Conor McGregor (2)

I’d like to nominate Conor McGregor.

I dont really watch MMA. I know a few people who do and couple of those who have competed in televised fights, but they were decent chaps. I cant be bothered with the UFC rubbish though. The ‘trash talking ‘ and pantomime is just a load of handbag swinging to fire-up an audience of Jack the lads who work in offices.

The prat who typifies this most of all is Conor McGregor. He comes across as obnoxious and arrogant. Many of his fans say it’s all an act, to which I reply ‘is he a fucking actor or a fighter?’

It now seems the nastiness is genuine, after sucker punching an old bloke in a pub after the man refused to drink McGregor’s branded whiskey. McGregor’s response was to wait until the old man’s head was turned and to punch the side of it. What a fucking baby and a coward.

Many have pointed out how the punch looked like it barely phased the victim, but it’s quite clear the best place for this idiotic thug is behind bars.

No doubt scores of vain twats who wear tattoo sleeves and their baseball caps backwards, and relentlessly post selfies to instacunt will maintain that the old man shouldn’t have disrespected McGregor, but they are borderline mongs themselves, dressing like twelve year-old boys. They are wrapped up in the vacuous existence exemplified by McGregor, mediocre morons endlessly promoting themselves and their disgusting ‘skank-ho’ Kardashian-clone cunts of girlfriends.

I hope to God they all succumb to thermonuclear variant of AIDS, except McGregor is first mauled by a mobility scooter.

What a fokkin’ cont.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

46 thoughts on “Conor McGregor (2)

  1. I saw that and at the time I thought the same and McGregor has previous for attacking people outside the ring. He has since stood up and admitted he has an issue and has been a right cunt.

    So yes he is a cunt and this cunting is more than justified.

    I’m awaiting for this ultimate fighter to redeem himself in some way. Not hitting another old man with his back to you will not cut it.

    Tyson fury has been shot to pieces by the media in the past for comments he has made on gayness, abortion etc.

    McGregor gets away with minor reports on his ongoing physical attacks on people.

  2. No idea who this is, but i support your cunting. Looks like a cunt, sounds like a cunt, therefore the conclusion is he is a cunt.

  3. Pikey cunt.
    If I ever met the oirish fuckface down a dark alley, their would be a lot of penetration and pain forwarded by my fists towards this cunts body.

    • I’m led to believe that’s called a donkey punch and intensifies the experience. Please keep us informed of your progress.

  4. Never heard of him. But any grown man covered in tattoos sporting a ginger beard has to be a cunt by default.

  5. ‘Handbag swinging’. That me laugh.
    Also, it made me imagine the people in the ring holding up handbags in readiness.
    “Ooh ducky darling, prepare for a hard thrashing. Then afterwards we fight!” Hehe.

  6. Ok Tuffty and Sixdog that’s enough sucking each other’s dicks for one day.
    Can we please now continue with this serious discussion about a cheeky traveling strong man.

  7. You are sadly correct, I myself took issue with my car door this very morning and received a black eye for my trouble.

    I’m gonna wait till it’s dark and sneak up on the cunt with a couple of mates with baseball bats.

    I’ll show ye ya fecking cunt!

  8. He can scrap and has been a 2 weight UFC world champ.
    I’ve enjoyed his fights in the past but as my Granny used to say he’s now “rotten with money.”
    When I saw the footage of him lamping the old fella I really quite hoped it turned out the old chap was once a pikey bare knuckle champ..
    Who proceeded to send this cunt into orbit.
    Fucking gobshite.

  9. I agree, McGregor is a pikey cunt, but I wouldn’t tell him to his face.
    I think this cunting should be extended to everyone named connor. Cunts the lot of em…
    CONNOR McGregor,
    Sinead o’CONNOR,
    KONNOR(ie) huq (I’m stretching it on that one I know)
    That’s all I can think of.

    • Dead right Deploy…

      Des O’ Connor
      Tom O’ Connor
      Jimmy Connors
      Connor Oberst

      And Renee O’ Connor for being in that lezza man hating shite, Xena: Warrior Dyke Princess

      • Man United had a defender called Tom Connell during the 70s…. He was a bogtrotter too, and he was fucking shite…

      • Its now muzzie kebab o connor now with her recent conversion to islam cause nothing compares to jihad… I’ll go get my coat lined with c-4

      • I do believe your jealous that you never got it on with Lucy Lawless, I know I am. She’s still very fuckable, is blonde now and has dropped the Seppo accent.

  10. He bugs himself up but look at his past UFC bouts and you’ll notice that he usually ends up getting his shite kicked in. A complete Slabbering cunt,and,I suspect,an over-compensating poofter and secret cross-dresser. The big poof.

    • This is the thing, I’ve only seen a few of these MMFUAC fight things, and it seems to me that for the most part, they’re just rolling around on the floor in various sixty nine positions trying to give each other a nasty bout of the gayness…

  11. UFC is WWF/WWF for adults. It’s a sham pantomime, that they have done a very good job of promoting as real fighting. It’s shit.

  12. Anyone with a head and a gub like the aforementioned pikey pensioner pugilist deserves to be cuntificated or at least cuntified to the highest order.

  13. Massively overrated cunt and living off his destruction of Jose Aldo. Bloke is just an ex benefit scrounger from Crumlin and a bona fide cunt.

    Humoured and then bashed up by Floyd Mayweather before being fully dismantled and humiliated by Khabib Nurmagemadov

    Cunt knows he’s irrelevant after that which is why he’s taken to promoting his shit whisky and beating up old men.

    Cunt. I hope he comes out of retirement to fight Khabib again and this time gets his neck cranked off completely.

    • No kidding this Irish cunt takes pleasure in humiliating his race by going up against sure winners like mayweather then he gets humiliated by getting his ass kicked by muzzie kebab khabib and after losing says he happily do a rematch because its quick cash grab

      I think professional boxing is a hoax but if people want to watch it go for it and throw your money at these gorillas for all i care

      • The last boxing match i watched was Haye vs Klitchko. 3 hours of panto and ‘mind games’ (if you have a baked bean for a brain) followed by dancing. Absolute crap.

        I’d rather go to bed.

  14. Is his whisky so shite that the old bar drunkard refused to drink it? Wether the old bastard realizes it or not that decision is gonna make him a rich man. Could possibly walk away with a million large for refusing to drink his shit Irish whisky

    Just went to a review site that specializes in whisky and a good majority of reviewers are calling it overpriced crap better off buying powers, bushmills, or jameisons for the same or cheaper price Proper no 12? More like Proper shite

  15. McGregor is indeed a cunt, he thinks he can walk into a bar and tell other people what to drink, the big-headed attention-seeking twat. He should be prosecuted for assault, fined an enormous amount of money and ordered to pay that bloke a fortune in compensation. Ink-stained Mick bastard.

  16. All Mc Greggor is is a gob shite pikey cunt who must have taken lessons in posturing and mouthing off from David fucking Haye, in fact there must be a GCSE in acting like a cunt when you bacome a boxer,mma wanker or wrestler, it’s all a fucking joke, I can’t watch these cunts anymore trying to drum up interest and a few dollars more for their ball room dancing pretend fights, what a bunch of cunts, the only half decent guy seems to have lost his boxing match, he obviously wasn’t enough of a cunt, but given time and some pointers from the tattoo sporting,ginger, pikey gob shite cunt he will also be a world class cunt…

  17. What a fuckin thick potato picker, a white version of cowardly tacky jewellery wearing black boxer (cheap shot) Mayweather, I hope both of them get brain damage.!

  18. He’s a pikey cunt and no mistake, such class takes such breeding. I’ve seen the video and he’s a fucking legend in his own mind but a complete cunt in mine with no class or manners at all.

    Mind you, what is it all about?

    All this UFC, UMMA., URMAMMA, fight series stuff that he and his other pumped up angry idiots ‘compete’ in is just a pantomime. Have you seen it? Often on the box, its just two pumped up semi skinny twats with no real skill just having a go for the cameras, most of the ‘opponents’ are just there for the appearance fee!, It’s bollocks I tell thee. I could still put most of them on their arse in the first round with 8 Newcy Browns and a Prawn Madras in my gullet.


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