Mishal Husain

Mishal Husain on Radio 4’s Today programme needs a cunting.

First, the elephant in the room. Mishal is fucking gorgeous and on my list of ‘to do’ women.

Outside of that she’s a pc obsessed cunt, forever butting in on interviewees with pc inspired “ what about” questions, riding roughshod ( phwoar!) over those with whom she disagrees ( Brexiteers, the Israeli ambassador) and giving a soft ride to those she agrees with (Libtards, Peacefuls and apologists for Hamas and Palestinian terrorists). She asks leading questions all the time and is frankly a disgraceful journalist.

Good for Jacob Rees-Mogg when he gave her and the BBC an on air cunting recently.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

96 thoughts on “Mishal Husain

  1. Never heard of her, and never want to either!

    But what she does want is some multicultural integration courtesy of a good three-way by some BBCs (and no, I’m not talking about the British Bullshitters Corporation either).

    Perhaps her bigoted attitude might change after having all 3 holes drilled and filled, the bitch!

    Not even 6am and already this cunt is doing my blood pressure no good at all.

  2. It must be hard to live in a world where everyone is out to get you, where everyone is a ‘phobe’ or is suffering from an ‘ism.’ To inhabit a place where nothing is mere happenstance but is the result of nefarious manoeuvring but evildoers. To believe in a vast (and secret) conspiracy to keep favoured groups down.

    Personally, I live on Earth.

  3. Why isn’t this woman properly attired? Why isn’t she wearing the full binbag, suntan-prevention tent? This is a insult to Allàn and Allàn will admonish her and she will burn for her offence for Allàn is good and Allàn is merciful.

    Burqua off.

  4. So some whore with a foreign name, and works for the BBC, turns out to be a libtard remoaner!! Sorry, but what the fuck did you expect? Come back when Gary Taxdodger moves a couple of “refugee” families into one of his mansions. Now that’s fucking news!
    Meanwhile 47 Tory traitors defy a three line whip and vote against their own government. What’s Boris going to do about that, the wanker?

  5. I bet she does hand jobs for crack.

    Jew hating bitch.
    Ebola for this one.

    Good morning.

    • Morning,Krav.

      Why is she a “Jew Hater”? I’ve just looked her up and all I can find is an article….. “Presenter Mishal Husain asked if he (Israeli Ambassador) had any “qualms about the policies Israel is pursuing” at the border with the strip, where on one day in May last year 62 people died in clashes with the IDF.

      Is anyone who has questions about Israel’s policies,be they “right” or “wrong”,automatically a “Jew Hater”?

      Apologies if there is something that she has done or said that I have missed.


      • What’s wrong with being a Jew hater.
        I hate all religions and people who succumb to the religious bullshit.

      • Expect a knock on your door by the old bill anytime soon now that you’ve confessed to being a “hater”

        Hate crime is the “in” thing now, especially if you’re dissing the wonderfully honest & correct Left!

      • Technocunt, when I had all my stuff nicked I was asked by the police if it was a “Hate crime” I said yes and they questioned my reasoning.
        My reason was simple if they liked me they wouldn’t have nicked my stuff, they discounted my reasoning.

      • @ Cheearse

        Fine to hate a religion. But not all Jews are religious. About half are secular, non-religious, or outright atheists.

      • I hate most people, religious people I hate just a little bit more. Sorry if I offended you.
        I take that back, I don’t give a flying fuck.
        Have a nice day.

      • Where in my reply did I give the impression you’d offended me?

        Never mind.

      • An ‘atheist jew’ makes no sense whatsoever. It’s a religious creed not a racial ethnicity.

      • Unfortunately Dick anyone that criticises Israel or Judaism these days is an automatic anti Semite. No different from being chastised as an islamophobe when criticising Muslims. Orthodox Judaism and Islam are two very similar religions, and both appear along with anything linked to them be protected these days from any form of condemnation.

      • If you think Judaism is as big a threat to our country and culture as Islam, then I would suggest you’re seriously deluded.

      • If you think they’re not then you’ve clearly not looked into the comparisons of both religions which regard any non practitioners as infidels/goys. To be used as slaves, and abused as they see fit without any comeuppance from their gods because we’re impure. Interesting that Epstein and Weinsteins victims were never Jewish. Can’t touch women from gods chosen tribe.

      • How many acts of terrorism have Jews (religious or otherwise) conducted on UK soil or the West in general in recent decades?

      • I’ll throw the question back to you RT.

        How many acts of terrorism have been conducted where Jews (or Israel) have NOT being a factor in recent decades?

        9/11 certainly a factor. 7/7 certainly a factor…

      • Come off it RTC, you’re putting words in to his mouth. Nowhere was the threat mentioned that either might pose to this country. The comparison was merely how both are similarly protected from criticism.

      • Too right, RTC… A Four By Two gets on the tram with a backpack? Nobody has anything to fear and we all go about our business…

        A Peaceful gets on a tram with a backpack and almost everyone feels fearful and unsafe, because of the track record these murdering cunts have here in Blighty (they’re still cleaning up the mess at the Manchester Arena)….

        I know which lot I think is the bigger threat…

      • Israeli soldiers now down defenceless Palestinians at the Gaza border…

        He puts the the bomb in the rucksack, straps it on…

        There is a direct link.

      • Criticism of Israel is often perceived or painted as antisemitism, many Israelis and Jews across the world criticise the Israeli government.

        Some people are antisemitic and they will criticise the Israeli government no matter what because they just hate Jews. Any criticism needs critical thinking applied to measure the justification of said criticism.

        The elephant in the room is the Holocaust which has been used to deflect criticism or prevent it in the first place. The holocaust is rightly a blight on the history of humanity but not a get out of jail free card for the Israeli government.

        Then of course there are those that side with the Palestinians who to some degree or other will always see Israel as they guilty party, many of them would deny Israels right to exist.

        I often don’t agree with Israels tactics but given the fact they are surrounded by states that would like to see Israel wiped off the map I can understand why they would use all methods to defend their state.

        I don’t believe there is a right side of the argument to be on for me. There is a core of cuntitude on both sides that provokes action and retaliation because both sides if we are honest contain significant numbers of people hell bent on fighting the other side.

        As always the average cunt who’s just doing their best to survive in this fucked up environment pays the ultimate price.

      • Gary Balde says ‘Unfortunately Dick anyone that criticises Israel or Judaism these days is an automatic anti Semite. ‘ — that’s a straw man argument. No one has actually claimed that, apart from the antisemites themselves.
        Legitimate criticism is ok, Israelis criticise their own government frequently (they don’t get put in prison or shot down for it though). Constant, obsessive criticism, demonisation and attempted delegitimisation of Israel, is not legitimate criticism, but is motivated by underlying anti Jewish hatred.

      • For the record I couldn’t give a shit about either religion or their practitioners as long as they’re not actively affecting my life and preventing me from speaking out against them when I disagree with their logic. I dislike the fact that everytime anyone chooses to criticise Israel or Judaism they’re automatically labelled as an antisemite. Just like when anyone bad mouths Islam they’re immediately silenced. You’ve also conviniently chosen to ignore the fact that in the eyes of both religions, non practitioners are viewed as lesser beings.

      • @ Dick

        The nom suggests she agrees with “apologists for Hamas and Palestinian terrorists”.

        Maybe that’s where Krav gets the idea from?

        I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say anything overtly anti-semitic though. Then again I don’t listen to the Today programme a lot nowadays.

      • Twelve arrested in Ayia Napa ‘over alleged rape of British woman’
        17 July 2019

        Twelve Israelis have been arrested in Ayia Napa in Cyprus over an alleged rape of a British woman, reports say.

        Cypriot police confirmed that 12 arrests were made and said the suspects would appear in court in Paralimni on Thursday morning.

        A spokesman for the Foreign Office said it was “supporting a British woman who was assaulted in Cyprus and are in contact with local police”.

      • Are you suggesting that report is evidence of anti-semitism on the Today programme Miles?

      • Surely one can have doubts or questions about Israel’s policies without automatically being a “Jew-hater”. Jews and The State of Israel aren’t the same thing….are they?

        Morning All.

      • No nothing to do with that RT. The same point as Gary Balde’s – about Jews (some) viewing the shiksas as worthless.

      • @ Dick

        Having legitimate doubts or questions about Israeli government policies is of course totally kosher (excuse the pun).

        But that is perfectly possible without agreeing with “apologists for Hamas and Palestinian terrorists” who are self confessed Jew haters.

        That is what I think Krav was reacting to.

        Good morning (just).

      • Fucking Krav is so lazy. He comes on does his Jewish keyboard warrior stuff then puts his feet up leaving the ‘useful idiots’ on here to do the dirty work.

      • Israeli savagery. Yes I never told you Mr Fiddler my sister is very pro Israel. She used to live there 3 months of the year before she got sick. Anyway, I had to pick her up from Manchester airport one time. In arrivals her flight from Tel Aviv came in at the same time as one from Benidorm. The great British hoi polloi but mixed in with them Orthodox Jews and other Jews who could tell were Jews (on their phones, neurotic chattering, walking too quickly). I caught a glance from a woman next to me ‘Who the fuck are these people?’ An Orthodox dressed like a huge great Diddy Man walked straight up to me so I had to get out of his way. I was just no-one to him. Anyway, my sister making her way…Please don’t talk about Israel please don’t talk about it……but no-the first thing she said when she got in the car-‘they killed him because he was gay’ ‘Who?’ ‘The young boy’. I found out later what she was referring to. A Palestinian boy that was said to have been kilked by his parents because he was gay but it turned out he was actually burnt to death by Jewish neighbours.

        Funny I have to go and see her now because she’s sick and she needs help. I’m the only one left.

      • Any suggestion that Judaism, orthodox or otherwise, is a threat to the UK is barking completely up the wrong tree. Jews have a long history of respecting their host culture, positively contributing to it, fighting for it when required and on religious matters keeping themselves to themselves. Jews do not seek to covert others or force their views on others. This is a world apart from Islam which has diametrically opposite opinions and views. Yes, there may be some theological similarities between Islam and Judaism because Mohammed set out to imitate Judaism, but the mind sets are very different.

        I’m half Jewish and it’s true we have a tendency to view criticism of Israel as criticism of Jews. It’s a fine line and it depends how the criticism is expressed. But generally legitimate criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitic. But a lot of critics slam Israel whilst excusing worse transgressions in Arabic and Muslim states -that’s anti-Semitic.

      • How can one be ‘half-jewish’ that’s like saying half a muslim? You’re either jewish or you’re not and that’s your choice to make. Nobody’s born jewish. You can be indoctrinated into the religion by your parents but as an adult you’re free to practice the religion you please or none at all.

      • My mother is a Jewish my father is a catholic. Jews would say I’m Jewish because it’s matrilineal. I say half because half my cultural background is not a Jewish. I was not brought up in the Jewish religion as my parents left it to me to chose. You also forget that the Jews are a people/ ethnicity and not just a religion. An atheistic Jew can still describe himself as a Jewish or a British Jew because thats his ethnicity, regardless of religious belief.

      • There’s no such thing as jewish ethnicity it’s arrant nonsense. It’s a creed like islam’s a creed. A muslim can be any racial ethnicity as can a jew. Being anti-muslim is no more racist than than anti-semetic. I get sick of the nonsense spoken on these plain issues.

      • ‘Jews have a long history of respecting their host culture’

        Why were they kicked out of more than 100 countries then?

      • Oh, I’ve got it. It was all the fault of Western Christian civilisation that they were kicked out. Nothing to do with Jewish behaviour. And I’m supposed to read a book. For fuck’s sake.

  6. And yet the BBC’s mantra is supposed to be “objective, informative and entertaining”

    Wrong on all 3 counts, and yet no one brings them to account.

  7. I would not believe one single word that comes from the Millionaire channel (BBC)
    Mishal Hussain I know nothing of but I’ve just read what Dick Fiddlers just wrote (morning Dick) so I have no doubt He’s right Why does She hate Jews I thought that was the Labour Party.

  8. Time was when BBC interviewers at least gave the impression of impartiality, these days gobby wimmin and nancy boys are actively encouraged by the BBC and I repeat again one of the top men in BBC radio these days is former Blairite arsehole crawler James Purnell, one of the shittiest ministers promoted by Blair. Coincidence?

  9. Sorry but to me even if she is attractive and a ‘phwooar’ to some, i am completely turned off by the libtard buttoned up, all men are bastards and suffering counless ‘phobes’ and ‘isms’ that infect the beeb and MSM.
    What a barrel of laughs these wimminz would be on a date.
    Glad i’m getting on a bit.

    • This cunt looks like the definition of high-maintenance. Not for all the oil in saudi arabia would I tolerate life with this stuck-up fembot.

  10. I would love to fuck her in the arse and then deposit my baby yogurt in her mouth.

    But then again, as you all well know, I am a colossal pervert.

  11. I’d definitely give her one.
    No pillow talk though….
    “We’re done. Get the fuck out…”

  12. *** BREAKING CUNT NEWS! ***

    Lammy is broadcasting live on LBC for the next three hours (10am – 1pm)!

    Freeview TV channel 732.

    Oh you lucky people!

    • I am indeed lucky. I have lots of things to do rather than listen to this racist twat.

      • When you say *broadcasting* MM, do you mean bollock naked painted in blue and white and bashing de bongos?

    • You’d think it was impossible to find a big enough cunt to cover for James O’Brien, fair dues to LBC, they did the impossible. I’m tempted to call up.

      “Do you know how massive a cunt you are David?”

      • David takes his inspiration from the character Blythe, in the Great Escape, played by Donald Pleasance.

    • Ruff Tuff. What have I told you about listening to these cunts on LBC?
      Take your pills and read a book. You know it makes sense.

      • I’m not listening to the cunt Cuntstable.

        Rest assured I’m reading ‘And The Truth Shall Set You Free’ by David Icke.

        Or I would be if cunters didn’t keep interrupting me with comments.

        “The most explosive book of the 20th century” it says on the cover.

    • 3 hours…….

      That will need a shit load of Jaffa Cakes to keep him going, on expenses of course.

      • Oh please God, tell me O’Shithead is dead. I’ll be good from now on I promise.

    • Fuck I’d have an aneurysm after 30 seconds, after 3 hours I’d be nothing but a washed out vegetable of a man.
      You’ll have to give us a summery at the end rtc.
      Let me guess what’ll happen in advance….
      A constant stream of sycophants calling in to congratulate David on how brave and strong he is. And what an inspiration….. WHAT an INSPIRATION.
      Fear mongering about no deal brexit.
      No one voted for no deal.
      No deal was just invented by the “far right” or the Tory party to hurt minorities and vulnerable people.
      ….he’s so fucking predictable.
      Oh yea…. grenfell. He knew someone there by the way.
      And trump is racist has to be in there too.

      I hope a normal person slips through the net and calls him a cunt.

      • All I can tell you Deploy is he started on Boris Johnson. I switched off after the introduction, but feel confident that Cuntstable Cuntbubble will be able to fill you in on the remaining 2 hours 55 minutes. 😂

  13. The last ever This Week was broadcast last night, the BBc dumping the only decent political program on TV.


  14. Mishal Husain can be summed up with a simple equation….

    Peaceful + BBC + Femstapo = Cunt

    • I am virtually giving up on the BBC – gloating about non-Brexit on Radio and sporty lesbian ladies on TV with their balls. Load of motherfucking cunts.

      • Don’t forget Trump the racist, it has them in a sjw tizzy meltdown that will last decades. It’s a shame as a neutral news outlet has been valuable to the people of the UK, but the metropolitan leftie takeover is all but complete, there’s practically nothing for the likes of me there now.

  15. I don’t like it how the presenters sometimes interrupt their guests or keep repeating the same question until they get the answer they want.
    Do they do that themselves or are they told to do that by someone speaking in their earpiece?

    • P.s I meant to also write that she and others john humphries etc do that on radio 4 interrupting and repeating question until desired answer.
      I gave up watching television ages ago.

  16. Fucking hell this has been entertaining someone mention’s Israel and war almost breaks out.

    • No sympathy for either side.

      Since they all rejected the opportunity to buy into Sixdog’s Bacon Emporium franchises and I might add were jolly rude about it, I’m done with trying to bring peace and I might add Bacon to the region.

      I even went to the trouble of suggesting two prime locations in Jerusalem.

      Prime location one was of course the temple mount and if that was at all problematic then maybe one near the wailing wall. Fucking hell you’d think I’d suggested opening a Hooters.

      I’ve not given up yet though. What I need is some celebrity endorsement. I’m lining up Gary Linekar to travel around the region in a Bacon is Great bus chucking Smokey Bacon crisps at the natives.

      That will surely get their attention.

      Bacon is the way to peace.

      Bacon be upon them

  17. Despite being cossetted by the BBC courtsey of the UK taxpayer, this bint sees herself as a victim. (See below.) One might ask why, if life is so difficult for her in the UK ,she does not go somewhere else, i.e. back to where she comes from.

    “In 2011, the BBC Radio 4 presenter Mishal Husain was the victim of racist abuse in a branch of Waitrose supermarket in North London. An ‘older’ man told her that her children or ‘tribe’ needed to behave like ‘proper English children’. Mishal Husian consequently posted on Twitter “Joy of the supermarket: irritable older gentleman tells me my tribe need to behave ‘like proper English children’.

    Source: http://www.lighton-project.eu/site/main/glossary/show/67

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