The British Medical Association

The British Medical Association…what a bunch of cunts. Apparently charging migrants up front for the privilege of using OUR NHS is waycist. Fuck off. If you come to UK, work legally to contribute tax and N.I and integrate, then you’re welcome to the same treatment as me.

However, if you’re here for free house, car and God knows what other benefits the lefties are falling over themselves to give you, here to drop multiple sprogs to clog an already swamped system, stab cunts, groom our young girls, blow my countrymen and women up, turn the UK into a third world country, then fuck right off.

Keep charging cunts, in fact double it, it’ll maybe filter the dross from the millions who arrive on these shores and leave us with people who don’t mind paying initally before going on to contribute.

Fuck sake

Nominated by McCunterson

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  1. I’m in favour of ID cards for British citizens. This use of public services by illegals is out of hand and, with proper checks and necessary transparency, I wouldn’t mind giving the government the extra power that ID cards would create for the purposes of identifying the foreign parasites leeching of British people and kicking them out.

    • I wouldnt mind ID cards, but whenever I have any medical shit done they ask for my NHS number, if i dont have to hand they just go with D of Birth and address and they seem to be able to find me on the sysytem.
      All EU citizens seem to have ID cards so should be covered, anyone else should have to pay a fucking deposit or show proof of medical insurance.

  2. Fucking charge these immigrants and health tourists.

    I’ve been paying up front for fucking years….

  3. If they are not paying NI and taxes then they pay or their originating nation pay. If they get into an accident fair enough, but if they just need a GP or out patient work they need insurance or fuck off home

  4. It would be a lot easier to stop the cunts coming here in the first place. Don’t let any cunt in without medical insurance. It’s an island for fucks sake, how hard can it be?
    But what you need are politicians with a pair of balls.
    Yeah , you can dream about it. 🏳️

      • Britain’s third female Prime Minister.

        Oh sorry, I thought you said Shirley Williams. I didn’t mean to call Serena Williams female. She’d kill me, the crazy, old wanker.

        Shirley Williams is also a bit of a wanker.

    • I ask myself this all the time. Controlling immigration on an island should be easier than shooting fish in barrel. The fact our government can’t is testament to how utterly inept the cunts are.

  5. Gotta love the BMA, haven’t you? So indignant about standing up for the rights of foreigners who come to these shores to be treated free, but not actually giving a single fuck about the resident tax payers of this country who struggle to even get seen, be it at their GP or local hospital.

    Priorities; WRONG.

    I have been sick more than once when travelling in Spain, which I do twice a year. Both times I was charged hundreds of euros for the pleasure which I had to claim back on my insurance as I attended private clinics as a matter of some urgency. If you are an EU citizen, fair do’s, and you get treated free, on the strict proviso that you attend a STATE hospital or clinic. If you fall outside of EU residency, well you can get to fuck and fucking pay as a private patient.

    Why is this such a crime in the UK?

    Look at how many of these health tourists are actually EU residents…practically zero. Pakistani conjoined twins, Nigerian pregnant women (who should not even be fucking flying over a certain time into their pregnancies, but do so anyway for a freebie)….most are not entitled to anything like free treatment, here or ANYWHERE ELSE within the EU, but hey let ’em all in and treat them, according to the BMA.

    What really, really incenses me about this is that there are UK nationals and long term tax payers in this country that, struck down by something as insidious and devastating as cancer, have to wait and see if their local authorities will fund their NHS cancer treatments. It is a lottery for them…

    ……but the BMA is far more focused on just giving funds away to opportunistic fuckwits who know the medical care in their own country is either costly or a pile of shit, so why not get it safe and free in the UK?

    This is not a race issue. Anyone from anywhere, with whatever colour skin they have, are not UK residents and have not paid taxes in the UK or are not entitled to reciprocal healthcare as another EU resident should have to pay, because that is what is FAIR and because that is what the NHS needs in order to maintain it’s services. We are just bleeding money and the BMA do not give two fucks. They are an utter disgrace.


    • here here! fucking vasticulitus, cant/wont treat it come back when your limb turns black and we will cut it off.

    • I was absolutely gobsmacked to find out that the woman who gave birth to the conjoined twins is pregnant again. WTF? She certainly won’t be going back to Pakistan then in the next year. What fuckin’ mugs this country have become.

    • I used to date some conjoined twins but it wasn’t working out, so had to find a way of telling them..

      “It’s not you, it’s you”…..

      • only on three conditions,
        1, you do them up the bum
        2, their digestive tract has stopped working
        3, you have a lot of spunk

  6. Quite happy with the idea of ID cards, I have carried one for a long time didn’t do me any harm.
    Pisses me off that anyone can apply for an emergency NI number, this is the big issue trick, get an emergency NI number sell the big issue (self employed) for a while, next thing you know you are in the system and bobs your uncle.
    fuck you word fence!

    • I don’t get many tickies on here do I, This isn’t good for my self esteem you know, may I have a few just so I feel wanted?

      • The site wouldn’t be the same without you, Lord B. You and I are the only sane ones on here.

      • Fuck you Dick. I’m the only sane plant pot in this place.
        Oh, and good afternoon. Hope you’re in prime health .

      • “You don’t have to be insane to post here but it helps”

        Ha ha ha hee hee ha ha hee ho ho ha hee…

        Get fucked.

      • I feel I don’t get enough ticks also Lord Benny. I know Bsc is very sensitive about his Noms being rejected as well. Maybe we should ask Nurse Cunty for a counselling session for all three of us so we can come to terms with the trauma we are suffering.

      • I have every sympathy Miles – I have just awarded you a ticky. ✔️

    • Fuck that shit.

      The day people start being compelled to carry ID cards is the day they start fining people for minor offences.

      What is a car reg plate other than an ID card.

      • Good. Fine cunts for dropping litter, flicking fag ends where the fuck they please, noisy neighbours, and all the rest.

      • Yeah but it wont be the cunts …Itll be you and me and they will act like the Mafia :

        “you put the wrong wrapper accidentally in the wrong wheely Bin huh?” Fuck you pay me!

        ”your dog escaped and shat on the pavement huh? “Fuck you pay me

        “You lost your wallet or did you litter it!?” Fuck you pay me.

      • Most of civilised europe doesn’t have these problems with ID cards why should we? If you don’t like the way the goverment is making and enforcing laws vote them out for something more sensible.

        Anything that would help the NHS to refuse healthcare to cunts that shouldn’t be here or the police to prosecute litter bugs ruining towns, cities, and the countryside would be alright by me.

      • Oh and ban British cunts from using emergency services who assault staff who work for them. ‘Broken leg? Yup that’s fine just cough up £20k and we’ll set it right. You don’t have it? Well if you hadn’t assaulted that nurse we’d do for nothing but as is fuck off and go a creditor you feckless cunt you’re barred!’

      • I have no issue at all with ID cards, and nor should anyone who follows the rules and the laws. People who know they are already fucking with the law or have a touch of the ‘deviant’ about them always appear to be the ones shouting the loudest about their ‘civil liberties’. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.

        I doubt you would more often get fined for minor offences. The police can’t even come out to a bloody car break-in (as I can fully attest to) let alone have the manpower to stop every fucker with an ID card for trivial bullshite.

  7. You can’t have freedom of movement and free services. It really is as simple as that!

    The NHS is already on its knees. Due to an on going neurological condition I require an MRI scan every 3 to 6 months, I’m lucky to get 1 a year. I also have to pay for my own physio now, which considering I’m earning ,I’m ok with, but only if the rules are applied fairly.

    The only people who benefit from an extremely bloated NHS are the private companies providing the various services needed for it to cope. These companies always seem to be owned by those in government or their donors. Coincidence I’m sure.

    Fed up with every cunt taking the piss out of the decent folk of this country. Failure to leave the EU by October 31st might well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Fingers crossed eh?

  8. No EHIC or health insurance at border control then fuck off you ain’t coming in,simple to check FFS.


  9. So by the BMA’s backward logic any other health organisation in the world who do charge for treatment of non-citizens are racist health Nazis who salute to a portrait of Donald Trump before shift.

  10. The average British taxpayer pays £5000+ a year upfront to the NHS – whether they use it or not.

    Other EU countries have no trouble charging UK citizens for healthcare, why don’t we do likewise? Cos the people responsible for collecting the money are cunts presumably.

    As for the rest of the world – pay up or fuck off.

    • I cannot disagree. My brother fell ill when working in Germany the first thing they asked for was his bank details.


      • Thought the UK had a reciprocal health arrangement with the Krauts so why did they need his bank details?

      • We do have a reciprocal health arrangement with Germany (and other EU countries) but the government still has to put in a claim to participating governments for the cost of treating EU foreign nationals here.

        Other EU countries put in claims for UK citizens treated by their health systems, we don’t seem to bother. I suspect the trouble lies with NHS bureaucrats who can’t be arsed to gather details of EU foreign nationals treated by the NHS and provide them to the treasury or relevant government department so they can process claims and charge their foreign counterparts.

  11. Wouldn’t the UK be a far better place if those in professions just did the jobs they were employed to do, instead of fuckin’ involving themselves in the politics of such services? i.e teachers just fuckin teach, doctors just fuckin treat the sick – only those you are directed to and lawyers just make a packet from feeding off people’s misery instead of inflicting it on others by becoming politicians.

  12. If they come here for free treatment. Refuse to treat them and send them back. See how many want to stay here after getting fuck all for free.

  13. Supply Vs Demand is the easiest economics graph to understand of all time.

    Except when it relates to people and our national resources, then it’s simply waycist…


  14. Absurd. If you are a pensioner or white British person expect to wait 3 weeks to see a GP or pay to go private if you want quicker service. If your some Somalian bint, fresh of the banana boat with 15 kids and another 4 in the oven, go to the front of the queue and don’t pay a penny, otherwise it’s racist.

    The West is going to the dogs.

    Fuck off.

  15. NHS? Is it fuck! It’s the IHS in all but name where I = International.

    The Yanks have got it sussed. You wouldn’t even get through the door of the local hospital/health centre unless you show your ID and medical insurance.

    So why not here?

  16. Because those in charge don’t give a flying fuck about monetary waste of other people’s hard earned and between them couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery,

    This country is seriously fucked in just about every area. And no one seems to want to do anything about it.

  17. My Neighbour Abdul was thrilled he has been given residency in the UK.He is loving FaceApp.
    “It’s amazing, watch this” he laughed..”this is the wife but, when I press the ‘Age’ button, she looks about 15.

    • Mrs Abdul doesn’t need to worry about getting old…….just stick a new letterbox on her head , Abdul gets a new model and she doesn’t have to suck his disgusting cock anymore. Win win all round.

  18. Its not just immigrants that flood the health services. Its silly cunts with fuck all wrong with them.

    I think every Doctors appointment should be charged at £25 which you get knocked off your prescription if there is any thing treatably wrong with you. Maybe this way most cunts will think twice about clogging up the already overcrowded system.

    • You have to wait about four weeks for an appointment with my GP.When you get there,you wait at least an hour because of all the cunts that don’t turn up. It seems to be about half of booked appointments. These cunts who don’t turn up need to be fined. The fucking surgery is full of posters about sending glasses and hearing aids to Africa
      .They even have a leaflet called Am I Normal? – well that is asking for trouble in this day and age isn’t it?

  19. It takes the piss when any old tom dick or harry from E. Europe can just roll up to a GP or out patient clinic and get free treatment. They even bring their elderly parents into the country so they (who’ve never contributed a penny in national insurance) get access to the same treatments and services as someone who’s paid in for 70+ years. Fucking disgusting and an insult to previous generations who paid for it all. The cunts who designed this free-for-all shitfest ought to be strung up. CUNTS. Whilst on the subject, the metropolitan elite EU worshipping shithead cunts who want more of the same are obviously living in a bubble that insulates them from all this cunting skulduggery. They too will wake up one day and see what utter narcissistic short sighted, virtue signalling cunts they’ve been when they try to get an appointment to see a fucking GP.

  20. ***BREAKING NEWS***

    Some brave soul tried to kill Emily Thornbury in a hit and run outside parliament. Sadly due to her enormous almost planetary-sized mass, the car bounced off and was utterly destroyed. Thornbury got away with a scratch and was taken by JCB to the local A&E where a wall was removed to accommodate her for minor injuries.

    Well he tried didn’t he? Goddamn it, at least he did that.

  21. Change of topic but BBC and ITV are launching a joint pay per view service later in the year in which they intend to charge £5.99 a month for stuff like Love Island, Gavin and Stacey, The Office and Benidorm. Bring it on! I can’t wait for this crap to nosedive. Fuck the BBC and ITV.

    • If it means that shit will no longer be available on regular free-to-air channels, then I’m all for it! Let’s hope it succeeds.

      Evening Btc 😊

    • Gavin and Stacy a.k.a how to live and look like a fat cunt/degeneracy at its finest.
      Hasn’t the license payer paid for this shit already? Yes, but some smart arse at the BBC decided they would exploit the gap in the market for watching endless repeats and actually make money out of it. That cash they make should be immediately refunded to the ones who paid for it in the first place. Cunts.

  22. Another non political organisation getting involved in politics. Try focusing on shit you should be sorting out, rather than virtue signalling you incompetent twats.

  23. For the record, I did not run over Emily Thornbury. However, I would paid to have watched…

      • The stupid cunt should’ve known he’d need a bus or a lorry to put down that elephant.

      • Next time Extinction Rebellion eco nutters want to block some major roads just invite Thornpiggy and Flabbott along, that’s if they are not being used on the Norfolk coast as sea defences.

      • I’ve got a great idea for these two heavyweights to raise money for the Labour Party. Never mind AJ v Fury. Who wouldn’t pay a shitload of money to see Lady Piggery and the Flabbott climb into the ring and batter the shit out of each other? Sky would pay a fortune, every pub would be packed to the rafters. What a boost to the economy!
        They could call it the “Islington Showdown “ or something like that…….sponsored by KFC.
        Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuumble!!!

  24. We should put the burden on airlines, if you want to fly into the UK then make sure every cunt has health insurance before you take off.
    If not they don’t get out of the airport in UK and the plane is impounded or they are fined the equivalent insurance cost to be paid before the airline can leave.
    But I suppose we need to establish no free healthcare for non British Nationals first.
    They don’t let them on without a passport (mainly).

    • I’d love to see Beardycunt get a billion quid bill for paying for immigrunt healthcare.

  25. When Boris gets in, his first job should be to bring in a law making it the responsibility of the left to pay for the medical care, housing, clothing, food, education and everything else that these freeloaders want. Apart from anything else, it’ll be fucking hilarious watching these snowflakes enter a mass, autistic shrieking fit. I would laugh as they screamed about how unfair it is to make them pay for illegals. It would provide much entertainment. The fact is, it would be entirely fair to make lefties, especially the rich ones (of whom there are many) take responsibility for illegals, because they’re the only ones who want them.

    I’m Half American, one quarter English, one quarter Scottish. I was born and spent my first nine years in San Antonio, Texas. My wife is of Nigerian descent. Both our families came to the UK legally, and we worked hard, payed our taxes and obeyed the law. I served this country, and consider myself to be more British than American (though immigration disagrees with that). Now we’re in the fortunate position of not having to work. I have no problem with British people who are down on their luck accessing the NHS. I have no problem with foreigners who have worked here and paid their tax and NI contributions from accessing the NHS because they’ve paid into the system. I DO, however, have a massive problem with foreign parasites coming here and using OUR medical services for FREE. They haven’t paid into the system, they have no intention of paying into the system. Meanwhile, British patients are seeing operations and other treatments rationed, because the NHS claims that it’s short of money. Why is it short of money? Because the BMA, and other left wing loons think it’s racist to expect those who are not entitled to free treatment to pay for it. It’s called the NATIONAL Health Service. Left wing dickheads, think it’s the WORLD Health Service. And as far as I’m concerned, if the BMA and it’s supporters want foreign parasites to receive treatment they are not entitled to, then the BMA and other lefties can pay for it. The British taxpayer has absolutely NO obligation to provide it for them.

  26. There’s no chance the NHS will ever be fixed,non whatsoever.
    It requires politicians with backbone so therefore it will never happen.
    The U.K is fucked.The floodgates have been opened and will never be closed.

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