James Charles


Who? you will say. Well he is another of those little pansies who has far too much time on *his*(?) hands and makes You Tube videos, which is apparently an “industry”:


Although the little fairy is still a teenager, he is another example of the narcissistic me-me-me- vanity culture that this country has thrown up in the past few years, the soy-boy, nancified, self-obsessed arsewipes who go round chanting “Love socialism, hate Brexit” and “Our future, our choice”, although the sun has to shine through their arseholes. Heaven knows what sort of future there will be if brain dead little wankers like him get a say in it.

Apparently this little iron stands accused of trying to tempt a straight man to the Gayness, according to some woman who he is in competition with.

7 year olds in the playground used to be more grown up.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

44 thoughts on “James Charles

  1. tempt a straight man into gayness?
    if it gave me a blowjob, or let me fuck it, would that make me gay? I am not the sausage jockey or user of the pink toothbrush!

  2. Another chickenshit ‘social media’ gossip strop that somehow is news. THAT is what ires the fuck out of me- that some cunt thought this was newsworthy and we all have to hear about it.

  3. The more Oxygen of publicity given to Olympic-level shirt-lifters like this fruity specimen, the more ridiculous our society becomes. It’s already in terminal decline mind you so some may argue whether these fucks can do any further damage than that already inflicted.

    It was a complex and evolutionary process of the internet, reality TV and political correctness all combining at the right time to result in a climate which fosters these vacuous cunts as the norm, rather than the exception.

    I say this without equivocation – the only way we will rid ourselves of these scumcunts once and for all is another world war.

    • Sadly and with a heavy heart I do agree.

      And it comes to something when I know without question I’d happily pick up arms to put an end to this shit.

      The rabid left has hijacked the agenda, Siobahn bitch Cunt is a perfect example, where’s the coverage? Al-Beeb reports it on its back pages, the Graun has slept through it and generally it’s not reported.

      Now what if this was Someone from the ‘Far Right’ ie Anne Widdecombe or perhaps Michael Portillo.

      It would be wall to wall.

      There’s only one way to stop that shit……💥💥💥

  4. Do gay men like such feminine-looking creatures?

    It puzzles me, this gender queerism.

  5. Never fear, this vacuous Nancy boy is apparently losing Twitter followers by the day with his tweets. One he posted said: “I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?”

    • Dunno what you bitchy lot are on about? Looks a nicely turned out young man! Well groomed & presentable! Bet hes popular with the young ladies ! Hes a what? Errghh!!! Get that fucker out of here now! Abomination…

    • …but didn’t tweet “I can’t believe I’m going to gargle with another bloke’s jiz today omg what if we get AIDS”?
      Fucking freak of nature.

  6. Personally i wouldnt class him as a soy-boy. He’s more a twink for the likes of McKellen and Norton and obviously looks after himself. Soy-boys are shapeless heaps of flab, pasty skin and wispy ginger bumfluff.

  7. Looks like the little shit stabber can’t get himself out of this one with his current oppression points. Next week he’ll be non-binary, mixed race and start following the peaceful nonce warlord and it’ll be “islamaphobic” not to sleep with it and we won’t be allowed to mention the hypocrisy when he’s stood outside a school in Birmingham protesting their LGBTJIMMYSAVILE lessons.

  8. Painted-faced cretin who likes airing his distasteful views before grappling fellers in hot showers?

    Is he a Rugby player?

  9. Oh, come on. This one’s hilarious…


    After a handbag fight on social media this demented Danny LaRue wannabe weeps:

    “The past week on the internet has been the darkest we’ve all ever seen and it’s also been the darkest time I’ve had to go through in my life and my thoughts got to a really scary place.”

    Hands up, cunters. Have any of you experienced this level of trauma? Has anything in human history ever happened to anyone to match the damage inflicted on poor James Charles/Charlotte? Even the spot I discovered on my face last week cannot match the depth of the tragedy inflicted on this vaguely humanoid cunt. Have pity.

    And whatever dark place it is in which he/she/it finds itself – certainly not the closet – let us bring light, and, Krav, I’m looking at you, a sympathy shag.

    • PS. Admin. I see ISAC providing a valuable service here, which should be monetised. A subscription-only virtual internet boot camp in which utter cunts could accustom themselves to being called cunts by our team of qualified cunters, before making gigacunts of themselves on social media.

  10. These cunt make me more sick after watching the D-day celebrations. The poor cunts younger than him were assaulting beaches fighting for their country. Cunts.

  11. ALL of The Gays are on the look-out to tempt straight men.

    Gays are notoriously promiscuous. It is one of the symptoms of their affliction. Just as a rabid dog will bite,so a Gay suffering from a full-blown infection will attempt to molest any male that cannot defend himself…old,infirm,ugly,obese…even curry-munchers…nothing is too distasteful to deter The Rampant Gay…He will attempt to board.
    Luckily, most Gays lack physical strength,this allied to their inability to run quickly dressed in a Widow Twanky dress and high heels means that any reasonably fit male can avoid their foul intentions. It’s the poor men in wheel-chairs that I feel sorry for, it must be a bugger trying to push oneself up a hill while being chased by the chorus-line from The Rocky Horror Picture Show….indeed, I believe that The Gays were actually responsible for the death of Stephen Hawking….the buggerers just pushed him over the edge. The man who solved the mysteries of the Universe had no desire to involve himself in any Gay-led deep probing of Uranus,and who can blame him?

    I,of course,with my rugged good looks,chiselled features and sartorial elegance,am catnip to The Gays. This is why I never leave home without my home-made Gay-Repellent…a heady brew of Manly smells….sawdust,sweat and petrol…a lot of petrol. The sight of one Poof is quickly followed by the sound of another “Poof” as the petrol ignites….Oh the sight of an obese bearded Gay dressed in crinoline trying to make his escape from my home-made flame thrower is a joy to behold and almost makes the constant harassment from predatory Wooftas that I must endure almost worth it.


    Fuck Off.

    • To be fair stephen hawking was a massive flirt, deep gravelly dalek voice, bulldog underbite, asked for it really the little cock teaser.

    • Disgusting fucking faggot……and I’m not too keen on this James bloke either.

  12. Apparently science may be able to explain gayness? I’m seriously waiting for the book to come out

    A journey around Uranus with the stars!
    Ft contributions from Owen Jones and Elton john ….

    Talking about the fat Brexit hating uphill gardener!! My wife’s friend rang our house last night , all excited! She had managed to source 2 Elton john tickets for his concert at hove cricket ground
    Yeh £105.00 each!! Get to fuck
    Did we want them? WTF !!
    I wouldn’t go for free…. I can imagine the cunt playing up to the pro remain arseholes that infest Brighton and hove, many of whom will be wearing EU hats or T-shirts 😡
    I’m praying it rains hard all fucking night

    • To quote a football expression ‘ If he was playing in my garden I would draw the fucking curtains’ And put Quadrophenia on full belt.

  13. It looks like it’s related to that screaming Eurovisuon bearded cunt dress wearing freak in Austria.

    Either that or the pair of them have probably played a quick round of mud darts in the past……

    What the fuck is the world coming to when creepy little bastards like this are celebrated and hailed as heroes and celebs?

    I’d like one of the RM Commando veterans who stormed Gold beach 75 years to get out of his wheel chair and smack this little cunt silly and show him what real men did for their country.

    Not dress up like a fucking Barbie doll.

    Now get to fuck.

  14. How is the human race going to perpetuate itself when specimens such as this are produced?

    To quote private Frazer, “ were doomed, ye cunts, I’m telling ya, we’re doomed”.

    • It’s crap jizz from eating too much junk food that makes these runts in the first place, so expect this to be the norm in 20 years.

    • The human race WILL perpetuate itself.
      Just not with the genetic material of these knob polishers.
      If they’re too busy pumping love custard up eachothers’ ringpieces, instead of up a nice set of beef curtains, they’re hardly likely to procreate.
      Yes, they can adopt, but their genetic line will be finished.
      It’s the ones that swing both ways that keep them going. Give that lot the snip, and there’ll be no more in 50yrs.
      With the added bonus of them not infecting normal people with AIDS by using toilet seats/breathing near people/looking at them etc.

  15. Can you imagine this fucking specimen jumping out of a landing craft, into four foot of freezing water, carrying 50 kilos of equipment, spare ammo, mortar bombs, a huge wireless set, wading through the blood of his friends and comrades, through obstacles and a mine field, to assault a fortification armed with 88mm anti tank guns, MG42s and flamethrowers? I don’t think most of the heterosexual population could do that these days, so I don’t think this twat would. Might break a nail for fucks sake!
    Fortunately, as quick as the internet makes these worthless pricks famous, it takes it away, and a shallow puddle of piss like this will take it badly. I foresee a coroner in his near future….

  16. I’d like to have seen this girl storming the beaches of Northern France.


      • Somebody should tell him he’s got a hair out of place, and he’ll probably commit suicide.

      • Make a hole on an oil drum and shove the cunt in it. A portable blowjob machine.

      • read spike miligan, he used a melon in the dessert, sometimes twosomes on said melon (spit roasted melon?) an oil drum dosent cut the mustard unless you cut the top off it and use it for a sit down shit.

      • Reminds me of the navy use of a barrel. With a cabin boy in it.

  17. What’s Julian Clary up to these days? I think he may have regenerated into James Charles. Same initials, same desire to mince. It’s time we had a hyper-camp Doctor.

    Move over Jodie Whittaker, the TARDIS is going to be renamed Priscilla.

    • I somehow doubt he’ll be fisting Philip Hammond any time soon, more’s the pity.

  18. This oxygen thief brought Birmingham to a standstill when 7000 (seven thousand) turned up to see him in the bull ring. Two miles up the road 40000 at Villa Park caused a few tailbacks on the A38. This is the modern world!! Thank fuck I’ve not long left in it.

  19. He, sorry she, um… er… it makes Danny La Rue look like Mad Jack Churchill.
    And Larry Grayson look like Frankie Fraser…

  20. There’s more straight people than gays and always will be.

    There’s more straight animals than gay ones and always will be.

    I couldn’t give a fuck if you are gay or not and will never care and most people don’t care and most people don’t think you should be treated bad if you are gay or not gay.

    So will you gays please shut the fuck up?

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