Patrick Harvie MSP

Patrick Harvie is complete cunt!

This cunting has been coming for a while now. He’s the co-leader of the Scottish Greens in Holyrood and trust me, the Scottish Parliament is full of shitting arses, but he’s almost the biggest cunt of all. Always banging on about conservation and saving the environment. Well maybe he should start by recycling the shite he speaks before he starts vomiting even more socialist crap.

I listened to the ginger goblin the other night saying, “There’s three years worth of young people that didn’t get a chance to vote in the EU referendum last time round, because they were too young”. Well fuck me, it doesn’t take a genius to work out whenever there’s a vote/referendum there’ll always be people that are too young to vote.

Yet another cunt that’s hell bent on frustrating the Brexit process.


97 thoughts on “Patrick Harvie MSP

  1. Is his suit and tie and face furniture made of ethical leaves then?
    Then fuck off you bullshitting degenerate.

  2. What he means is that the cunts who are now old enough to vote are going to vote remoan because cunts like me, the BBC, every sleb you can think of and the entire education system is telling them to and they are too fucking thick to see right through us and tell us to fuck off.
    Rebellious youth eh? What the fuck happened to them?

  3. It’s not just “conservation and saving the environment”,he has several other strings to his bow of Cuntishnes…….
    Harvie is an Honorary Associate of the National Secular Society[7], Honorary Vice-President of the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association and a patron of Parents Enquiry Scotland. He is a board member of the Glasgay! Festival, and a member of Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Equality Network, Stonewall (UK), Amnesty International, Humanist Society Scotland, Campaign for Real Ale and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade. From 2003 till 2007, Harvie wrote a weekly column in the Scottish edition of the Big Issue.

    He is bisexual, and in 2003 became the first openly bisexual Member of the Scottish Parliament.[8]

    He was also a candidate in the election for Rector of the University of Glasgow in February 2008.[9]

    Harvie is an advocate of Open Source and Free Software, and a Linux user. His use of Twitter during an important political dinner drew much media comment

    A very stange fruit,indeed.

    • Fuck me, he’s a fully paid up, 100% proof, solid gold fucking libtard snowflake! Where’s the tattoos, the nose ring and those button things in his earoles, the cunt?
      What a fucker wanker.

      • It’s the being bisexual that particularly gets me…who’d have thought an ugly,pain-in-the-arse busybody like him could find one person of any sex to shag him,never mind 2?

      • Perhaps he hasn’t, he’s just casting his net a bit wider on the offchance of somewhere to blow his wad……

      • He likes real ale though so not a total skidmark in the underpants of life.

      • As near as dammit MNC. He ought to shag Jess Phillips. She could make a sex maniac sign the pledge

      • At least by shagging Jess Phillips he could satisfy both his sexual preferences at the same time.

      • True WC, but unlike the others up against the wall id allow him a cheeky half pint before ordering the firing squad to open fire.
        Gotta be compassionate havent you?😈

      • Don’t mind him enjoying real ale but CAMRA are a bunch of complete wankers. I’ve heard them banging on when I went to a real ale festival with a friend of mine who was a landlord. The beardy,speccy,patches on the elbows of their jackets weirdos wouldn’t know a decent pint if I rammed their fucking heads into a keg of it.

        Gobshites who would drink skitter through a sweaty sock if someone told them that it was a “real” ale.

      • Treat it like those wine qüeers dont they?
        “Autumnal hops from kent region,
        Sip, oh full bodied, fruity little number”
        Best stayed away from that type,
        Cant drink anyway, sometimes see them in pub, (one of the pubs i like has great selection of ales, freehouse, so all sorts of micro brewery beers)
        Studying a half and discussing it…

      • A friend invited me one time to the local beer festival, and there were loads of the beardy cunts all over the place, sipping cloudy muck with names like “Fartwell’s Olde Pish” and “Mrs Yokel’s Boob Sweat” etc. This would have been around 1996 so at the time I would have been about 22. Needless to say, I’d fuck all interest in what these beers had in them or what they were called, I just wanted to get bladdered and pick up a decent piece of minge, of which there were NONE, unsurprisingly. All the wimmin there were as horrendous looking, and smelling, as the blokes. I found a lager that was quite palatable so I stuck to that, and proceeded to get well and truly shit-faced,much to the dismay the of the onlooking “beer connoisseurs”. Fuck them.

      • He hasn’t found two people to shag ! It just increases his admittedly very slim chances. Maybe groupsex with him, WJ Krankie, Salmon, and the marathon haggis-eating cunt Iain Blackhole.

        Dominique Grieve, Blamby (surely he deserves a full-life term for “appropriating” wicked whitey’s Savile Row suits ??) and Vince Shrivelled up old scrote have gone to Brussels to rim Verminhoftsadt and suck Juncker’s syphilitic nads and penile warts.

    • The pansies have an irrational fear of Brexit. Screaming queens like Russell-Moyle, Streeting and Bradshaw not to mention the qu eer peers like Mandy and Adonis. Let’s hope the nancies lose their seats (oooh duckie!) to give them more time to indulge in cottaging and dogging and listening to their Judy Garland CDs

    • That’s a damning catalogue, Fiddler. But I can’t fault his advocacy of open source and Linux. What’s not to like about cutting Microsoft and Apple out of your life?

      • I don’t even know what open source and Linux are….rather than farting on finding out,I’ll take into consideration his other form and consider them the work of the Devil too.

    • Once used Linux when an old computer went on the blink and windows would continually reboot a ‘screen of death’ on booting. Mate gave me Linux on a flash drive as I’d lost my Windows key and I had no CD.

      I could get on the internet but jeeeeeeezzzzzuss. The most user unfriendly shite in the history of the world. Had to Google stuff like how to do simple stuff like download stuff or just open whatever. Half if the shite I found didn’t work anyway (it usually always involved typing in nonsensical commands that you would never guess yourself).

      Went and got a new laptop and Windows within a day or two after using that shite.

      I know one bloke who swears by it though. Biggest libtard Remoaner you could imagine. Says it all for me.

      • Another successful Gates brainwashing, then.

        I’d assume that was some time ago, and perhaps a weird version. Ubuntu or Mint Linux are very user-friendly now, and have got round the ploys Microsoft systems used to monopolise video and audio downloads.

      • Not brainwashed just didn’t find Lubuntu user friendly.

        So fuck right off with your ‘brainwashing’. You’re welcome.

      • Before I fuck off, which version of Lubuntu…what year? It’s always been a bit of a turkey as far as I can see, but it was particularly shite a few years ago. It was a cut-down Linux with a bizarre desktop and numerous other issues. Modern mainstream Linux releases can be used without opening the terminal. And good luck with terminal commands in Windows…

      • It was about 3 or 4 years ago, I’ve no idea what version I had. It had a ‘split screen’ that you couldn’t get shut of. I’m sure there may be better versions now, but that put me right off. Windows can be an arse ache but it’s easy to use and I need Office for work, sadly.

  4. It’s because of finger-wagging, self-righteous green cunts like this that I use the ‘Run Lock’ feature on the truck as it keeps the engine running with the key out of the ignition so it’s warm/cool when we load the patient. There’s a seperate heater/aircon unit in the back but that doesn’t keep the front cool/warm. Fuck the greens.

    • Every time I spark up the old home-made waste oil burner I get a thrill that I am fucking over the green bollocks.

  5. Far too many politicians are fat, bald, wear Two Ronnies glasses make inane remarks in the most pompous terms possible and give off from their photographs the smell of stale piss. If they leave the vote for another 15 years all today’s toddlers will be able to vote too. This cunt talks desperate crap – no doubt an old woman like Dme Keir.

  6. He is one ugly cunt.

    A snide lefty big mouthed cunt.

    Fuck off.

    Good morning.

    • I take it you wouldn’t fuck him then?
      Never know a nice wig and a bit of lippy he might scrub up.

    • What worries me is to many of these odious fruits are rising up through the ranks and holding positions of authority.

      • I think being q ueer is compulsory if you are male and want to join the Labour party these days It’s either that or blacking up and/or saying you are “trans”

  7. Green Party member says it all.
    The party that abandoned it’s concern for trees, meadows, forests etc in favour of wanting it all built upon to fit more immos in and get shot of the English.
    The party that hopes to return us to the Stone Age while it’s celeb supporters swan about in private jets and 4x4s.
    Pol Pot would have been proud of them….

  8. The Scottish Greens aren’t all bad…

    No objection to the Greens ” banging on about conservation and saving the environment”, btw. It’s what they’re set up to do, and the environment is in a pretty shit state. What I object to is their support of a corporate globalist project based on growth economics – the EU. Which is unforgivable.

  9. Useless Green twats, what is this bollocks Co-leader, they cant even decide on one simple thing.

    He looks like a cunt and after reading the nom and the DF CV I am convinced

    He is a cunt!

  10. Lost for words, can’t see how normal people can elect agenda driven cunts like this and expect to be represented.

    I know this site is all about highlighting cunts, but it also highlights that cunts are imbedded into the system and that there’s an endless supply of cunts.

    Multi millionaire Lewis Hamilton apparently feels like giving up due to the state of the world and our impending extinction. Really Lewis? You want to try being me you cunt. Difference is I can’t give up and I won’t, irony is lost on some cunts.

    • Lewis Hamilton really is an ace hypocritical cunt. He has been since the day he pissed off to Monaco. F1 is boring as shite and he is a cunt of the first order. He only got to drive the car as Ron Dennis thought it would be his route to a knighthood for getting a dark key to win F1. Fuck off Hamilton you whingeing cunt bag.

      • It’s easy to just “give up” when you’re fucking loaded and live in pampered luxury.
        The little twat…

      • He was misquoted. What he actually said was “I feel like giving up shaving.”
        He has since been inundated with offers to pay his electricity bill if only he’ll reconsider.

  11. Between the first IN/OUT referendum in 1975 and the second IN/OUT referendum in 2016, there were FORTY-ONE years worth of young people that didn’t get a chance to vote in the 1975 referendum because they were too young.

    Yet in all those 41 years did Patrick Harvie or any other Green Remoaner cunt complain about that? Green hypocrisy on stilts!

    No doubt the Green Talibanie tyke would say I’m indulging in “whataboutery”. Fuck off.

    • PS: The above was posted in relation to Patrick Harvie’s quote:

      “There’s three years worth of young people that didn’t get a chance to vote in the EU referendum last time round, because they were too young”.

      • Fuck me, i’ve just been listening to that other Scottish fucking idiot, Mrs Swindler on the cunting radio. Does that bitch ever shut up? She’s a fucking moron. I’m fucking fuming now……..just want to punch some cunt. They shouldn’t allow slags like that on the radio. They’re a danger to public health.

      • Don’t give a fuck about her tits, I would cut them off and stick them in her stupid whining fascist gob.

      • Rtc@ blow her tits up…
        They loik dangerously overinflated as it is.
        Cant quiet put her and her tits together in my mind?
        Shes a knobhead, ugly cunt to boot,
        Then those page3 lovelies under her jumper!
        Like seeing a nun smoking a joint
        Or a little girl with knuckle tattoos..

      • Swindler’s tits are baggy white veiny sacks of fat covered in tattoos… thought you’d have better taste Miserable.

        Personally I prefer them small, firm and perfectly formed. As my mum used to say: “anything over a mouthful is wasted”.

        I will differ on that, I don’t care if they hang down under her arm pits, a flat chested bird tends to look like a bloke when she is on her back, I think you may be turning!

      • Swinson’s outfit at the Queen’s Speech? All I saw was an enormous walking yellow bin bag inflated with massive boobs. Or maybe that’s where she keeps the 3.5 million Euros the EU gave her husband’s company.

      • RTC- you on commission or something, routing traffic through this site?
        Today, I have written to Priti Patel, asking her to reintroduce the bill for porn age verification
        to protect vulnerable pensioners on this site.

      • I fucking despise that Swinson cow. Not only is she a cunt, but the dizzy mare would easily win an “Olive from On The Buses” lookalike contest. Smelly bastard.

    • Some Remoaners were cock-a-hoop that a 100-year old war veteran was profoundly upset by the prospect of Brexit, and they were consequently making all sorts of absurd claims.
      I was under the impression that remainers wanted everyone over about 40 to be involuntarily euthanised…
      Odd, that.

  12. They like facts dont they?
    Not truth, but facts.
    Facts that have been twisted out of shape, facts that omit other information,
    You can make facts fit any agenda,
    Patrick can fuck right off, heres a fact,
    Voters are shown to vote for the better looking of 2 candidates,
    Dwell on that Pat you virtue signalling baldy bollox.

  13. Enough hot air in this twat to power the nations central heating until the next millennium. Let’s plug him in now and put the hopeless cunt to some use.

      • Admin thats the most disgusting thing ive ever see, truly appalled!
        And im not shy, but jesus!
        You should be ashamed admin, and im cancelling dinner at yours if thats your recipe book! 😣

        You have to be unshockable to do this job, and yes I have a copy in my study to stop people trying to ponce dinning invitations

      • Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants.

      • ….semen remains neglected as a food….I wonder why that should be. I wonder if lesbians can buy it for delivery from Ocado. Perhaps just give the driver a bottle to fill on the way, for freshness.

      • Remains neglected..whod of thought that?
        Bet its on the breakfast menu at the Labour party conference.

      • Charlotte Cathedral on Ch4, 9pm tonight.

        I’ll pull a few hand shandies for the beauty…

        I might buy a copy for the in-breds next door as a present, to go with the pack of smoked bacon and Christmas card from Welsh Greyhound Rescue; that’ll look lovely on their mantlepiece, next to their Kilner jars of genetically-fucked scrapings from their attempts at conception.

  14. Fuck me I’ve just seen Harry Hewitt blubbing uncontrollably on the telly about his slutbitch wife and sprog… what the fuck has happened to this country? Putin’s spiked the bottled water, that’s my best guess.

    • How about the cunts who applauded the balding, ginger half-breed as soon as he started blubbing? Cunts should have shouted at him and lobbed rotten fruit at his silly beard for being such a fucking girly snowflake.

      That Markel bitch has seriously fucked his tiny mind.

    • Maybe Vlad spunked it… Or Ed Sheercunt ?
      Horry Hewitt’s obv been put on a high-soy diet.

  15. Fucking Royals crying and blubbing, giving us their fucking opinions on everything. Just shut the fuck up , cut the ribbon and wave. That’s your fucking job, get on with it you cunts.

      • But theyre wearing pakistani dress not indian Rtc?
        Besides you should be more supportive of your lovely wife!
        Maybe wear jimjams during the day?
        Or a turban and dhoti when shopping?
        Such a little englander, ought to be ashamed…

      • Fucking hell you’re right Miserable! The wife will be devastated when I point out her mistake – you’ve made my day, thanks!

      • PS: Would a little Englander like me wearing jeans be culturally appropriating Yank cowboys?

        Maybe one of our American cousins could advise.

      • Your welcome.
        Any other queries on national dress confusion to
        From saris to kilts.

        Rtc@sure your missus is indian?
        Not some confusion and shes comanche or sioux?😁

      • Of Asian Indian descent Miserable.

        I wouldn’t say no to sticking my tongue up a nice Sioux squaw’s arsehole though.

      • Try the ‘firewater’ test!
        Give mrs creampuff a bison burger and a large whisky, if she goes berserk and tries to scalp you ..american Indian.

      • You’re probably just a little confused like Jeremy Hunt. 😊

        That’s why I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so
        Turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so

  16. Scottish Green? That’s an oxymoron isn’t it?

    Or does it just mean he has his Mars Bar deep fried in rapeseed oil instead of lard?

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