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A nomination for Tesco. Just heard their latest ad on the car radio, wherein some precocious little gimp says to her father, “Daddy – I don’t want to eat animals any more”.

Now obviously the correct answer to this would be, “Eat your fucking burger before I slap that smug grin off your face”, but today being what is is of course, the soy-faced prick starts banging on about he now use vegan “sausages” in his casserole to appease the spoilt little shit stain.

That made me shout angrily in the car – worse was to come when I got home and turned on the TV, to see a live-action version of the same ad – and guess what, the white dad has a burka-in-training for a daughter as well!! No fucking way there could possibly be two white members of a family these days. No doubt the dad’s a trans or a poove as well, just to tick a few more boxes.

So fuck Tesco and their shameless jumping on the brainwashing bandwagon.

Nominated by Cunting virgin

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  1. “Mummy, what are you doing?”

    “I’m using Tesco Value ointment on my artificial snatch to stop it from turning gangrenous.”

    “Daddy, what are you doing?”

    “I’m using Tesco Value shaving foam and disposable razors to shave my bell end, because Daddy’s artificial willy is made from arm skin and it grows hair. And what are you doing today adopted daughter Shamima?”

    “I’m mixing Tesco Value garden fertiliser and Tesco Value diesel in a large container with Tesco Value marbles.”

    Tesco Value virtue-signalling. Every little helps!

  2. Drop that spoilt brat and her Nancy boy Dad where theirs a famine for a couple of weeks. I can guarantee they will be eating the skids from each other’s underpants by day 4

  3. On the subject of Tesco, one bright theatre studies student I knew via a friend told him Tesco ‘can’t be capitalist because they sell cheap sandwiches’

    Theatre studies at Brighton University, eh?
    Went on to a desk job at Sussex constabulary.

  4. 21st century TV is best avoided for most adverts and programm for that matter. I may watch Wheeler Dealers, Endeavour, Midsomer Murders and, very occasionally QT. That is about it, unless a good film comes on Freeview.

    I avoid the news, the BBC and anything with SImon Cowell in it. Sound advice methinks.

  5. Fucking bunch of wankers… Don’t these Tesco schlongs know that this sort of Goebbels-esque veganism isn’t going to to their sales any good?… These cunts have Christmas Turkeys to flog and they are shooting themselves up the arse with a sawn off with this liberal bollocks?!… Their stupidity is staggering…. Which cunt even thought of this shite? ‘OK! Christmas is coming up… Turkeys and all that stuff… I’ve got a great sales pitch… Let’s try and put people off meat… Brilliant!’

    And I bet it was a fucking woman who thought of it and all….

    • They’re not putting me off meat, or anyone I know for that matter.

      The idea is to capture the growing vegan market as well.

      • Exactly RTCP… Tarquin, Jemima and the rest of the advertising team at Tesco sat around a tree able and said ‘oh what’s on trend at the moment in the food world’… Some cunt says ‘Veganism’ and they all cheer and go ‘Yes that’s what we’ll do in our next advert’. What a load of cunts.

      • The business of business is business B&WC. They don’t give a fuck what we eat or drink. It’s all about the £s in our pockets.

  6. “I’d love to have children…”

    *transmogrifies into an old lady witch*…

    “for dinner!”

    “The younger the more tender!” *cackles*
    “Eye of newt, wing of bat, bring me a child round and fat!”

  7. The Tesco near us has a very large and loyal Jewish clientele…. I hope they all see this propaganda and the peaceful brat in the advert and then boycott the fuck out of Tesco… It would serve them right if they did…. Tesco have now done an ASDA and are now favouring the Parking Stan Lees over every other fucker… A fucking disgrace and an insult….

      • My local ASDA put up big fuck off ‘Happy Ramadan’ banners up all over the shop only a matter of days after the Manchester Arena slaughter… A shop less then five miles away from the Arena itself doing that? I couldn’t believe it… Well, actually, I could…

        Then there was the time recently when ASDA sacked an employee for posting a Billy Connoly video ion social media in his spare time… In the video the Big Yin has a pop at all religions… But we all know ASDA sacked that poor cunt because they thought if offended peacefuls… ASDA are cunts…

      • What a world, Norman! A world these days where you get the sack for sharing an opinion.

      • To quote the Borg “Freedom is irrelevant, self determination is irrelevant. You must comply!”

      • Who needs the Stasi when people voluntarily share and like opinions on social media.

  8. Vegan peacefuls? No such fucking thing. At Eid they barbarically slaughter anything that moves. At times in their back fucking gardens too.

    It won’t end until we make it end. I boycotted Gillette after that advert. Now it’s tme for Tesco to be added to the list of places I will now refuse to buy from. Small steps but if we all do it..

    I’m not against mixed race couples, I’m just sick to death of this progressive fantasyland bullshit being shoved down my throat. As if a burka kid would be a vegan? Fuck off!

  9. I shop at Tesco comfortable 10 min stroll away at least it is British owned, refuse point blank to use those boxhead outlets Aldi and Lidll who around here seem to get planning permission to build slap next to a roundabouts causing traffic chaos, my bugbear about modern shopping habits are the cunts on their phones giving a commentary to the folks back home about what’s on the shelves

  10. I can’t stand any advert which features whiny voiced pre-pubescent kids giving lectures about saving the planet or whatever ‘right on’ message is being conveyed.
    Mostly I hit the mute button when the adverts appear.

    • Using children to get a message across is despicable. Tugging at heartstrings etcetera.

      • I see a Christmas marketing opportunity. Lifesize dummy of Thunderpants’ head, complete with mallet. If anyone feels the red mist descending, pick up mallet and whack Thunderpants.

      • The was a corker some years ago from the Energy Saving Trust. A kiddy pop-up animation of towns flooding, donkeys snd firemen drowning and a brat telling us all about our evil ways having done all of this.

        It got pulled by the ASA.

  11. Reports have surfaced of injuries at Tesco’s PR Department. Following a screening of this nauseating advert, several of their right-on hipster marketing cunts got carried away, wanked themselves senseless and hosed the floor down with jizz. People were slipping over in it from every direction. Fuck Tesco and their inclusive pandering PC cuntitude.

  12. Went to pick up a few things from local Tossco the other day, including a bottle of own-brand ginger beer, from a shelf that was groaning under the weight of dozens of bottles of the stuff. Got to till; “this item is not for sale.” Had it been recalled ? A “manager” was summoned, who then wandered around looking dazed and confused for about ten minutes.
    “It’s not our stock”…
    So it was delivered by a Tossco lorry, loaded onto Tossco shelves by Tossco employees, has Tossco all over the label, but computer-operated till says “No.” Business is booming so much, they can afford NOT to take your dosh; and all because some Tossco muppet presumably didn’t input it on the stock inventory.
    If the luscious Rebecca had been there, she’d probably have given me it for free.
    I expect she’d have waved through the ginger beer too…

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