Siobhan Prigent


Lads and lads, I give you Siobhan Prigent:

The fat, angry land-whale shitcunt whose repulsive fucking visage was pasted all over the internet yesterday for the milkshaking and harassment of that lone, middle-aged Trump supporter – screaming ‘Nazi’ in his face and pushing him over – during POTUS’s visit yesterday.

Even better – this fucking abomination works at none other than the NHS!

Come one, come all and cunt this vile representation of everything rotten on the left. Give it something real vicious and imagine screaming it in this cunt’s wobbling fat face.

Cunts like this truly deserve everything that is coming to them.

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114 thoughts on “Siobhan Prigent

  1. ‘I am very sorry for my behaviour today. I should have protested peacefully & I didn’t, & I regret that.’ So an apology that’s not an apology. Not a real apology to the man who she wronged. I think elsewhere she has used that one as well-‘I have let myself down’. Really (so narcissistic these people are ) apologising to herself.

    • “I have let myself down”- that one always makes me choke.
      Like they haven’t achieved their normal high standard.
      From the looks of this slab-cracker, that bar isn’t set too high.

      • Well, now you reap what you sow, consequences and Karma are a bitch. Millions of people now know you are a cunt and what you look like. May I suggest you convert to peaceful and wear the full darlek at least you should be safe from the majority of people who would like to see you flogged in public. You would be able to hold meaningful conversations with Abdul whilst he kicks you around the kitchen cos you fucked up dinner.

    • It’s a pity someone didn’t prick her like the Trump blimp. With that much hot air inside her she’d still be farting her way over London’s rooftops.

    • As “protesting peacefully” usually entails wearing a burqa and quite a lot of plastic, I suppose we ought to be a little bit grateful…

  2. Good grief what a vile looking old harridan , a convincingly good reason to join the sausage jockies

  3. She has quit her NHS job.

    Probably get a seat on Corbies front bench now with the rest of them. I think it will need reinforcing though to cope with them all.

    Hopefully Paul Crowther will get the boot from Sky for assaulting Nigel.

    • Yeah the cunt has supposedly quit. But seeing as she was outside staff anyway it doesn’t mean much. She can be re-hired any time.

  4. Oh look, an unattractive, overweight, loud-mouthed, butch, angry left-wing female.

    Who would have thought.

  5. Everyone is now a nazi/fascist/phobe apart from St Jeremy Owen Jones and Emily Pigberry.
    So there!

    • Hopefully Prigent and Nugee never get seen at Ardingly together.
      A poor farmer might try getting them into a pen with the other swine.
      ‘Never known ’em to holler like that!’

  6. How ironic. She looks like The Donald in the above photo. Her mouth is contorted in anger if you look. His mouth is contorted the same; only its on the blimp. Hers in real life.

  7. What a repulsive monster, he should have given her a decent left hook then taken his boot to it.! Does this beast take a cock or is it a Mellon Farmer, I bet it’s fanny is like a rag mans coat and stinks of 2 day old prawn shells.!!

    • Yes, and she’s she’s still making it all about her friends family and her. There’s nothing about her apology I believe. Out of the ‘100’s of 1000’s’ that went to protest she got caught out, simple as that. Bitch.

  8. I found out what the fat idiot protester placard said;
    ‘This Episode of Black Mirror isnt funny anymore’
    Two points
    A)I had no idea black mirror was a comedy.
    B) it shows she can’t deal with changing political landscape and still believes in the post-cold war liberal consensus we had for a couple llopoppof decades. She has to refer to pop culture to make sense of the real world, just as feeble-minded journalists, celebrities and even lesser politicians are now fond of comparing events with ‘Game of Thrones’ to apoear fashionable and relevant. It’s a sign of arrested intellectual development if ever there was one.

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