Racism Claims

An immigrant woman has complained of racism after her son was found dead in a Welsh river:-

The mother of a 13-year-old boy whose body was found in a river has complained about how South Wales Police handled his death.

‘A discrimination complaint against the force has been lodged by anti-racism charity The Monitoring Group on behalf of Christopher Kapessa’s mother, Alina Joseph.

Christopher’s body was found in a river in Fernhill, Mountain Ash, on 1 July.’

What did these racist Welsh bastards do? Well, they issued a statement saying that the death looked like an unfortunate accident. The cunts.
However, I see compensation setting in. The house, benefits , NHS etc provided to this family is obviously insufficient. GoFundMe has only raised a paltry few grand.

The Monitoring Group are a charity that sees racism everywhere, particularly Brexit related. It is of course invariably whitey’s fault as all others are incapable of racism.

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72 thoughts on “Racism Claims

  1. The more publicity that nonsense like this gets, the better. As more and more people will get pissed off with the total fuckwittery of it all.
    Here’s hoping a lot more fall into rivers, ponds and streams, or go for a cooling dip.
    Get To Fuck.

    • Soon to be released in a press statement by david lammy ^although its bollocks and no of course police in uk or anywhere else in the worlf arent racist are they.

    • David lammy due to release a press statement soon of how he knew the deceased and attended many albeit ficticious events with said child .(note its all bullshit folks and its bad for ya).

  2. It pays to stand up against these twats.

    An Asian flatmate at college claimed i said something racist when i mentioned the dispute between Indians and the Pakistanis over Kashmir.

    I immediately told him ‘no, it’s not’.

    He didnt seem to want to continue.

  3. Suppose the chance of payouts is much reduced if the incident was deemed an unfortunate accident. Thank the lord that the poor kid was of an ethnic persuasion at least the grieving family have a solid gold platinum inlay enhanced with diamonds reason to play the card of cunts. As an aside an investigation into the monitoring group charity lol should be launched by the useless twats in the charity commission. The legal aid saga will run and run.

  4. Its been mentioned on here before according to extensive research by Professor de Pfeffel Foxhunter-Fiddler that the dark keys (sorry, Quivering Quim) struggle in the water.

  5. Went into a butchers in Wales recently, nobody was in the shop serving, so I called out for some assistance.
    A voice came from the back of the shop, “I’ll be with you in a second, I’m just boning a lamb.”

    I said “Don’t you cunts ever stop?”

  6. There’s fuck all unfortunate about this accident.
    One less gimmegrant to worry about.

      • Well it’s all starting to become clear now, fuck the British over in any and all possible ways for an easy life outside Umbongoland.
        I’ll bet this woman has already forgotten the cunts name and is whooping with joy at the thought of the compo.
        Perhaps she should use some of it to give the remaining members of her tribe swimming lessons.

  7. I’m sure there will be a day of Reckoning because this can’t go on. People can’t say what they think and they get accused of racism. Most of the cunts pointing the finger are whitey shite. What went wrong.?

    • ‘Education’ (aka lefty brainwashing). It started in 1945 and well under way by the time I found myself in higher education during the early 1970s. Turbocharged after 1997 by Blair and New Labour.

      Indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination…

      • Old “Miranda” Blair should have stuck to what he was good at- cottaging and cross-dressing- and left politics to those with a pair of testicles.

      • PS: I actually believe in 1945 it was initiated with good intent… to build a better, fairer society following the horrors of the two World wars. But as we now know, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

      • That’s an interesting perspective. I always thought it started in 1997. I never took the post-war thing into account.

      • I used to think that. Now I wonder how much was contrived prior to the war. Take this Coudenhov Kallergy chappie for example. Mmmmm.

      • To be fair Blair was good at other things such as lying to Parliament, taking us to war based on a false pretext and covering up the death of David Kelly by ensuring there would be no sudden death inquiry.

  8. What pisses me off more than these umbongos claiming racist at every opportunity is the silly snowflake cunts who encourage and facilitate the fuckers.

    You can bet this mother of six (formerly seven) has been a pain in the fucking arse all her life


  9. I broke the top of my fingernail off the other day which evidently wouldn’t have happened if this country had voted to continue paying billions to swallow EU man-porridge and accept endless Iron Curtains. I want compensation.

    It doesn’t matter how I did it but it involved standing on the Kent coast, big rocks, and boatloads of sun-tanned Olympians being taxied in by our benevolent patrol forces.

    I’m changing my name to Captain Magnan-ooga’Dooga and expect a few £million.

  10. Priti Patel on the news about ‘Sop and Search’ powers and tougher sentencing – she is ‘Law and Order’ porn. Flabbott of course mouth off that “Random stops have only poisoned police community relations”, Christ, the fat chiggun stuffing warthog never takes a day off.

      • They never take a day off LL. So right. Wait for this one -(one for Mr Boggs as well)-

        ‘The Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has thrown down the gauntlet to 10 high-profile female politicians over blocking a no-deal Brexit, proposing a cabinet of national unity including Labour’s Emily Thornberry, the Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, and the former Conservative cabinet minister Justine Greening to seek legislation for a fresh referendum.’

        Maybe the Russel-Moyle fella will throw down the gauntlet to LBGT politicians to form a cabinet.

        Politics is becoming more ludicrous by the day. The country is becoming ungovernable.

      • Should have said the United Kingom is becoming ungovernable. The Conservative ruling party have within its ranks many who would vote their government down. The opposition chancellor almost called for a coup d’etat the other day. Scotland and Wales are ready to secede from the Union. Devovled government in NI is broken beyong repair.

      • Apparently, HM Queen is dismayed by politicians lack of ability to do…anything.

        C’mon Phil, get the cricket bat out. Go man, go !!

        Whack a wigger !

      • A term only used for rap tho .how that going to solve s problem
        dont u know god black now .

      • The Lucas bitch has already said she wouldnt accept the result of a second referendum if leave won again, what she really wants is to a referendum with only one choice.


    • Flabbot has been Shadow Home Secretary for nine years. She is adept at criticising government policy and ideas yet never offers a realistic alternative; the true sign of someone who is fucking useless.

  11. When I say no need to an Um Bongo and they immediately claim waaaayyyycccciiiissssmmm I reply: You are black? Well I never! Who would gave guessed it. T A cure will be found one day.

    Black as Newgate’s knocker some of these spear chuckers.

    The prisons are full of them ( I was in one yesterday). As soon as I said no to one he accused me of being racist.

    Thieving big lipped robbing Kaffir.

  12. Black is not a race.

    Black culture is wholly degenerate. They rob,rape,steal and cheat. Let alone lie like a cheap rug from Argos.

    Build more prisons, stop letting them out early, deport ALL foreign criminals NOW, blanket stop and search

      • Hahaha someones been very anti black lately, krav use to boast of snogging and screwing black men What changed krav did you offer to suck off some random black bloke and get punched out flat on your arse?

        Black not a race thats news to me well is African a race how about Palestinians are they a race krav?

  13. Lammy, Flabbot, Khan, Fiona OnasafetyBelt, and all the rest can have a great big game of Whist using Race Cards, the fucking clichéd bunch of turd sandwiches.

    • I think it’s about time to start yelling ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ back at these cunts as loudly as we possibly can. Two can play at that cat calling game, and it ‘ll at least confound the supercilious wankstains. People have been put on the backfoot by this dismal tactic for too long. So I’ll start;
      ‘ You’re rumbled Lammy, you race-baiting areshole. Fuck. Right. Off’.

  14. I remember at the time of the riots at Yarlswood, and the attacks on both the centre and the staff. A certain cunt of the African persuasion ( being a central character in the riots ) inciting the rape of the white “pieces of shit” the “beheading of all white cunts ” and the subsequent abuse of cornered staff in the burning building. No charges were ever made against the individual. At Oakington, the body of a christian ( deceased, triggering riots ) was taken and held for 3 days by Muslims , and again , none charged. Racism exists, in all colours and cultures. And if we are to have race laws, they need to be applied universally, not simply to be used as a tool to subjugate those who are white .

  15. Have worked in IRC’s as well.Empty the contents onto an A380 and drop over Somalia.

      • Eh? Ok.

        Like Ivor the Engine Driver, you are forgiven.

        How’s your parrot Btw? Am guessing it’s probably an ex-parrot by now…

      • Eh? parrot? You’ve lost me. Please explain.
        🦉 This is the fuckin’ problem with emojis. I can’t find a fuckin parrot. Will an owl do?

      • I refer you to Seymour Gusset’s post at 7.12pm on the Emojis nom, near the bottom.

      • Thanks RTC, I switched to the other channel. My original reply to you was moderated. That’s about 4 times in the last few days. Do you think it’s to do with my name change? Has someone got it in for me?

      • As I understand it, you only get moderated the first time after you change your name.

      • Thank you RTC. I switched to the other channel and now I’m in the know. Too many bloody channels on this site. Still at least they’re all free!

    • I note that every single member of this fascist, unelected “government of national unity” just happens to be white.
      I know this Lucas bitch isn’t right in the head but she didn’t think she was going to get away with that did she?

      • She’s a massive libtard so it will be conveniently overlooked. Although as the Flabbott or Lardbutt weren’t invited I think it’s David’s duty to point out the blatant raaaay-sism.

    • ‘ All female cabinet bean flicking extravaganza video hacked and leaked on X Hamster, read all abaaaaaht it ! ‘
      Settle down now !

  16. Parking Stanleys are accusing Modi and India of ethnically cleansing Kashmir.
    Too right. What’s it like being on the other end?

    • When they are segregating the animals its, “Ok we’ll have the cows, you can keeps the goats”.

    • The sooner Parkingstan is ethnically cleansed the better, and Bradford.
      Get To Fuck.

    • Why don’t they go over there and fight for their people then?
      Oh no, nobody to scrounge off, no under age girls to shag.

      Here’s an idea! Why don’t we bring all the Kashmiris over here and keep them nice and safe?
      Move over Gary Taxdodger, i’m the King of the Libtards now.

      • Not at all Miles. We’ll always be mates!
        *****************EMOJI WARNING***************

  17. Dark Keys are all stabby cunts. As long as they’re stabbing each other… it’s the wannabe dark key council estate filth that are the worst

    • Shooty cunts too just be thankful blighty isn’t America daily drive bys are fairly common especially in Chicago, New Orleans , and Baltimore

  18. Don’t worry, Boris has come out with this soundbite…….”it’s the criminals that should be afraid not the people.” He’s going to increase sentences and build more prisons.
    Big man. Big words. Never mind that he has a majority of ONE and is head of a party that is riddled with libtard traitors from top to bottom.
    Add to that his track record of lying and bullshitting and I don’t think i’ll be cracking open any champagne just yet.
    We are fucked.

    • I’m surprised at you Fred. That’s not too far away from calling our Prime Minister a disreputable duplicitous dog turd.

    • He is, at long last, doing the right things and making the noises appropriate to negotiating with the EU and its proven stonewall -and – delay tactics. I’d say by playing it down to the line, he’ll get some sort of a deal – not a good one, but one which allows him to claim success. It would be sufficient to get rid of the backstop, in PR terms. Then, with liberal lashings of pizazz, he’ll go to the country. It will be a damn close-run thing, but he’s out of alternatives, bar putting out a contract on some Remainer MP’s in Leave constituencies and forcing by-elections.
      I do not trust Johnson. But given that his prime objective is to come out of this smelling of roses, I trust his self-interest. I have not quite lost hope.

  19. Now apparently this brat was an uncontrolled little cunt who was always a problem, and decided to go to the river due to not listening to his parents or anyone else, lots of people drown this way, it’s not racist it’s just natural selection sorting out the kids \ adults that won’t listen to reason, now what’s racist about that, I’m sick of all the ethnic groups crying about racsm as soon as they don’t get what they want, same as the homms and the rug muchers, fuck them all, if the thin blue line wasn’t so thin the could put a hundred coppers onto this rather than chasing terrorists, amazingly enough who half from the same place, now I’m not resist but fuck me doesn’t anyone else see a pattern forming here

  20. The cunt who ran over a police officer with a stolen police car belongs to the religion of peace……

    Well I never.

  21. The ‘Monitoring’ Group? Jesus the left gets more brazenly sinister (as the Latin befits) every day. Over here we have Marxist McDonnell and his shit and across the pond we have the Squabs, sorry Squad. At least they’ve lost their shit and aren’t trying to coat it with a veneer anymore.

    As for this story, Mountain Ash like all South Wales valleys with nothing to do has massive problems with teenagers and drugs, County Lines gangs and what not. Obviously I don’t want to be cunty to a mother losing their child, but in many cases that is unfortunately the harsh reality.

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