. My question would be how the fuck did she rack up £50,000 when she went to University in Birmingham and lived in Birmingham….

    What a cunt!

    • Or what kind of “Jess Philips-esque” expenses the cunt will rack up courtesy of the taxpayer!

    • Probably had to get Uncle Abdul’s taxi in to uni; “that will be fifty pounds pleez. And I will be round to fuck you later”.

    • SOI, being in Birmingham, she probably spent all her money at Cadbury World. I would have if I were there. 😀

      • Do you get any chocolate deals at work Spoons?

        I understand that you have a PM on your e-mail

      • Bertie, I don’t think I get any discounts for the job but I get money off coupons that come in the post as a customer occasionally.

        Admin, what does that mean PM?

      • I assume private message Spoons…. I think admin’s been at the sherry again

      • Cheers, Cuntan. Probably sherry trifle hehe 😀

        Blessed are the admin for running this site.

      • Ouch! That either must be a telling off so severe it’s not for public consumption or romantic importuning.

    • Surely you’re not talking about the millionaire, Glastonbury headlining, MOBO and Brit Award winning, Union Jack stab-vest wearing, oppressed Stormzy are you?

      It’s a wonder the cunt manages to get by within such an unaccepting and waycist regime. Poor Stormzy.

      Maybe Mr Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr ought to try his Mum’s gaff – Ghana – and see how unoppressed he feels there?

      I would state he could try his Dad’s gaff but no mention is made on WikiPedia about his Father. Funny that, eh!

  13. Another twenty-something fuckwit who’ s spent 50k on a degree in International relations yet knows nothing of geopolitics or history.
    Sounds like the sort of two-a-penny mongs on Facebook who i suggested should try getting a refund when they felt the need to point out their measly qualifications in lieu of being a le to argue their case coherently.

  14. With the name sultana, if her career goes norks up, she could be the face of fruit and fibre cereal. 🙂

  15. Burkah and a gag for this curry muncher.

    Shut the fuck up and what your husband tells you, there’s a good girl.

  16. There is an interesting article on the Guido Fawkes website about this thick as pig shit gobshite. Yesterday they were electing chairman of the select committees, which are always divided up amongst Conservative and Labour MPs, some jobs being reserved for the governing party and some for the opposition. She refused to vote for any Conservative MP thereby getting rid of that old fanny Damian Collins as chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee who is an arch-remainer and pro-BBC and voting in BBC basher Julian Knight.

  17. I imagine Zarah’s advert on the telly.

    “Hi! I’m Zarah! When I’m not being an MP,I rear and farm llamas.”

    “For llamas without all the drama, call me, Zarah Sultana, the part-time llama farmer!”

    “Don’t forget, if you mention ISAC website, you’ll recieve a free spoon just for enquiring.”

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