Auto Sergei

Auto Sergei

Compare the Meercunt

I nominate this desperate attempt to prolong this irritating and long overdue to be axed campaign.

Talk about stretching an idea.

What next, T2 Sergei, BladeSergei, Total Sergei etc. ?

Lest we not forget it’s about bloodsucking insurance freeloading on margin parasites…

Auto Sergei, Auto Cunt more like

Nominated by MiddleEngland

34 thoughts on “Auto Sergei

  1. I’ve written a letter of complaint to Compare the Market about those meerkat things. Neither of them is a rump-raider,dark-key or raspberry…it’s a fucking disgrace.

    I await their reply with interest.

    • Wheelchair bound meerkats with LGBTQRTSUW tendencies would, one assumes, suffice. If the BBC did adverts you could be sure of it…

  2. I dont understand the mindset that gets sentimental about and attaches emotions to corporate mascots, apart from terror (the Scotch Tape Skeleton).

  3. It’s the one where Sergei is singing that has me changing channels.
    That’s to protect my screen from my size 11.

  4. Those meercunts needs stuffing; the joke is long over. Plus their ads are becoming ever more expensive, which mug punters will invariably have to pay for indirectly.

    So those hairy cunts along with that fat warbling cunt for “Go Compare” (I think), need to fuck off and die!

    • The go compare operatic cunt and that hamster faced smug yorkshire cunt from plusnet mobile give me anger management issues! Best place for those cunts is shallow grave up on the moors..

  5. Dampening down the East European accent so that when we hear it we won’t be worried our house will be “cleaned” by a Eastern bloc former Commie ex crim. What next?

    Stanislav the Slovakian squirrel?
    Pavel the Polish pet pest?
    Rüben the Romainian Rat?
    Barbara the Bulgarian babooshka Badger?
    Leonård the likeable Lithuanian Lice?

    Korrrva-korrrva, dooshka-dooshka nay fucking dobjay.

    • As cunty as the ads are they must work
      Which says more about the indolent minded general population who seem happy to sit around chewing the cud of endless ridiculous CGI animal adverts…
      Mindless fuckers….. 😡
      Talking about TV adverts I almost choked on my dinner when I saw an advert which had an attractive black lady with a white man!! Groundbreaking stuff indeed, but the next sequence killed me when they showed a white man with an oriental lady, obviously the two sets of children appeared to have taken more far more genes from their mothers side , because as we all know white men are particularly pathetic and feeble in TV ad land……. 😂

      • Afternoon Marquis of Q. Was it a Thai lady?

        I had to visit my GP recently and there was a Thai doctor replacement.
        She said, “prease be taking off shirt, tlousers, and pants.” After I had she said,”Don’t worree, having erection is perfectly normal.”
        “I haven’t got an erection” I said.
        “No”, she replied, “but I have.”

      • I visited the surgery to discover we’ve now got a stunning, young, large breasted new doctor.

        She said ” What’s the problem?”

        “It’s a bit embarrassing actually.” I replied.

        “Don’t worry” she said, “I’m a professional, believe me, I’ve seen it all before. Tell me what it is and I can check it out.”

        I said “Well, my wife thinks my cock tastes weird “….

      • Afternoon captain!!
        Have you ever been to Thailand?
        If you’ve just rocked up and go out and get steaming you could easily fall into the clutches of a lady boy !!
        I’ve seen it happen…..

      • I certainly have, Q. I spent about ten weeks there though years ago and I only fucked the Chubby ones with big tits, not my usual type at all. I did, however, have a wonderful couple of weeks on the island of Ko Tao with a stunning Canadian, diving, rutting, and scoffing coconut curry. Splendid times.

      • Nice one captain!!
        Did same thing in 93
        Travelled all over but fondest time was being munted on koh lanta with a very saucy young Dutch girl, I was supposed to be staying 2/3 days , second night I bumped into her , then continued “ bumping “ into her for 10 days!

  6. Those fucking Meerkat adverts… African vermin and Eastern European voices? Don’t we get enough of that without having it on the fucking telly as well?….

    • For a full house they need is a grooming Påki taxi driver flogging Cillit Bang.

  7. One has to laugh when those first in the queue to shout racist and Islamophobia (Labour) then try to defend anti semitism… Monumental cunts….

    • That cunt who won in Peterborough was giving it all the “ hope over fear”
      “ inclusive not divided “ bollocks unaware she had been “ liking “ posts which had anti Semitic rhetoric!! Typical…….

  8. Unaware? ( historically a cunty word)
    That word was used in 1930,s- 1940,s Germany ( sorry Naziland)
    People were “unaware “ that genocide was being committed just outside of their towns ……

    • Corbyn’s too when in Tunisia he was unaware of honouring Munich terrorists despite being pictured holding a huge fucking wreath but was aware enough to try and keep the trip under £660 so he wouldn’t have to declare it on his MP expenses. Slippery cunt.

  9. I’d like to see the PG chimps back. With Nigerian accents. Who could possibly object?

  10. This Sergei cunt had been on our screen for about 15 years yet meerkats only live about 12, either that little annoying cunt is close to death or he’s a fucking imposter.

    Male meerkats also attack their mates in to submission before fucking but they don’t mention that on the ads do they. #MeerToo

  11. The meerkat ad needs to move with the times – we need a gay meerkat; a lezzer meerkat, a gender neutral non-binary meerkat; and a meerkat-of-colour.

    Oh and any hint of a right-wing, Trump-loving meerkat will need a good milkshaking.

    • Do you think those cunts love “milk-shaking” as they get off thinking it’s some sort of left-wing bukake party where they’re chucking their “milk-shake” over a Tory?

      • Over a Tory?
        I’d chuck my milkshake over that Priti bird, esp. when she’s whispering sweet nothings about delivering Brexit. The old loins are stirring, b’Gad…

  12. Sergi can fuck off, Despicable shit that should have never been allowed.
    Any cunt that says “simples” deserves to physically assaulted.

  13. Not sure which is the more irritating – the fucking meerkats or that cunt with the twirly moustache.

    I saw a meerkat once on the lawn in South Africa. It’s about the size of a squirrel so these cunts must have been on the Weetabix…

    • Reckon they are some sort of post-Chernobyl fuck-up.
      They probably glow in the dark, so Uncle Elsan would probably appreciate them. Candle up the Shitter and all that, without the fire risk…

  14. I too have become fed up with these lice infested rats appearing on a TV with their ridiculous Russian accents, all for the benefit of some corporate behemoth. Fuck off.

  15. On a visit to a wildlife park the other month the meerkat enclosure was the nearest to the entrance of the park and the school children of course were only interested in the meerkats.

    Cue the dissatisfied faces when they realised that they are just small rodents who were more interested in digging holes in the ground than putting a show on for pesky kids.

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