Peterborough by election


This by election was a chance to tell the establishment to wholeheartedly get fucked. Fiona Onaspeedway was fucked off for being a lying cow and Peterborough who had always been a Tory stronghold had the chance to vote in the brexit parties first MP, so we can maybe have brexit ……… Maybe.

But no they fucked it all up, and somehow what was a Tory shoe in, has become a Corbyn lefty wank fest. First off only 45% bothered to turn up and vote so people obviously don’t give a fuck, and maybe people were protesting, wiping their arse with ballot papers and what not, but unfortunately protest votes don’t do anything, other than let the dickheads win. The one silver lining is we can all be ‘that cunt’ just like the BBC and if we add up all the votes for the leave parties and compare that to the remain. They would have won with 51%. Notice how the BBC subtly left that out of their reporting of the result.

Either way regardless of the brexit party not winning, I can see why people wouldn’t necessarily think they’re up for the big job as they only have one policy so far, it’s the fact that Peterborough have swung from the shambles of May’s party to the hell on earth of Corbyn’s hug a terrorist party. If this is a sign for what’s to come in a general election we’re all fucked.

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  1. Probably something to do with a 150% postal vote turnout by the goat-fuckers.

  2. Yeah, classic combination:

    Labour Party + immos + postal vote = corruption

  3. Peterborough decides to swap a dark key Corbynite criminal for a white Corbynite anti-Semite.

    Novichock the cunts.

    • Truly thick as fuck. Never get tired of having the piss taken by labour in Peterborough, give the new one a get out of jail free card and envelope of cash, meet the new boss same as the old boss…change name to mongborough, fits better.

    • Morning RTCP
      Yeh she was talking about defeating the divisive politics of hate etc etc whilst liking anti Semitic posts? Hypocrite? She will fit right in at the HOC ……

      • But Lisa Forbes can’t possibly be an anti semite, because she apologised and didn’t realise that the Zionist conspiracy facebook post was anti semitic.
        Just like Jezbollah, she opposes anti semitism in all its forms. I believe her, of course.
        PS she’s a cunt.

      • Fucking joke. These leftist cunts have failed in poilitics worldwide, have no solutions for the problems people actually care about so simply bang the drum of ‘hope’, and ‘inclusion’ (while being obviously antisemetic and benefiting from corrupt mudslime vote-rigging – but these don’t matter so long as the peacefuls remain on their pedestal so don’t report it MSM).

      • I am so fucking tired of ‘steptoe’ Corbyns bull shit.
        Another kick in the teeth for larbour (a win, whilst losing another 17% of their support) “Labour is ready for a general election” – Like fuck they are !

        The shitty state the Tory government is in, has left an open goal a mile wide. A one legged blind man should be able to put the ball in the back of the net – Labour however, are huddled at their end of the field, and have even less supporters than the Tories, in the stands.

        Steptoe has managed to make himself even less popular, than Mavis ! – now that takes a staggering level of cuntish incompetence :0

  4. When everyone’s date of birth is 01.01 it can get a little confusing, as does the fact that they all have the same name, live at the same address and share identities.
    Fact. In the local area. One household received monthly prescriptions for 24 members of a family. Most were for Cardiac and Hypertensive management. This went on unchecked for many years, but is only one example of how the NHS ( and the taxpayer ) are cheated. It was found that the address were supplying family members overseas with medication and with benefits. No police action was taken.On the matter of ballot papers, I can only guess that a similar act occurs, whereby the result of an election can be rigged in the favour of a candidate known to be an anti semite. Peterborough is full of anti semite cultured people. The solutions to the problems are not insurmountable, they just require the desire to act. Almost impossible though, when your election success is dependent upon Ghetto people.

  5. It is not realistic to dismiss this result as a fuck up. The Brexit party narrowly lost a seat against parties that have had many years of organisation to follow up and get out their core vote. Postal voting is definitely a factor with needs better security, but having a pre- existing well oiled party machine,/ lists of voters to help get out ( and make lonley folk feel wanted and or embarrassed for switching alegences) counts for a great deal. It is very disappointing that the Brexit Party did not win but it did send a message to the Cuntservative Party that if they do not deliver a real unambiguous Brexit ……. they are long term Toast.
    Now is not the time to faulter or drop our heads —- it’s time to donate help support even more and show the Westminster scum that a true party powered by normal people ( we just about have enough left in the UK but I accept it’s a close run thing) —— people like ISAC contributers will drain the swamp of these absolute cunts or die trying!

  6. Note to self don’t drink alcohol during a heatwave had the strangeist weather yesterday it was extremely humid and very windy no cool breezy wind either a very warm wind I actually hate drinking during the summer but i succumbed to my temptations like a fool

  7. On this site we seem to complain when people are labelled “Islamaphobes” if they express any criticism of the Peaceful Religion.
    It seems some have no problem when they are employing the same tactic and screaming “Anti-Semite” at the “horror” of two “liked” Facebook posts.

    • I haven’t actually got a problem if a leftist MP wants to support descriptions of the PM as a ‘zionist slave master’ so long as everyone is clear that she did and votes with full-knowledge of that fact.

      I do have a problem with that same party and the media calling a brexit party party member who describes Sadiq Khan as a ‘islamist slave master’ as a ‘nazi, right wing scum, divisive etc etc and shut the person down never being allowed to voice their opinion again.

      The same rules should apply.

    • I am not an Islamophobe, though you’re welcome to call me one if you like. I do however have a rational fear of militant Islam and the creeping Islamification of this country. I suspect it is being encouraged as a way of undermining the hard won freedoms our ancestors fought and died for, such as free speech and democracy.

      I also have a rational fear of anti-Semitism, as I am all too aware of where such scapegoating has led in the past.

      • According to the left anyone on the right of Joseph Stalin is a nazi, and zionist slave master – truthfully it does make one want to disengage from political debate becuase it does get wearisome.

      • My post is more about the labelling,from both sided, of anyone who expresses a different opinion as some kind of rabid extremist.
        “Anti-Semite” and “Islamaphobe” are becoming the stock words,rather like “Nazi” and “Fascist”, which are hurled all too easily. They used to actually mean something,and were not just used as a device to try and portray any dissenters as extremists whose opinion should be treated as “hate-thought”.

      • I agree Dick i’ve spoken in the past of my critique of both mutually protected religious ethnic groups and you can imagine the latter then the former gets called out in a frenzy of criticism an ad homineum attacks against my character and arguments for doing so

      • Glad you raised that, Dick. After the results were announced, Radio 4 news yesterday segued smoothly from the second-placing of Brexit (which, of course, they loved) into antisemitism, and you’d have thought this the major issue in the election. Pro-Israel groups were invited to comment, and the candidate’s apology for liking a photograph accompanied to a disparaging comment about May, referencing Zionism, was aired.

        IMO she should not have apologised. If someone thinks May resembles a Zionist, they should have their head examined, but they retain the right to free speech until sectioned. If they had said May resembled a Buddhist stormtrooper, I can’t see too many Buddhists shouting foul. Also, Labour should not have submitted to the demand that two clauses of a definition of antisemitism drawn up by a pressure group – those equating criticism of Israel with antisemitism – be accepted. Nor should it have bowed to the view that Jews are so different from every other minority group subject to abuse that they require special protection. In terms of abuse, they aren’t.

        As you say, reports of Islamophobia are given the status of fake news by many here…and many in the Israel-supporting Jewish community too. About time some equality crept in here. There are cunt Muslims and there are cunt Jews. There are cunt Seventh-Day Adventists. Let’s cunt them all equally without fear and most especially without favour.

      • Better clarify a little in case the CST’s reading that. Read “many of thosein the Jewish community who support Israel” I do not suggest that all members of the Jewish community support Israel, and still less that they support what Israel does. Clear, I hope.

      • I’d also say that I don’t think that the State of Israel can do no wrong,regardless.Indeed,I believe that some Jews also share doubts about some policies…are they “Anti-Semites” too?

        Expressing those doubts would probably see me labelled an “”Anti-Semite” by some in today’s febrile environment.

        To me, expressing such views does not make me some goose-stepping,synagogue-burning, extremist who wants to see the State of Israel and all Jews obliterated.

        When we have reached the point of labelling anyone/everyone with whom we disagree as some kind of an extremist, the very labels themselves become devalued and redundant.

      • I agree with the principle of what you say but this particular MP who supports conspiracy theories like mossad deliberately creating Islamic State to generate hostility to muslims or hunchback May being a ‘zionist slave master’ does mark her down as having an attitude toward jews and their supposed secretive dark influence that does mean she was anti-semetic according to labours own definition.

      • It could be argued that there is no such thing as a zionist slave master – and would be, by the usual suspects – so the phrase is completely meaningless. It is completely unprovable where IS gets its support. Mossad is as likely as anyone else in terms of consciously wishing to keep the ME destabilised. Who knows?

        Your argument should have been (according to the hasbara hymnsheet) that the use of the term Zionist is invariably to disguise the fact(oid) that the user hates all Jews. Which isn’t true, but it’s all over the media so it must be.

        Some of my best friends aren’t Jews, incidentally.

      • True enough, MZ I just think that the word itself has lost any meaning or impact if it can be used to try and equate any doubters with rabid extremists,which is how I’ve always thought of “Anti-Semites”.
        Accepting “official” definitions of both Islamaphobia and Anti-Semitism,when drafted by such “engaged” authorities,was,to me,a mistake.

  8. Fair point Mr F but if the other mob are diving for penalties so am I. Blame the referee for being such a thick cunt in the first place.

    • Great analogy that Freddie! As long as you don’t bring Salah in to it.

    • You can make any linguistic foul you like (‘Antisemite’, ‘Nazi’) you can make any serious charge at your opponent (‘You’re an extremist’) you can be blatantly offside in what you do (throwing milkshakes) but still nothing happens, still the whistle never blows. There is no referee anymore.

  9. I believe that Peterborough is chock full of Parking Stanley’s which will help Labour as will all the Dark Keys in Lammy’s fiefdom. They are all fancy free – if it’s free they fancy it.

    As regards the danger of Steptoe – that awful Dent-Coad 1920s Bloomsbury Lesbian MP for Kensington has been stirring the shit again, claiming that the local council referred to Grenfell (that place where the aforementioned Lammy had a pal) as a “mini Africa”. Lessie-Emma Dent-Coad thinks that was waycist. All these harridans and irons getting ready to take over the asylum, it’s truly a horrifying prospect.

    • Do you know, I don’t think it will be long before some Parking Stanley proposes changing the name of a shithole like Peterborough to an Arabic equivalent. In this case it would be ‘Boutrosbad’’ as Boutros is the Arab equivalent of Peter. See-nothing’s really changed!

  10. Oh Peterborough, you really fucked that one up didn’t you?

    Any vote that was close, either in favour or against the Brexit Party would have been a disaster because to the establishment this confirms they need to keep on importing votes from overseas to stay in power.

    The 2011 census said Peterborough had about 12% Asians, 6.6% from Pakistan and that they had about 25,000 migrants come in to the city in the previous 10 years, that’s always going to make a huge difference in a marginal seat.

    The 2021 census will be an interesting read, the 2031 census will probably only be published in Arabic, Welsh and fucking Gaelic.

  11. Never heard you play Devil’s advocate before Mr F. You’re getting soft with your advancing age. Still, if it’s all in the cause of fairness, I’m all for it! ps you haven’t just returned from your annual visit to the Jam-e Masjid mosque have you?

    • Just don’t start using euphemisms Fiddler, any criticism from pikey’s to peacefuls is ok though.

      • I always thought that it was a shame that ” Dick Malleter” who wrote me up for that never contributed again…..or maybe they do,but just under a different name.

        🙂 .


    • Afternoon, BSC.

      I was toying with the idea of becoming a “Fire and Brimstone” religious type,but not too sure that I could pull it off tbh.

      🙂 .

      • All you need is love Dick. I’m sure you could pull yourself off if you tried. 😃

      • I.of course,can manage it three times a day,RTC….four if the women’s football happens to be on.

        🙂 .

      • I managed five a day while Melania Trump was over here showing out.

      • Bluntcunt is calling you old and soft for having a opinion then insinuates that you attend a mosque Where have I seen this type of argument before i wonder, good morning Dick cheers

  12. Peterborough was, and always will be a dump. This result proves the people are stupid as well.

    Had the cathedral had wings it would have fucked off and left for a better city years ago.

    I’m surprised the Brexit party didn’t demand a recount, or at least demand an investigation into what was obvious vote rigging and corruption.

    Funny how the Dustbin sympathizers at the Beeb are keeping quiet about this one.

    Had it been the Brexit party winning, an investigation into vote rigging would have been called immediately and a rerun of the by election would have happened until the establishment got the result they wanted.

    Something stinks about this result, and not just the stench of shit that is the dump called Peterborough.


    • Perhaps they can scream and shout for the next few years and demand a second vote as the people didn’t know what they…zzz

    • When one of the Labour Party helpers is a cunt that done time for election fraud over Peterborough council elections one has to wonder why such a crooked cunt would be used by labour in two by elections. Electoral commission should investigate be warned methinks he is of the peaceful persuasion.

      • Funnily enough. Check DM storyline 9/6. The Bent cunt is now exposed and there are calls for a criminal investigation ….

  13. I wonder whether the Polish tattoo artists/drug peddlers were given the vote?
    To think that their town’s football club are nicknamed “The Posh” – oh, the irony.

  14. Also, UKIP splitting the Brexit vote is a problem.
    Most people seem to have chosen to vote for the Brexit Party, but in Pootborough, I believe 400 voted UKIP. If they’d transferred their votes to Brexit, the latter would have lost by 253 instead of 653.

    Next time, I am voting Brexit, not UKIP.

    • UKIP are finished, andvthe votes reflect this.

      If you want Brexit the only party you can rely on is the Brexit Party.

      A huge fan of Nigel Farage however like ALL politicians don’t trust him 100% but have admired him for talking common sense and openly insulting the heads of the EU commission so for that reason he gets my vote every time.

      Who else is there?

      People’s of Peterborough who voted Labour are really thick stupid cretins. 💩

      • I voted UKIP as the Euro elections are PR, i agree with their policies and this country really needs a kick up the arse. I hoped they would show some resurgence but Farage and the cross party-centre-right profile of the Brexit party caught the public mood far better than Batten, Sargon and co. Tommy Robinson finishing eighth also doent help.
        I will be voting for the Brexit party at the next GE. Farage has said that he will not disappear even if we leave the EU this autumn as the Remainers cant be trusted to play by the rules.

      • My only surprise is he trusted them to play by the rules in the first place! I thought it was obvious the UK Remain Establishment /EU would do everything in their power to sabotage the will of the people. They haven’t disappointed.

        Farage should have held their feet to the fire right to the end. Mind you, he wasn’t alone in his complacent attitude – most leading Brexiteers seem to have been awol over the past 3 years.

  15. Personally I don’t have a problem with being called “Islamophobe”. As I understand it a phobia is a fear and hatred of something. You can bet your life I fear and hate Islam.
    Here in London, at least, I don’t believe there is a single cunt who, when a brown, beardy gentleman wearing a rucksack gets on their train carriage, doesn’t have that icy feeling of fear run through their body.

    • The definition of Islamophobia is being broadened on the advice of the Muslim council of Britain. Labour and the Limp dims approved it almost out of muscle memory.
      Apparently any unsavoury remark about what is termed muslimness is verboten; comparisons of the niqab to bin liners, for example

  16. I take it Peterborough is crammed with Parking Stanleys… The cunts are like a human version of the Black Death… Islamaphobia isn’t even a proper word… If they want to get it right, the libfuck media cunts should call it Rapeandmurderphobia, because that’s what these soap fearing human filth are known for and that is why they are so feared and despised… It’s got fuck all to do with religion and unclean habits (the smelly cunts)… It has everything to do with innocent girls getting groomed and raped and scores of people -from Drummer Rigby to gig goers in Manchester – getting butchered…. Fuck Labour! Fuck Corbyn! Fuck the psychotic liberal left! Take me back to dear old Blighty… Some fucking hope, eh?….

  17. It’s been over 3 years since we won the referendum fellow cunters.
    If we want this, then it we’ll have to keep on plugging until we get it.

    The Peterborough result is a joke. I’d hoped that the 60% that voted leave would have the gusto to follow it up and continue to vote with their hearts, but a 45% turnout just shows what a bunch of fucking cretins they really are. If you’re from Peterborough and one of the 55% that couldn’t be arsed to go to your “local” polling station or tick a box and nip to your “local” post box, then you deserve what you get. I just hope that the rest of us in the rest of the UK are more inclined to save our democracy because at the minute all we have is a 5-6 year short term dictatorship.

    GE in 3 years or less and the libtards won’t be able to rig it nationally.

  18. Labour had a kick in the cunt by boffin Curtice, he said this was the lowest share of the vote to win a bi election since 1945, basically Peterborough coundnt give a fuck.
    Farage said they won becasue labour had all the data on their core vote and got enough to the ballot box to see them over the line.

    Peterborough, buch of cunts, you managed to throw out your fucking labour lying cheating bitch and then go and elect another fucking labour twat.


  19. Catherine of Aragon’s tomb is in Peterborough Cathedral. A good woman they say, much loved by the people of England.
    Unlike the commie bitch whore they now have for an MP. 😁

  20. Re-post from the previous thread as it’s more relevant here:

    The most disappointing/depressing thing about the Peterborough by-election was the fact that even though Peterborough voted over 60% to LEAVE the EU, when it came to home politics they still voted for the Communist Party out of some cunt notion of loyalty/history to a party that has basically done fuck all for the “working man” since the 1970’s.

    Even worse, those Tory voters who would have voted for the Brexit Party instead of their own useless cunt swamp-dwellers – in a general election – will now also revert to form and vote Conservative in a bid to nullify comrade Steptoe’s attempt at ruining this country far worse than any administration that has gone before it – including the UK’s second dark age between 1997 and 2010!

    Net result, nothing changes. And we get to reap the rewards of the utterly shite two-party system which no longer serves the good people of this nation apart from the elite few whose arses polish green and red leather in the houses of Cuntminster.

    If the last 3yrs have taught us anything it’s that.

    To the people of Peterborough: you are all cunts!

    • It’s depressing all right Rebel. What worries me is that the Pissboro result will repeat itself all over the country at the next general election.
      Brexit Party will get many votes in dozens of constituencies and finish second; net result many millions of votes nationally and a handful (if any) of seats in the Commons.
      It’ll then be ‘business as usual’ in the Westminster bubble, and the referendum, like Stalin’s opponents, will be airbrushed from history. I live in hope and am a Brexit Party subscriber three times over already, but in reality I fear the worst.

  21. It may have also had something to do with Brexit Party not having a manifesto yet.

    A manifesto chock full of policies can be a vote winner I hear.

    • Great idea Two! You mean policies such as ‘we will honour the result of the referendum’?

  22. Hahaha….Heeheehee….Oh my sides,they’re gonna split….its hilarious….sorry my fellow cunters I can’t help it…Just watched a bit of summat called the Women’s World Cup.For the first couple of minutes I thought it was a slow motion replay ,the players were looked so lethargic,but nope twas live.Its like watching a bunch of nursing home denizens on their day out.I’ve seen faster players on me local pub team,full of 50 year old gout ridden beer swiggers.

      • Wimmins football all fucking Saturday afternoon on TV will at least keep the lezzers glued to their dildos.

    • For health and safety reasons all the supporters attending have to be seated, so UEFA have installed a single settee at every venue.

      2 seater for the preliminaries, 3 seater for the final.

  23. It’s funny now because various Labour Party members want to throw their new MP out of the party for anti Semitic social media activity. Jess Phillips is leading the herd on this.

    Delicious watching them tear defeat from a undeserved victory, cunts!!

  24. It looks as if Brexit is a potential alt-Tory, no more than that at the moment. Also that the public is sick of being called out to vote for any cunt. If Brexit can wean traditional voters off the Labour teat as well as the Tory dug; if it can convince them that their voe will count for once, too, it will walk the next election. Otherwise it will merely repeat the UKIP trajectory: millions of votes but no representation.

    As you walk past the cathedral referenced by F the F above, you’ll be doing well if you can hear English. Unless you go inside – it’s well worth a visit, unlike the rest of Peterborough. The result doesn’t surprise me unduly.

    • UKIP got over 4 million votes in the 2015 General Election, yet due to the First Past The Post system they received only one seat.

      Under Proportional Representation they would have won 12 seats.

      • Can you see the slightest prospect of the Labour and Conservative cunts introducing PR? I can’t. It’s catch-22 – Brexit has to win FPtP to get PR, which is the only way it will win. Unless, and please unblock your ears and desist from going nananana… thsnk you….Brexit can syphon off some loyal Labour voters by pointing out that globalism’s doing them no favours either. Restrict Brexit to the political Right, and you’re missing half its potential support. This isn’t a right-left issue, when push comes to shove. If it was, it would be simple – the Tories would all vote leave, and Labour would all vote remain, leaving the LDs to dither as usual. Wake up and inhale the plurality.

      • “please unblock your ears and desist from going nananana…” WTF?!

        When the did I ever suggest Brexit was a right-left issue? Jeez…

        That said, it’s mainly cunts on the left who are calling for a ‘loser’s vote’.

      • Did you suggest that? Must have missed it. But I see your fingers are still firmly in place. Lefties are cunts, right? Let’s not look too closely at what you define as left, and you’ve made your point, eh?

        I’m not counting the cunts on either side. If you want Brexit ( and I do seem to remember you don’t, RTC), the weight of support for that comes not from any cunt MPs pretending they are socialists to their gullible working constituents. It doesn’t even come from Brexit or UKIP, but from the working constituents themselves. Unfortunately tribal loyalty (Righties are cunts, right?) ensures they vote for the wrong party. Because the alternative thinks lefties are cunts.

        Time for an altogether new approach.

      • You appear to have somewhat lost the plot Komodo, if ever you had it to lose.

        You “seem to remember” I didn’t want Brexit? Where did you get that idea from?

        What I do remember is you wanting Mrs May’s EU dictated Slave State Deal. Well you’ll probably still get it, with Customs Union and Free Movement bells on, if your mate Corbyn and Dame Keir Starmer get their way.



  25. You never walk past the Cathedral unless you are accompanied and tooled.

  26. Tory leadership candidate Michael Gove has said he “deeply regrets” taking cocaine more than 20 years ago.

    And for being such a traitorous self serving back stabbing cunt.

    • If I was as big a cunt as he is, I’d be inhaling a pound a day to forget who I was.

  27. Jesus Christ am I the only one who could not give a flying fuck what drugs politicians have taken? Now how much alcohol they drink every week may have some kind of bearing on their ability to do the job, but gimmie a fucking break with the hollow puritanism.

  28. “Labour’s by-election victory is marred by claims that a convicted vote rigger was at the centre of campaign after he was pictured with Corbyn and new MP at centre of anti-Semitism storm

    Tariq Mahmood (pictured left with Jeremy Corbyn and Lisa Forbes and right at the by-election count) received a 15-month prison sentence in 2008 for a postal vote scam. Local Conservatives claimed Mahmood was ‘front and centre’ of the Peterborough by-election campaign but Labour branded the allegation ‘false and baseless’ yesterday and said he was ‘not involved in the running of Labour’s campaign in any way’. Last year Mahmood was accused of racism for calling Home Secretary Sajid Javid a ‘coconut’ on Facebook, a racial slur aimed at those deemed to have betrayed their heritage”


    I’d never have guessed.

    Beualah, peel me a grape.

  29. Tricky one here. I voted for the Brexit party in the Euro Elections, however not sure what to vote in the General Elections being a Tory Party member. What worries me most is the first past the post system, I can see lots of Tory Voters voting for Brexit Party (if we haven’t left by October 31st) only to let Steptoe in. I think I am correct in thinking, whoever gets the most MP’s, but doesn’t get a majority has the option of a coalition if they can garner the support of another party i.e The Libtards, then we are fucked and can kiss Brexit goodbye. Anyway if i have got something wrong here feel free to correct me, afterall I am a thick cunt.

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