Gordon Brown (14)


A good tartan cunting (and with luck he will get both, the latter from Jess Phillips) for the lugubrious old fucker, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who has today sought and got an *enquiry* into the financial arrangements of the Brexit Party, because old jockstrap fears that the money “might come from anywhere” ( a bit like the donations handed to him and Anthony Blair, for *access*). The relevant body will inspect the Brexit party TOMORROW.

What a spiteful childish act from this one-eyed heap of shit, who took part with his tarry fingered colleagues of a decade ago in the expenses scandals, of which he availed himself abundantly.

Hopefully, like the “bigoted woman”, this means that the obese old fart’s behaviour will backfire on him, and he has just lost old Steptoe another few thousand votes – or perhaps that is what he and the fancy nancy boys of Blairite New Labour want?

Nominated by W. C. Boggs


And urgent nomination please for Gordon Brown and the ‘Peoples’ Vote loons. They have complained to the Election Commission that Nigel Farage’s Brexit party have illegally accepting undeclared donations of over £500 (the limit for which donations must be declared) from anonymous sources, something Farage has vehemently denied. Consequently, the deeply partisan lickspittles at the EC will be visiting the Brexit Party HQ on Tuesday 21st May to conduct an investigation in this allegation which to my knowledge, has absolutely no basis in fact. It was mono-eyed cuntstick, Brown who made a written complaint to the EC, demanding an investigation. And of course, being staffed with biased left wing cock jockey’s, they have obliged. The timing of this, just days before the EU elections, is suspicious, to put it mildly.

I doubt the EC will find anything, but I will be surprised if they don’t at least attempt a hatchet job on the Brexit Party. Meanwhile, the ‘Peoples’ Vote cunts have been blatantly displaying their hypocrisy by announcing to their equally braindead supporters that they will be accepting donations up to £499, £1 below the limit for declaring donations. They’ve even admitted that they’ve deliberately done that to AVOID declaring donations, which is what they’ve just accused the Brexit Party of doing.

Giving that pretty much all the polls for this election have the Brexit party way in out in front, it’s hard to see Brown’s complaint to the EC as anything other than a cynical attempt at smearing the Brexit Party, just days before the election. I doubt it will work, but it does show how shit scared the traitors in the Remain camp are of Farage. He created the party only a couple of months ago, and already they’re way out in front. It’s also a sign, which the traitors keep ignoring, that the British people are beyond pissed with the current political class. Let’s see if Cable is crowing about the Limp Dumbs recent by election success as a sign that the British people want Brexit cancelled when the results of the EU election are announced.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

62 thoughts on “Gordon Brown (14)

  1. So what are they going to do if they do find one or two undeclared £1000 donations, cancel the Brexit Party?

    It’s not about the party you fat greedy useless gold selling cunt, it’s about how crap your party and the Tory party are.

    Thick as mince.

  2. Eff off you wonky-jawed traitorous cunt!
    How dare you sell off our gold reserves for virtually fuck-all.
    I hope that you get anal cancer.

  3. Useless fucker. Selling off our gold reserves.

    Fuck off you gormless looking Scottish turd.

    • Not only just selling them WS
      Selling them at the bottom of the market!! Utterly useless cunt! …..
      I remember brown turning up on American idol , wearing more make up than Barbara Cartland he made a complete tit of himself, brown spent more fucking time doing PR then he ever did being a PM ….
      Definitely one of Britain’s worst post war prime ministers…….
      A dour Scotsman completely lacking in personality and charisma but worst of all vision! , and I’m not just talking about his glass eye either…… CUNT!

      • I never knew that McBroon was moonlighting as a Z-list seleb on American Idol Q, well he learnt from Blair, master of smoke and mirrors and the shit eating grin or gurn in Browns case, always looks like he is trying to shit out a pineapple.

      • Only once LL
        Fuck me he looked a sight , far too much makeup!! Daft twat 😂

    • “Son of the Manse”… no prizes for guessing what his extra-curricular interests might include.

      Another fiscal fuckwit.

  4. Why can’t these old interfering hypocritical politicians just die a horrible death!

    Or better still have them all executed when they reach either a certain age or certain level of Cuntishness (a bit like that film “Logan’s Run” – get to 30 and you have to die for the good of the nation!)

    Brown is an absolute fucking joke, and I hope some Peaceful hacks his fucking head off in front of a bunch of hysterical libtards, just to give them, and him, a fucking reality check!

  5. And is Brown hinting to those wimminz in that pic that he has a massive prick? If so then he should wrap his hands round his neck and “tug” himself until he chokes!


    • I always had Brown down as a bit of a arse bandit and his “wife” was just a hastily arranged marriage just to make him look with the “people”. Cunt.

  6. I have to cunt these cuntings, not because they are not valid or good quality but because seeing and reading about Gormless Brown this early has had the same effect as I’d imagine as waking up next to Jimmy Savile’s corpse would have on one of his victims.

    • Made me spray my cornflakes across the room that sixdog! Dark but funny!!:)

  7. In dear old Gordons defence he did stop tory boom and bust and was very fair minded with his older northern voters that may have been uncomfortable with mass immigration. He also caught alot of nuisance flies in his mouth during the summer months.

    • Yes, he “abolished boom and bust” and “saved the world” and was only the second worst Prime Minister in history, yet still we cunt him! Unbelievable.

      And it wasn’t his fault that he reduced the value of retirement funds by at least £100 billion with his £10 billion a year pensions tax grab from 1997…

      He was down with the kids though, a big Arctic Monkeys fan 😂 but hasn’t yet admitted to taking drugs like normal plebs.


      What a cunt!

      • ” the second worst Prime Minister in history”….. I’m not sure that I agree with you.

        Cameron left this country more divided than at any time since the Civil War. His version of “Blair-lite”,which came from a supposed Tory PM, was the mark of a true Cunt. His arrogance,hubris and cowardice make him my second worst P. M. in history.

        I detest him,and would have Brown back in charge in a heartbeat if it meant depriving the entitled Wanker Cameron of ever crawling out from under his stone again.

        I’d also say that Heath and Wilson weren’t much to write home about as P.M.s either.

        Good Morning, RTC.

      • Most post-war Labour PMs have been useless cunts more or less: Callaghan, Wilson, Kinnock; (almost Michael Foot, god forbid); Blair and arsewipe Brown!

        John Smith, was probably the only Labour leader I had any time for, but alas he died of a heart attack in 1994, which left that slimy shitstain Blair to fuck Labour, and subsequently the nation right up the shitter come 1997!

      • John Smith’s passing was a massive fork in the road for Labour. Had he lived, and duly been elected Prime Minister in 1997, the party may have been a completely different prospect and a proper representation of the working class.

      • @TECB…

        You may well be right about Smith,but so many politicians seem like “the real thing” until they take office.
        I even remember when Mr. Blair was the new Messiah……

      • Morning Dick.

        Agree, it’s certainly a crowded field. If it’s damage to the social fabric we’re talking about, then Cameron probably takes the biscuit by calling the referendum.

        But in most other respects I’m sticking with my choice of May worst and ‘bigoted woman’ Brown the runner up.

        Btw, I’ve always had a soft spot for Wilson. Not in a Gay way, you understand.

      • Have you got a soft spot for Mr. Heath? Apparently a lot of young men did.

      • No. My father was a sycophantic Tory, so naturally I despised Heath with a vengeance.

  8. Talking of weasly cunts, apparently Michael Gove was a coke addict in his yoof! (according to an interview in today’s Telegraph)

    Probably explains what a completely empty-headed, easily confused cuntstick he has turned into today.

    I bet Brown took drugs when he was a younger cunt too; either that or he sniffed Margaret Beckett’s soiled underwear as a means of getting high off his crocked face!

  9. Christ almighty, the Marxist Left politicos aren’t just letting their masks slip, they’re tearing them off and shouting out loud and proud who they really are and what they really want. Couple that with the Zuckerberg and co press and social media censorship of anything vaguely non-Marxist Left, the unending migrant deluge and the moo slime birth rate, and we’re fucked. God I really feel like just drinking myself to death today so at least I die happy.

  10. What a Cunt.

    I thought this absolute bone head had disappeared up his own arse back in 2010.
    In fact this is the first I’ve heard of the cunt since 2010!

    Why can’t he just fuck off? Has this utter wank-stain not done enough damage to the UK?

    Am I right in saying this knob is the 2nd worst PM since Tony B liar?

    I just hope him and Mandelson get pissed together one night and Brown becomes the affection and new play thing for old ‘Mandy’ and they end up playing ‘mud darts’ all night.

    This will blow over. Just another scared attempt by the left to ‘try’ and derail Farrage and the Brexit Party.

    Get Fucked (hopefully by Mandy) you gutter slime prick Gordon Brown.

    • There’s nothing to “blow over”, the Electoral Commission gave Brexit Party finances a clean bill of health two days later, though you’d be hard pressed to find mention of that fact in the MSM.

    • “2nd worst PM since Tony Blair”. It’s such a hard call as we have had such a rich vein of PM cunts in the last few years. As well as absolutely fucking useless Chancellors. However, I think Brown is Top Cunt as he was not only a fucking shit Chancellor, but a fucking shit PM. May comes a close second as a fucking shit Home Sec, then a fucking shit PM.

      Brown is certainly pushing for cunt of the century.

    • 2nd worst PM after Mavis May… unless you count Pigfucker for holding the referendum.

      • I’m with RTC on this one, Mavis first, oneeyed shit second. Traitor b.liar 3rd.

        The only thing about Cameron was he had the bollocks to give us the vote, that all previous pms promised us but then backed out of and signed “treaty’s” instead. Cunts.

  11. Mr punch tribute act Dominic Grieve has lost a second confidence vote last night and has now been asked by his constituency chairman to formally apply to be re adopted as the party’s candidate!! This is the first big step to getting rid of the cunt, grieve claims that this is being driven by an influx of UKIP members joining the Conservative party and not his real constituents?
    Really mr punch? There is some degree of truth as many Ukip supporters have joined the cons but as grieve is fully aware many of his constituents want him out as they voted LEAVE in the EU referendum!! And this Brexit denying sack of remain shit has expressly ignored their wishes…….

    • The first thing the new PM should do ( presuming it is a proper leaver and not another fucking EU stooge ) is to write to every constituency party with a remoaner MP, like the Grievecunt, and suggest they deselect the wanker.
      The second thing they should do is get the fuck out of the EU, no deal and don’t pay the cunts a penny.
      The third thing is call an election and win by a landslide.
      If they can’t see that then they deserve what they get the wankers.
      Fuck Brown and fuck every cunt. in Peterborough who didn’t vote Brexit.

      • Agree 100% FTF
        Those lazy cunts in Peterborough have got what they deserved….Fucking idiots…

      • Kenneth Noye was released from prison this week. Before he fucks off to his Spanish bolt-hole perhaps he could be persuaded to visit old Nancy Grieve to *discuss* matters with him.

      • When it comes to politics I’m a moron but even I can see this is the way to go.

  12. Gordon ‘light touch’ regulation Brown. What a success he was.

  13. This tartan Cyclops has a nerve, accusing others of financial irregularities, when he manipulated the gold price by announcing a massive sell off, thus driving the price down, the reason he did it was to get Goldman Sachs out of a hole which threatened their survival, as they held a massive short on the price of gold. ( allegedly )
    This has never been properly investigated and never will be.
    He fucked this country’s finances and has the fiscal acumen of a drunken woman with Internet access and a credit card.
    Treasonous Cunt.
    Oh yeah.

    • ‘fiscal acumen of a drunken woman with Internet access and a credit card.’


    • Oh, THAT was what that was about. I’d assumed it was a random act of criminal stupidity. And, I admit to not thinking of Broon as criminally stupid, so thanks for resolving the problem.

      As to ending boom-and- bust, difficult posture to maintain when your PM-ship ends amid the biggest global financial disaster since the war.
      To which, as Chancellor, you contributed by deregulating the banks.

      I endorse this cunting. Though as a cunt Broon cannot compare with his predecessor. He didn’t have time.

  14. Recently born Olivia Coleperson and Sgt Major Grylls awarded Birthday Honours. Cue the usual hysterical blubbering of ‘gratitude’.

    Elvis has been given a minor award after nearly 50 yrs of shimmering creative brilliance in the business.

    In other words, the usual shitshow

    • Fucking hate that luvvie, pretentious bitch Colman. Kick her remoaner cunt in and sell her into slavery to the Somalis the bitch.

    • Grylls is a proper cunt , I saw one of his shows recently and he appeared to spend the whole time slaughtering every small creature under the jungle canopy to simply feed himself? Oi! take some sarnies next time you CUNT and stop making out you were in the SAS too …..

  15. People might nit agree that he was one of the worst PMs ever, but the cunt did things that destroyed aspects of British life forevermore,

    Gold reserves, pensions, the handling of the 2008 financial crisis, refusing to fix the roof while the sun was shining pre-crash – if you are in your 20s/30s and realising that you will never own a house or ever stand a chance of a liveable pension, look no further than this fucking cyclopic shitcunt.

    When Cameron is long forgotten, this cunt’s actions and decisions will still be affecting most of us when we are too old to get it up.

  16. The most disappointing/depressing thing about the Peterborough by-election was the fact that even though Peterborough voted over 60% to LEAVE the EU, when it came to home politics they still voted for the Communist Party out of some cunt notion of loyalty/history to a party that has basically done fuck all for the “working man” since the 1970’s.

    Even worse, those Tory voters who would have voted for the Brexit Party instead of their own useless cunt swamp-dwellers – in a general election – will now also revert to form and vote Conservative in a bid to nullify comrade Steptoe’s attempt at ruining this country far worse than any administration that has gone before it – including the UK’s second dark age between 1997 and 2010!

    Net result, nothing changes. And we get to reap the rewards of the utterly shite two-party system which no longer serves the good people of this nation apart from the elite few whose arses polish green and red leather in the houses of Cuntminster.

    If the last 3yrs have taught us anything it’s that.

    To the people of Peterborough: you are all cunts!

    • Until the ‘first past the post’ system is changed for a fair system of ‘proportional representation’, people will continue to vote tactically for the candidate most likely to keep the one they fear most from getting in. Especially in marginal constituencies.

      And postal votes should be outlawed for all except those who can prove they are legitimately unable to make it to their polling station.

  17. Hello admin. Any idea why my post has gone into moderation ?
    I couldn’t see anything dubious in it myself.

  18. I fucking despise that one eyed cunt mainly for the way he single handily destroyed the Private Final Salary scheme in order to grab more tax so he could flitter it away on the feckless, workshy and terminally stupid.

    But this cunt below takes some packing.

    It’s brilliant because you can just make up an email as you don’t need to verify your address and yes I understand about IP’s and all that but just wind the cunt up and he can’t reply and he’s so vein you just know he’ll read this shit.


  19. Who the fuck is that one-eyed Jock cunt anyway? I’ve always refused to acknowledge him as a former PM. He was an impostor. NO ONE ever voted for him.

  20. Brown is destined to be remembered as nothing but a comparison e.g. “Theresa May was a fucking disaster,she was even worse than that cunt Brown”.

  21. Broon is one of people whose appeal with some of my leftist ‘friends’ from years ago never made sense.

    None of liked Blair, but when Obama came into office they had a collective wank; UK and US free of Neocons (even though Magic Barry continued to wage war across the globe and build up forces in the Pacific) and Broon continued Blair’s authoritarian ‘anti-terror’ measures.
    When the recession kicked in, Broon was entirely blameless; it was all the fault of ‘wanker bankers’, despite Gordo relaxing further regulation and spending like a cunt with a magic money tree, a term guaranteed to trigger the dolescum on Facebook.

    Together, Blair and Broon have allowed mass immigration to unsettle whole communities, such as those in East Anglia and some along the south coast. Criticism of these policies meant you were a bigot and racist. Under New Labour, Leftists set themselves up in all of our institutions and public bodies, particularly education, the charities, media and policing, guiding them into a cluster fuck of identity politics, PC zealotry , and American management speak, which after 9 years of Tory government, hasnt begun to be addressed. In fact it’s become far worse.

    Under the creeping authoritarianism of Blair, Brown, Cameron and May, we now face what has been dubbed an Anarcho-tyrannical state of surveillance and persecution of the law-abiding majority, and the abandonment of real policing and public protection for the sake of diversity and cultural sensitivity.

    Thanks to Broon, his acolytes in government, the Common purpose-trained drones in public life, and my wanker friends who thought it was all very ‘progressive’.

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