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While most of us are living in the world of waiting ages at the doctors, dentists and paying for our prescriptions without hearing an English voice, while thousands can’t get their sprog into the expected local primary, while thousands have had their wages slashed or lost their jobs to EU migrants, the govt has been telling us that migration from the EU has a positive impact on the UK and the numbers coming are not that large…look the statistics tell us this. But wait a minute! The ONS has now decided that its figures on migration are just experimental and have no actual relationship to the facts. They have totally underestimated the real number of EU migrants legally coming to the UK and therefore, by simple deduction, the actual impact of this migration on the UK.

What a total bunch of cunts. Not even the BBC can run from this one.

I keep trying to tell those who voted Remain why they lost. It’s not Cambridge Analytica, it’s not racism, it’s just that people’s basic standard of living has been fucked over by the decision to expand the EU, the introduction of the Euro and the fucking bankers and they have had enough.

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  1. I remember watching Question time many moons ago when the flood gates opened. An elderly gent was shouted down as racist, because he said millions will come unchecked.
    The official “figures ” we were told, the numbers coming will be in the low 10s of thousands.
    I just accept now we will be lied to by the elite, and there is fuck all I can do about it.
    Democracy is a con job, a set of cunts with the ONS near the top of the tree.

    • Democracy is not a con, it’s the abuse of democracy by the current Parliament and the political establishment that’s the problem.

      • The only difference between the current Parliament and proceedings ones is this lot have been challenged by direct democracy, our ever increasing integration into the EU was facilitated both parties whilst in power.

        Much of the overarching policy never makes it to the party level and the agenda is pushed onward no matter whom we elect.

        Democracy is indeed a con and will remain so until the people wake up and realise we are the guardians of democracy and we have to play a greater part in establishing oversight of the whole political process.

      • By “Democracy is indeed a con” I assume you mean the way our current system is operated to maintain the interests of the political establishment, not democracy itself?

        Agree that the system requires radical reform. An equitable system of proportional representation would be a start.

    • Good Morning

      I think it was Jim,the washing machine salesman, who went to Luton Airport to welcome the first Romanian immigrant. Germany, France, Italy and other countries all put quotas on the numbers allowed in for the 1st few years, not the U.K./ Blair government who lied to the British people about the expected numbers.

      Mind you if they can take a country to wat based on a lie, this is a comparatively minor indiscretion.

      • About 2 months ago one morning I am listening to about the 8th item on the news on the BBC. Doctors are to be prosecuted for falsifying the number of patients they have registered . Apparently there are 3million more people registered with the NHS than there are living in the country.i No shit Sherlock.

  2. As always the saying “Lies, Damn Lies and statistics” is as true now as it was when first said or mentioned. No one knows who actually first coined the phrase, could have been Disraeli, could have been Twain or even the Duke of Wellington. No matter who it proves the point that bullshit baffles brains and it definitely baffles remoaner dumb dumb.
    Look at the Project fear shit. They spout “statistics” as if its already happened. These are the same experts who didn’t see the 2008 financial crash coming despite all the signs from across the pond saying there were millions of toxic mortgages being sold which could NEVER be paid back.
    Brexit = long term freedom, short term hardship.
    Oh and here’s an interesting fact, we’ve been “negotiating” leaving a political entity for three years + and basically got a shite deal a bit like the loser in a war. However at the end of WW2 the Paris Peace Treaty was negotiated and signed in around 9 months and that was dealing with war reparations, border changes, division of surviving military assets and many more very complex issues after an event which killed between 68 and 75 million and damaging millions of homes, factories etc.

  3. Why do the ONS ‘estimate’ numbers of immigrants? Are they admitting that no one actually keeps official and accurate figures for people coming in to this country? If so, I can see what the problem is.

  4. To put ‘lies, damned lies and statistics’ in visual reference terms, how about ‘There is the Left, then Islam, then the Media’. Somewhat befitting of the triumvirate of evil that the modern world is pitted against.

  5. The ONS.
    Ah yes , they’re the ones forever doing the Full Carney …… doom mongering statistics invariably having to be corrected three months later for being wrong.
    With the exception of the Immigration numbers which are always understated.

  6. The number of cunts coming in is always an “estimate”. They take samples of cunts they stop at ports and airports and extrapolate from there. That’s why there is always a big discrepancy between the estimated population increase and the number of national insurance numbers applied for. It’s all bollocks, as proved by the phenomenonal number of postal votes applied for in certain areas with high concentrations of peacefuls.When it comes to the number of foreigners here, where they live and if they exist in the first place it’s all fucking guesswork.
    Office of National Bullshit.

  7. The Border Farce stopped counting many years ago.
    The ONS got caught out and had to admit they were making it all up as they went along.
    Floodgates? Certainly not!
    What a set of cunts.

  8. The ONS is the Civil Service/Government propaganda machine which exists to “validate” government lies. Paul Joseph Goebbels would be in a state of total admiration ar their achievements. A whole department of absolute CUNTS!

  9. I’d love to know who welcomed the first Romanian rapist to GB…

    Vasile Nastase was knifed in prison, and died. Good riddance to bad rubbish. And, to judge by his pic, he’d never been near a washing machine, or soap, water and flannel in his skanky gyppo life.

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