Scottish Civil Judges

A little unprecedented, as I don’t really know who the biggest cunt is in all this and therefore can’t nail down the precise cunt I’m looking for……so we’ll go with, Scottish Civil Judges are cunts.

The news is that three Scottish judges have deemed the prorogation of parliament to be unlawful. Since when has making tactical political decisions been against the law?

Let’s break it down a bit.

Number one: Scottish judges may be a tad biased, be it that a lot of Scotland’s elite wish to remain within the EU. So it’s not surprising that they have found fault with the timing.

Number two: Remainer MPs immediately demanding that because three (obviously not biased) judges have come to the conclusion that this is against the law somehow, we must now reconvene parliament immediately. More hypocrisy. It’s pretty obvious Boris tactically chose this route to help with his mandate of leaving the EU, not too dissimilar to the tactic remainer MPs used to reject a general election. If we’re going to say parliamentary actions are illegal because the timing isn’t right, then fucking nothing that goes on in that shit house would be legal…I’m not sure it is anyway.

Finally, why have these judges not decided that it’s entirely unlawful to create laws based on selfish notions? The fucking Remainers are literally making laws up as they go to reverse the will of 17.4 million people. I’m surprised they haven’t passed a law that means their position as an MP can no longer be contested.

Boris has used one slightly bent tactic to try gain some leverage, yet Remainers have literally used every trick in the book, but yet they’re the ones who are outraged? Fuck off. Maybe this cunting should have been for Remainer MPs. But the lines are starting to be blurred.

I still think those three judges are cunts, they’re supposed to uphold the law, not make a mockery of it.

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  1. Been restricted with time today so……

    Remainers > Cunts
    Harriet Hag > Cunt
    Scottish remainer SNP EU Judge Cunts > Cunts

    May the fleas of a thousand festering camels infest their arses

  2. Point of order: it was not the prorogation, but the advice, that was unlawful ‘because’ it had the intention of stymieing debate. The court could not say the prorogation was unlawful without implying that the Royal assent was itself unlawful, and hence that HMtQ had broken the law. As I suggested before, whatever the advice or its legality, the Queen, who has constitutional and legal advice of her own, is constitutionally the only arbiter of whether to accept the advice or not. Precedent is that the monarch usually does accept, (but not quite always). But precedent is not law. For the issue of whether the advice was indeed illegal in any meaningful sense, this is worth a look:

    The rationale for the judgment is that by maximising parliamentary sitting time, or at least quashing a longer than usual prorogation, the Court vindicates democratic principle. This line of argument is politically contestable. It requires the Court to examine the legitimacy of the Government’s relationship with Parliament, which includes its use of the royal prerogative – something a court is not well-placed to evaluate.

    And again, most importantly of all, the Court does not have authority simply to enforce its own view about what good government consists of. The Court needs an established principle of law for adjudication according to law to be possible. Its invocation of grand constitutional principle reads, in summary form at least, like an admission that there were no legal grounds on which to justify its decision.

      • Isn’t it a ridiculous phrase “at Her Majesty’s Pleasure?”
        I shouldn’t think Her Majesty has been pleasured since Philip lost his libido in 1970.

    • Actually, by my reasoning, the unlawfulness or otherwise of the advice is irrelevant. The order for prorogation has been made legally, and the only person who can rescind it is the Queen – on the advice of the Prime Minister!

    • Democratic principle.

      Remoaner’s clearly don’t know or want to know the meaning of the words.

    • So what they’re trying to say without so much as saying it, is that Boris lied to the Queen? That he indeed gave her ‘unlawful’ advice?

      • How do we know Boris lied to her? Has the Queen been interviewed? Under oath?

        Fuck them.

      • I thought exactly the same thing myself Mr Creampuff.

        Remoaners haven’t got a fucking clue but of course that wouldn’t stop them making it up and the press publishing their lies.

      • “One has no comment.”
        She wont squeal, worried more about her son peeping through 3rd years dormitory windows.

  3. Have the Remainiac Alliance sunk so lwlow that they consider the giddy heights of the skirted Scottish Law Courts a victory? Psh.

    Probably out of their septuagenarian minds on Shortbread, deep-fried sheep’s guts, Japanese whiskey, and EU-licensed heroine.

    • get it right you cunt , its cuntbread , aberdeen sexdoll viscera , cowie-saki and other assorted regional cunteraphilia…oh and in the total 2faced cuntery of the SNP jacos…barefaced fuckwittery.

  4. Excellent post!!
    The remainer cunts has been hawking this rancid turd hunt into every court hoping that some idiotic judge/s would make the appropriate judgement, this diabolical action got fucked off in Ireland and short shrift over at the high court but (amazingly) these ScottIsh judges have seen it differently?
    The fucking hysteria after their ruling was laughable!! Out came “ outraged” swiftly followed by his old mate “ democracy “ same cunts bleating!!
    If you were in any doubt that politicians think the electorate are CUNTS look no further than fat boy slim Tom Watson who had the fantastic idea that we should have a referendum 2 before a GE? Yeh so even if leave won again your quisling cunts in the remain parliament could start fucking around with it again?
    Heads I win tails you lose …….
    Watson your are a 24 carat cunt!!

    And personally I don’t give a flying fuck about OPERATION TOFFEE HAMMER!!
    The document was drawn up by remain cunts and I ain’t buying Project fear mk6

  5. Those bods in the photo are not proper judges, otherwise they would be wearing those silly arse wigs. The one at the very back looks as though he’s got his dick caught in the coffee machine.

    • Perhaps they’ve decided to shun the cold-hearted image of yesteryear, (sentencing poor Toad of Toad Hall to years in prison for a speeding offence – Psh) and adopted a kinder, more gentle approach.

      Nonetheless, if the wig were to suit the ruling, they’d all be donning daft Eltons after this cretinous decision.

  6. Scotland has a separate legal system so how can the opinion of some blue arsed parasites hold any sway in England and Wales?
    Get the fuckers a referendum again and they can get tae fuck out of the Union. I am sure the EU would welcome another net beneficiary with a hard border and nae currency but the wee bawbee or the deal of smack.

    • Can I remind you again that the majority of Scots do not want to leave the Union. Stop playing Sturgeons game FFS!

      • Am beginning to think you might be a teeny-weeny bit xenophobic Francis. 😂

        Regards to Henry.

  7. It occurs to me that we could have a 17.4 million person class action against parliament for contempt of democracy. If remoaner cunts can do this why not the majority?

    • Unfortunately the desperation of Remoaners to stay in the EU appears to be far greater than the desperation of the Leavers to get out.

      But as you say Cuntstable, why not? The only thing I would say is that the judges making the decision are probably biased and rooting for Remain.

      • If judges can find Jeremy Thorpe not guilty of conspiring to kill Norman Scott, they’re capable of absolutely anything.

    • I said exactly this a year or so ago, I’m sure every sound thinking or aver would willingly chuck a couple of quid into a kitty for fees…we could call it The Anti-Cunt Kitty…

  8. Snatched by the moderators again!! 😡

    Nope, admittedly I did go for a shit, but there is nothing in any of the bins

  9. I notice the Jock cunts got this case into the courts at breakneck speed. Meanwhile we’re still waiting for the case of SNP remoaner Fatboy Salmond.
    Late January at the earliest was the last I heard.

      • Not judging anyone here before they have their day in court but a nice soft chubby arse will be welcome in D block.

      • Maybe salmond could be the guinea pig in a test to find out if it’s possible to get buggered to death in prison?

  10. I reckon this got to court quickly because these boring bastards just have to open their bullshitting gobs to try and sound important.
    Scared stiff of being ignored like the unimportant nonentities they are, they just have to make a stupid noise.
    Ok, you’ve said it, now just fuck off.

  11. The Scottish legal establishment are jackass cunts of the highest order. Only a few days before this perverse and fuckwitted judgement the same clown world system agreed with the cunt acting for a child murdering scumbag that his sentence was too severe and agreed to reduce it. These cunts are no longer fit for purpose. Welcome to Sturgeons clown world.

  12. They are the equivalent of a kangaroo court. Fuck off you Scottish funds, stick to preciding over your own country.

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