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Following on from Gutstick Japseye’s excellent nomination of John McDonnell, I want to nominate the entire Labour Party.

As we all know, we have yet another vote coming up, a General Election this time, and as usual the parties are all out making promise after promise that frankly, I find impossible to believe after three-and-a-half years of lies from our elected ‘representatives’ in parliament.

One thing that’s boiled my piss though, is the recent revelation that Corbyn is preparing to announce an inquiry into Britain’s colonial past. Words like, ‘abuse’, ‘apologies’ and even the most egregious of all, ‘reparations’, have been bandied about. Holy Jesus Christ. I’ve asked these questions many times before, now I have to ask them again. Who gets the apology? And who gets compensation? Because as I’ve pointed out so many times before, every single person who is owed an apology and compensation, is long dead. As are those are who ALLEGEDLY carried out abuses. Not one single British person alive today owes anyone an apology for any crimes that MAY have been committed by British people two or three hundred years ago. We certainly don’t owe them a penny in compensation.

This bullshit is being done purely to pander to the various minority groups that Labour now sees as its voter base. Labour has spent more than two decades demonising and neglecting its traditional white working class voter base. The only white people who vote for them now, are the effete left wing middle classes who despise Britain, and those brain dead cretins who vote Labour simply because “my parents and grandparents voted Labour. They’re dead now, but they’d hate me if I didn’t vote Labour”.

Labour are no longer a working class party. This bullshit, and the fact that so many working class people are planning to vote Tory at the election proves it.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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    • Might interest you to know many celebrity jews have endorsed corbyn but thus far that has been left out of the public eye.

      • As they say in Vienna, “Wen a Jud blod ist, es ist wirklich blod.” When a Jew is stupid, he is REALLY stupid.

        I think most Jews see liebore pandering to the slimes, and have sussed out which way the wind is blowing.

        But any slebs…that’s a different woodpile of tiggers.

  1. Corbyn, McDonnell, Lammy, Flabbott, Butler, Vaz, Starmer, Thornberry, Dame Hilary Benn….
    The tip of the cunt iceberg. Always used to vote Labour. Now I wouldn’t vote for the cunts if they paid me.
    Get to fuck.

  2. Some Labour Manifesto’s in the past have been referred to as the longest suicide note in history and the ‘brothers’ (though many are ‘sisters’ these days) have been viewed as collectively a bit mad, however at the last election they got more than 11 million votes and with the registering to vote of many young people (and we know where that votes heading) over the recent weeks which the media keeps gleefully telling us, it is not stretching the bounds of possibility that this country collectively goes mad and puts these cunts within touching distance of power , a country that votes to destroy itself, that should keep the historians busy in the future

  3. Watched the leaders last night
    Corbyn doesnโ€™t work so great without his captive Labour audience does he ?๐Ÿ‘Ž
    Old Jed needs to return back to his allotment heโ€™s finished after the election ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  4. I’ve voted Labour and SNP, depending on which side of the border I’ve been, all my life. Largely because I knew how much time the Tories had for people like me…none whatever. This time I’m voting Tory – there is no Brexit candidate, and if there were he’d split the vote and we’d get a LimpDumb.

    I cannot think of a more blistering indictment of Labour, and I am sure it’s shared by many.

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