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A cunting, please, for Manchester City, who seem to be monopolising English football in the style of PSG and Celtic, using money that is not only not their own but which is also coming from human rights abusing peacefuls. The players and staff are classless as well, as their recent mocking of the attack on Sean Cox in the aftermath of their title win demonstrates – I’m no Liverpool fan, but shit like that is no different to mocking Hillsborough and Munich. I can think of one or two people who will be upset by this cunting but it had to be said – Oil City FC are a classless club whose ill gotten success represents a threat to the competitiveness of the English game.

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  1. Top cunting, Man Citeh are classless cunts.
    An oil club full of mercenaries like Ya Ya Toure who threatened to leave because the club forgot his birthday.
    Fuck them and we Liverpool will win the league next season, however we are Champions of Europe… Something Citeh won’t be for a long time…especially when Pep Granola fucks off.
    Where is Imitation Yank? The Spurs fan who was slagging off the greatest English club.
    A bit quiet these days.
    😁 😁 😁

    • Spot on black and white. I’ve every respect for Man U, a proud club with a proud history but not these mercenaries. I’m watching this space carefully for Norman’s arrival as he can launch in to this one and express his views about Citeh far better than I can.

      • Yeh and whilst we’re at it – these fuckers steal songs as well as trophies. They’ve stolen ‘Hey Jude’. WTF is that all about? Still, it’s not surprising since Oasis stole everything else from the Beatles.

  2. Man City have ZERO class and that’s still more than Liverpool and United put together. Where were they when they were shit? Just another club with players who have no link to the area at all, playing in a soulless and silent ground that is pretty much replicated in every major city in the country in front of crowds of tourists. Do you think the new breed of city fans know about Shaun Goater, Colin Bell etc? Of course not, 10 years ago they supported Chelsea, 20 years ago Utd and 30 years ago Liverpool.
    I was there the day Man City died. May 2003 when they left Maine Road. Enjoyed spoiling their party / wake that day.
    Football itself is still alive. Championshio games are usually a good watch, as are non league games.

    Wimmen’ s footy? No thanks. I get my lesbian action off the internet thanks.

  3. What gets me are all the extremely well-spoken female football supporters from Oxfordshire who are now living in London, festooning bars during UCL matches.

    Funny, but I certainly don’t remember any of them being around when I was dragged to see Middlesbrough play Man City at Ayresome Park in the (then) second division as a kid sometime the 80s.

  4. Football lost its soul in 1992 – the FA, the EFL, the Premier League et al, they’re all out to squeeze as much money out of TV and the fan as possible; while at the same time sucking up to to the big corporates in terms of sponsorship and advertising, generating even more money!

    They talk about youth academies and grass roots football, but that’s all a front because no one has has the time and patience to wait for a kid to come through the ranks; much quicker to have some rich owner (not a pissy little millionaire anymore; but a billionaire!) to splash out a modest £500m and buy whoever is flavour of the week!

    And Shitty are the epitome of this; and yet everyone fawns of Pep like he’s the new fucking Messiah!

    Hopefully the Premier League will go tits up and owners will suddenly pull out, leaving clubs high and dry in debt.

    Unlikely to happen any time soon, but fuck ’em!

  5. Man Blue, or more accurate Emirates F.C are cunts but not quite as dominant as the nomination suggests. The have yet to win the Champions League as won by Liverpool (6), Man United (3), Notts Forest (2), Aston Villa (1) and Chelsea (1).

    With all the money he’s had, a truly obscene amount, and with all the fiddling (read Norm’s Der Spiegel article) they’ve done, the useless Dooshka-Dooshka selling drugs at the end of your road could “manage” this team and win the league.

  6. I am,of course,a Man City fan. I started the other week after reading that they’d won something. I also support Liverpool because they won something too. Luckily I managed to buy one of those half and half scarves with both of my teams on it so now people will know that I’m a real fan.

    You lot are just jealous of my teams’ success. As I said to my fellow footie fans, Wupert and Tarquin, there’s nowhere can match the atmosphere of standing in the Stretford end at a Man City home game,and when we all belt out “You’ll never Walk Alone”….well, it brings a tear to my eye.

    Of course, “Pep” as I call our manager can never hope to match the success of his predecessor Sir Alex. We certainly knocked Blackburn Rovers off their perch when Giggsy,Shearer,Becks and Wor Jackie Milburn were the backbone of our 6-2-4 system…Shilts in goal…fucking unbeatable.

    I can’t wait for the last month of next season (does the fucking season ever end?) when I can start celebrating my teams success. I do hope that Totting-Ham United don’t spoil our party. I really don’t want to have to fork out for a “Gunners” shirt too.

    Up the Canaries and…

    Fuck Off.

    • “I do hope that Totting-Ham United don’t spoil our party.”


      • I read that Corbyn smuggled Yasser Arafat’s ashes into White Hart Lane and mixed them into Alan Sugar’s half-time cuppa….he giggled and smirked while he did it,the scruffy Cunt.

        Source….The Daily Mail.

    • one of your finest and most concise offerings, Mr Fiddler. You are the very epitome of a glory-hunting plastic fan, who will support a successful team but would be unable to actually name more than 3 players from the actual team!

      You will indeed, never walk alone….. that is until the end of next season when some other club is top dog and you will have to acquaint yourself with suitable livery and quirky banter.

    • So sad to learn that the esteemed Mr Fiddler is a Man Shitty supporter.They are of course punching above their natural weight, buoyed up by Sharia loving Peaceful money.They ain’t int same class as the Pool,Red Devils,Villa,and Forest.However Shitty does have one record that no other English team can match:the only team to win the top division and be relegated the following year.

      1936/37 – English First Division

      1st Man City 42 22 13 7 107 61 57pts

      1937/38 – English First Division
      21st Man City 42 14 8 20 80 77 3 36pts

  7. NoCuntForOldMen has it right.
    Football has no soul.
    My lot are Chelsea. Don’t go anymore, done my shift, first game in ’67.

    Had some decent success in recent times and my head says gimme more but my heart is still with the crumbling terraces of the Shed, white wall, Tea bar, Ken Bates’ era and his electric fence….

    I still remember when admission went up to £5 and thinking this is getting ridiculous….

    • I was a regular in the shed during the late 80’s early 90’s JRC.
      Halcyon days indeed.
      £5 on the gate. A few beers in the Swan before the game. A good sing song during the game, taking the piss out of the away fans stood amongst the trees in the away end .
      Division 2 was the best fun. Dixon smashing 4 past Barnsley . Graham Roberts stunning own goal header at Fratton Park on the last game of the season.
      Some of the best days of my life because we never won a fucking thing apart from division 2.

  8. I think you’re getting Celtic confused with Rangers OC, they are the experts at cheating the tax man

  9. Read and re-read my post 3 times now admin and still cant figure out the word or phrase that caught the eyes of disqus? Was rather hoping that rant made it 😉

    mate I am in the back room dealing with the fall out from some of this and your victim was most unimpressed (don’t cunt cunter’s), but he never saw yours and you won’t see his.

    • I referred to him as a cunt as arent we all cunts of a feather on here? A cunt cunts a cunt in the best possible taste but maybe still a cunt? I am sure you make your way through several each day that suggest a cunter is a cunt. I get your drift though. We should have a more thorough regime on accepting cunts – that particular cunt woudnt have made the cut 😉
      I do however, apologise for you having to interject.

  10. Holy smokes Batman, I’m surprised that comment got bounced! It wasn’t aimed at anyone or remotely aggressive. I may have overstepped in the past but that’s a harsh one that.

    Your closing comment wasn’t particularly nice

    • Ah it wa only tongue in cheek but I hear ya. Fair dos


  11. Manchester City are no different from any other European football club, in that the owners are willing to spend billions to sign the best players so that the team win trophies and they can bask in the reflected glory. They’d all do the same, it’s just that City have the most money right now. It isn’t often that a ‘Leicester’ comes along and spoils things for the rich cunts.
    If they introduced a system like the American football draft, then things might eventually change, but as things are, money talks.

  12. Pep wears a rainbow 🌈 badge and city support the LGBT+CUNT community yet their paymasters will take away your freedom if you fancy a journey along chocolate lane in their land covered in sand.

    • The irony would be lost at the Emptijihad. Most of the berties only started wearing the blue shit in 2005. Or as the Afghans say – girls are for breeding, boys are for pleasure. Allans Snackbar.

  13. Anyone but the bin dippers (horrible scouse hooligans ruined European football for so many teams) or the Man U wankers as far as i’m concerned!

  14. Where i live there are lots of Man U/Liverpool/ Chelsea’fans’. When asked why they dont support our local team instead of one a hundred miles away they say ‘ because they’re shit’.
    So fucking WHAT cunts.
    No one admires you for supporting the big teams. You’d get more respect supporting your own local side.

    • Don’t like cunts like that myself… I am a Man United fan, but I am born ad bred Newton Heath… My cousins are Gorton and are hardcore blues..

      The thing Man Citeh will never be able to buy is standing in the game… Look at the difference between the Bertie’s ‘Treble’ and the Scousers European Cup win… Deansgate wasn’t even half full for the Ciddy victory parade (followed by the wimmins team in their own open top bus! Sickening)… While half a million came out to welcome home Liverpool… Like them or not, LFC are a massive club… Citeh are like the lottery winning chavs of the football world…. But money does talk… That is why Aguero is in Ardwick instead of Catalonia… I don’t blame their fans for enjoying it, but Pep is such a hypocritical cunt…. Aguero is quality, mind… The best striker in Mcr since Ruud van Nistelrooy….

  15. And whilst we’re at it why the fuck is Stones playing for England? He’s a fuckin liability.

  16. I support a team from the lower leagues. I support them because i could walk to the ground. Live in Oz now but still support them. I remember Man City being in our league.They were shit, then they got bought, then they simply bought the league , went up and proceeded to but every fucking league to the Premier which they bought. I wouldn’t waste my fucking time watching these Premier league cunts roll around the deck cunts one and all.

  17. Good old mate of mine is a blue, but he’s a good lad… When Citeh brought out that K(r)appa kit with the ‘Three Stars’ badge I heard all sorts of delusional explanations… Kappa only have ever made three kits (bullshit) and other such shite… I asked my mate Paul and he said ‘Three stars? Don’t know, cos we’ve won fuck all’… This was true at the time and some blues are top lads… They know the score… No love lost, but no nonsense either… They’re not all like those Gallagher scumbags….

    I’m in a good mood today… On a promise from Mrs N might have something to do with it…

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