“Sir” Oliver Letwin (Retiring MP)

A one-nation cunting please for this obsequious old arsewipe, who, despite being a Conservative and well rewarded by his party, has turned on it and combined with cross party Remainer bleeders to prevent an election:-


What a shame his constituents re-elected him after the vacuous old cunt allegedly dumped confidential government papers in waste paper bins in London parks, because he was too fucking lazy to deal with them properly.

What an arsehole!

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Firstly – Long time reader first time ’cunter’ so do I hope that I do justice with my first attempt. Anyway, I was quite astonished to note that Oliver Letwin has been overlooked somewhat.

I was reading with interest that Mr Letwin (anyone who egregiously undermines the sovereignty of this country surely cannot continue as a knight of the realm?) has intimated that the CROSS-party alliance of rebel MPs will thwart Boris Johnson’s plan to hold a general election before Brexit has been resolved, or in other words, thwart the legitimate and democratic decision taken by the majority of the Country.

Whilst looks can be deceiving, Mr Letwin is not daft. He realises that as an MP of a leave constituency who has deceived his constituents in the most ignominious fashion, he will be unceremoniously ousted. So before he no doubt returns to his former directorship at Rothschilds, he and the repulsive former attorney general are trying to do as much damage as they can knowing they have nothing to lose; they don’t. Mr Letwin has shamed himself, his office as MP, has cheated and most importantly has sold his honour for notoriety. He is the EU manifested in flesh and bone and stands for everything that the 17.4M voted against.

He talks about the government having no mandate for a no deal, yet is preventing an election and a mandate for Brexit, whilst having no mandate himself.

I am tempted to say that he can’t have it both ways but judging by the look of him you wouldn’t be surprised. He is a calamitous, cretinous, contemptible, cheap, conceited charade personified, but most of all he is a fucking cunt.

Nominated by Joe-a-quim-cleenex

36 thoughts on ““Sir” Oliver Letwin (Retiring MP)

  1. The gap between most MP’s and their constituents is continually widening.
    How can most of his constituents identify or have anything in common with this wimp in any way?
    You have to be pretty useless when you stand in a general election against the Flabbott (1987) and lose.

  2. Good first posting mate welcome

    You’ll go far methinks

    Good point on the nowt to lose. I was wondering why the blatant attempt at anti democracy but youre right.. they are getting ejected next oppertunity so good point

  3. All is not lost chaps.
    The Brexit Party have just got control of Hartlepool council. The fight back has begun 👍

      • Yes Squint. I saw it on the Express website.
        BBC and SLY have not given it a mention yet. Oh but they will , cry’s of vote rigging and how Hartlepool has descended to the right no doubt.

      • What makes this news even sweeter is that it used to be the fiefdom of Dame Peter Mandelson (Queen of the May 1997), Blair’s arselicker in chief.

        Since I wrote the nom for Letwin, somebody even worse has joined the cranky remainers “who-can-piss-up the-wall furthest?” – Bercow, John (the man who put the “berk” in Bercow) last night threatening all sorts of Spanish practices to thwart Brexit. One can only hope he was (as is often the case) pissed as a fart and didn’t mean it. Surely now pissed or sober, he has passed beyond his remit and could and shouldmbe sacked with immediate effect.

      • Mangledbum is surely descended from that French navy monkey that was taken prisoner in them parts.

      • Yup – Hangus the Monkey is Hartlepool Town’s mascot. Apparently they hanged a monkey back in the 19th Century as they thought it was a French spy.

      • Don’t get me started on that fat tongued moral sociopath. When the revolution starts, I’ll be dragging that fucking Bellend out of his kitchen to the nearest tree to hang the fucking prick.

  4. A cunt to be sure, but every cunt can be right at times.

    “Another 1985 internal memo released in December 2015 showed Letwin’s response to the Broadwater Farm riot, which blamed the violence on the “bad moral attitudes” of the predominantly Afro-Caribbean rioters, claiming that “lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale”. It also criticised some of the schemes proposed to address inner-city problems, suggesting David Young’s proposed scheme to support black entrepreneurs would founder because the money would be spent on the “disco and drug trade”. Letwin later apologised, saying that parts of the memo had been “both badly worded and wrong”

    He also contested Diane Abbotts Hackney seat, there’s a fight he was never going to win.

    Can’t see him and David Lammy

  5. Posh, rich, Eton bumbandit cunt who would sell his own mother to save his beloved EUSSR.
    Rotten to the core and a fucking coward, too scared to face the electorate he has betrayed and working his bent arse off to deny them the opportunity for as long as possible.
    Along with Grieve, possibly the number one traitor in Parliament.
    Total cunt and arsehole.

  6. I wonder if Krav knew this bandit when he was working at Conservative Central Office?

  7. What an embarrassment to the Tories, his constituents, not to mention his family. He looks like he was in an ITV sit-com from the 80s ad second string to Donal Sinden or some hoary old ham.
    Despicable cunt.

  8. Just one cunt in an ocean of cunts. 400 Leave constituencies. 400 Remain MPs and not just pro EU but actively overturning the referendum. If this was France the streets would be on fire.

  9. Letwind has nothing to lose as he is leaving parliament at the next GE. The local buffers are chosing his replacement on 28 September.

    He apparently wanted to retire a year or two ago but Hunchback’s surprise snap Election came too early so he had to stay on. Another unintended consequence of that disastrous election has thus effectively delayed Brexit further.

  10. The simpering little toad is a gold plated cunt for certain.
    I do hope it’s wife is being scuttled by an Iraqi servant who passes on some dreadful sand ailment which is in turn shared with aforementioned cunt.
    Get to fuck.

  11. When the cunt Letwin appears alarm bells ring like fuck. Consider the situation a few years back when it was reported that Letwin had been robbed in his own home in the middle of the night by two young men. Letwin claimed that the reason that these ‘young men’ were in his home at 3 am in the morning was that he had allowed them into his home at that fucking time in the morning as you fucking do, because they had knocked on his door to ask if they could use his bathroom. I kid you fucking not. Lets cut to the chase, we all know what was going fucking on here and this cunt treats us like fools. So, the cunt is clearly compromised to fuck. That he should be front and centre of the orchestrated campaign to stop us leaving the EU should surprise fucking no one.

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