Katy Cox and Alfie Howard-Hughes

A nomination for Alfie Howard-Hughes and his twat of a mother.

I read about him in The Times today – he has hair all the way down his back and has been told that he must get it cut if he wants to enter Colchester Royal Grammar School. His mother has said that if necessary, he will wear it in a plait, a bun or a hairnet, because he ‘absolutely does not want it cut.’

Alfie has said it is “a part of him”, and is determined to turn up on his first day of school with his hair still intact.

“It’s never been a thing in my mind.. it has always been there. My hair is a part of me. I don’t just want to do it so I can keep my hair but I want to do it for other boys who have long hair.”

His mum, Katy Cox, 33, has called the policy “ridiculous” and accused the school of making “carbon copies” of the children.
She said: “Rules keep our children safe and that’s important but some rules need to be challenged otherwise we would be living in a cave.

His mum added: “I think I remember watching other children screaming when they had their hair cut and I thought I would never do that to my child. I wanted to leave it up to him when and if he wanted his hair cut and that never came.
“It’s not my hair it’s his hair, it’s part of who he is.” etc etc etc….

Well fuck off, the school dress and appearance code is set and if you don’t like it, then he can go to the local comprehensive and probably get the crap kicked out of him for looking like a twat. His parents will probably take legal action for breach of the spoilt little bastard’s yoooman rights, and sadly, will no doubt win.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

97 thoughts on “Katy Cox and Alfie Howard-Hughes

  1. Good idea leaving his hair long,it’ll make it easier for the school bullies to drag the little Cunt along to the shithouse before ramming his smug little head down the pan…hopefully the previous user won’t have flushed.

    • World’s gone mad if they don’t think what Dick De P has said won’t happen, little cunt will get battered and he won’t be so smug about his long locks, I did have to double take when they said it was a boy, obviously they feed him soy…

  2. This little weirdo is a girl surely? I think he/she should be sex tested before admission as apparently they only take girls from sixth form on. We’ve really come to that point where prospective parents need to be interviewed before they’re granted a COBRA – Certificate of Birth Requirements Approval.

  3. If I were the Head of that school there’s no way i’d let that entitled little cunt through the door even if he got his hair cut tomorrow. He is going to be nothing but trouble or, more precisely, his fucking overbearing, pushy up her own arse mother is.
    You just know she spends hours every day on Facefuck telling everyone about her obnoxious poofy little brat and how bright and clever he is. She’ll be on the fucking phone to that school every day moaning and whining about something.
    The best thing that could happen to that kid is if his old man grew a pair of bollocks and told the bitch to shut the fuck up.

    • His old man in the picture already looks like a quinoa snaffling pussy whipped neckbeard arsehole.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head there Freddie.
      Give in to their demands now and that will just be the start of whinging and wailing about rights being abused every time someone tries to instil some discipline into the spoilt brat.
      Spare the rod and spoil the child. You shouldn’t make a rod for your own back.

  4. Amazed he was accepted as know for a fact that the vast majority of places available are usually taken by Indians, Muslims and the Chinese who have very pushy parents.

    Regarding this particular case the school sets the rules, and either he has his hair cut or he doesn’t go there.

    Would go with Dicks idea but the many pupils I have met are all far too polite or too busy studying to have any spare time for bullying.

    Or the brat could always pretend to be one of those gender fluid freaks? That might get him in.

    • * too busy studying to have any spare time for bullying*……

      that’s half the trouble,Willie. In my day we damn well made the time to deal with this sort…don’t remember politeness troubling us too much either,if I’m honest.
      🙂 .

    • You got me thinking WS, you very rarely if ever hear of any Chinese, Muslim or Indian kids at school messing about over gender identity, school uniform rules and the like.

  5. I suspect that little Alfie has a bright future in front of him – as the Owen Jones, Alan Carr, Russell Lloyd-Moyle, Ben Bradshaw or Lord Adonis of 2035, if you get my meaning duckies……

  6. The mum looks like one of ‘those’ types who makes pudding with her tit milk and bread from her crotch yeast.

    Dirty hippy cunt.

  7. If I had said that back in the day I would have been belted. And then taken to Don Swallow, for a trim.
    Which actually meant being scalped, didn’t do me any harm, don’t know if that’s his dad with him, but he looks a cunt too.

  8. The little fucker looks like a girl, maybe if he dressed like a girl no one bat an eyelid.

    If he was Sikh he would have it in a turban…. easy all he has to do is apply a little boot polish and goodness gracious me!

    Mummy is a cunt for not sorting the little twat out years ago!

  9. Ok, a precocious little cunt to be sure, here comes the but…….but I’m on the kids side. Schools are drone factories, they are designed to crush individuality and prepare people to be part of the machine.

    This kid wants his hair long but the system won’t wear it. If the little cunt was claiming he was gender neutral or a girl in a boys body the school would have a prolapse in its rush to accommodate him. Coming from the angle that he’s a boy that wants to wear his hair long and the system reverts to type and demands any small facet of individuality from his tiny mind.

    He may be a little cunt and his parents may be cunts, that ain’t the question here, the fact is the system is applying gender stereo types and it’s acceptable because the target is as far as we know a hetro white male and yes I have seen schools sanction black kids for dreads.

    So if we are going to allow kids to decide they are trans and embrace boys arriving in school with long hair and a dress the system then can’t turn round and say if you’re not LBGT+- or whatever get your fucking haircut.

    Let’s be really diverse, let’s really embrace the minority of the individual. Not a fucking chance, the system doesn’t want individuals, it wants and needs drones. It is blatant discrimination and exposes the systems deep seated hate of the individual.

    Given that the fact the system embraces trans rights for kids you have to ask yourself why when it’s hell bent in deterring the rest of the population from showing any sign of individuality or from indulging in critical thinking.

    It has to be pure madness or pure badness.

    • I agree with Sixdog here, I remember when I was in my teens how important it was for me to have my hair the way I wanted it, not how others wanted it. And that was as long as possible. Why this worries so many people I don’t know, it’s only hair. If girls can have it long or short, why can’t boys have the same choice?
      And like other cunters have suggested, he could always tell them he’s a sikh, they wouldn’t dare say anything,

      • Lotta grown men upset over a little kids hair!
        You do what you want kid, stick to your guns, if someone told me to cut my hair (bald now:() id tell them to get fucked and grow it longer!
        Any bullys start up get them when on their own and smack fuck out of them with a rock, soon nip it in bud!
        Do look a little puff though…..

      • #MeToo Alan.

        Had I not been compelled to spend nearly every waking hour avoiding having my hair cut in the mid to late 1960s, I might have left school with more than one fucking O level.


      • Like how you casually slipped in fact you had a O level Rtc,
        Im trying to find a way to mention ive got. 25metres certificate and a badge for shotputting and thats what I left school with!
        Fuck off Menza, told you no!!!

      • Ha,ha as many as one!
        You’ve obviously put your shoulder to the wheel since then RTC as you’re virtually fluent in English!

      • I’m in complete agreement MNC. The reason we’ve got so many snowflakes and libtards coming through the system is because of all this pandering to individuals. Let’s get back to uniformity where you either tow the line or you can fuck off. Only then can we get back to the great nation we once were. If the parents don’t agree to this then the only alternative is for the state to take these children away and place them in correctional centres. I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

      • PS I have to laugh at all these follicly challenged old men protesting for the right to wear ones hair long.

      • Admin! Bertie Blunts trying to get me into trouble again!
        Reprimand him immediately!

      • Vote for Corbyn, you’ll get your grey uniform world, that’s the very definition of a socialist utopia.

        Don’t you get fucked off with being told what to do all the time? We can’t fart these days without applying for a permit, god forbid you need to beg for planning permission to add a modest extension.

        I’m all for the basic laws that are driven by common sense and consensus but iI’ll be fucked if I’ll ever lay down and accept bullshit simply because it’s the rule.

        Blind acceptance is a sign of stupid fools who stand in line.

      • Sorry RTC, you forgot I was off school the day we covered telling the time. I know nahfink about the 24 hour clock.

      • I do indeed get sick of being told what to do,but accept that sometimes the collective comes before the individual. We’d all like to be able to do just what suits us but,particularly in the case of children,we need to accept that rules,liked or not,will always be necessary,

        Even the “planning permission for a modest extension”…if the modest extension that your neighbour built blocked out your light,say…wouldn’t you think that there should be a law against unregulated building work?

      • If the kid goes to school, studies hard and isn’t a pain in there arse what does his hair have to do with it?

        A school needs a degree of control over what kids DO on the premises, a schools remit shouldn’t extend to how a kid wears their hair, that’s extending the power of a school to the kids home life.

        As for planning permission, when it suits them to grant planning permission to new housing estates where being overlooked is par for the course they do, but then protect the rights of privacy to some middle class NIMBY in the next breath, that’s grade A bullshit.

        Rules are for the discretion of the wise and the obedience of fools.

      • Ruff Tuff at 7.03
        I like Priti, quite a looker – a sort of Megan Markle upgrade.
        Did you know she named her son Freddie?
        Apparently she’s a frequent visitor to this site and was so impressed with Freddie the Frogs comments, she decided on this name.

      • Dick and Sixdog that is.

        Bertie @ 7.03pm – that would not surprise me in the least!

      • Possibly more about the application of rules and laws,eh? Common sense does seem to go out of the window sometimes,and they use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

      • Im completely lost, Rtc giving times out, fiddler going on about bleeding planning permission, priti patel, Blunty misquoting me, and im watching countryfile!

    • I agree. When I went to school back in the 70’s I had long hair, it wasn’t a problem. Even at a boys Grammar, where uniform was strictly enforced, my shoulder-length hair was never even mentioned. If he goes, the little bastard will have problems with other kids but that is the parents’ problem, even though they will blame the school, that’s the sort of cunt they are.

    • See your point about the tranny/Sikh thing, but if he doesn’t like the rules,he doesn’t have to go there. I can’t see why the school should be dictated to by a pupil.
      You’re right about schools turning out robots and ,unfortunately,it is unlikely to change. Children,like everyone else,need to learn that the tail does not wag the dog (unless you’re a minority,of course). However much it irks me to say it, *Rules is rules* and if he feels unable to abide with them,he should find somewhere more acceptable to his tastes.

      • Who cares if the pupil likes the rules or not? The parents are the cunts here. They should either cut the brat’s hair or fuck off somewhere else.

      • Let’s hope if the school insists on academic gowns, mummy doesn’t object to that too. In that case it would be hair today, gown tomorrow.

        Goodnight, I’ll fuck off now.

    • The system seems to want lot of boys with periods right now and gimme grants wearing letter boxes.

  10. If this entitled little turd had been a pupil and my old school,I’m guessing he would have been given the usual welcoming of being locked in one of the grid-iron rubbish bins in the playground and spit and snot lobbed all over the cunt. And I’m guessing there would have been a high amont of used chewing gum deposited in his poofy Barnet.

    • To appease the school, and as a compromise he should wear it in a massive beehive a la Amy Winehouse!
      Then everyones happy👍

      • #Well sometimes I go out by myself
        And I look across the water
        And I think of all the things, what you’re doing
        And in my head I paint a picture… #

    • Exact same happened to a future Eastenders “star” who went to my school. He was founs skipping hand-in-hand with his mate singing “we’re going to stage school”. Whenever I see him on Eastenders, I see that little, pleading face as he gets pummeled and shoved in the cage by the big boys.

      • I’d love to know who this is, Lord C. Mrs Boggs has almost encyclopaediac knowledge of this awful programme. If you could give us one or both initials she will probably know. I always tell her they are not actors they are just playing themselves.

      • Mrs. Boggs says it could be but she suspects it isn’t. She won’t tell me who she thinks it is because she likes him. Wimmin..

  11. How come she’s got a different name to the brat? Is she one of those wimminz who keep their maiden name because they want to “keep their independence ?“ Or has the father already given her the elbow and fucked off?
    Either way she’s a cunt.

    • I suspect that they’re not married hence their bastard of a son. All 3 of them are cunts in my book.

  12. When you’re a child you should do as you are told cos you don’t know shit, when he’s an adult he can do what he fecking likes. Blighty is going down the shitter cos of cunts like this bratt and his drop titted old brood mare of a mother and their bucking of the rules that have long kept us civilised and respectable, twats of the first water and cunts to a man.

  13. Looking in the crystal ball much woe for the young man is indicated. Unless he has 89th dan in some horribly effective martial art he will be the obvious target for any self respecting bully in or out of school. As the Hon. Mr Fiddler observed earlier, toilet bowl inspections will keep him busy then he can look forward to nettle whipping season. Hanks of his luxurious locks will be hacked off in every art class. Woe to him who will not cut the hair. A Japanese proverb comes to mind “The nail that stands up is hammered down”. If you make yourself stand out in todays society you better make damm sure you have the wherewithal to deal with the shit that will be coming your way. A choice of cut hair or drowning in a shitty toilet unless you have a mental problem or overly pushy mother, hair cut every time.

  14. 😁😆😃😂 Just heard that Sourberries’ mob (whatever they call themselves this week) scored 0% in an opinion poll.
    I’m no great believer in these poll results but that sounds about right to me. How long before she’s hawking her fat arse in the direction of the Lib Dumbs? If I were them i’d tell her to fuck off. That bitch is poison.

  15. I might just upset a few people here but this nom has perfectly demonstrated the contradiction in some IsAC’S thoughts. They rail on about snowflakes, libtards and the ‘woke’ generation. However, the very liberal approach in education which promotes this, they then support by encouraging ‘individualism’. Think about it. You can’t have both. Rules rule. There has to be a degree of conformity. Discuss.

    • Doesn’t have to be a choice Blunty!
      Im a noncomformist by nature not by choice, eccentric and rebellious especially when a young bloke!
      England is famous for its eccentrics,
      Part of our national identity🇬🇧

      • With respect MNC, you were not educated by a generation of libtard non- conformist teachers. Completely different times. You might have been a rebel. These self entitled spoilt brats are encouraged to be like they are by their mentors. Why do I know this? Because I was a teacher when standards and discipline were important – a long time ago.

      • I agree standards and disipline are important, mr Blunt, point im making is that if a noncomformist then the kid has to accept a few life lessons,
        Prejudged, loss of opportunities as Cuntflap says, but if he and his parents feel so strongly about his hair then go elsewhere for his education.
        Im not liberal in my views if anything
        As you know im bit rightwing,
        But always thought if you feel something strongly enough stick to your guns and accept the consequences!

    • “this nom has perfectly demonstrated the contradiction in some IsAC’S thoughts.”

      A well considered post Mr Blunt. I think the tension lies in our remembered experience as children (naturally rebelling against authority) and our acquired common sense as adults (understanding the need to set boundaries in order to turn out constructive and productive members of society).

      Or something like that.

  16. The father I’m sure is suffering from the first signs of soy boy syndrome. All he needs are the black glasses.

  17. This nom and all the comments are fucking ridiculous. So what if he has long hair. I can’t believe the narrow mindness. It’s actually quite sad that just because someone goes against convention, cunters come out in some pre-pubescent outrage. Get a fucking life.

    • You seem to be the only one who thinks this nom is “ridiculous.”
      I think it’s a bloody great nom which has prompted a lot of discussion. When I look around at the moment and see the amount of people who “ go against convention”, it goes a long way to explaining why the world is in such a fuckin’ mess at the moment.

    • You cannot be serious!!!

      A lot of of the noms on here are Bollocks, but good for a laugh.

  18. Totally agree . If Ms Cox doesn’t like the rules she can send her hippy brat to study Architecture somewhere else.
    If you haven’t got the key to the toilet you end up with shitty pants.

  19. If it doesn’t affect anyone else who gives a fuck.

    I live along the lines of our family motto ‘One life, no regrets.’

    I believe in this strongly, so much so, I’ve had it tattooed on my forehead…

  20. I’m with the Ramones.

    Beat on the brat
    Beat on the brat
    Beat on the brat with a baseball bat
    Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh-oh 🎶

      • Fucking hell, I never thought that anyone here would agree with the Ramones.

        What a festering pile of cunt gunge they were, fucking overrated at the time and with nostalgia even more so now.

        Bunch of shaggy looking cunts, Punk? Bollocks were they!!!!

  21. Befehl ist Befehl, as the guards occasionally reminded the old man during his time in Germany, ca 1943.
    I can see the point of rules concerning haircuts at school – otherwise the development of competitive coiffure and other poofery is inevitable. But then I never gave much of a fuck about what I looked like, the basic material being unpromising in any case. My individuality was honed by breaking all sorts of rules without being found out (sometimes) and I feel that only a cunt in such circumstances draws attention to himself.

    If they don’t like the school rules, find another school. There is one lesson best learned early in life, which is that the cunts in charge generally win.

  22. Forget the kid, what the fuck is daddy wearing and what has he got tattooed on his arm.
    Has he dressed like that for the photo, he should have cunt tattooed on his forehead.

  23. Fuck it youve convinced me!
    Shave the little cunts head and get im in line for a ‘shower’!

  24. I’ve examined the photo of these twats and concluded he’s going to get filled in at any and every school he goes to.
    Got their heads stuck up their arses the daft cunts.
    Fuck off.

  25. Is it only me that sees a similarity, bordering on identity, between the soft looking little cunt and Greta Thunberg? Papa is obviously a pushbiker, btw. Mama is just plain scary, and probably eats her mates after intercourse. Poor little lad – disadvantaged from the start.

  26. If there is a rule at school then it must be obeyed.
    He can have his hair how he likes when he leaves that school.

    Imagine if he came to school looking like Hitler with a stick on postage stamp moustache.

    His mum: “He’s expressing himself”

  27. “I think I remember watching other children screaming when they had their hair cut and I thought I would never do that to my child”
    She thinks? Silly cunt. When I was a kid, you dare not fucking move. Barber would have had your ear off.
    The screamers were probably getting bummed, having avoided the barber torture.

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