Daisy Cooper MP

A frightfully important. young-lady-in-a-hurry cunting please for this woman, who proves how self-important and deluded MPs are from the day they are elected:


This silly bitch was only elected four days ago, but has hinted to the media that she might stand as leader to replace tits and teeth, Jo Swinson. The one thing this cunt doesn’t lack is self-confidence.

Daisy, Daisy, give us your answer do – then fuck off.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs


55 thoughts on “Daisy Cooper MP

  1. Can I be the first to say I would more than likely stick my tongue up her arsehole!

    If she wants to be leader of the Dumbs, then good luck to her, but if she’s going to follow in the footsteps of Big Jugs, then she’s in for a very short powertrip!

      • She looks like a reflection in the back of a spoon.
        Always liked the name Daisy.
        Think it was because of Daisy Duke of ‘the Dukes of Hazzard.
        Always think of girls named Daisy being nice looking, oh well,
        I was wrong.

      • I can picture you of a weekend out in the woods MNC, bum cheeks peeping out the bottom of your cut off denim shorts and tits tied up with a knotted tee shirt 😀👍

      • Heehee! Remember Lemmys denim cut off short shorts Cuntan? 😀
        Looked great didnt he? Hehe.
        Has to be really hot for me to wear shorts, some blokes wear them all year round dont they? ..fuck that.
        Always in jeans! Unless i go the gym.
        Shorts are for little boys, naturalists,Australians, and sex offenders arent they?

      • Absolutely. Why is it there’s always a cunt wearing shorts in freezing weather, striding down the street while everyone else looks like Kenny from South Park; you know they’re fucking freezing but doing it for the attention. You’re right, shorts are for n*nces – quick access to kiddie-fiddling equipment. Rolf Harris was at least three of the last in your sentence (and he did two little boys – in the arse I heard)

      • I heard he used a horsewhip on em too! What a monster!
        And to think i took his advice and learnt to swim!
        Fat lot of good thats done me!
        Cant unlearn it either, never trust a artist.

      • Good Afternoon MNC,

        You must have much higher standards than me because I definitely would and would be honoured to do so.

      • Ive got impeccably high standards its true Wanksock, and im not a fan of Daisy, but that speccy Layla Moran that Rtc was on about? I would!
        Just to ashamed+scared to say,
        Shes a proper little leftie snowflake think thats why?
        Wouldnt be pretty though or tender, an if she hit me like that bloke?
        Theyd still be picking her teeth out if the wall!😀

    • If she thinks the Illiberal Undemocrats have a worthwhile manifesto, I reckon a red hot poker up her arsehole is a better idea.

      • If people thought Swingtits was 6th form politics, Moron is the stuff of primary school. That interview on LBC with Dale is all you need to know. What an undemocratic cunt she is. Liberals will lose more seats with her. Good!!

      • Oops … didn’t fully research it, it was Glasgow. That still doesn’t make it right to do so … Mind you ..’When in Rome …. etc.’

      • Talking of which that old cunt Anna Soubry got a second person sent to prison yesterdahy because she had been “frightend” by her during the Brexit bollocks.

        Can you imagine that fucking ld fishwife being frightend of nnything, except possibly having to work for a living?

  2. I never remembered who the last leader of the deluded fuckers was. I doubt I will remember the next.

    And a thought.

    With Brexit out of the way their manifesto will just be ‘woke’ bullshit, which, outside of fucking Twatter, London and University half wits, goes down like a lead balloon.

  3. Day three as an MP; “I’ve got lots of plans to improve local people’s lives, watch me go!!”

    Day ten; “Wait, so you’re saying I can show up for “work” whenever I like and get £70k+ a year, claim unlimited expenses AND have other jobs? Well anyway, the local people, country and that – let’s go team!”

    Day twenty; “Fuck the proles, my ducks need a new house to go with the moat. Is it lunch time yet?”

    • Day 122 – suffer crushing defeat, resign as leader; but don’t really care because I will get a nice remuneration package, plus a pension and a few directorships and consultancies …..and, oh look! I’ve been invited to join the House of Lords! £300 a day, fucking hell!

      I might be shit at my job, but its keeping me in clover, ha!

  4. If she’s going to complete with old keyboard teeth Swinson herself, I would need to know bust size.

    I miss Jo already……….that such a nice pair of naturals could be attachec to someone spouting such rubbish was non-sequitur to me.

  5. What’s this fashionable penchant for silky scarves that wimminz MPs are wearing? It was compulsory during the weeks of the Independent Group. It seems to be all the ones who potentially lose their seat. Swinsock, Sourtits, Sarah Woolyhead, etc. Perhaps it’s a secret badge for people who loathe democracy. Let’s see if it’s the same with this breathy bint, shall we.

  6. Off at a tangent, please humour me.
    Just watched Laura, stroke mouth, Cuntsberg interviewing Emily Dingleberry. Couldn’t get the thought of that shit stain, Edith Izzard out of my mind.
    Dick Emery, Izzard and Lady Nugee ever spotted together?

    • Throw in Claire Balding and we’ve got enough to start a band.
      Claire and Eddie were separated at birth.

      • I thought Balding was Colin Montgomerie’s alter ego……just more masculine. The wheezing fat ginger scots cunt.

  7. I can virtually guarantee that Daisy Cooper’s new political career will amount to the square root of fuck all. No info on the size or quality of her tits yet.
    Loopy Jo / tombstone teeth may have had very large tits, but she was also grotesquely ugly. Makes me laugh every time I remember Loopy Jo proclaiming herself as the next Prime Minister, fucking hilarious.
    The Liberal Doughnuts truly are the epitome of a nonentity party, even remoaning could not help them, approx 1.69% of seats elected.
    I hope Labour elect another hopeless laughing stock. Laughing at the opposition is a fun hobby.

    • You’re right. No info on the tit scene, so she will have to go on “hold” pending the great “reveal” (hopefully)

    • We need the Flabbopotamous as the new leader of Her Majesty’s opposition, for hours of endless fun and front seat tickets when her son appears in court for biting a policeman. The CUNTS just keep on giving.

  8. May I be the first to say I would like to give Siobhan Baillie ( the new Conservative MP for Stroud ) right royal rogering. I am a bit of a traditionalist so I will leave the tongue up the arsehole thing to the usual suspects.

    • Just Googled her.

      “A right royal rogering?” Is that all, Mahatma? Slim figure, long blonde hair and a right cheeky smile. Sufficient to say, she is very attractive and would become my faithful, 24 hour a day, on-demand spooge receptacle.

    • Thanks for the tip off, I’ve just googled Siobhan Baillie and I’d like to give her a lot more than my tip.
      Isn’t she just the best looking lady politician in Britain now?
      I am a traditionalist and I’d like to suck on her anus morning noon and night and fuck her till she screamed like a werewolf across the hills of the Cotswolds.

    • FUCKING HELL!!!!

      She’s too good to be an MP, she needs to be centrefold of Men Only, legs apart, doggy style!

      • Fucking hell, same, agreed with Technocunt. Does anybody remember Jo Guest’s favourite way of posing in Club International magazine in the 1990’s – Face Down Ass Up.

        A perfect tight little rear end posing for fun.

  9. Daisy Cooper, as are the Lib Dumps, is a complete irrelevance. There is more chance of her grabbing the levers of power as there is me grabbing Jo Swinson’s tits.

    Good job and all really, as reading her bullshit spouted on the Iain Dale show, it is clear that Ms Pooper Scooper is yet a *yawn* another identikit Libtard politician with a PHD in virtual signalling who would tirelessly spend her paid time championing LGBTGTV8 causes, racial equality issues, immigration injustice and a raft of other multi-coloured unicorn faeces that the likes of everyday people couldn’t give two knobs of goatshit about.

    All tirelessly worked for whilst issues that are just an eensy weensy bit more important, such as rising crime, knackered roads and pavements, looking after the elderly and ensuring that children are not bumfucked by moose-limb cunts, etc. are deemed a bit of an irrelevance.

    Why is it that some of the people who are eminently most unsuited to a position of power and leadership do all they can to get there so they can attempt to inflict theire own 21st century brand of socialist, equality for all, flood the country with all and sundry ideals on a majority who clearly do not want it. When are cunts like Cooper finally going to get the message?

    Cloth-eared old cuntbubble. Thick as a castle wall.

    • Can’t help but think of Albert Einstein’s famous quote: “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”

    • A great cunting in it’s own rights, Paul. I think Jo Swinson and so many other failures do owe a debt to the UK and it’s voters.
      The least Jo Swinson could allow us would be a Friday night mauling her massive jugs, and chancing your forearm up her hairy cunt.
      She is grotesquely ugly but I have a few Waitrose bags for life that I could bring along, pop over her minging head, even cut a nose hole for her to take a few breaths.

  10. Nice earner but nobody will give a fuck about owt she says.
    Tit size question needs resolution.

  11. Regarding the Tits question, I asked my old friend Google. The results are quite good.
    Google: ” Daisy Cooper Tits” (image)

  12. Daisy I have one piece of advice to you as you enter the cut throat world of parliament. I do hope you heed it for all our sakes. Take your prognathous jaw and fuck off .

    • That pic isn’t behind the paywall, btw, although a better one, full length, with Swineson, is.

      • I subscribe to the Telegraph, and quite frankly you’re not missing much, unless you’re a fan of the film Jaws!

      • Didn’t miss it, sadly. Found it on Google. The two could be cloned from the same miscarriage. But kudos to the photographer of the thread pic for making her an object of desire for anilingual cunters.

  13. I wonder if the “Swinson Battle Bus” will go to the museum of political oddities and failures along with the Edstone and Neil Kinnocks talking ginger wig?

    On that hybrid battle bus, if instead of putting one tit on the side (Swinson herself) they should have had two tits on it (Swinson Herself)….it would’ve swayed my vote.

  14. This slag looks like the sort of posh bird who turns up on Antiques Roadshow with some old painting, hoping it’s worth enough to pay for Jonty and Rupert’s school fees for the next year. She wants an “open, internationalist “ country. Yeah we know what that means but they won’t be living next door to you will they darling? Their stabby brats won’t be going to school with Jonty and Rupert will they?
    Just fuck off you posh brainless tart. I’d like nothing more than to have this airhead as leader of the Lib Dumbs, she represents them perfectly.

  15. Don’t know when the photo was taken, as for the one in the telegraph she must have aged 40 years over the weekend, as for the name Daisy most appropriate as in ‘daisy chain’ one more in a never ending parade of Liberal leaders and has- beens , quite democratic really as eventually they will all get a go

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