James O’Brien

I listen to LBC (Nick Ferrari) most mornings and usually switch off before the aforementioned starts his diatribe. For some inexplicable reason this morning, I made a mistake and left the show on only to find that even after years of negative remarks from the populous, his ego has not yet been satiated,

His kick off topic today was the false reporting of an assault on a Matt Hancock aide by an activist. He spoke continually for just under half-an-hour, repeating his perspective over and over. When he did get a caller after the news, it took him all of ten seconds before he started to talk over him.

Won’t make the same mistake again.

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48 thoughts on “James O’Brien

  1. I haven’t made this mistake for years. Not good for my mental ‘ealf to be shouting CUNT at the radio with my blood pressure in the stratosphere for the rest of the day.
    Can’t stand the wanker.

    • I dont really know who he is, heard cunters on here slagging him.
      I dont listen to the radio as its not 1954, so missed out on the pleasures of mr o Brien, but quite happy to level the finger an call him a cunt on the unbiased evidence on here.
      Afternoon chaps.

  2. I am surprised this old music hall turn is still employed by LBC (mind you if they would employ that little poofetr Steve Allen they would probably employ anyone).

    I can’t bring myself to listen to the self important motherfucker. I bet he has got even more old-maidy after his defeat last Thursday. – at the best of times years ago he sounded like a cery cross Mother Superior with piles.

  3. Fortunately, most of the country outside of the M25 don’t have to put up with LBC or the cunts that work for it. Which is interesting because most of the country voted Tory while Londonistab voted for Corbyn – which says a lot.

    • I get it on digital radio in Northamptonshire and in the car. It makes an alternative to the BBCunts. It is fairly unbiased with Nick Ferrari and Nigel Farage on the right and James O’Brien and Sheila Fogarty on the left.+ various others I haven’t listened too. The BBCunts could well take a lesson from them.

      James O’Brien has about the most closed mind you would ever wish to meet. My Mrs. was in the car with me yesterday and she is somewhat left of me politically. I suggested she might be interested in listening to him but after about 2 minutes of him she said turn it off and we went back to Radio 2.

      He really is a weapons grade cunt.

  4. Never heard of him. If he ain’t on D-max, Quest, Travel channel, Pornhub or my USB drive compilation of ‘70’s music, he doean’t exist. The Cunt.

  5. Only know him off here, but whenever i see a picture of him he always looks a bit miffed and slightly confused?
    Like someone whos booked a table in a restaurant and then told no trace of their booking.
    Whats his issues?
    Cunt needs to get over them, an quick might be a new day dawning!
    And itll go hard for the likes of James.

  6. Am I reading this wrong or is the Cunting aimed at Nick Ferrari rather than O’Brian?

    • Afternoon Dick, no its oBrien rather than Nick Ferrari, who’s to be fair pretty level headed.

  7. well I have less than 3 days to go until the votes are counted, I think I was pissed one night when I received an e-mail about an elected board for the share holders.
    I thought fuck it and put myself forward, although I must admit I was that pissed I may not have thought fuck it.
    Couple of weeks later got another e-mail asking for my “Manifesto” Pissed again I said I didn’t have one, My campaigning has been 0 and I thought that was it.
    Got an email last week some time, opened it and was asked to vote for one of the remaining 3 candidates, fuck I am one of them! and being Northern Europe I was surprised to see that I was the only cunt with a Northern European name.
    So I may be a little bit fucked as of Friday, I may be elected to a post I know nothing about to do a job I am equally well qualified to do.
    Well Abbott has been doing it for years can I do any worse, Don’t worry its not in government, just your pensions!😖

      • Saw emily pigberry on news saying she was consulting lawyers over slander of calling voters stupid.
        Sure she was pissed?!
        She swore (shit) an her eyes were shut,
        Think shes hitting the bottle?
        Hope so, drunks make mistakes,
        Sat ranting in puddle of piss in house of commons!

      • Imagine what she thinks privately of the electorate of Hackney North and Stoke Newington? Electing Flabbott for over 30 years with a majority of nearly 40,000, its like some recurring Twilight Zone episode.

      • And she’s being ‘slandered’ by Caroline Flint…..from the same side ! The most enjoyable thing about any catastrophic defeat is watching everyone kick off and reveal their true selves. Remember the Clintons, the Dutch at Euro 96 or Mickelson at that Ryder Cup held in Scotland?

        Looks like Catweazle and co are lining up Rebecca Long-Bailey. I hereby decree that this bint be forever referred to as Mrs Merton

    • I very much doubt that. If he did, provide the evidence. He might be a cunt, but he’s not that much of a cunt.

      • When all the Rotherham thing came out thats what he said on his show. He couldnt bring himself to blame the mooslims. He also supported exaro news .The blokes an utter cunt

      • Sorry, I don’t believe it. If he did blame kids for being raped there’s no way he would still be on the radio or in the media.

      • He said nothing of the sort. Smug must have heard (or falsely remembered) what he wanted to hear.

      • Cheers RTCP. Thought as much. He might be a hand-wringing lefty but there’s no way he’d have said such a thing. No way. Keep it under your hat , but, I agree with O’Brien on a few issues…

  8. O’ Brien is an ultra cunt and no mistake. Whilst travelling between jobs or in my office I listen to talkradio. Morning drive time with Julia Hartley-Brewer: fuckin’ tits on it and more right wing than Ghengis Kahn. Then from 1000hrs it’s full on fascism with Mike Graham; fucking brilliant! Then clicky offy for Matthew Wright in the afternoon….fucking sneering libtard cunt.

  9. As someone who has the misfortune to live in the same town as this cunt I have passed him on the street and it’s taken all my willpower to stop myself from dropping my trousers and doing a massive shit and throwing it at the useless bag of cum!

  10. Don’t know him but sounds like a fenian bastard so all I’ll say is God bless William of orange and curse the potato famine that brought him here. Oh and you cunt.

  11. This cunt is not known beyond the collapsed ‘red wall’ of the North and long may it remain like that.

  12. O’Shithead is the nastiest, cuntiest champagne socialist on the radio, unless Terry Fuckwitt Christian is on the radio but I wouldn’t know about that. (would have loved to have seen Fuckwitt’s face on election night)
    Listening to this supercilious, condescending sack of shit is psychological torture , which is why I have avoided the cunt for nearly 2 years. However, last Friday I decided to tune in to hear him cry. Oh no, not this cunt. His mob lost because Corbyn is an idiot and 80% of the media are “extreme right wing”. It couldn’t be because the public don’t want his beloved EU, his hard working, taxpaying immigrant friends (yeah, he’s got loads of them the lying cunt) and don’t give a fuck about poofs, trannies and Greta fucking Thunderbirds. It was as if I had never been away! I switched it off after an hour, couldn’t take any more of the shitcunt. If you’ve never heard the cunt, fucking don’t! Just say no!

    • I’ve never actually listened to this cunt, but I am fully committed to accepting him into the world of cuntitude on the basis of the enthusiastic endorsements given by my fellow cunters. He is clearly a cunt for cunters to cherish.

  13. he’s very keen on immigration, says it’s great! and anyone who the slightest concern over it is a knuckle dragging neanderthal, he actually used those words.. in passing Chiswick is very nice.. comfortable is the word i’d use. i know because my sister lives there.

  14. He is a monumental cunt, when he has no plausible answer or argument he just talks over the person on the phone and doesn’t let them get a word in. That’s his mantra, he’s a grade A+ twat.

  15. A truly insufferable 24 carat gold plated triple distilled CUNTBERG of titanic sinking magnitude!!
    Why anybody leave or remoaner would choose to listen to this lllppompous self important cunt is a mystery to equal the building of the pyramids…..

  16. I cannot listen to a single word this fucking Cunt utters… I know for the rest of the day I will be left upset and VERY angry. He is one of those bastards that the only language he will respond to in kind is a good beating. After that though he will probably carry on doing his show from a hospital bed.

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