Outside Broadcasts at Parliament

Outside broadcasts at parliament need a nomination.

A sea of EU flags (outside of the UK parliament buildings) and that same tiresome cunt shouting out ‘stop Brexit’ like he’s done for about the past three years. I think he has been nominated, but can’t remember his name.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

That was quick Steve Bray welsh cunt



62 thoughts on “Outside Broadcasts at Parliament

  1. Steve Bray, unemployed welsh cunt, founder and only member of sodom, total bell end, fuckwhit, social parasite, attention seeking cunt ect ect.
    most famed action swapping the union jack for an EU flag outside Talbot council.

    • Can’t stand that cunt, someone obviously pays him to hold up the signs ‘we already have the best deal’ and ‘the best deal is with eu’

  2. You would have thought someone would have properly filled this cunt in by now
    The state of Londonistan today,dear me
    Get to fuck

  3. Why are the DWP not insisting Bray attends work focused interviews?. Why is he paid JSA or any benefit as he is plainly not actively seeking work.

    He should stand with his back to the wall however, I see celebrity NuLabour MP, Ben Bradshaw a notorious iron regards him as a “world celebrity”. Mr Bradshaw’s husband perhaps ought to look out?

    • I expect he receives a generous grant from the European Union… i.e. the UK taxpayer.

      • You won’t find anything on the t’interweb as if you search, items have been removed due to ‘data protection’.

  4. The whole College Green / 10 Downing St outside broadcast concept is bollocks and not just for the overwhelming display of EU flags and shouty attention seeking cunts distracting from the news. It’s all meant to convey “in the centre of the action / high excitement” but it’s become unwatchable. Snowflake and Co on C4 are the worst culprits.

    Baffles me in particular at weekends when some hapless reporter is shivering in the freezing cold when all behind her (it’s usually a her these days) is in pitch black because everyone knocks off on Thursday night.

    Hardiman Scott would undoubtedly have told the TV producers to Fuck Off.

  5. Useless cunt.

    While (most) of the rest of the country have the stress of working all week, running homes, dealing with general life shit AND having to tolerate the endless, ongoing saga and uncertainty that is Brexit on top of all of that, this waster has time to fucking camp outside Parliament with his fucking signs, mouthing off and looking like a complete twat in all of that garb he wears…..basically doing FUCK ALL and getting paid for the pleasure courtesy of crowdfunding, AKA the tax payers.

    He needs to get a fucking life and stop irritating the tits off of everyone, mooching cunt.

    • If he loves Europe so much, he should board a ferry and fuck off there !

      WANKER !

      • Right that’s the second post of the day with a ridiculous number of tickies for LOTR, there’s some peaceful postal vote nonsense going on here or I’m monkeys cunt.

  6. Hang on a minute Admin – haven’t I already cunted this in Noms???!

    Totally agree though –

    That “stooooop brexxxxxxxit” twat needs to stoooop…

    You did but this nom is archive and was first in the Que

    yours was this.
    “A huge cunting nom for “that twat who shouts “stooooop brexiiiiit” behind every live news interview or report on college green.

    There is something nauseating about this idiots voice that makes me want to puke. It’s not just what this cunt is saying but more the way he says it. Makes my piss boil.

    The cunt.”

    There you go honey bum published at last

    • Fuck me. Has admin been infiltrated by Krav? Honey bum?

      Not at all sweet cheeks, I am hot and irritable

    • Yes, sorry Middle England. I am responsible for casting aside your nom, purely because you were pipped to the post with this one …..no other reason as it is a very valid nom.

      If I had spotted it earlier I would have added it to this one, but frankly I’m not on the ball due to this fuckarse heat.

      I’m strained and sweaty like Flabbott’s G-string.

      Please wipe the seat when you go off shift

      • Fuckarse heat indeed admin, 40 c today was planning on vacationing to northwest territorties or nunavut til this wicked heat subsides

      • Owen is definately a wanker and so is that utterly arrogant Sly news ‘presenter’ Kay Burley.
        Nasty cow.

      • Fucking quality.
        He looks decidedly uncomfortable……he probably thought they were going to kick his head off when he left.
        Hope springs eternal……

  7. Having a gibbering nutcase perpetually on the media and supporting your cause, can’t be too bad for the opposition. But

    175 (1) Every one who

    (a) not being in a dwelling-house, causes a disturbance in or near a public place,
    (iii) by impeding or molesting other persons….
    (c) loiters in a public place and in any way obstructs persons who are in that place…..
    (Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46) )

    should qualify Mr Bray for a feel of the collar, I would think.

      • Nor is this –

        The 2011 Act introduced a “controlled area” around Parliament; this was then extended by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 to include a wider area. The full “controlled area” comprises:
        Parliament Square garden;
        The footways immediately adjoining the central garden of Parliament Square;
        Highways and gardens next to the Palace of Westminster.
        Prohibited activities
        Activities prohibited in the “controlled area” include:

        Unauthorised use of amplified noise equipment, like loudspeakers or loudhailers (applications for authorisation can be made to the relevant authorities)….
        protestors must seek written permission to hold a demonstration on Parliament Square Garden., and maybe he did? Would be interesting to know if he was given permission to disrupt the media’s already biassed output further.


  8. Don’t like democracy? Fuck off and live in North Korea then.

    Radicalised by the extreme left and the mainstream media, doing the dirty work of the Islingtonites and the Guardianistas.

    If the cunt can stand in central London shouting stop Brexit over and over again then he can work. If he’s claiming unemployment benefits then they should be stopped as he can’t be searching for work for 35 hours per week. We all know that if he was on the other side of argument then he’d have been thrown straight in the fucking gulag.

    • Also because he said that he was really glad that Boris got in, because he loves to see the bugboys and snowflakes getting so pathetically wound up

  9. Fuck, the coverage today is absolutely dire, talk about stating the obvious, Maybott resigns and Bojo will take over, thats it 2 fucking minutes that the BBC are dragging it out to be an epic.

    But in the backgrounf, the Braycunt shouting “Stop Brexit”, change the record you cunt, how about “Somebody shoot me”

    In the real news, another Peaceful found guilty and jailed in Sheffield for plotting a terror attack, this fucker is an asylum seeker.
    Farad Salah, was on the watch list while his asylum application was being processed, how the hell can the authorities allow it to happen, as soon as there was any doubt about the cunt he should have been put on a plane back to shit hole he left ‘for a brighter future’


  10. Thick attention seeking wanker. I hope he gets skin cancer and dies a horrible , long drawn out death.
    Absolute fucking cunt.

  11. And brexiteers a supposed to be the thick ones.
    So that silly cunt Bray is intelligent is he?

  12. Some cunt shouted out “stop Brexit” as Mavis was making her “fuck you, i’m off” speech. How the fuck was the cunt allowed to get that close to the gates of Downing Street?
    Oh yeah, he was carrying the starry blue shitrag so he’s ok.
    Unlike the far right extremists carrying the flag of their country.

    • Pro EU demonstrators were laying huge anti Brexit posters on the road right outside Buckingham Palace while Boris was in there chatting to Madge. Not a cop in sight.

      • Cunts even stood in the road as he drove up The Mall (I think).
        The DPOs should’ve jusy rolled straight over the little shitstains, and left them there as a warning to the rest of them.

  13. Also a nomination for those cunts playing the Red Flag on the glockenspiel at Parliament Green.
    Why can’t the poxy media hold their broadcasts and interviews in a soundproofed room? Fed up of these remoaner cunts on my eardrum.

    • I thought that was an ice cream van. With radio you have to use your imagination… there were also some shouty cunts who were squabbling over the last couple of flakes (Rory Stewart and Karen Bradley)

      And Liam Fox, the shifty lying cunt. Gone to ground!

  14. I like to see these cunts jerking off on the telly. The more people see these workshy knobs, nerds and spazzies, the more votes for Sir Nigel.

  15. It’s a stark reminder of how far Britain has fallen, that this Bray prick has not had several batterings. Like annoying children, these cunts piss and moan that they are being ignored, and fuck me, I wish they were. Fuck up Bray, the grown ups are talking….

  16. Some cunt is ringing bells or playing a xylophone whilst Sky News is broadcasting outside Parliament. Somebody needs to get down there and give this cunt a damned good kicking and smash up his fucking instruments.

  17. Can some clever person with computer knowledge hack wiki and put some “interesting” stuff on Bray’s entry ?

    Could we perhaps have the first public hanging where the cunt spouts forth ? Maybe, for him, upside down from his bollox, with a load of Mandelbumfiddler p-exchange gerbils up his arse ?
    Oh for feck’s sake Wordfence really gets up my shonker.

  18. My 78 year old Mother was on form this evening, as ever.

    The BBC reporter outside Parliament stated how ‘we really don’t know too much about Boris Johnson’…..

    Her response, shouted at the TV:
    ‘Well after the amount of bloody coverage of him you put on today, you fucking well should do by now’.

    She gets most vexed when ‘Escape to the Country’ isn’t on…….

    • The amount of time shitrags like the Grauniad spend devoted to muckraking and character assassination, yes they fucking well do. They all had plenty to say over his ‘burka’ article, and will somebody stick Mr Stop Brexit’s placard up his arse.

      • To be fair, I think Boris has done a pretty good job of assassinating his own character over the years.

        Evening LL… evening Nurse Cunty – got any spare rhinoceros tranquilliser?

  19. I miss the days when skinheads would go out on a ghey bashing or parky bashing evening. Sniffing glue and drinking cheap cider before fucking up some freaks. Where has that gone?. Did the skins just disappear? .No, they got into the labour party ideal of we can fuck them from the back door. When they realised they were being shafted, it was too late.

  20. Wasn’t that Bray person removed from College Green for a period of 3 months…..?

  21. That cunt Bray reminds me of the rag and bone man from my childhood. Perhaps some of us esteemed cunters should go down there and throw some weighty, sharp edged metal objects at him, the cunt!!

  22. Nicholas Soames MP called him a “silly arse” today.

    Yes. Apparently the Stop Brexit wanker has been banned!

  23. Would a young up and coming bare knuckle Gypo go down there and practice breaking his Jaw. If I wasn’t so busy at work I would take a day off to travel down to stabsvile and knock his fuckin teeth out myself.!

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