-‘Hi! Not sure I can make it tonight ?! So much work?. Have a good one??!”
-‘Thank you for your feedback!????’
-‘My dad died today?’

What the fuck, cunts?
For some insane reason, the world has become a vast nursery where, instead of using the alphabet, people apply retarded yellow faces to express anything from joy to lust ?. Defined as the ‘new digital form of communication’, apparently we should all now celebrate the 17th of july not as the glorious Battle of Castillon but as the world emoji day (https://worldemojiday.com/). Utterly braindead.
Maybe the usual ISaC reader will not have suffered too much from this growing plague, but for some interacting with ‘millenials’, every day has become a maze of cuntishness splattered with ?, ? and ??. A joke now necessarily needs to be accompanied by five laugh-cry faces and work emails look like a five-year old has been playing with an overpriced phone. How about mustering the energy to write decent sentences, tap into the centuries of literary refinement and let your sense of humour ooze from your dry prose?
Also, apparently John McWhorter, a linguist who teaches at Columbia University, said that some men shy away from emojis because, as he put it, “Women use them more.”

Well let’s keep it that way, because EMOJIS ARE CUNTS ???! !

Nominated by MademoiselleG

38 thoughts on “Emojis

  1. ‘Some men shy away from emojis because “women use them more” ‘. What is he, Professor of Logic, then?
    Good cunting M’lle; these annoying little pricks are just one of the many irritants associated with the internet and ‘social media’.

  2. I notice Mademoiselle Gazelle that you seem very well versed in the use of emojis. Methinks you are a user of the very same and this nom. is no more than a warning to men to lay off your space.

  3. It really annoys me when you just want to use a basic emoticon and the site changes it to a fucking emoji when you post.

  4. ‘Some men shy away from emojis because “women use them more” ‘. I think that will also apply to vibrators, tampons and mouths. I don’t like emojis, don’t know how to find them and never intend to find out. Emojiists? Bunch of cunts.

  5. Off piste…

    Britain is planning 50p coins to mark the UK leaving the Fourth Reich. The commemorative coins will be issued when the UK leaves the European Union later this year. Hmm.

    The new coins will carry the same design, bearing the words “peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations” but will be updated with the new departure date.

    I think “Auf Wiedersehen you cunts” would be more appropriate.

    • Cue outraged, attention seeking, remoaner libtards refusing to accept it in change. Perhaps they could donate them to some Save the Fucking Refugees organisation or some other virtue signalling cause?
      That’s assuming the whole thing actually happens in the first place…….which I don’t fucking believe.

      • CF, that one sounds like a commemoration for Hunchback’s reign of immobility. Nonetheless, it’s a good sign (if the coins are made).

        Freddie, whatever you do, don’t look up the postponed film called The Hunt. You might go into Libtard apoplexy.

    • They should have Hitler and Merkel on it, with the phrase ‘One Fuhrer Down, One To Go’…..

    • Arbecht mech friet! (What hung above the auscwhitz .more appropiate .work will set u free .yeah right lying bastards the EU.

  6. If we’re reverting back to hieroglyphs like the ancient Egyptians used, why not go the whole hog and run our country the way they did? Maybe they did it better than we do. For instance they imported citizens from other countries and made them do all the shit jobs and didn’t pay them anything. Sounds alright to me.

  7. I agree that women tend to use emojis far more often . Some posts or texts from the fairer sex remind me of a screenshot of that old game Lemmings.

    Ive always been a bit reticent to use them as it seems a bit of a childish flourish. If i do see a man over 25 sending messages littered with little yellow faces and ghettospeak, memespeak or other shite slang (totes amazeballs, lolcat crap, doggo-lingo etc , all deserving of a cunting) i begin to think ‘are you a complete cunt?’

  8. I’m involved in a Whatsapp group where use of these symbols is quite ubiquitous, but at least my sparky classmates are still very good at English.
    The only one I ever use is the W.C; quite a useful “catch-all.” Especially as the brown heap of turd is not on my phone…

  9. I’ve been messaging a bird lately that uses a lot of emojis and it’s started to “rub off” on me.
    I don’t mind using emojis …. it has ’em frothing at the gash.
    …or maybe it’s just my rugged manliness that does it and the emojis just make me look like a cunt.
    Oh and I did quite like my reply to a leftist that called me a dickhead on you tube when I critisized the cretinous unemployed twats protesting Boris:


    Emojis are cunts and so is anyone that uses them…. guilty as charged! 😂🤣

    • Weird. It didn’t come out the same on here… stupid fucking technology!
      Fuck emojis!

  10. Emojis ? – Must be a mobile ‘phone thing. I post all my uninformed gobshite on IsAC from this-here steam-powered PC, which has no option for such visual aids to the potentially uncomprehending.

    I’m happy to rely on a degree of intelligence in my fellow cunters

  11. Nah! I’m not buying this nom. It’s a spoof. I’ve had another look at this nom and the use of emojis is quite exceptional. Whoever wrote this, uses emojis in all their texts and is an emoji junkie.

    • Did you ever see “Bertie Blunt – His Parrot’s A Cunt” in Viz, Blunters ?

      Evening btw

      • Evening RTC – I submitted an artwork to Viz years ago, which was turned down because it was similar to Bertie Blunt etc. No offence to our Blunters !

      • Good evening Seymour. I’d not even heard of him. I thought my name choice was unique but I guess I’ll have to go back to the drawing board!
        However, he doesn’t look like an Ubercunt. You have to be a cunt above others for this status!

      • Viz also had Jellyhead.
        “Born with lime jelly instead of a brain”

        She looked remarkably like Teresa May…

      • As The Bare Naked Ladies said – “It’s All Been Done”. That said, I liked the chord progression in their song and blatantly misappropriated it for one of my own !

        Still no emojis though – This computer resolutely refuses to do owt contemporary.

      • There still isn’t a fuckin’ parrot there. I’d even settle for a dead one!

      • Cheers RTC. Had a butcher’s at that page – Fuck me, it’s way quicker to type out what you need to say than to trawl through that lot ! 🖕🏻

      • Do you know, you’ve given me a great idea. I’ve been thinking of personalising my avatar and I think I might go for his image!

  12. I must admit to using these and gifs too, but I’m not one of those planks that fills whole messages with emojis. I only use 1 or 2 at most in a message. Sometimes I feel like they do the job without me having to type loads.

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