Harriet Harperson

There’s good news and bad news on the political front this week, cunters. The good news is that arch Remoaner John ‘Shortarse’ Bercow is to resign from the post of Speaker of the House of Commons. The bad news is that Harriet Harperson wants to be his successor.

The insufferable D-lister Harperson has been creeping around the corridors of power for decades, without, as far as I can see, ever achieving anything really significant or memorable. Indeed, the most memorable thing about her is that sour expression of perpetual disapproval which is pasted onto her lardy mug; that, and the condescending, sanctimonious cant she comes out with.

Arguably, Harperson’s most notable ‘achievements’ have come in her pursuit of gender equality and openness in government. Amongst other things, as Wimmins’ Minister in T. Bliar’s first government, she promoted winter fuel payments for the elderly. Oh, but the ‘gender equality’ warrior’s policy was found to breach EU discrimination laws, on the grounds that men had to wait five years longer than wimmin to receive the payment. Nice one.

Harperson has supported all wimmin shortlists for parliamentary elections, because ‘men can’t be left to run things on their own’. She also stated that the collapse of Lehman Brothers might not have happened if it had been ‘Lehman Sisters’. No bigotry or sexism on her part there either. She’s also expressed support for all-black shortlists. Yeah Harriet, we really need more MPs of the calibre of Fatchops Lammy, Flabbott the Hutt, Dawn Butler and Fiona Onasanya to represent us and ‘enrich’ the House. She’s in favour of open government apparently. Except when it comes to the matter of MPs’ expenses. In 2009, she proposed a rule change to exempt expenses from enquiries under the FoI Act, but the proposal was booted out. Later, it emerged that Harperson herself had, er, repaid ‘wrongly claimed’ expenses. Quelle surprise.

As a maker of law, Harperson has demonstrated a failure to lead by example, having clocked up a series of convictions for speeding, and for hitting another vehicle whilst using a mobile phone when driving. Do as I say, not as I do. I could go on. Support for Phony Tony’s war in Iraq. Disloyalty to Gordon Brown, reportedly referring to him as ‘useless’. Alleged association with the Paedophile Information Exchange (‘nothing to do with me Guv’). But I think you get my drift.

Bercunt has indeed set the bar low for his successor as Speaker, but I think that Harpy Harriet could still get under it very comfortably. Come on Harriet. Strike another blow for gender equality and show us that you could be just as lousy in the job as any man.

Nominated by Ron Knee

64 thoughts on “Harriet Harperson

  1. Oh fucking hell no, not this misansrist nonce-cheerleader. After reading the facts above on this hateful trout,I’ve a strong suspicion she could rival Owen Jones, Jess Phillips,Fat Lammy, Flabbott and Alibaba Turd in my “most hated cunts ever” list. What an utterly detestable cowbag.
    For some reason,i wasn’t sure if this old slag was dead or not,obviously I’m mixing her up with some other hateful Liebor cow who’s karked it.

    • Sir Nigel of Farage for speaker of the fucking cunts. I fucking despise every single one of the self serving quisling sacks of worse than fucking dog shit.

    • At the time she made the official submission, she was a senior figure in a civil liberties organisation that wanted the age of consent to be lowered to 14 and incest decriminalised. It also defended self-confessed paedophiles in the press and allowed them to attend its meetings.

  2. “Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.” – Harridan Harperson
    No one would trust her to babysit their kids, so why she’s even being considered for the job, I can’t even begin to understand. She actually makes Myra Hindley look like a nice person.

    • How long before P for paedo has been added to LGBT? It will happen – the perverse becomes the normal. They would love it as there would be no need to prosecute any more Peacefuls. It is to the shame of all of us in this country that we have let it happen, and they get no comeback.

      • She certainly played a part in aiding nonces with their quest for diddling kids when she was involved with the council for civil liberties though in all honesty methinks it was just grist to the Marxist mill, anything outrageous to fuck up the established order. If she believed nonces have a right to fiddle then fuck her and her ilk with a large hammer.

      • However, the quote remained in the document after she became legal officer, so she’s still bang to rights.

      • Thank you good sir I was overcome with emotion at the time of writing and for the sake of brevity overlooked the fact that Harperson did not become legal officer of the nccl till 1978. The Harperson should still have shredded the PIE filth and distanced her organisation and her self from the nonces. Therefore she is still a cunt of cunts

    • I’m really worried that my little granddaughter has gone on holiday this week to Portugal.
      Her mother has had offers to join the McCann baby sitting club at rates which included cheap drinks and a free pair of binoculars and a whistle.

      • The McCann’s get too much stick for callously leaving the kids alone. They had hired a babysitter, but then Louise Woodward went and cancelled on them last minute.

        As for Herr Harperson, the P.I.E. business is not so much a skeleton hanging in her closet as blowing freely on the washing line.

  3. Another has been who’s suddenly thought they were relevant again, just because their name was mentioned by Swinson. Harriet and Ken Clarke shouldn’t have been woken up, they now feel some sort of entitlement for hanging around on the gravy train for the longest.

  4. She’s most definately for all female shortlists.
    Oh, except that one her husband Jack Dromey was on ofcourse.
    A bit like Flabbott who wants to be rid of public schools, but its ok for her son to attend one.
    And there are still cunts who vote for these people.
    I just don’t get it.

    • For some reason, Labour MPs seem to get a free pass on matters of hypocrisy, dishonesty and decency. I suppose the BBC are not so interested in them – hopefully because they will be out of power for at least another five or six years.

      • Not just Labour MPs – the middle class are experts at it. They live in Islington, vote Labour, agree that public schools should be banned, but send their kids to them. They go on about “climate change”, but still fly to exotic countries, go skiiing and drive a large 4×4 – but it’s ok, coz they planted a tree (c.f. Harry Hewitt/Fat Reg saga). They voted Remain as they need the services of cheap East European labour. The MPs are just drawn from the same class. Who worries about the white working class now? They are on the side of immigrants, but fuck you whitey scum, you can get to the back of the queue.

      • Not a truer word said Lord C.
        Powerful stuff, totally agree.
        Problem is what are we going to do about it?
        Tories arent the answer, need a new political party not made up from public school boys and bandits.

  5. A dreadful, appalling creature, the perfect replacement for the arrogant, posturing remoaner Bercow. Nailed on if you ask me.

  6. Seriously. Don’t ever let her near a webcam a Nursery And Rolf Harris email address.
    Appalling degenerate bitch.

  7. The problem is that there is probably nobody who is eligible for the job who is impartial.

    Whilst it has been ok for Remoaners to accept and benefit from the bias and devious cunt Bercow they will kick and scream like a child who has had their sweets taken away if someone is appointed who is not on their side.

    The cunts will also argue that a Bercow was not and has never been a Remoaner.

    • I never realised until now how little power the Government has.
      It’s Parliament that runs the show.

      • It is the Civil Service which really manages and runs the country, paying token lip service to Parliament. Even bigger CUNTS than the SUPERCUNTS in the Palace of Westminster, if that is possible.

  8. Afternoon all.
    I could cunt on for ages on the subject of the smug busybody that is Haggard Harperson, but I felt that I had to contain this nom. to a reasonable length. It’s worth adding of course that Haggard is an arch Remoaner; one who it was suggested might lead a ‘government of national unity’ along with Ken ‘Hush Puppies’ Clarke to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
    The creature has always been a third rate , smug, arch, sanctimonious, misandrist hypocrite. She’s now also an enemy of all the millions who voted Leave.
    What a cunt.

  9. In the picture she looks like a young Theresa May without the eyebags and Quasimodo hump. Heaven help us.

    • She looks like a 1960’s school teacher with a strong smell of musk seeping from the toilet area.

  10. Not a lot wrong with the Deputy Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle as far as I can see. When he’s stood in for Berkowitz (the cunt’s real name) he seemed to be taking the job seriously and not to be obsessed with his own self-awarded importance. He’s Labour, of course, but good at impartiality.

    Hormone’s plugging the ‘time for another wimminz’ line, but she isn’t a tenth of the parliamentarian Betty Boothroyd was. Also ‘ time for a change’. Will we get it from a creeping Blairite? Will we fuck.

    • Lindsay Hoyle is my MP.

      I’ve never met him but I know people who have and one or two who sort of know him, he’s held in very high regard locally and I’ve never heard a bad word spoken towards him.

      A rare example of what a parliamentarian should be and sadly the last of a dying breed.

    • Seconded. Hoyle would be the right choice.

      But being reasonably impartial, with a modicüm of common sense, and the crime of being MALE, he’ll likely be out-voted by Labour /LibDumb /SNP cunts.

  11. The fact that she made it onto the wall some time ago says it all.

    I was thinking to myself that i couldn’t think of anyone less suitable as Speaker – then I thought “Don’t be a cunt”
    Grieve, Soubry, Rudd, May, Swinson, Lammy, Abbott, Letwin, Cable…….

    The list is fucking endless. The real problem is finding one that IS suitable…

    • Fucking hell Dio, Lammy as Speaker! Nobody else would ever get a word in. Mind you, his sense of self entitlement is such that he’d probably think it nothing more than his due.

  12. BBC News : “Home office minister Kwasi Kwarteng claims judges are biased”

    I am staggered……

    That there is a home office minister called Kwasi Kwarteng

    • Kwasi’s a good man Fenton. Relatively speaking. That said, he did fuck Amber Dudd. Not sure what that says about his character…

      • Agree Tufty.
        Whenever I’ve seen Kwasi being interviewed he comes across as a very decent man.

      • I like KK.
        I wonder if his middle name is Kenneth.
        Three appropriate initials…

        As for Amber Dudd, wasn’t she married to AA Gill ?
        She was probably fucked by Larry the Cat, too.

      • He’s extremely smart. I can’t believe his parents came from Ghana, (or that he is not distantly related to the Kardashians, with a name like that). The exception that proves the rule.

  13. “Harperson has supported all wimmin shortlists for parliamentary elections”
    This is a blatant untruth. In particular she opposed the labour policy of all wimmin shortlists for safe seats in 2010, helping ensure an open-to-all selection was made in Birmingham Erdington.

    And the party selected some bloke called Jack Dromey even though he lives in south london with some women called Harriet.

  14. I wonder if that Harriet person when she takes over, she’ll mimic Bercow’s “Orrrrrrrrrrrrderrrrr!”

    • I can explain the rare smile. This was the day she heard a property developer looking at the HoC and HoL and said “I want to pull them down”, she misunderstood his meaning and thought her luck had changed.

      • Or even the thought of Harridan Harperson pulling her knickers down…
        Her labia must be like the safety curtain at the Curzon fleapit.

  15. Isn’t this the person who whined on about how great state schools were before promptly sending her children to a private boarding school?

  16. The Telegraph, requoting the Daily Mail, says that Harriet Harpy is on record saying: “a pornographic picture of a naked child should not be considered indecent unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered. ”

    Well it could possibly all have been a smear campaign but what would have been the motivation to smear this non-entity?

    I personally can’t trust a woman who’s had the same bowl hairdo since 1979. If she becomes Speaker this country should go into national mourning.

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