Modern Royals

I’d like to nominate the younger royals, and their ‘hey we’re modern!’ Libtard pandering. ‘My wife’s mixed race’, ‘it’s ok to be gay’. Fuck off! Not saying these are bad things, just not what I want from a king! I want a big, bearded, bawdy Brian Blessed type king chucking meat bones to his hounds, who swears and flies into rages! Not some timid bald cunt! I want a king like off that show you all rave about ‘Game of Thrones?’ Like that! Old fashioned I know,but a man should be a man. A king? Well sir, he should be infamous!!

Nominated by Miserable northern cunt

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  1. The young Royals are “woke”, in all probability this by design, they may think this is a way of extending the life of the royal family, be right on and down with the kids.

    The veneer is thin, 2.5 million poncing up yet another royal home for Megan and Ginge? I have some respect for the queen, she understands that the role comes with duty and I think the woman has worked tirelessly within the boundaries of being royalty to do her bit.

    After her I don’t see a future for the Royal Family.

  2. Lets face it, the Meghan girl is just desperate to impress the lefty anti Trump Hollywood set than trying to be a proper member of the Royals.
    Kate should tell her to shape up or fuck right off.

  3. By the time Baldybollocks becomes King his wife will be wearing the Burqua. The boy Hewitt will be a hopeless drunk and his slag of a wife will be in LA with her own prime time chat show in the tradition of Oprah Winfrey. After years of Charlie the Retarded Chimp Boy nobody will give a fuck about the monarchy anymore. Yes I agree, when Her Maj goes the institution dies with her. Thank fuck.

  4. Edward VII… Our last great King… Ladies man, big beard, brick shithouse, got a cigar named after him…. Stout fellow….

    Edward VIII was a cunt though…. Marries a divorced septic and sucks up to Hitler…

    There’s just something about Meg O’ Marple that leaves me cold… She is even more ‘Me Me Me’ than Lady Di (and she was a master at it)… The ‘Princess of Hearts’ (Blair you fucking cunt) was in actual fact a cynical Sloanie, who set out to trap a big time royal and marry them… I think O’ Marple is pretty much the same… Funny how history repeats itself, eh?….

    • If history repeats itself perhaps King Charles will end up like his predecessor…….getting his stupid cunt head cut off in Whitehall.
      Where is our Oliver Cromwell? I’m afraid he may be wearing PJs, have a big beard and a towel round his head.

    • To quote King George’s memorable speech…

      “M-m-m-my b-b-b-brother i-is a c-c-c-c-c-cunt….”

  5. I read something about a 4 year old who thinks he is the reincarnation of Di, maybe he will reveal the true identity of Gingers daddy.
    And why she kept cuttings of Will Carlings pubes in a little box.

    Dirty cock happy bitch.

  6. The Queen and Prince Philip (an immigrant) reflected the nation and its values in the 1950s.

    The modern Royals reflect the nation and it’s values in the 2000s.

    “Every nation gets the Royals it deserves.” (RTC 2019)

    Fuck them*

    *© D.F.

    • Don’t forget scrounging Maj is herself from a long line of Huns
      They should all stop poncing of the public and pay their own way..

      • Her Maj and Philip are 2nd cousins, both great grandchildren of Queen Vic. Most Royals over Europe are related (Blue Blood?).

        I used to love the royal family, but it’s a shower of shite and should die when Elizabeth does.

        Di was fit and like Kate, was what you’d expect on the arm of a future king, but unlile Kate she was a cunt. What the fuck is Charlie boy doing with Camilla-the-Gorilla? pull some string old chap and find a go-er.

  7. Serve no fucking purpose whatsoever other than to sponge off of others in order to live the high life.

    Supporters say they work for the money. Like attending few concerts, Wimbledon and other top sporting events for example? Fuck off. Hardly work is it.

    You can see here for yourself what the workshy cunts are up to.

    Its a hard life, but someone’s got to do it?

    Nah, apart from the Queen, Phil, Anne and Charles scrap the lot of them.

    Know a local policeman who is in charge of the local armed response unit. Tells me that Suffolk police are now controlled by Norfolk police. Why? Because Norfolk police have Sandringham in their manor, and most of the budget goes of protecting the estate and the royal scroungers when they decide they want to stay there and a change from all of their other residences. Meanwhile drug runners from London running amok in Suffolk as they know our police are under resourced and cannot cope with the current levels of Eastern European crimes and drug related crimes.

    Fucking leeches.

    • Princess Anne seems ok.
      Never in the News, likes animals and too old to have any more kids.
      Boot old Jug Lugs out and stick her on the throne…

      • MB, I agree entirely.

        But alas, I fear the good lady would tell us to naff orf and mind our own business.

        So we’ll be stuck with a plant-bothering jug-eared twat who wishes to be Camilla’s toilet bowl or tampon.

        I hope he gets anally and orally raped (in that order) by a Giant Hogwood x Pineapple hybrid. He’d love it.

  8. And that ‘diverse’ wedding that Harry Hewitt and Megan Mog had?….
    The guest list? Basically anybody famous and black (oh, and Fat Reg and those Beckham maggots)… Surprised that the pandering cunts didn’t paint the church black and all…

    Wonder if they had fried chiggun and yams at the reception buffet?….

  9. It’s been said that during the singing of hymms at Harry and Megan’s wedding service, certain members of the Markle family were seen to be participating rather enthusiastically.

    Although I wouldn’t take that as gospel….

  10. Not all the Markles were there. Her father didn’t get an invite.
    White trash.

  11. A good cunting Miserable!
    I agree with your last sentence “a good king should be infamous.”
    I suggest Mr F for the role as he fits the description perfectly.
    Just think of the catchy slogan ‘DICK RULES’
    With his wit, charm and joie de vivre, he’d mix in ‘royal circles’ very easily.
    King Dick, King Dick, King Dick the cry went up.

  12. The boy Hewitt should have married a proper, upper class, English gel who knows how to behave. Not a legs ever open, third rate piece of Hollywood trash.
    He should have learned the lesson from his father ( his pretend father I mean……. the one he actually knows)

  13. Who gives a fuck about these people.In 50 years their progeny will be kowtowing to Allah.Fucking pricks.

  14. This lot are the Slob family. Waynetta wanted a brarn baby like the other muvvers, so Wayne screwed Nominy Cambell.

    I am smoking a farrg.

  15. Meghan Markle is a stuck up smug bint and Kate needs to kick her cunt in. Have you seen the way the bint behaves? Going to wimbledon with half a battalion of secret service occupying 100 seats and going around telling people not to take photos of her at a public event. I fucking despise her.

    The royals are largely ceremonial, though it’s good to have a fall back that the elected officials can’t get their hands on so when the civil war comes the British people can rally round the monarchy against the inevitable islamic party that will at some point be voted in.

  16. The affinity for the royals will die out with her Maj unfortunately because of this.

    They were always aloof and distant from the peasants but that was also their appeal and what the RotW wanted when visiting the capital shitty.

    As soon as they become no better than overtly privileged Z list slebs (like that awful thing Hewitt Jnr married), then the reason for them existing in that (royal) capacity also evaporates.

    Her Maj is the last one with her dignity it tact.

    Charles is a harmless (and hapless) buffoon, who royal followers are still to forgive for marrying his life-long, horse-faced squeeze (following the divorce from and death of the media whore).

    William had a bit of something about him, initially, but has now gone the way of the virtue-signalling, soy, neck-beard cunts.

    The half-blood Prince is nowhere in the running but it’s his bullshit (guided by his wannabe, agenda driven harriden) that’s the final nail in the house of Windsor’s coffin.

    I’m not a republican but for fuck’s sake the current crop of cunts in line for the throne make it easy to think like one!

    • I always said there will never be a mulatto in the Palace, but this abomination has come to pass and will have a more detrimental effect on public opinion of the Royals than anything previously.

      Kate Middleton is the only saving grace. She’s one of us and behaves as a royal should. We’ve all grown up with a queen, and that position has become the most important as we look for stability and a figurehead for Britain. That’s why Charles should be passed over, we’d be queenless while that doddery old cunt’s in place.

  17. Modern royals have become a bunch of pansies, trying too hard to be nice. Fuck that – give me Patrick McGoohan’s Longshanks for king. Edward I Longshanks was the only good thing in Braveheart. If he didn’t like someone he just chucked them out of a top story window of Windsor Castle, something I would love to see the Queen do to Mavis May.

    • Patrick McGoohan was a bit like that in real life, as at least one of the directors who worked on The Prisoner found out…

  18. Incredible how utterly vulgar they’ve all become. They used to project airs and authority but now they just project sick.

  19. She has told Harry to not smoke nor drink and to eat a diet of plants only and now Harry don’t you feel better for that? Oh and by the way don’t speak to Trump or any other women at the state dinner will you Harry.
    ‘Er no dear i promise’.
    Can’t last i’m afraid.

    • Perhaps he could summon up the ghost of Henry VIII and tell her to fuck right off.

  20. There used to be a great piss-taking cartoon in Viz called ‘The Modern Parents’. Don’t know if the guy who did it is still around, but if he is, he’s missing out on a follow-up, ‘The Modern Royals’.

    • The Modern Parents was created by John Fardell of Manfred the Baddie fame.
      Also The Critics, Ferdinand the Foodie and Desert Island Teacher, all of which accurately skewered middle class greenies, ageing Hippies, pretentious artsy types and “metropolitan” wankers.
      His stuff no longer features in Viz, or didn’t a year or so ago when I stopped buying it after nearly 30 years of never missing an issue.
      I don’t know if Fardell stopped contributing to Viz, or wether they binned him as part of their move over to the Dark Side with the inevitable, endless Trump/Farage/Brexiteer jokes…

      • Incidentally, Ferdinand the Foodie bore a remarkable resemblance to former PM and EU lizard-in-chief Edward Heath…

  21. Inbred fucking scroungers the lot of them! The French and Russians had the right idea.

  22. I want a king with principles, every cunt, be it politician, or top maggot in the BBC, celebrity, etc all where a different hat, to suit the problem. Top tosser Blair started it, fame and fortune is all about being popular. The generation that see off Hitler, had some principles. The educated elite tell us what’s good for us and the country, give me common sense every time.

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