Humanities and Social Science Graduates

A nomination for humanities and social science graduates.

To quote the great physicist Dr Richard Feynman ‘the proliferation of humanities courses on campuses is in direct proportion to the dopiness of the students’

I believe that to be borne out today. It was true during my time at university and it was true in Dr Feynman’s era.

The truth is clear; STEM subjects are fucking hard. You have to be very bright to do well, and you will face a lot of ferocious criticism if you propose something that is not backed by mountains of research. The maths tripos at Cambridge is said to be the ultimate and most rigorous intellectual challenge available to an undergraduate in the UK.

Compare the rigour and level of fearsome intellect required for physics, engineering and the like to the humanities, especially the postmodern crap fed to students nowadays. Gender wank, according to Camille Paglia, was invented by mediocre English literature academics who wanted to analyse white male texts through feminist and postmodern criteria. How this gets anyone a fucking job, who knows, but it became a dogma. Students parrot the correct opinions and get rewarded. Worse still, this wank will infest seemingly unrelated courses via ‘modules’, just to boost the ego and bank balances of useless pedagogues. Want to be an illustrator? Heres a module on the frankfurt school of critical theory. Want to work in radio or theatre? Write an essay on the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy and how fucking great it is.

Outside of the STEM fields, higher education is merely indoctrination. I have been there, and have heard from scores of people about what they are force-fed at myriad universities. Now that the critical faculties of prospective students have been obliterated by an education focused on values rather than facts, is it any great wonder we see cry-ins, safe spaces, trigger warnings and bans of admittedly tasteless and stupid songs (Robin Thicke’s “Blurred lines”)?

It is an intellectual and moral crime to produce such a demographic of idiotic wimps. The arts and humanities are in desperate need of massive reform.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with a good intellectual grounding in the traditional humanities such as History, English Literature or the Classics. If taught correctly these subjects are intellectually challenging. I don’t believe that it’s only the sciences that are intellectually challenging. If you are scientifically or mathematically inclined then you will find these subjects easier than the humanities, which train students to think logically, formulate arguments and support them with evidential reasoning. I studied history at university and it was anything but easy.

    However, there is a germ of truth in the nom. The problem is that humanities courses have been taken over by left wing, communist snowflake feminazi pc cunts. These so called “ academics” are lazy and have ditched the traditional rigour of the humanities to promote lazy, trendy pc theories. Take English literature as an example – the late Harold Bloom was correct. Lazy academics are downgrading the literature of dead white male writers like Shakespeare and Dickens to promote obscure ethnic writers that tick the right pc boxes. The result – a generation of illiterate students screaming at statues of Cecil Rhodes.

    Fuck off.

    • Might I add Philosophy to your list of good, intellectually challenging, traditional humanities?


      Ok, I’ll get my coat then.

      • You may add philosophy RTC, perhaps the most intellectually challenging if all the humanities.

        Take yer’ coat off.

      • As a luddite, isn’t philosophy academic speak for bullshitting?

        I’ll fetch my coat…

    • I too studied history (along with politics) and it was indeed quite intellectually challenging. It’s crap like gender studies which gives the proper humanities subjects a bad name.

    • Interesting nom Cuntamus. I studied English literature about 40 years ago. I had thought it would be fairly easy and a great way of getting paid a student grant for reading, which was my favourite pastime (apart from chasing girls). In fact, I got a big shock because we had to analyze texts rigorously. In some ways it took away much of the enjoyment but you were forced to dissect the novel, poem or play and show your understanding.

      Attempts to relate the texts to the writer´s life were stamped on so you had to explain why Keats, for example, was a great poet based purely on his poetry not the romantic notion of him pining away in a garret with TB and dying at the age of 25.

      The current practice of seeing things from the “feminist” or “ethnic” viewpoint just means that lecturers can enjoy a cushy undemanding sinecure and the students end up with a worthless degree.

    • No mention of anoraks here, I’m going to report you to the student union disciplinary committee, now I don’t see that comprising of many white straight males (if any) so you’re in for some serious shit

  2. Are you sure you’re posting on the right site here!
    After all this is IsAC.

  3. The economies of many cities depends upon having a student population. The more students, the larger and the wealthier the economy. And what do you do, if your University business plan is thwarted bu lack of truly clever people ? Why , you create access for the muppet brigade ! Fucking millions of them !

  4. This is the soy boy route to becoming an MP, if you are not quite brainy enough to go the PPE route at Oxford. The money you save going to Oxford will be enough to bribe the examiner to make sure they pass the exam (crayons not supplied)

  5. Universities management focus on income now.

    The faculty are more interested in indoctrinating young minds.

    Education should enrich lives.

    3 conflicting drivers and the students lose out.

    Another scam inflicted on the population.

    • Bristol University must be using maths and accuntancy software developed by The Flabbott. Trying to make a profit, opening their doors to all and sundry, but (sadly) the muppets are being housed in container-type bins on car parks.
      What utter greed and cuntitude. Don’t they realise their “clients” demand their rights to 5-star accommodation ?

  6. Why so they can become the next generation of ineffectual hand-wringers at the home office!?!


    “And minister, do we know where the 39 tragic container victims are from?”

    “No, like most immigration activity, we at the home office have no fucking idea, nor care, just so long as they keep coming!”

    The other thing that really, really, really pisses me off is that these illegals are universally being referred to as “refugees” or “asylum seekers”.

    They are neither. They are factually economic migrants. They have already been through several “safe” countries and therefore are not asylum seekers. They are also not refugees because refugees – displaced through war or famine – destinate in the nearest geographical country not under those conditions.

    The cunts in that container were here to pick the pocket of the UK taxpayer, and it’s that simple. You don’t pay £5,000 as a destitute asylum seeker or refugee (monies which you couldn’t possibly have) to get to Blighty unless you knew that the economic recompense of doing “fuck all for state handouts” was going to pay out tenfold!

    Q: When does an economic migrant become an asylum seeker?

    A: When they get caught!

    Also – once caught – they immediately go to the top of the pile when it comes to housing, etc., over and above our own needy individuals, which is a fucking disgrace!

    These (so-called) “human tragedies” will continue to happen unless we make coming here so fucking unattractive to the cunts that they no longer want to!

    I’d also remove all legal money wasted on appeals when WE have decided to fuck them off. They should be ejected immediately. End of.

    Reviews should be done by a panel. Ok you’re a refugee. Take your place in one of the many luxurious camps set up on an abandoned hebredian island. You’ll have food, shelter and warmth but pretty much fuck all else. Don’t like it, then we’ll repatriate you asap. You’re not a prisoner here, you can leave at any time, and with our blessing. Also, when your shithole country becomes safe again, off you go. No committees, no judiciary, just get on the plane and fuck off! Oh, and we have your biometric details like face recognition, etc., so try and re-enter and we’ll put you in a prison in YOUR country (a deal we brokered as part of our aid package to your shithole country).

    Immigration should also be panel based full stop and that literally should be: will you benefit UK? It’s that simple.

    “Ah Dr Clouseau, heart surgeon from Quebec. You’ll earn a nice taxable 6 figure salary in a field we desperately need more of. In you come.”

    “Ah M’Tembe, former gun runner from shithole X. You have no skills. No way of supporting yourself and are a nasty cunt to boot. Please feel free to fuck right off!”

    No hand-wringing from this quarter. As Dick would say, fuck ’em!

    • When are the politicians going to realise that our benefit system is the reason behind those 39 corpses? I am not against the benefit system per se but it should be a safety net for those who at some stage contributed to the U.K. not act as a International magnet to any fucker especially those who despise our values.

      • My guess is that this particular lot (Chinese) would never register anywhere and would be heading for various restaurants in London, Illegal cheap labour!

      • I’m sick of the Princess Di type out-pouring of bollocks about these deaths. If the stupid fuckers hadn’t stepped into a container, with no inside door release, then they put themselves in the situation. For fucks sake.

      • Have at a guess more than 95% of the so called refugees/ asylum seekers are like you say economic migrants or chancers

  7. Myra Hindley obtained a degree in Humanities whilst locked up for brutally murdering children.


    • Sad thing is that many sadistic psychopaths are also highly intelligent. Intelligence does not translate into goodness, sadly. Look at Harold Shipman, a highly trained doctor and psychopathic murderer.

    • Hindley also became a devout Catholic…….well, when that doddery old bastard Lord Longford was sniffing around her. Another soft Labour cunt.

  8. Whilst university is being discussed what on earth does an unconditional place bring to the intellectual party? I’ts utter madness driven by universities desire to earn cold hard cash and the expense of fuck-wit kids and with mummies and daddies that can say that little Georgina has a place. My grandson is there at the moment, he was given an unconditional place but worked very hard at is chosen subject of computer sciences and achieved very high grades, this is because he doesn’t want to go to uni but want’s to work with computers and earn shed loads of cash so uni is the conduit. His head is well screwed on. In comparison his cousin failed at school because she was distracted by make up, going out and boys. She eventually got an unconditional place and subsequently spent the year on the piss. She now works in a local care home for specials, all she’s achieved is a massive fucking bill. I can see an opportunity for those PPI type companies going forward, it’s miss selling if a loan is given to a dim wit with no chance of paying it back. Cunts.

  9. Universities are run (badly) as businesses, by accountants. Muppet bums filling seats and paying towards them are essential in this universe. Better still are foreign muppet bums paying more for the privilege.

    A lot of this is down to our old friend, Miranda/Bambi/Blair. We have just reached his insane 2001 target of 50% of school leavers attending university. A recent report indicates that the value of having a degree has gone down by half in the same period – predicted at the time, and completely ignored. Academic standards have been reduced in order to ensure the now-paying customers get the qualifications to which they feel they are entitled – not unreasonably, given the money involved. And this is across the board.

    Humanities have their place. Rigorous scholarship is rigorous scholarship, whatever the discipline, but it is obvious that rigour is not a major consideration in the social sciences…or, come to that, economics or the very lucrative area of management studies. There are multiple theories, but few testable hypotheses, and ultimately these fields depend on opinion rather than fact. And the opinions will have changed by next year.

    Still lower on the spectrum come media and sports studies, which should rightfully be the subject of practical education to NC level at technical or sports colleges, like hairdressing. A degree adds no actual value to someone who is suited to the work, and fails to disguise the incompetence of someone who isn’t.

    I come to journalism. The precipitous decline in journalistic standards today is 100% due to teaching journalism to degree level. The old system was far better – recruit a likely lad, make him cover the district council’s meetings and write stories about lost cats for a local rag for a year or two, till the NUJ reluctantly accept him, and let him fight it out with his peers for the next step on the ladder. Nowadays, the technique is to trawl the unis for a likely graduette, and make her write opinion pieces between C&P’ing press handouts and agency reports. As is all too obvious, she never sees the mean streets and her politics are those of the Faculty of Arts at (eg) Oxford Brookes or Nottingham Trent. Or so the evidence would suggest.

  10. Off topic – Admin, isn’t it about time that Treason Maybot was replaced by a new cunt of the year? She’s old hat now. How about replacing her with that towering self regarding bolloxmonger, John Bercow?

      • It’s meant to represent Christmas. Not any specific individual.

        When it first appeared I thought it was Dioclese, cos he’d just posted his latest collection of Xmas recordings…

      • It’s had over 10 cuntings, ergo, it is a cunt.

        Besides, If it wasn’t for Christmas there wouldn’t be all those abominable John Lewis /Tesco et al Christmas ads. I rest my case.

      • But, RTC, all those abominable ads are for life…not JUST Christmas !

        Have noticed that HSBC are REALLY pushing E I Addio and his twattishness; New Year resolution is to change banks; a futile gesture, probably, but the bleck horse is much less offensive.

    • Treasoner May old hat? It’s supposed to be Cunt of the Year, not Cunt of the Last Few Months. May’s done more than enough damage to be COTY for two years running imho…

      • Never would have guessed all you cunters would be such Scrooges as to nominate Christmas. Hang on, on second thoughts …..

        The self regarding ads are sickening though.

        Bah, humbug, get to fuck, etc, etc.

      • Will there also be Cunt of the Decade (CoD)
        Cunt of the Bi-annuity (CoB)
        Cunt of the Half-Century (CoH)
        and Cunt of the Century (CoC) – I for one won’t be around for the last two, but hope the goos work is kept up.

  11. Perhaps a humanities graduate can explain to me how it’s my\our fault 39 Chinese nationals died in the back of a lorry?

    I don’t take any pleasure at all in the death and suffering of people.

    I never invited them, I never suggested they enter the country illegally and I’m starting to think the people organising and the participate in human trafficking should receive a death sentence.

    The flip side is that welcoming these people as heroes for undertaking the journey encourages more to partake it.

    The people who encourage us to embrace this activity are most often intellectuals whom have degrees in Humanities and\or social sciences. These people believe no human can be illegal and many of them believe we should have no borders.

    Maybe one of these cunts can explain how we can sustain the millions that would come if they could get here? We can’t so we have to have borders, if we accept we cannot sustain untold millions we sooner or later we have to stop all immigration. Will these lefty cunts volunteer to tell a child they cannot come in because the place is full and we let all comers in with no view of their need?

    Intellectuals can suffer from detachment, they don’t consider practicalities or real world problems.

    It should be law that those who push for uncontrolled migration should be the first ones impacted by it. They are forced to open up their homes to these people and pay for their upkeep.

    Then maybe some cunt can explain to the media that calling an illegal immigrant a migrant is doing no one any favours.

    We are a fairly small island, we are already way beyond the stage we can feed the population from home grown produce. Another few million migrants will erode our quality of life even further and do nothing to ease the issues that drive them to come in the first place.The whole world will become the third world and the so called intellectual elite won’t have a fucking clue how it happened.

    • I don’t call them migrants. I call the ones who allow themselves to be transported in a sealed, refrigerated wagon, suicides.

    • Sweden are in denial, oh so liberal that the can’t even accept the evidence under their noses.
      Mass immigration from the peaceful lands is a disaster.

      It’s time the UK employs a hard line stance on illegal immigrants, ignore the fucking idiot liberals and go for immediate removal of anyone entering illegally.

  12. Richard Dawkins is a highly accomplished scientist. He’s also a thoroughly obnoxious Remainer cunt of the first order with batty, cuntish views on Leavers and anyone who disagrees with him. A scientific training doesn’t seem to have helped him.

    Cuntishness must be genetic, something about which Dawkins knows a great deal. It’s got nothing to do with what you studied at university.

  13. Always thought the German model was one we should follow. Main emphasis with school leavers is training on trades, plumbing, electrician, starting at a car plant etc. University is more based only on Engineers, Medicine, Architects etc. Probably don’t have degree courses for basket weaving, early Peruvian literature classics and fucking media studies which a lot of the snowflake cunts do here.

    • Completely agree! That cunt Blair was insane to desire 50% of young people to go to university. We now have a group sub 35 year olds who consider themselves to be special and are not prepared to do real work. The Germans must be pissing themselves laughing at us.

      • Yes and then removes student grants in the next breath – the two-faced cunt! No matter, the idiot Corbinista soy-flakes think the Tory’s did that to them. Fucking historically illiterate twats!

        I think we should bring back grants for medical doctorates, etc., because I’m fed up of being told we need to import all and sundry for the NHS. Well here’s a fucking newsflash: grown your own!

        If – say – it costs £100k for you to become an NHS doctor, HM Gov will pay that in exchange for 10yrs service in the NHS. You can leave but if you do then you owe the balance, so leave after 2yrs then you owe £80k, after 5yrs £50k, etc., and you’re still getting the NHS salary commensurate with your position. What’s not to like!

        The hell of it is that after 5yrs most doctors will be established, have families, etc., and after 10yrs they’ll probably be consultants or specialists, so there would be no real incentive to fuck off to the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand (like there is now).

        A couple of generations of this and we’d have a self-sustaining supply. Do the same with Nurses (£50k estimated cost for 5yrs NHS service) and we’d no longer need to poach witch doctors from Biafra to prop up the NHS.

        But of course that makes far too much common sense in the short-termist governments who are only interested in the next election cycle!

        I’d also bring back tuition fees for *real* scientific studies (maths, physics, chemistry and biology).

        Pseudo and social sciences (sociology, et. al.) can fuck off – just like all BA degrees! 😛

        Yours sincerely,

        Rebel without a Cunt! BSc (Hons)

  14. There are too many universities offering too many mickey mouse subjects. The number should be halved and should offer science and engineering courses free while charging full wack for the majority of the arty farty pointless dross.

  15. I spent 4 years doing a fucking hard chemical engineering degree. I then gained 25 years experience in process engineering in the oil and gas industry. I’ve now been about 4 years without a contract. No dole for me as my wife works, despite the thousands of fucking pounds I’ve paid in tax over the years. I’ve actively encouraged my kids to do something non-science based. I do take a large pinch of salt when I hear about people going on about how we need STEM graduates – we don’t, as there are no jobs for them.

    Life is a cunt.

  16. I agree with most cunters that certain humanities subjects do produce bright well-read and capable graduates (history, economics , philosophy) but these are well-established subjects with standards.

    My aim is directed at the nebulous degrees that have sprung up to pull in the non-academic. Theatre studies is a good example; acting is a craft, and is taught at stage school. Nobody needs a degree in acting which teaches theory and no technique. A local college teaches theatre studies, yet its students dont know the difference between acting on stage and in front of a camera.

    • On the strength of my coleg security pass / registration card (electrical installation), I occasionally do a bit of Theatre Studies – a standby ticket for a fiver, usually for an Ag Christie.
      Loads of pantyhose panto luvvies treading the boards soon; think I’ll skip it. Bah humbug. I felt deeply traumatised by having to sit through Kinky Boots; nary a wader or welly in sight. For boots read pooftahs.

  17. A substandard and underwhelmed cunting for Zoe Bâll please mods. Why ? In the space of a few months she’s managed to lose 300k listeners after taking over the radio 2 morning programme. Funnily enough from another fuck weasel chris ‘ginger cunt’ Evan’s.
    Ball joined radio 2 as per a ton of shit DJ’s from radio 1. Jo ” no eyes” Wiley along the other recruits.
    Yes radio2 took radio 1 DJ’s from 70s and 80s, but they had talent.
    Ball et al have the personality of a wet cardboard box. All came from the Brit Pap hype of the 90’s. Everything Brit was cool and great. No it wasn’t and never will be.

  18. No one says Biology “science” or quantum physics “science” anything with science or studies tacked onto the end should be avoided like the plague. Dont send your offspring anywhere near it. They will hate you for the rest of your life and send you for euthanasia when you get the flu.

  19. There needs to be more people doing vocational courses plumbing, electricity, carpentry etc etc.

  20. The increase in the number of graduates in soft science related degrees increases bigotry against common sense. There’s always room for balance, but it’s no longer evident. Without objective diagnosis too many people believe “getting along with everyone” is a virtue.
    Fuck that.

    • 9/11 shouldve cured the liberal twats of that delusion. Sadly they cling to it more than ever.

  21. The finances of university education aka student loans is one of the biggest ”ponzi schemes” on the go and the universities know it, they just keep putting of the financial reckoning to come by maintaining the high throughput of students and granting ever widening access to high fee paying foreign students (beats me how Chinese students in all probability intelligent but with rudimentary English skills manage to walk of with a degree) and ever burgeoning university estate and accommodation portfolios, all in all would make a fascinating dissertation, but that would be like a coroner doing his own autopsy

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