Tom Watson (3)

I’d like to nominate Tom Watson for a cunting!

This skidmark in the kecks of British Politics undercrackers now wants Labour to pledge for another referendum before agreeing to hold a General Election in their party manifesto the democracy denying cunt!

Fatboy Slim clearly doesn’t fancy Labour’s chances too much in a GE so wants to have his Slimming World cake and eat it by trying to get the original democratic referendum result overturned any which way, aided by his cuntish mates Emily ‘Flabberguts’ Thornberry, Dame Queer Starmers, Hilary ‘Mincer’ Benn and Yvette ‘Sugartits’ Cooper. Because you don’t agree with the result, I say get to fuck, you Marxist cunts and see if the public back you up in a GE, which Labour have been banging on about for the past few years!

Steptoe also fancies getting more splinters in his arse by sitting on the fence neither advocating to leave or remain, in Labour’s new manifesto…. they are the gift that keep giving.

The sooner these cunts are purged out of British politics the better.

Nominated by Cuntus Maximus

91 thoughts on “Tom Watson (3)

  1. Their fabulous idea is to ‘negotiate’ a better deal then put that deal (ie almost remain) to a referendum with fully remain.
    And the BBC and Sly news nod along. They really do think we are all total cunts.

      • Parliament & all MPs at this point are a complete farce.

        Yet recently ; a time when the Tories had their worst leader, and the UK had it’s worst ever PM (Mavis) – Labour should have been hammering the balls into a Tory open goal.

        There has never been a more chaotic, disorganized & ineffective opposition to the government.

        Labour should have been championing the improvement of the working class, making plans for massive social improvement, & at least 25 points ahead in the polls.
        But today, they sit grumbling, moaning, fighting among themselves, at least 15 points behind the Tories, & about to hemorrhage seats to the Brexit party & the Libs.

        Corbyn has the lowest popularity of any Labour leader – in fact the lowest popularity of any MP ever to seek leadership of this country. I don’t what polls his underlings are showing him, or what the bloody hell he’s drinking, but the guy’s got less chance of becoming Prime Minister than Micheal Foot – and Foot’s been dead for 9 years !

        Alas… for my poor country…

  2. Surely even if Boris ends up a total failure after the 31st. Surely these Marxist cunts haven’t a hope in hell of being elected. Would they ???????????

    But after the current debacle GE elections from now on will be contested if Labour or Lib Dumbs don’t get in untill they get their way either through the Courts or an unholy alliance between the losing sides.

  3. He used to be a fat cunt, now he is just a lightweight fat cunt.

    I just wish that very time the brexiteers are on the box they would refer to the peoples vote/second referendum as ‘The Losers Vote’ and repeat it at every opportunity.

    • He is still a fat cunt – he didn’t lose that weight it is just hiding behind him. Probably Anthony Blair has lent him his deluxe corset, or Playtex girdle if he was Miranda that day.

      • When the media talk about ‘Labour heavyweights’ they are not joking. Poor old Compo looks like he’s just done ten years in a Siberian gulag when surrounded by Lammy, Flabbott, Thornpiggy, Jess Phillips and Fatboy Watson.

      • I found out the other day Angela Rayner became a grandmother at the age of 37! If she wasn’t whinging about Brexit she would be on some Channel 5 show about dole scrounging teen mums.

      • Angela rayner is from Bridgehall council estate in stockport, bout 3miles from me, and its rough as arseholes!
        37 a grandmas quite shocking, but not really round there.
        At least she is from a working class background though, Dont think many in Labour are.
        Bet they laugh behind her back at dinnerparties because she used the wrong fork!

      • Coming from a working class background is nothing to write home about if you’re as thick and useless as the rest of the Labour front bench.

        Evening Mnc.

      • Evening Rtc,
        Labour always tries to portray itself as the working mans party, but most are from privileged backgrounds,
        Granny rayner is from a working class background but does a job of being useless just as good as the posh boys!

  4. Watson in such an oily little motherfucker. He reminds me of that other supercunt James Purnell – a young(ish) man in a hurry he knew he could never win the leadership under his own tawdry name, so tries to go on manouvers every week, getting faux outraged about something, or anything. No belt is too low for him to kick against.

    Horrible little cunt looks like one of those 1950s comics that ITV used to dredge up in their dotage. I can just imagine Tom overthrowing Steptoe, then he and McDonnell would be like Holmes and Moriarty at the Reichenbeck Falls.

    I bet Watson stinks of B.O and halitosis as well.

    • Yes come to think of it , he looks a cross between Billy Bunter and Terry Scott in the curly wurly adverts.

  5. There won’t be an election until 2022. Why would there be? These cunts know they would on a hiding to nothing and they will not vote for an election anytime soon. Expect more extensions and this brexit shite to rumble on and on. Fucking cunts!

  6. The only thing that surprises me about Tom is that he thinks leave or remain we don’t have enough reasons to despise his party.

    • Unless they really are as thick as pig shit, there must know that the constant contradictions about Brexit alone make most of us dubious, and despite the mutual dislikes in the conservative party, the labour lot hate each other just as much – the pansy Blairites loathe the Corbynites, the Corbynites loathe the fancy nancy Blairites, and Lammy hates anyone white. Jess Butch Phillips hates men as does Two ton Emily, especially if they drive white vans.

  7. For those of you who don’t know, I worked at Conservative Central office in 1987 when Maggie ran the country. I can’t tell you how magical it was.

    Boris will the same. No, Boris will be better if he surround himself with a loyal but questioning cabinet.

    Watson,Corbyn,McDonnell,etc are fucked. Boris will get this done.

    Have faith.

    Oh, and Tom Watson is an utter scum cunt.

    Good evening.

    • 1987 was a long time ago Krav. Boris isn’t Thatcher and she had a majority of 102. Also, 3 years later she was brought down by the Europhiles Clarke, Hezzelslime and Major, who are still hanging around like a bad smell. I appreciate your optimism but I need a fucking drink.🍺

      • Sorry Krav, that was a long time ago. Things are that much more intractable today, that even Thatcher would find herself in the shit now. I would certainly have not described Thatcher’s time as “magical.”

      • I was not a fan of Thatcher in her time. But Boris isn’t fit to lick the shit off her shoes.

        To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen (admonishing Dan Quayle in 1988):

        “Prime Minister, you’re no Margaret Thatcher.”

      • Different times, different contexts, different problems. Prime Ministers cannot be judged by transposing their supposed strengths or abilities on to a different era. Those who attempt to do this are certainly guilty of taking an over sentimental view through rose tinted glasses.
        Thatcher laid much of the groundwork for the patronising political classes today who sneer at brexiteers with the retort that “Brexit will hit the poorest people in the north the hardest.”
        It was Thatcher who largely destroyed the industrial heartlands of the north leaving many areas as the wastelands they still are today.

    • I’d love to see Boris be the one to rip all these undemocratic cunts a new hole for their manifestos. I hope he’s the Kryptonite that poisons all of the traitorous cunts.

  8. Off topic- That silly little twat, speaker J.Bercow on news going on about whiskey? Wtf?
    Pronounces it -WHIS key.
    Is there anything this turd can do right?
    He makes me grind my teeth to powder, loves his self the bellend.

      • I bet he does LL.
        Hunch hes a greedy, vain bullying type, treats the cleaner like shite,
        Shouts at his secretary.
        The new IRA ought to fix this turd rather than attacking civilians the pricks.

  9. I would have to agree with the remainers that we can’t guarantee food supplies after Brexit. However, with fat twats like Watson, Thornberry, Lammy and the Flabbott eating twice their own weight in food each week, this was forever the case before Brexit.,

  10. You know what i dislike most about Tom Watson?
    Politics aside,..his constantly sweaty upper lip.
    Doesnt matter where or what time of year his upper lip is dripping in sweat,
    So I assume hes nervous, either lying or guilty about something.
    On that alone id convict him.

    • That’s not sweat on his upper lip Miserable, that’s man fat from rimming Flabbots star fish 🤮

    • Lip up fatty.
      Evening MNC.

      Watson”s probably compensating for all the dry lips on the Labour front bench. It looks like The Flabbotasaurus, ShameShe ChuckedHerButty, Cat “Cat-Sanctuary” Smith, Dawn “White Man’s Burden” Butler, Sue “Hairy Hymen” Hayman, Rebecca Long-Bailey Long-Constipated, and future leader Empty “Thar She Blows” Thornberry haven’t had moist lips for a decade. The inside of their apple-catchers would be as arid as a taxi-driver’s glove.

      The wettest vagina in the whole party is probably the one inside Keir “Menopause” Starner’s yeasty knickers.

      • Evening Cap!
        That Rebecca long baileys a weird little girl isnt she?
        Shes got no lips! Just a ricktus little opening with gnashing teeth, is it a thing in Labour, lip deformities?
        Hair lip? ..step right in!!

      • They all look a bit odd. Either pompous and conceited (a lot of the women) or furtive and guilty-looking, rouged with embarrassment like you’ve just walked in on them as they’ve just let one fly.

        Keir Starmer always acts like he’s trying to divert attention from the horror of realising he’s just shat in his favourite Primark trousers.

      • Primark?..flash cunt.
        A committed marxist would be in army surplus & beret!
        Not blowing upto £5 on flash gear.

  11. It looks as though Ken Clarke is seizing the olive branch by stating the Yellow Hammer documents are over-egged. He’s obviously going to find a way back. So much for Boris’s tough approach!

  12. The Duchess of Sussex has returned from maternity leave to launch a new line of clothing, with proceeds going to a women’s charity.

    Shame she couldn’t donate any proceeds to the taxpayer to pay back for her wedding and the £2m+ spent on her royal home.

    Her first appointment after dropping the sprog and it’s all about her

    • Oh look i’m a designer now, just like Victoria and Coleen………living off my husband’s fame! She’s a SJW so of course the dough goes to charidee …….except the bit that’s siphoned off into her secret off shore bank account. That’s for the future……her triumphant return to Slaggywood. Make it soon bitch.

  13. I fucking loathe that fat bastard of a cunt Watson
    saw the podgy cunt on telly t’other day, shirt out of the Skinny jeans he had on the fuckin gastric band wearing sad cunt
    Twat call himself a feminist an’all
    four eyed fat fucker
    Aah, feel better getting that off mi chest

  14. As it seems the goalposts keep moving and the leave date keeps getting extended, whats the best case scenario thats left to us?
    If Boris manages to get us out no deal on 31st october, what changes will they be that we’d be happy with?
    Strenthening of borders?
    Trading without EU entanglement?
    Lot to hope for isnt they?

      • Me! Im getting nervous!
        YOUR meant to reassure me you cunt!😝
        Don’t like this fuckin about, the sly cunts!
        So give me some soothing words,
        Whistling in the graveyard here!

      • Can’t help you MNC ……if only.
        In fact i’m beginning to think the Tory traitors deliberately manouvered Boris into No 10, because his past misdemeanours and his posh Eton background makes him an easy target. Could they have demonised , for example, Raab or Leadsom in the same way? Would Raab and Leadsom have mouthed off about “do or die” or “dying in a ditch”?
        No, the remoaners are smarter than they look and they have done Boris up like a kipper.
        And us, of course.

      • And us of course.
        Good point mate, he stands out in lets be frank a personality vacuum, bumbling Boris, well its his fault brexit never happened, hes a bit of a tool, we would of loved to give you what you voted for but, when best let bygones be bygones. All Hail the EU!
        Like sending in closeau or mr Bean.

  15. Labour have pledged to invest in Merseyside and create 100,000 jobs if they win the election.

    The Conservatives now regard Liverpool as a safe seat.

    • Yes, but they’ve also pledged to build a huge national monument to “The 96” and expunge Heysel from the history books so it’s just swung back again.

      • Fenton, how did your Polish inauguration go with those two 18-year old virgins?

        I hope they weren’t called Pavel and Damian.

      • Morning Captain,
        Their still trying to find a couple of virgins. Their in short supply here in Poland.
        The wife told me to change my name to Pizdo Kowalski, I’ve just discovered that Pizdo is Polish for Cunt.
        Charming aye ?

  16. Here’s the question guys.
    How in the name of fuck are we going to select a Cunt of the Year for 2019 when there’s about a million cunts in the running?

    • Well the eventual winner will have reached extraordinary heights of cuntishness, we can be sure of that. I could reel off 30 names off the top of my head right now.
      If I had to choose now it would probably be the Grievecunt but we’ll see.

    • Christ you’re right Ron – there’s no clear standout winner this year.

      • Actually, I have an idea – with so many contenders this year how about we have an initial poll of 15-20, then the 5, 6 or 7 with the highest votes go through to a runoff to decide the final COTY winner?

    • They’ve found an exo- planet in another galaxy that could have life. Only a few thousand light years away it is. I wonder though does cuntitude exist in other other worlds as it does here on planet earth? We’d probably get there only to find the place full of ‘alien cunts’.

      • I’ll be shocked if there’s any planet which even comes close to containing as many cunts per capita as this one.

      • Life on earth is perfect conditions for cuntishness forms to flourish.
        On other planets theyd be cunts,
        But not the supercunts earth produces.

      • Like how you jumped straight to nuking em Francis!
        Like on the Simpsons!
        ‘I bring you love’
        “Its bringing love! Get it!”

    • Evening Ron
      We could have an extra category:- Cunty Institution of The Year-

      House of Commons
      House of Lords
      Labour Party
      Liberal unDemocrats
      Change/Independent Group/ Turds
      British Biased Cunts
      Extinction Rebellion
      Manchester City

      2019 – The Year of The Cunt

    • The Nobel Prize is split into fields of endeavour. Perhaps the award could be made jointly, too. Get the brickies in and build some more walls? (Thanks to Tango Man for the inspiration)

    • After his drunken ramblings yesterday, Bercow has to be the cunt of this and every year. Probably taking backhanders from Juncker and up the arse from Adonis.

  17. Bit off topic, but I heard that tool Amber Rudd being “interviewed” on Radio 4 tiday (i.e. allowed to spill her bullshit unchallenged). She said she was going to stand as an Independent Conservative candidate. As far as I understand, the law is that a candidate is not allowed to stand under a name that is too close to another’s. So, she wouldn’t be allowed to stand as an “Independent Conservative”, but just an “Independent”.

    All they do is spill bullshit. However, they will probably try and change the law as it doesn’t suit them. Cunts.

    • On the BBC website Liar Kuntsberg is selling the line the Boris is using division politics to create an us and them between leavers and remainers.

      You’re a journalist? It’s not like this shit stain hack hasn’t been at the forefront of the media campaign to demonise leave politicians and leave voters for the last 3 years.

      The BBC reek of corruption and bias, if we can’t have Brexit maybe we should seriously set about taking the BBC down.

      Farage proved that given determination and time anything is possible.

      BBC we are coming for your funding, one license payer at a time.

      • I will not be renewing my license.

        The back drop on the interview was remain remain remain subliminal shit. Check it out.

        Don’t know how to copy a link in YouTube so just type ‘rod Liddell destroys bias bbc’ into said tube.

        Interviews worth a listen un’all

      • Thanks for that. I don’t know the why stupid ugly tart keeps waving her hands around like an eppy on acid. It was a definite organised stitch up, she even asked for the other Remoaning cunt to “help me out”! As other people have commented, did you notice the three ‘Remains’ on the graphic in the background and only the small, blurred ‘Leave’ in the left hand corner? I really cannot understand how the BBC get away with their blatant bias.

  18. Bercow for me.
    Although plenty of treacherous little slimebuckets to go round.
    Jesus find it harder to think of someone i actually do like.
    Tommy Robinson gets out soon, end of the week I think, but he’ll be back in nick for daring to call out n0nces.

  19. How Bercow managed to control the House is a mystery.
    The cunt couldn’t even control his missus who was getting fucked by Bercows cousin and what the fuck that clothes peg seller was doing to her we’ll never know….

    • No mystery JR , he gave the remoaners everything they wanted. The remoaners controlled him not the other way round.
      As for Mrs B, I believe a y – shaped coffin is already on order.
      A pathetic weak excuse of a man.

    • Bercow: “ORRRDERRRRRRR!”

      Abbot: “I’d like a KFC bargain bucket and Pepsi, please.”

      Bercow: “For an exxxxxtrrraaa thirty PENCE, would you like to go LARRRRRRRGE?!!!”

  20. Here we go, Question Time is the usual shower of cunts and the Labour cunt is on first term basis with someone in the audience… not really a plant then.

    Fuck Labour
    Fuck the remoaners
    Fuck the BBC

    Wish the cunts would all burn.

    • I managed ten minutes. It’s been the same cunt roundabout for three years, every week, same questions, same bullshit answers. Only the cunts spouting it changes.

  21. Watson is an irredeemable unmitigated cunt, the next Umunna, now in Blair’s pocket, and I wish he would liquefy and run down a drain.

    BUT. From his standpoint what he wants to do is defensible: get a (preloaded) decision on Brexit via a referendum, and then fight the election on the many issues that have somehow been overlooked for three years without having to look over his shoulder at the Northern constituencies. Who will at worst go for option (a) – BRINO – option (b) being remain, and there’s no option (c).

    And it’s a useful disagreement in the course of unseating Corbyn, the day for which is approaching fast, as Corbyn’s plan relies on getting a majority or coalition without getting Brexit out of the way first. Unlikely in the extreme.

  22. This is the problem with Labour /New Labour/ Communist Labour or whatever they are now called? One of them says one thing then someone else says something completely different This is the so called Party in Waiting to govern our Country what an absolute joke. Tom Watson hates Corbyn and he hates Tom Watson Can someone explain Labours policies on Brexit for today please because it changes on a daily basis

  23. Fuck me my perfectly reasonable observations of this wonderful chap got moderated then binned.
    Even typing things about the cunt turn to shit.
    Lardarse degenerate.
    And CUNT.

  24. Hopefully his WBA supporting constituents will vote this CUNT out at the next ge. His leader old Steptoe is sitting on the fence as usual, the wanker.

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