Tom Palmer

A nomination for Tom Palmer, who has reinvented Roy of the Rovers with a female lead character called Rocky. She apparently is Roy’s sister, and has been invented to coincide with the wimminz world cup. Not that I really give a toss about football, but Tom Palmer, you are a cunt.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. Well cunted. PC feminist bullshit spoiling the childhood memories of men everywhere. Shame on Tom Palmer for jumping on the bullshit bandwagon.

    Wimminz “football” players can be summarised in 2 catagories: Titless Fisters or Titless Fistees. Her face suggests she is the latter.

  2. The Women’s Football World Cup. Just listened to a bit. Saying something like its the ‘oldest’ rivalry the game between Scotland and England today. So it’s got history see.

    • So unfair really why can’t we just let them play…but I hate to see it for some reason…

      Anyway, thinking about it there isn’t a superstar that I have heard of anyway amongst them. There isn’t a female equivalent of a Maradonna or Georgie Best. I think that says something.

      So unfair as I say because they run around and are thoroughly exhausted by the end of it. If I was the commentator I would say ‘the girls have given they’re all today and it was still shit’.

      • “Leave everything out there on the pitch, girls” ( including a
        sports bra, a sanitary towel and a rule book). I’m not normally sexist but for this ‘sport’ I make an exception.

      • Good Evening. I was listening to Radio5Dead from Roland Garros French Tennis on Friday and yesterday. On Friday plenty of seats @ 20 Euros to watch the Ladies’ semi-finals apparently but absolutely impossible to get in to see Nadal v. Federer despite high ticket prices. Yesterday they were still playing the Djokavic against someone else and the BBC people were saying isn’t it a pity the men’s semi-final was still being played on Saturday not because it would winner would have 1 day less than his opponent in the final today but because it would detract from the women’s final.

        I try not be too sexist but the only way I would watch women’s football is if they played in lingerie.

    • Apparently there’s some skank who tries to play football for Brazil who is ‘the female Messi’.

      I don’t know whether to get angry or laugh at this brainless hyperbole.

      • The female Messi? Short-arsed ugly bird who doesn’t pay her taxes?

  3. It’s not the women’s football it’s the cunts who think that women’s sport is as good as men’s and they should be paid equally.

  4. To me wimminz football is like bumbanditry. If people want to do it that’s up to them but I don’t want to watch it, don’t want it shoved down my throat and don’t want to hear the participants whining about “lack of recognition “ and “equality.”
    Just get on with it and shut the fuck up.
    This Rocky bird sounds like a trannie to me. Yeah, you know what’s coming next.

  5. The man is an idiot. Fuck the “footy”. He should have drawn “Rocky” looking like Dee Hepburn in “Gregory’s Girl”. Every page could then be her lezzing it up with Clare Grogan in the post-game shower.

    I’d buy a copy of that.

  6. I used to remember an act called Roxy at the Rovers.

    She was well past her prime but what she could do with a couple of ping-pong balls was nobody’s business!

  7. The players get paid fuck all in wiminz football because the stands are fucking empty.
    England vs Scotchland on now and although they look full, everyone’s spread out with 4 or 5 empty seats between them and no-one goes, because they play like an under 8s lads team.
    It would do wiminz footy the world of good to be forced to include trannies, at least it would improve the game, but then no woman would make it into a team I guess.

    • I would assume that trannies already qualify for the wimminz team as it would be ‘transphobic’ to make them play with men?

      • I was fantasizing this possibility earlier today. Not just the slap and tickle of the changing rooms, but choosing to identify as a woman but have fuck all surgery, hormone replacement etc and play womans football. I’d go on the chatshows and all that and just spoof the fuck out the whole thing and display the absurdity of self-identification when an obvious man is being treated as a woman in law. Anyone who called me a joke I’d threaten with court, all the feminists I’d accuse of hate speech it’d be glorious. Unfortunately I can’t play football so can’t be bothered.

  8. Naturally, that unemployable at the top level servile pussywhipped cunt Phil Neville will love this shit….

    • Even as a red till dead hardcore United fan I never took to Phil Neville – cunt written through him like a stick of Blackpool rock.

  9. It’s not nearly woke enough for me. Where are the transwomen? I want to see truckers with pigtails and James Charles with tits and a top-knot.

    • Indeed!

      Clearly the wimminz World Cup is not only sexist & misandrist, but also lezzerphobic, tranniphobic, and all the other fucking phobics.

      I await to see the appropriate assortment of players, commentators and pundits in future.

      Yours sincerely

      Outraged of Islington

  10. To really get an idea of how ‘good’ women’s football is, ask women who follow the men’s game what they think. Mrs B who virtually follows football as much as me will tell you in no uncertain terms how fuckin’ crap it is. Women who go to watch it are either family of players, schoolgirls or don’t know anything about the game.

  11. and now she’s given it to Natalie on the wing but who gives a fuck and she slides forward to whatever her name is and now its Clare in front if goal and she’s missed it the silly daft bint but I must say this game has been slightly less absolute wank than the one yesterday what do you think Andy? I think they have tried their best Richard but it’d still an absolute pile of bollocks but the ref’s arse is nice…

  12. That said, I have to say the men’s England team has been fucking awful in this half-baked Nations League whatever bollocks cup thing!

    They were shit against Holland, especially the defence; and they were pretty awful against world-beaters Switzerland today. Total fucking borefest from start to finish.

    So even though the wimminz World Cup is a complete joke; the England aren’t too far behind

    • Give the guys a break we’re in fucking June and they’re STILL playing – the summer after a world cup year to boot – they’re ready for the beach.

      • Fuck them; most ordinary people have to toil all year round for peanuts.

        These highly paid cunts, on the other hand, should either tell the manager “I’m fucking knackered, boss!” and give some young blood a chance; or put a proper shift in without pay, as part of their motivation!

      • Same old argument. You can give me 300k a week, wouldn’t make me any fitter. It’s a case of the limits of human endurance, there is such a thing as burnout and wasting top players longevity on bullshit glorified friendlies is a waste.

      • True, but it doesn’t stop other countries from constantly performing well.

      • Must agree NCFM. Your description of half baked is spot on. How can you have a 3rd/4th place play off in such a meaningless competition? You’d think we’d won the World Cup winning a trivial penalty shoot out. Fuck Southgate – a loser as a player and as a manager.

      • Southgate is a complete cunt in the technical box. He just stands there, hands on hips, with his fucking jumper and tie on and shirt buttoned up despite the fucking heat!

        No shouting, yelling or gesticulating: he just stands there fucking clueless.

        I know Fergie was a cunt, but fucking hell he’d be on the touch line, or in the dressing room at half-time ripping the players a new one if they weren’t performing. But this cunt is like a garden fucking gnome, and about as useful!

      • He does seem more interested in brown-nosing Prince William over mental ‘elf issues or obsessing over Sterling’s constant crusades over racism as picking the team.

      • Raheem Sterling runs more like a woman than the women do in the womens team.
        Plus he can now never, ever be dropped from the team as he ‘stands up to racism’ and so made an official saint at the BB fucking C.

  13. Apologies for change of subject but Roger Godsiff the Labour MP who has supported the peacefuls over LGBT education in the B’ham primary school has been recalled by the Labour Party for ‘reprogramming’. It’s fuckin frightening when
    these robots are expected to toe the line on a moral issue. ps love his surname though – probably called Godstiff by high command.

    • Watching the left becoming knotted as two of the victim minority groups clash is glorious. It was an inevitable result of an illogical ideology where right and wrong is determined not by logic or morals but where a victim group appears on the heirachy. Clearly labour have decided that bummers are the bigger victims of hetero-normal white males and raised their colours in this fight.

      • Couldn’t agree more MandroidZ. Like minds. Here’s to much more entertainment!

      • I have been waiting for this eventuality to arrive with these Labour/libtard cunts – they talk about diversity and inclusion, but only on a level playing field. But now they’re just realising that some are more “equal” than others.

        Get the popcorn ready; this is going to be fun!

      • Labour will remind us all that it has absolutely nothing to do with Is lam though.

      • Teaching kids about LBGT. Does that mean ALL 4? L stands for Lesbian doesn’t it? B for Bi. G for Gay. But what worries me is the T for Transgender. I mean there could be some effeminate school boy going through a period and literally before he knows what’s happening he could be having the Op.

  14. I watched the England- Scotland game…..
    The Scots are ugly fuckers, it’s saying something when Neville is prettier than the female Scotland manager.
    The game was watchable (just) and England won 2-1.
    The media have to hype it up otherwise no one would give a flying fuck.
    It makes me laugh the way the female pundits try to describe the game in Man terms.
    That aside Alex Scott looks very fuckable.

  15. Women’s football. Shite.

    I posted yesterday that I’d like to identify as a trans women so I could play for the ‘Lionesses’ simply so I could share a shower with them
    and any cunt that refused I’ll call out as ‘transphobic’.

    You see there’s always an upside to all this cunt. Look at the Mussys in Birmingham, the chattering classes haven’t got a scooby about how to deal with it. They’ve completely snookered themselves, they can’t virtue signal their way out of this, they can’t blame Tommy Robinson or the rise of the Far Right, no they’re fucked.

    Whilst on the subject of deviants earlier today I heard on the wireless the story about 2 gay actresses in Southampton that were ‘attacked’ whilst on their way to the matinee performance of ‘Rotterdam’ which tells the story of gays being gays and how life is so much harder for them.

    Apparently ‘young boys in a car’ threw something at them, possibly stones hitting one of the gays and slightly injuring her.

    So shocked were they they didn’t get the reg plate or make of car as the victim was hyperventilating.

    I’ve now seen a picture of the ‘victim’ and can confirm ‘she’s’ probably got more testosterone than an adolescent Labrador that’s dying to fuck your leg.

    This story stinks.

    I’ll put money on it being utter shite. It just doesn’t ring true.

    Let’s hope Al-Beeb give it the same coverage when it turns out to be made up.

    • Yeah, I heard that bird on the radio and it didn’t ring true to me either. So these cunts just happened to be driving past, when they decided to kiss in the street and the passenger just happened to have something in his hand to throw. Vague description of a “bluish” estate car.
      Sounds to me they saw the publicity that bus attack got and decided to get some of that for their dirty little play about trannies. Cunts.

      • ‘Young boys in a car’.

        ‘We kissed just as they passed’

        ‘Didn’t see the car’

        ‘Threw stones at them’


        If they didn’t see them then how did they know they were ‘young boys’.

        How many young boys drive cars?

        Who the fuck happens to carry stones in the car????

        Just happened to be off to the theatre to perform in a play about ‘the gays’.

        Fucking shite.

    • I reckon the story probably is true. Let’s be honest,any sane person would be within their rights to chuck stones if they saw two Munters like that necking on…I’d happily lob a house-brick at the gruesome pair and consider my actions perfectly reasonable in the circumstances.

      Is the red haired one even female? I suspect that it didn’t start life as a woman.

    • Fucking hell. That’s so blatantly orchestrated. The victim is ‘beautiful.’

      • Saw the victim on the news.
        ‘Was hit in the face and fell over’
        Completely unmarked. Beautiful is not a word I’d use.
        Perhaps the real assault by some (London morons) on a bus inspired this horrendous, alleged attack?

      • That Parkinson looks like a navvy off a building site with a wig on. Even if it were true, why does anyone need to kiss in the street?

      • Yes, a complete load of cunting shit, “just as my tongue touched her clit some boy racers shouted give up you dirty fucker and threw something”
        Any normal man seeing two birds getting hot, would cheer them on not discourage them, even if they are as rough as a badgers arse.
        Probably go to moderation, same as my other post, CUNTS fuck off.

    • Clearly Scotland Yard should be hauled in to investigate this heinous hate crime.

      Fuck everything else, let them sort this dreadfully horrific incident just in case there’s a mass libtard protest suggesting the police aren’t doing enough etc.

      Meanwhile a few more homeless war veterans die an undignified death in some shelter. But no one gives two fucks because they’re old, male and white.

      What a truly fucked up world

  16. Load of shit, they had better not fuck about with trying to bring Alf Tupper in to the modern era, he would put the queers, trump protesters,mouse limbs and any other undesirables in there place. A proper man.

  17. Richard Green & Andy Gray: “Do they have the offside rule in the women’s game?”

    “Probably, but none of them understand it!”

    Right! Off to chalky it is for you pair of cunts!

  18. It did happen, CC, but it was Richard Keys, the hairy fucking silver back, and not Richard Green. What a pair of CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS. And as for Tom Palmer, get yourself to fuck, you bellend. CCCUUUNNNTTT.

    • I saw those cunts working on some muslim channel, the only place presenters demonised by the righteous left can get a job I suppose.

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