Theresa May (26)

Theresa May, again. She’s just lead the Conservative party to its worst defeat at local elections since John Major was PM. Over 1200 seats gone, and all because of the ignorant cunt in Downing Street, and her swivel eyed determination to destroy democracy, the Tory party and especially the referendum result. Even now, after THREE defeats, she’s planning to put her unbelievably shite deal to the vote AGAIN. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over again, and expecting a different result. Going off that, she’s a fucking moron.

The past three years have shown that our political class are no longer fit to sit in parliament. And she is the worst of the lot. And considering we have the likes of Bercow, Corbyn, Abbott, McDonnell, Soubrey, etc, that takes some doing. As I’ve said more than once, she needs to go. She refuses to resign, as she should, but apparently she considers it her duty to ‘see Brexit through’. Her duty was to get the UK out of the EU. She started in a strong negotiating position and deliberately fucked it up. Since then, she’s done increasing damage to our negotiating position. She has failed to deliver what she promised to deliver. Her duty now, is to get the fuck out of Downing St. And if she won’t do that, it’s up to her party to kick her out.

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  1. Drawing toward retirement in a few years, will sell up the family home and radically down size , put the cash in the bank and move abroad, obviously I will vote corbyn and labour up until then, just so I can sit back at piss myself laughing. Fuckin snowflake generation deserve it, what a Bastard. And to top it all off it’s pissed down all day I had a fire of tyres ready to go to piss the squawking kids at the bottom of the garden , sun just come out awaiting the squealing of joy match in hand. The noisy cunts

    Fuck off

    • You could just be a little late there Harry. Catweasel has already announced he will be seizing properties without compensation in order to house the homeless. It is anticipated that this will only apply to those intending to take their capital out of the country.

      • But prior to him getting in the cash will be in a Spanish bank Sir, I’m 53 worked all my life from 16 never had or scrounged a penny from this country.done my bit

      • Harry, I am joking! Consider this a late April Fools! I wish you every success and happiness in your retirement.

  2. There’s no way the EU will accept her resignation before she’s forced their vassal state agreement through Parliament.

    • Sorry Rtc, but when has it been in the EU’s gift whether or not to accept the resignation of a British Prime Minister? I know we live in extraordinary times but we still have control over this situation. Or am I missing something?

      • May is an EU quisling Bsc, that’s what you’re missing. Then again, maybe I was being ironic…

  3. Her and that other gutless shitbag, Cameron – who shit himself when he realised what a monumental fuck up he did by not factoring in the possibility that the country might actually want to leave the EU via his referendum.

    So he resigns and lets this cunt pick up the pieces. But instead she just pisses all over them, shits herself when she doesn’t get her way, and slowly takes the country down the shit tubes while the rest of the world looks on and thinks “WTF!!??”

    This country hasn’t had a decent PM with a visible backbone since Thatcher – and although she could be a cunt at times, she did have the nous to stay one step ahead of the jumped up politicos (up until that cunt Heseltine fucked her over)

    If Corbyn gets into No 10, you may as well pack your bags, find your passport, sell up and get the fuck out of Dodge (aka David “The cunt” Cameron)

    • Alll in hand re fucking off to another country, it’s not just the insane immigration the insane government and the rise of binary be the fuck what you want, it’s the English who have allowed this to happen face lad twatter and stupid tv shows where if your a proper sad cunt you can vote for a dancing dog , don’t bother voting in a election but a dog hell yeah, mean while Ali and Mohamed are voting on mass for their own AKA small dick Kahn. Talk oubout thick as fuck lambs to the slaughter.

      • Yes Harry,
        Me too – as you say – all in hand. Got myself a nice little house in South Central France – bit of land and a barn. Disregard what is said about the French – only Parisians, Marseillais or any major French City dwellers are all cunts. The people of Central France hate the Euro, the EU and their government every bit as much as we do. Loud debate around the Tabacs and bars prove so. The French government hold little sway down there as long as you pay your rates they dont bother you from one year to the next and the Marie is your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you treat him – and of course his secretary 😉
        So its goodbye to Jolly England and all that.

        Goodbye to my England, So long my old friend
        Your days are numbered, being brought to an end
        To be Scottish, Irish or Welsh that’s fine
        But don’t say you’re English, that’s way out of line.

        The French and the Germans may call themselves such
        So may Norwegians, the Swedes and the Dutch
        You can say you are Russian or maybe a Dane
        But don’t say you’re English ever again.

        At Broadcasting House the word is taboo
        In Brussels it’s scrapped, in Parliament too
        Even schools are affected.. Staff do as they’re told
        They must not teach children about England of old.

        Writers like Shakespeare, Milton and Shaw
        The pupils don’t learn about them anymore
        How about Agincourt, Hastings , Arnhem or Mons ?
        When England lost hosts of her very brave sons.

        We are not Europeans, how can we be?
        Europe is miles away, over the sea
        We’re the English from England, let’s all be proud
        Stand up and be counted – Shout it out loud!

        Let’s tell our Government and Brussels too
        We’re proud of our heritage and the Red, White and Blue
        Fly the flag of Saint George or the Union Jack
        Let the world know – WE WANT OUR ENGLAND BACK !!!!

        Too late for me and my peers. Maybe someone will one day wake up and decide to fight for her like our kin did. I doubt it though.

  4. Strange how it took all 27 nations left in the EU about 20 minutes to approve Mays deal. Just shows what a hardfaced and tough negotiator her and Oily Robbins are!

  5. I am NOT a psychiatrist, but I REALLY do believe that May is clinically insane.
    God help her if she is ever taken into hospital for anything serious, as there must be loads of card-carrying Tories in the BMA and…a slight problem with the anaesthetic…
    Nothing would ever be proven.

    • In the real world she would have been sectioned during the 2017 election campaign!

  6. Fuck me, begging on your hands and knees to the EU is one thing but bending over for Steptoe is surely a bridge too far for even the most loyal Tory.
    Good news for Sir Nigel.

  7. May is still in place because the gutless self serving parliamentary Tory party want her there, she’s the sacrificial offering. The Conservative party is dead, long dead. They are holding the door open for Labour, they think they can go away and return to power in a few years and carry on with their today capitalist ways. I very much doubt the country will forget how they have screwed ya all.

    May is a cunt but she’s one of many in the former Conservative party.

    Fuck them

  8. With the facial features that would curdle fresh milk, this gurning piece of shit is everything that I despise in a politician. I hereby commit, that if any peaceful succeeds in ” offing” this treacherous bitch, I will accept Allah and his Religion as the true faith. May is a syphilitic cunt

  9. Nah. In the photo Catweazle has just said :
    “I give way now Mr Speaker but the day will come when the Prime Minister will be inviting me to Downing Street to suck my winkle and beg me to save her EU loving arse.”

    Not laughing now are you bitch?

    • Perhaps in the header she has just seen the Catweazle winkle and is saying, “You tamed the Flabbott with that? I bet she would get more satisfaction using it as a toothpick after a KFC session”.

  10. I’ve just seen that cunt harry, on the TV announcing another mouth for us to feed. He’s James hewitts, or I’m a sex god with a 12 inch cock !!
    (Which I’m not, and I haven’t)

  11. God, it takes a cunt of the highest cuntitude to be cunted 26 times. It has to be a record that will never be surpassed. When is the cunt going to be elevated to the House of Cunts?

    • I doubt she’ll ever be beaten in the cunt stakes, when it comes to being a cunt she really is head and shoulders above all others.
      For any sane politician the writing would have been on the wall long ago. But not this deformed foul creature, voters in the local elections were saying “fuck off Quasi your time is up”
      So what does she do? Suck up to catweazle a bit more, to fuck people off more.
      Hate is a strong word, and I hate very few people really, but I DO hate this cunt, because she keeps on lying to the very people, who put her where she is. And the consequences of her treaty will destroy what is left of this once great nation.

  12. According to reports in the press, she’s within spitting distance of doing a deal with Steptoe to get her deal through. What a pair of fucking cunts.

    • They realised she couldn’t handle it on her own so the 4th Reich sent in reinforcements 😂

    • If she is hoping that we will all be a bunch of soppy bollocked doe-eyed cunts cooing over the latest Royal sponger and she can slip some Compo stitch-up job out, she is wrong.

  13. Mrs. May is a wanker, or a wankerette but the real blame rests entirely with the Conservative Party MPs, the 1922 Committee and the self-serving wannabe PMs who have let her get away with so much for so long. If I were, Gove or Boris if I genuinely felt she had to go I would instigate a leadership challenge – both have enough friends to make sure the contest went ahead.

    Also let’s not forget not only the pansy Tories like Boles, but the Labour mincers like Kyle, Bradshaw, Streeting, Mangledbum not to mention Mary-Ann Hilary Benn and Dame Keir who are determined to thwart democracy at any price. The whole fucking lot of them are a heap of steaming turds. Benn should stick his indicative votes and confirmatory referendums up his vacuous arsehole.

    • Tory MPs had their chance to eject May last December. They blew it. Under Tory Party rules she cannot be challenged again until December this year.

  14. The so called political classes believe that they know better about such issues than the people.

    Fuck the lot of them.


  15. It’s only May (as in month) and already she is becoming a firm favourite to retain her title of Cunt of the Year!

    Perhaps there should a new TV drama called “The Darling Cunts of May”?

      • Evening All,

        I wouldn’t be too quick to count your chickens, RTC. I suspect that Prime Minister Corbyn may give you cause to reconsider your vote in the 2019 COTY awards.

      • Cameron…David Fucking Cameron. That’s who I blame for the whole shebang.

      • True Dick. Without Cameron there would not have been a Referendum.

        Then again, he would probably still be PM.

        A price you’d be willing to pay?

      • ” A price you’d be willing to pay?”…..

        Good question, RTC. I think that it would be a price worth paying,tbh.

        The whole “Brexit” affair has become the most divisive and destructive political event in my lifetime. I think that we may well have been better off never having had the chance of it,tbh.

      • I have to agree Dick.

        A genuine Brexit was never on the cards, what with both Houses of Parliament, the Civil Service, the Establishment in general all 80% committed to Remain, not to mention the MSM and predictable EU non-cooperation.

        An appalling waste of 3 years and countless £billions in resources, intellectual and emotional energy. Fuck them.

      • @RTC.

        Trouble is,there’s no turning back the clock. Revoking Article 50 would,presumably,put us back where we were,but the vote was to “Leave” and it should have been enacted. The betrayal of Democracy by the political class will never be forgiven or forgotten.

      • Leave on WTO by all means.

        But all the other available options are a betrayal of Democracy by default. It was planned that way from the start. I would now rather Remain and fight from within than have the country become a Vassal State.

        Actually I don’t give a fuck. This country’s finished whatever happens. Must get my butler Willie Stroker to stock up on popcorn.

      • It could be a joint COTY if they get the EU’s ‘agreement’ through the Commons.

        May & Corbyn… symbiotic twins… two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

      • I know what you mean Bsc, but a lot of energy went into thinking of ways to fool most of the people most of the time that Brexit was actually happening, whilst at the same time ensuring it would never happen.

      • Can’t quite see where the intellectual energy was expended Rtc!

  16. Excuse the interruption but it’s just been announced that 1000 species are threatened with extinction. The white English male is 23rd on the list.

    • Sorry, it’s a million, so we keep moving up the list. Apparently it’s largely because of how farmers use their land.

      • If we can wipe out pigeons and a few more species….the likes of hedgehogs,dormouse and owls for a start (I’ve always hated those “cute” animals), Farmers’ll then be free to plough up the habitat where the non-rent paying trespassers were squatting and use it to build a few more pheasant rearing pens ready for the shooting season,or perhaps a kennel for the Foxhounds…as long as the subsidy cheques keep coming,who gives a Fuck.

      • Mr F. you’re far too sensitive to farming issues. I just hope Captain M’s attention is not drawn to this issue. You know how he can “press the right buttons”

      • Oh, The Captain and I understand each other only too well,BSC.

        🙂 .

      • Mr F, I think the Captain must be on holiday as evident from his absence. As you already know, you have my support as a friend of the farmer.

      • …. and I hope that Mike Ashley buys your “footy” club and doubles the price of a replica shirt….you’ll have to double your yearly clothing budget.

        🙂 .

        Evening Capt.M.

      • Mr F the country will soon be overrun, game birds are the least of your worries, leazes park had carp in it yip 30 yards away from NUFC stadium. The east Europeans ate the cunts, we had swans in Morpeth , on the river in the historic town they went the same way . Your farm will soon be invaded via enrichment

      • The Enrichers don’t seem so keen to live out in the sticks, Harry. I’m right on the Border in the middle of nowhere. They all seem to want to stay in the towns. Long may it continue.

      • I hope you’re shat on by a flying, feral Theresa May.
        Evening all.

      • …. and I hope that Mike Ashley buys your “footy” club and doubles the price of a replica shirt….you’ll have to double your yearly clothing budget.

        Evening Capt.

  17. Apologies for digressing and I’m sure this will have already been covered but I’ve just watched the ‘highlights’ of the Wimmmminz FA Cup Final on the local news.

    A couple of things struck me.

    1) what a fucking load of shit the goals were so I can only imagine how bad the game was, the goal keeping was hilarious and the defending even worse.

    2) Apparently 45000 watched this pile of shite. Suspicious, that immediately made me reach for Google. Fuck off. Just fuck off.

    No way on earth did 45000 people watch this shite, turns out the FA (who no longer will allow champagne to be used to celebrate success incase it offends ‘certain religions’ and those who oppose alcohol) ‘distributed’ 52000 tickets.

    The word ‘distributed’ is interesting so I’ve tried to find how many tickets were ‘sold’ and fuck me you’ll find it easier to locate Lord Lucan.

    And……is it just me but why is it that the TV pics that show this shit never seem able to extend to the crowd, instead the camera’s never seem to be able to lift above the touch line advertising hoardings?

    • In Orstraya they trumpet the success of the local wimminz football comp over the past 2-3 seasons on the basis of (rather modest) number of spectators in attendance. Entry was gratis. Not a single spectator paid to get in.

  18. ‘She is doing a great job in very difficult circumstances’…..

    Would hate to see what a bad job looks like


  19. Stop complaining about May.It doesn’t matter one iota what kind of country you want to live in.Your views and wishes are of no importance and can be, indeed are being, ignored. The political class have always understood that democracy is an illusion, a sop to the great unwashed. They have always governed in their own interests albeit those interests diverge depending on which political party doctrine they subscribe to. Presently you have as Prime Minister a dedicated and unshakable European. She knows the EU would be seriously diminished by the absence of the UK and she has no intention whatsoever of allowing that scenario to become a reality. She cannot be removed from office. There is no process remaining that can be invoked to do this after she survived the vote of no confidence in her leadership. She will not resign. She will deliver her version of Brexit (a permanent customs union and no UK representation in Brussels) because that is what she wants for herself with a view to her next job and what big business and the banks and finance houses want. So stop moaning and accept your impotence. The 29th March 2019 was significant for what didn’t happen. There was no rioting and civil disorder. May knows the British public are a bunch of lethargic pussies and she will, rightly, piss all over you before she moves on to her EU job. Piss be upon you.

  20. She’s a complete cunt because of NoBrexit.

    But prior to that, she wasn’t a cunt.

    And when you compare her to Blair, even the Brexit heresy I would, hesitantly suggest, hasn’t been as destructive to the country as what that absolutely Satanic Demon did in his years in orifice, sorry, office. The ‘Omen III’, made in 1981, was about a satanist with political power. I’m not religious, I absolutely decry it, but I genuinely believe that if there is any vestige of truth whatsoever to the religion and political angle, that Tony Blair was actually and truly the Antichrist.

    • Yes, and then there was “The Exorcist”, about a girl possessed by a demon (played by Linda BLAIR…. coincidence? You decide)
      How old would the hunchback have been at that time? I’m beginning to think that David Icke cunt might have something going for him.
      Anyway, i’m turning Amish so fuck you cunts.

    • May has lied more times in three years than Bliar was able to manage in three administrations!

      And she’s always been a massive cunt, ever since she got up and called the Tory Party “the Nasty Party”. She may have flown under the radar for most of her career, but no less a cunt for that. Worse in fact.

      Totally useless (except to the EU). Queen fucking Midas in reverse.

      • Particularly galling as she was almost a mute during the run-up to the referendum.

      • Yeah, the bitch kept schtum because she had an inkling that the cunts might lose.
        If they had won, no harm done.
        The bitch is definitely nowhere near as dumb as she pretends to be.

  21. Theresa May is going to cling on til th end like Jack and Rose in Shitanic.

    Anyway Meghan popped it out at last. We can soon have a good look at it.

  22. Anyone looking to try a new belgian beer you should really try gulden draak fuck is it tasty and its surprisingly smooth drinking for a 10.5% alcohol content one I’ve tasted harsher low alcohol ales and lagers this one is really nice cunters give it a go

    Sorry but i think i overdosed on this brexit stuff May is undoubtedly a cunt no question about it but shes just a puppet being strung along by her puppet masters

    • 10.5%? It’s a wonder it doesn’t burn the hairs off your chest. I wouldn’t dare admit to my doctor I was drinking that stuff!

      • Its 10.5% but its only 33 cl or 330ml Its really good Bluntspeakingcunt and my chest hairs are quite fine thank you had the gulden draak, 2 old fashioned whiskys and a small glass of dubonnet and a gin shot i couldn’t feel better

    • I had some in Ukraine in 1992. 13% but it went down so smoothly and tasted like Double Diamond. After half a bottle on a hot day I couldn’t believe the buzz I was feeling until I read the bottle. And with the shit exchange rate (and demand for western currency) on the black market, where I was changing my money, it worked out at less than a penny a litre, B & H worked out at 2p for a pack of 20. Fucking magic.

      • Yeah for some reason I thought a 10.5% beer would taste too strong or be too bitter but it was very drinkable. I would definitely buy it again

        I haven’t had double diamond yet and my local liquor store doesn’t carry it but its apparently a favorite beer of prince philp. Out of all the royals hes by far the most likable

  23. Given that we’re never really going to leave the EU, I am await with some trepidation the subsequent repercussions we’re going to face once Brexit is finally dead, buried and forgotten about!

    I can imagine the EU itself sticking the boot in hard and fast over the next few years, punishing us for trying to escape the “goodness” that is the EU directive.

    The politicians who fucked us over won’t give two shits because they’ll fuck off the House of Lords or do the lecture circuit at £30,000 a throw- just like Camercunt. Instead it will be the plebs that will have to face the ire of an angry EU.

    God help us all!

    • ‘Twas always going to be thus NCFOM. In or Out, the plebs will always pay.

  24. Oh the irony! Some cunters talking about moving to the Continent!! Phrases such as “the grass is always greener”, “be careful what you wish for” and “out of the frying pan” all spring to mind. WTF? There’s no running from this. It’s a European wide problem. After all this shit, they’re willing to submit themselves to more! Priceless!!

    • I did chuckle at mention of moving to other European countries. If we ever do leave the EU, then a British (non-EU) citizen living an EU country might be a bit dodgy. Who knows? Said the smug cunt who lives in the US.

      • There were similar noises made by Hollywood and East Coast luvvies following The Donald’s election to POTUS, IY. Samuel L Jackson threatened to move to Africa, safe to say he is not with his ‘bro’s’ in a Johannesburg township.

      • Remember it well, LL. A bunch of the Hollywood slime said they’d move to Canada. Nobody left. Everyone just got on with it as we all knew they would. Cunts.

    • Indeed; it would be out of the frying pan, and into the shit sandwich maker.

      Given half a chance, I’d go back to Switzerland. All I need to do is win the lottery…

    • Curse you for giving me the thought of what her old dried up smelly snatch looks like. She looks evil in that photo she looks like aleister crowley incarnate like in his demonic looking yoga pose photo if you know the one

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