John Bercow (8)

John Bercow must again be most grievously cunted, quite possibly “on a loop,” so great is his cuntitude.

He thinks it is not very sensible to vacate the chair while matters of such great importance are to be debated; this is what he said in Washington yesterday. The little runt obviously sees himself as president of the world; so with any luck, there will be a fight to the death between him and B. Liar. Then between two other world-class cuuuunts, Macron and Muffley Merkel.

Quite frankly, the only chair I want to see this shrivelled-up little cunt in is the sort that graces a number of penitentiaries in the USA. Sit down and shut up, you orrible little cunt, I’ll flash my ECS card at the gates, and throw the switch. Bastard vermin scum.

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69 thoughts on “John Bercow (8)

  1. If any cunt should be in court for “misconduct in public office” it’s this stumpy little wanker. Leaving aside the #metoo accusations, which have been conveniently swept under the carpet, this cunt doesn’t even try and pretend to be impartial.
    Of course the remoaners love him and heap praise upon the little fucker. If it was the other way around he would have been out on his arse long ago.
    Now I come to think about it the cunt represents this corrupt, traitorous parliament only too well. Should be fucking hanged.

    • Like Speaker Michael Martin before him, who conspired to cover up the MPs expenses scandal. Though Bercunt’s crimes are transparent for all to see on a daily basis, he is a Tory Speaker ironically kept in place by Labour votes.

      • ‘traitorous parliament’ should be called that in the history books when they come to be written. ‘The Traitorous Parliament’ like ‘The Long Parliament’ or ‘The Rump Parliament’. Mind you with all the bummerz in there maybe we should call it- ‘The Traitorous Rump Parliament’.

  2. Well cunted.
    I dream of a world where we debate executing cunts like Bercow in the parliament of is-a-cunt.
    Should the boggle eyed, undemocratic slag-shagger be fried in the electric chair?
    The ayes to the right: 650. The no’s to the left: 0. Sorry Bercunt, parliament has spoken.

    • Forget that, put him and others of a similar ilk on a small island in scotland and a angry polar bear and bet on whos last to be mauled! Its eco friendly, polar bears are endangered dont you know, and gives people like bercow plenty of exercise & fresh air, tackling obesity, and gives the general public family viewing for saturday primetime! Be good, seeing bercow have his entrails scattered on a pebbly beach, blood splattered massive white bear, anna sourberry arming herself with a rock while sobbing… Now i really missed my calling, should of pitched this show to channel5!

      • Almost like a Political Lord of the Flies? That’d be TV Gold…
        …And then in 20 years time on UK TV Gold.

      • Yeah sort of, crossed with the blue planet! Get Dave Attenborough to narrate it! Educational and entertaining! Ticks all the boxes doesnt it?

      • I’ve thought much the same about our own politicians and other assorted windbags in regard to the abundant supply of crocodile infested islands within our domain.

      • Oh and Dingoes, can’t forget the Dingoes. They’re gonna get your baby.

      • As long as that ridiculous idiot Jess ‘not obsessed with Carl Benjamin’ Phillips is on it, along with Anna Sourberries, Lady Nugee and David Grenfell Lammy, i’ll watch it.

      • See? Already going international! Crocodiles are just as educational as polar bears when eating a politician.

      • Jess Phillips is aloud on but she’ll be confined to the Iron Maiden (the torture device, not the band). About time the bitch had something genuine to cry about.

    • Excellent idea IC
      I presume in your parliament there is absolutely no right of appeal? And the punishments are dealt with within 24 hours of the vote? No point wasting public finances on any of these treasonous cunts!!

  3. Sneezy: Keep away! My nose, my hay fever!
    Snow White: You must be Sneezy.
    Sleepy: (Yaaawn)
    Snow White: You must be Sleepy.
    Bercow: We have to delay Brexit and deny democracy!
    Snow White: You must be Cunty.
    Bercow: Order, Orrr-derrr!
    Snow White: My goodness! What a fucking nasty, little spiteful shit you are.

    • “I have some friends too, Thornpiggy, Flabby, Lammy and Chucky”.

      • Shame they didn’t die in The Great Fire Of London, with names like that…

        Bercowbollox is the cuuuunt that keeps on discharging.

  4. Oh, and his wife is a filthy old scrubber who even fucks pikeys.
    What kind of a man would put up with that humiliation?

  5. Hoo-ee, these cunts just don’t know when their time is up! They know they’ll slide into obscurity once their “power” has been taken. It’s as if they’re glued to their role.

    See also, Blair, Major, Theresa fucking May. Just Piss off.

    • Slide into obscurity? He’s probably been promised President of the European Union.

  6. This Cunt should be petrified, Carry On Screaming style, then placed next to a garden pond with a fishing rod, to be slowly encrusted with bird shit as the years roll by.
    Oh yeah.

    • Fuck the petrifying, just screw his feet to something heavy so he can enjoy the experience.

    • I’d opt for the Mexican gangland flavour of execution – put the cunt in a plastic barrel, sit him so that his head is just above the rim, then pour in liquid concrete.

      The fucker’s skin will itch and burn like crazy but he will be unable to do anything as the concrete sets, locking him into position for 3 days of sheer claustrophobic hell until he dies of dehydration.

      Extreme measures for an extreme cunt.

      • Im looking forward to your travelogue, ‘Wish you weren’t here; executions of the World’

        I’m sure Simon Reeves could present it. ‘We’re not hear to judge these fuckers, just observe’.

      • “put the cunt in a plastic barrel, sit him so that his head is just above the rim”

        Inspired stuff TECB, only you’d have to stand him on a block ’cause even on tiptoes he’d struggle to see over the rim.

  7. He’s at it again saying parlicunt will not be prerogued to force Brexit through as it would be unconstitutional. Funny how the constitution is bent to suit him and his Remainer friends.

    This man is an utter cunt.

    Fuck off.

    • So now we have to take in all the q-ears as refugees? Fuck off ye ass bandits back to the shithole that spawned you.

      • should someone be subjected to persecution in there home country it is agaist there human rights to deport them, we had this with abdul hamza.

    • Hang on a minute, if gay sex is illegal in bongo bongo land then don’t do it?

      It’s a bit like this utter cunt surrounding the chlorinated chicken shite from America, don’t buy it?

      I can’t help but think that all this campaigning on his behalf is raising his profile to deliberately make it dangerous for him to return home.

      Hang on a minute, if I let myself into someone’s house then refused to leave because if I did I could be persecuted or prosecuted for being a burglar would I have a case?

      • Exactly, CMcC
        Like when Lammy demands a pause on deporting criminals back to Jamaica because of their safety. Well don’t fucking heavily break the law then! Without a threat of punishment, how can there be a rule of law?


        Apparently Iranians (and a few other countries’ natives) are exempt from being deported for similar reasons. Go ahead with your crime sprees, get rapey, fill your boots, you’ve got a permanent free pass.

      • Not really , I have been a few places where the “primitive” Governments alow the UNHCR to create protective zones, they are little islands (or camps) where undesirables are delivered into the hands of the UNHCR and become their problem.

  8. God damn, too many cuntings to keep up with. Ideally Bercunt will perish in an Irish pub with a load of other cunts when Emma Thomson’s helicopter collides with Bono’a ego during landing.

  9. Aga do do do, push pineapple shake the tree, what a pile of cunt that was.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • That dwarf cunt Berserkow is a proper cunt. I suppose you have to be a cunt to do that job…its the only way you can deal with the cunts in Parliament.

    • A bit random B&WC, Bercunt should have a pineapple rammed up his chute.

      • I did write something else LL, probably forgot to press post.
        Bercunt like Corbyn wont fuck off…the power mad cunt.

  10. And let’s not forget the filthy cunt refused to attend a State Banquet so he could virtue signal to his libtard mates. When Her Maj invites you to a function you don’t throw a hissy because she also invited some cunt you don’t like. It’s just fucking rude not to turn up and, in the poison dwarf’s case it’s his FUCKING JOB! Same applies to Steptoe and that Markle bitch.
    All three of them should be executed for treason.

  11. Bollocks to Bercow.
    …a disgusting, repugnant little man.
    Well cunted.

  12. I see every Google and their dog are harping on about the Wahmen’s World cup.

    You may say to yourself, “maybe I’ll watch a few games, it might be ok”.

    Then you remind yourself that Sweden’s women’s team lost to Swedish club AIK’s U-17 players 3-0 a few years ago, and the lads only played with 10 outfield players to boot.

    • Yeah but the wimminz would have won if it was two-legged! Bitches are equals!

  13. I said weeks ago ‘watch this space’ but the stand off at the Birmingham Primary School is now coming to a head and I’m fuckin’ loving it. These bastards have been on a collision course for some time and demonstrates that there is no compromise between left wing libtards and a Medieval religion. I suppose I’ll eventually come down on the side of law and order but for now, I’m loving every fucking minute of it. p.s. the left wing headmistress with the pink framed glasses deserves everything coming her way. Her ‘poor staff are under severe stress with high blood pressure and don’t want to go to work’. Poor dears. You’ve accommodated these Medievals for so long, it’s all coming back to bite you. Fuck off.

  14. I can’t really add much more to this high quality cunting of a richly deserved specimen.

    For what Bercow lacks in stature and trouser trout, he over compensates in belligerence and theatricals. Had Mavis any kind of leadership ability, she would have silenced this shitty little goblin several years ago.

    His wife is probably riding some other man’s donkey dick as I type this. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t have the equipment downstairs so tries (but fails) to assert himself through his role as Squawker instead.

    I would love to push the cunt over, into a huge pile of dogshit, the cunt.

    • His missus is probably infested with miriad ,pikey STD’s. Hopefully, she’ll bang him for his birthday and he will subsequently, slowly rot.
      Oh yeah.

    • Seems to be a bit shorter now, that happens to old cunts. Did you see the queen the other day, she’s like a borrower!

  15. Pint sized cunt with thoughts of grandeur. I would still however pork his wife

  16. I’m not gay but I’d like to shove a broom handle up his arse. Horrible hideous little cunt.

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