Turkey (3)

Turkey is a cunt.

Ten seconds after the US announced it was to withdraw troops from Northern Syria, they began a military incursion into Syria, in order to create a safe zone between the two countries. ‘Operation Exterminate the Kurds’ has already made significant progress, with land and air bombardment of Kurdish held territory. President Erdogan, religious megalomaniac and cunt extraordinaire, has rebuffed international condemnation of his actions, singling out Europe with a particular threat. In a deranged rant, he warned the EU not to refer to his actions as an invasion again, or he will unleash 3.5 million refugees onto the continent.

To be honest, I don’t give much of a fuck about the Kurds, they are universally hated by other Arabs, and appear to be like Middle Eastern pie keys. However, the prospect of that many migrants swamping Europe, and us by hook or by dinghy, is not something we can contemplate.

So, fuck Turkey, a once westernised land of promise, now looking backwards, on a course to emulate Iran as a once alright, now shite land of cunts. No more cheap package holidays with ropy grub and food poisoning guaranteed, no more cheap plastic surgery, or teeth, or hair transplants. Fuck them.

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

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  1. So, fuck Turkey, a once westernised land of promise, now looking backwards, on a course to emulate Iran as a once alright, now shite land of cunts.

    In my brief dalliance with Twitter, I stumbled upon a page called ‘Before Sharia Ruined Everything’ (or something like that). The account posted daily photos of people in secular communities within countries like Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and other places in the middle-East from the 1940s-1970s, before towelhead rule took over.

    It is depressing to see how much freedom those people enjoyed compared to what is happening now. Some of the photos are frankly unreal when you think of the regimes operating there these days.

    Turkey is fast heading that way as Gutstick points out. Farage was absolutely right to draw attention to the threat Turkey poses.

    Excellent cunting.

    • I think I have seen something similar on YouTube, Empire. Young students from Kabul and Tehran enjoying the cinema, beach and listening to music, unthinkable today. These sorts of places were on the 60’s and 70’s ‘Hippie Trail’ for workshy aristos and potheads, Creampuff could probably regale some cracking tales of hedonism.

      • “Creampuff could probably regale some cracking tales of hedonism.”
        More likely “tales of heroinism” LL.

      • Probably where he first got his taste for magic mushrooms and then descended into culinary depravity and started adding them to his curries. That Afghan mountain shaman from 1972 has a lot to answer for.

      • His local woods are full of mushrooms right now.

        He’s always tripping on them

      • Fuck off! No way you’d ever catch me anywhere near a stinking hellhole like Turkey you cunts. No fucking way!

        I still have nightmares after going to see Midnight Express at the Ipswich Odeon in 1978. That scene where they caned the idiot hippy’s feet… fucking hell!

        Mind you, I could do with a shot of heroin right now – my back is killing me! Trouble is heroin’s rumoured to be quite more-ish. Not that addiction would be a big problem at my time of life. Worse came to the worst I could sell the house and the wife’s jewellery.

        Excuse me fellas. Are you there Nurse Cunty?

      • Turkeys great! The highlight of Christmas dinner!
        Gorge myself for days on…oh,sorry,
        That Turkey!! Yeah nuke it.

      • Good evening Miserable. Mrs B went to see the stage version of Les Miserables in Liverpool yesterday. She told me you played a blinder of a part after I told her to look out for the big bugger with the beard.

      • Miserable in Merseyside! Hope she enjoyed herself? I do look good in tights and sing like a angel its been said.
        Not been Liverpool in years, like the scousers, true about them having a good sense of humour, the Mersey that theyre so proud of?
        Starts in my hometown of stockport, where the Tame and Goyt meet.

      • No, I didn’t tell her to look for an actor, I told her you were a scene shifter!

      • Not very nice of you to mislead Mrs B into thinking Miserable is a shirt lifter, eh Blunty?

        Mind you, most actors are, so you’re probably right.

        Evening chaps.

      • Evening fellas, Rtc, whys Blunty calling me a scouse shirtlifter?
        Ive never done him any harm and he gives me abuse!
        They always pick on the innocent and shy ones dont they…

      • Evening Ruff one. A shirtlifter is the last thing I would refer to Miseable as!

      • You clearly did @ 7:10 Bertie. Either that or I need to join you down at Specsavers… 😀

      • That’s the problem with being so nice,
        People constantly bully me.
        Hey, moved a lady today, in Alderley Edge where all the footballers live, and did a job for the fittest woman ive ever seen!
        Dunno if shes a ‘wag’ or what but unbelievably fit!
        Big posh house, loadsa money, good looks, expected her to be a right pain in arse, ..no, dead nice.
        Even tipped!
        See niceness knows no class boundaries. (Sniff)

      • That picture above? Have a look again.
        It Alan sugar at the window watching grenfell burn?
        And Berty blunts looking over Alan’s shoulder?

      • Turkey – named after a dry, crusty big chicken.

        Turkey brought the world Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire, Turkish delight, those bubble pipe things, racial intolerance & a lack of respect for human rights.

        Sided with the Germans in World War One …..- tells you all you need to know really…

        Shitty Cunts….

    • Having had the inglorious experience of having to transit through a pair of this shitholes airports I can quite happily state that a nation comprised of kebab sellers, hairdressers, topless male ‘masseuers’ and goat fiddlers is thoroughly deserving of a complete and utter cunting.
      A Nationalist shitstain offering nothing to the world with a malignant war monger president. Were that place along with the middle east turned into a sheet of glass the world will get just a whole lot better. Buying and selling ISIS oil for starters, invading Cyprus for a main course and genociding Christians for dessert.
      I’m no fan of the kurds but hopefully now the Syrian army are getting stuck in Erdogans kofte cunts will get a damn good shoeing.
      Chilli sauce boss?

  2. They were blaming all this on Trump on Sky News earlier. The ‘expert’ they had on wasn’t even questioned on this.

    Silly old me for thinking that if Erdogan ordered his troops to move in then it was his fault.

    • If it goes wrong, Erdogan could fake another coup again like that one he successfully stage-managed a couple of years ago.

      His time is numbered though. The next Turkish leader will be the new mayor of Istanbul, according to the rumours.

      • Trump is a basket case. It was fine when he was stopping Kilary and winding up the libtards, but he’s overstepped the line now. Will he learn from this massive blunder? I’m not holding my breath.

    • Trump would be fucked however he played it. One of his election promises was to get out of all the wars they keep getting into, and fuck me, a politician keeping an election promise. The cunts blaming Trump for this are the same cunts who moan about the US throwing their weight about on the world stage. If Obama had done it, they would be giving the cunt another peace prize. Funny old world…

      • Not sticking up for the tango man, it’s obvious this is timed to play well in his re-election bid. However, Turkey was always going to smash the Kurds while erdy gerdie is in charge (despot for life?), so it’s only delaying the inevitable. The problem was getting involved in the first place.

  3. I have a reasonable amount of time for the Kurds, However they are their own worst enemy.
    The non existent state of Kurdistan covers the turkey, iran, iraq, syria border area.
    The groups have been played off against their host nations for years, Iranian Kurds receiving weapons from Iraq, Turkish kurds weapons from Iran and so on and so forth with a lot of bitter infighting between the groups.
    I had a couple of Turkish Kurd mates and they were decent blokes, Their community was rather democratic and their village head was a woman, yes women are pretty much equal in the Iraq Syrian and Turkish groups.
    I think as a nation they have been rather shat on (Repeatedly) and according to my mates Saladin was a Kurd and not a fucking Turk (if that’s true or not I don’t know).
    All I see is the potential for more anti western ferment from a people who ultimately have been betrayed by us yet again.

  4. Good bit on RT. John McCain daughter ranting about America betraying the Kurds. Cut to a photo of her father with the leader of the Syrian rebel group whose main aim was fighting AGAINST the Kurds.
    Trump’s first tweet on this showed his instinct is right to ‘get out of all these foreign wars’. Absolutely right. Its got to start somewhere.
    We in the West haven’t a fucking clue about who’s on either side of these fucking conflicts. We support one then another then another. Just get the fuck out.

    • The whole Middle East is a cuntish situation that the West should avoid at all costs. Don’t believe that the numerous factions are on the same wavelength as us. Their idea of a good time is light years from ours although they are happy for us to do the fighting (and dying) on their behalf.
      Fuck the lot of them- and Owen Jones.

      • ‘Don’t believe that the numerous factions are on the same wavelength as us’ agree. They’re not even on the same wavelength the with each other never mind us. When I hear some American military spokesperson talking about ‘Our Intelligence suggests’ or ‘Our communications suggests’. I simply don’t believe its real. No-one knows what they’re true intentions are. We armed the Lybian rebels in the hope that they would be Democrats. And its all turned tribal…like it always does in that region.

      • The only reason the West gets involved in the Middle East at all is because the mad cunts have all that oil.

    • I say stay out all of this crap as well. Too many neo-imperial adventures in my lifetime, for dubious reasons and outcomes, and lives of young men thrown away.

      Our defence should be for that purpose; defence.

  5. It may sound heartless but so long as the cunts stay there and don’t come here, I truly couldn’t give a fuck what they do!

    The West (namely the US and UK) have interfered far too often in that shithole region of the planet and with disastrous consequences.

    I would much rather the UK worry about it’s own border and domestic invasion by unwanted cockroaches than some cunt 3,000 miles away!

    If Mo’s mob want to kick shit out of each other and blow each other to smithereens then that’s fine by me. If they wipe themselves out then we’ve got plenty of stock here to repatriate the wastelands. Happy to help.

    Just so long as they leave our Old Testament allies alone then they can do what the fuck they like in their respective desert shitholes!

    I’m not an environmentalist but I can’t wait to see oil disappear in that region, leaving them all in only the bedsheets they’re stood in!

  6. I have hated the cunts since Galatasaray 93…. Fucking filthy psychopaths, and that was just the police…. The fans were savages straight from Satan’s arse… I was lucky to get out of the stinking place… Nuke Turkey, I say….

    • The thermo-nuclear option had indeed occured to me last night !

      Turkey, forever the Sick Man Of Europe.

      Once that’s done, we could keep refilling at with activists, actresses, Bercow &c. and use it for regular target practice.

  7. There’s a Kurdish bird who lives near my cousin in Rusholme… To say I would give the said Kurdish lassie a hammering is an understatement… Fit as fuck and she thinks all Turks and Syrians and Iraqis are cunts… That’ll do me…

  8. off topic ( sorry) but i gotta get this off my chest. last evening i accidently caught the last bit of Hollyoaks. now i never watch that shit ( was waiting for C4 news, yeh i know ). what the fuck did i see? some black bloke snogging a man who was dressed as a woman, snog went on for what seemed an eternity. FFS ! what ever happened to the watershed? this shit is ok for kids to watch now is it? at least they weren’t in wheelchairs i suppose.

    • As long as the black bloke was really black, and not doing a Trudeau, and the trannie was a real trannie that’s perfectly ok.
      They should show it on CBBC.
      Education innit?

  9. I also have a certain sympathy for the Kurds who are fighting for their own freedom but they are well organized militarily and well-off in terms of weapons and equipment. I suspect they can look after themselves. At the same time, as a Christian, I can´t help but recall that they were willing participants with the Turks in the massacre of the Christian Armenians a century ago. In fact, it was the Arab Syrians who gave the persecuted Armenians shelter. Syria was always tolerant of other religions before the civil war broke out despite the ruthless rule of the despicable Assad family.

    • Apparently, they fucked up when they gave the Middle East back to them, by making up the countries the wrong way. If the had drawn horizontal lines on the map instead of diagonal ones, it might have worked out a bit better, as that would have divvied it up between the Kurds, Shias and Sunnis. Instead, they have all three types of cunt in each country, and boy do they not get on. That said, it would probably mean bigger wars, as each of the varying nut jobs took it in turns to smash each other’s places up. It should be noted that they need no encouragement from the West, or anywhere else to kill each other, they only time they seem to be in agreement is when someone does a silly drawing of a certain prophet…..

    • Or Rory Stewart, he walked across all these shitholes in his 20’s. I saw some pictures in the paper of him dressed up in traditional tribal rags, looked more of a posh boy bell end than usual.

      • Were there any photos of him getting sucked off by a 🐐 goat or a 🐫 camel? Animal fellatio is very popular at Eton, so I understand.

  10. Istanbul is a fantastic city sooner walk around there than London anyday, the investment in the airport and metro system puts the joke that is Heathrow into perspective

    • Why are we interfering again in the middle east?
      Couldnt give a fuck if Turkey wiped kurds off the planet, fine!
      Less chance of them turning up on our shores cap in hand.
      Syrian, turkish, Kurdish, iranian,…
      Let em destroy each other and concentrate on our own people,
      Fuck em

  11. Looks like another BRINO stitch-up has been agreed upon. Quelle surprise. What a fucking charade.

    • An im becoming a northern fascist state!
      The only kurd i like is lemon kurd and im not fussed about that.
      Let Turkey fight with its neighbours, lose its tourist money and have terrorist attacks, fuck em all.
      They know what black cock tastes like!

      • I had the misfortune of flying with Turkish about a month after it got shot up by the peacefulls. I was only in transit so I didn’t have to stay there longer than 4 hours. I’ll be honest I was not happy in any public area in the airport. I was talking to a mate the other day who does the same run twice a year and he mentioned Turkish flights were cheap at the moment and said he nearly booked it till he heard it on the radio about the latest bollocks. For the cheap price I got, I seriously wouldn’t fly with them again if it was £200. Emirates, Qatar or Oman is alot safer than the mad delight eating fucking freaks.

      • I have the misfortune of flying with successive Mrs B’s.
        Mrs B MKII put a load of electrical shit and a corkscrew with marzipan stolen cake in my hand luggage (some explosives smell of marzipan) and I got bounced at Heathrow.
        Mrs B MKIII almost got shot at Gatwick,
        we Got out of customs I asked if she had her passport she opens up her coat like a flasher to reveal her “Money belt” that looks like a suicide vest.
        I am back on a plane with her tomorrow, god help me.

    • That’s down to Erdogan trying to get the job for life (politics again) but democracy hasn’t been subverted yet despite the muzzling of a free press Turkey has a far more balanced economy than ours despite recent financial turmoil largely down to a weak currency and external debt but that applies to many countries. I like Turkey and the fact they have got the balls to face down the EU

      • “democracy hasn’t been subverted yet despite the muzzling of a free press” 😂

      • I think you will find it is far more democratic than other mid east states apart from Israel and Erdogan is the problem

      • Got 6 nipples.
        P@ki wimmen. 6nipples.
        Like a dog , for suckling little achmeds,
        An the breast milk?
        Like that mint yoghurt shite.
        True that,

  12. I couldn’t give a fuck about the Turks. Bunch of dirty slimy cunts. Never been to Turkey and I have no intention of ever going. Looks like a right fucking dump. To quote Roy Chubby Brown, “How many Turks does it take to change a light bulb? WHAT fucking light bulb?!?!”
    Fucking shithole.

    • I’ve noticed another 3 Turkish barbers have opened up in a 6 mile area around where I live. Believe me I don’t live anywhere near a major city. It’s all laundering cash from Human trafficking and drugs. FACT. Even the fucking coppers know. But they keep opening with about 2 customers a week each.
      This fucking SHITHOLE.

  13. If Satan dipped a toe into a country then that country must be Turkey. I can’t imagine which of Satan’s body parts are in other places.

    Btw, have you noticed that visit Turkey ad on the telly in the last few days? Great timing lol.

  14. Went to Turkey once, never again.
    I witnessed a young bloke shoot 3 shop keepers dead because they insulted his sister and a young Turk protesting outside a Mosque and get his head kicked in.
    Fuck all Islamic countries . They elevate Barbarism into virtue. Hate the bastards

    • Never been never wanted to never will.
      If i wanted to be surrounded by smelly brown foreigner fucks I’d nip to longsight.

  15. Turkey has got the EU by the short and curlys with them holding back a tsunami of human filth of ( fighting age) camel shaggers! , make no mistake turkey gaining accession to the EU will happen faster than they would have you believe, look at the EU army which was dismissed by remain as a “ dangerous leave fantasy “ and is happening Only 3 years later……
    Turkey will join Albania in the EU, Such joy!!

  16. While our lefty cunts Moan about the fucking picot cunting line they fail to mention the entire “middle East” is in fact marked out provinces of the Ottoman empire. And this cunts bringing it back. Sanitaire cordon the entire area and Nuke the fuckers.

    • Watching old 80s show on forces tv,
      Remember ‘V’?
      Aliens make contact, look just like us,
      Turns out underneath theyre cold blooded lizard people?
      In the show the aliens are welcomed by the elite of society, the liberals, the young, till realise the bastards are here to colonise and take over.
      Hmm how far fetched…

      • David Icke may yet be validated, Prince Philip has looked like one of those six foot lizard people for decades.

      • Yeah David Icke thought V was a docümentary,heehee
        Sat riveted in his turquoise shellsuit an tinfoil hat.
        Id be ok LL if I was in V i hate all foreigners as a matter of principle,
        If the mothership landed and a ramp opened, a lone alien walked out to greet the people of earth..
        From the crowd I’d shout “go back to where you came from!”😁

      • Space spoungers!
        Interplanetary claimants.
        That E.T.? id of handed him in to the authorities soon as blink.
        ‘E.T go home!”

      • Hes a good driver though!
        Hes 150yrs old and had one accident,
        Said it was the car, made by a ‘ruddy Indian’
        Either way hes lost his taxi license.

      • I still fantasise being the meat in the sandwich between Jane Badler and June Chadwick ( Diana and Lydia) love those big permed 80’s slappers.

      • Fondly remembered series from my youth V was.

        Didn’t the visitors end up being gassed like badgers though?

        An interesting, albeit extreme, end for unwanted visitors.

  17. On the subject of blaming Trump for every fucking thing, I’ve just been channel hopping and I’ve landed on Ross Kemp’s Extreme World. I pressed the info button to find out where the cunt is on this episode, and the blurb reads:-
    “USA : Ross heads to Texas as he investigates the frightening rise of hate groups in Trump’s America. Contains racist language which may cause offence “.
    Never miss a fucking opportunity to crowbar him in, do they? These cunts have been killing, raping, and stealing daily since before Trump had his first fucking paycheck, but yip, it’s all down to him. Well, so far I’ve just seen a load of Um Bongo drinkers talking about how great it is to murder cops. But don’t worry, before the end we’ll be made well aware that it’s all whitey’s fault.

    • Yeah – funny that. all the places that have been fucked up are due to the influx of people of colour. But it’s whitey’s fault.

  18. I had the misfortune to work for a Turkish company on a project.They’re all a bunch of cunts who think the sun shines out if Erdowank’s arse. Fucking hate the cunts.

  19. Willy Cambridge and his delightful missus Kate in Pakistan dressed like a cunt spouting about our close links with the cuntry, but not mentioning colonialism, which was very diplomatic of the heir apparent, the baldheaded thick cunt never mentioned the fucking savages over here that have been raping under age white girls either, the fucking CUNT

  20. “You’re gonna release 4 million what now into Europe?”

    Yet another reason to Brexit. Still yet to hear one to remain!

  21. Turkey is the terror that we should all live in perfectly rational ‘ophobia’ of. Turkey is Europe’s Tolkien ‘shadow’, the literal gate of Mordor/Hell that once breached will plunge the continent into eternal darkness. Michael Savage is banging on about the betrayal of the Kurds, but following Trump’s withdrawal announcement and Turkey’s immediate pouncing on them militarily, there’s no way the EU/NATO could now be seen to defend them and simultaneously support their ‘integration’. I think Trump had insider information that alongside the ever-active plotting to bring down Brexit, the Sorostitutes of the EU were also actively conspiring to allow Turkey in. No chance of that now whilst they’re active war criminals!

    We’ll see. Some things are beyond our knowledge and reasoning until they play out further in the fullness of time.

  22. Towelheads and semi Towelheads can’t help but murder one another.Just a fact of all recorded history.
    I saw a video of some terrorists escaping from a Syrian camp this week after the Turks lit the fuse on this latest caper.
    It made me wonder why they hadn’t shot all the filthy cunts as soon as they got hold of them.
    Totally fucking useless.
    Get fucked.

  23. Fuck me… Who needs nukes when you have the threat of unleashing 3.5 million refugees on the continent..

  24. The thing I hate about Erdogan is that crappy half- assed moustache. He doesn’t have the guts to go for the full Saddam style tash and ends up looking like Blakey in On the Buses. Peaceful cunt.

  25. I will never set foot in the greasy shit hole that is Turkey, for one it is named after possibly the ugliest bird in existence and also the work shy blokes all sport gay taches and love to wrestle in leather and oil, the coastline is stunning but the rest of the package stinks as bad as it’s natives.!

    • I thought you were referring to a bird I knew when I was at university, but on reflection I think her name was Wendy.

      Possibly Cardiff should be renamed Wendy; she was always called “Wet & Wendy”…

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