Omar Chowdhury

A nomination for Omar Chowdhury. This vile, bigoted piece of filth, who is Bristol SU’s new ‘BME’ officer, has told a Jewish student to “be like Israel and cease to exist” in a hate filled rant.

Chowdhury won the race for the Black and Minority Ethnicity Officer for the coming year on the basis of his manifesto, which includes a “Zero Tolerance on racism” policy.

The arsehole has previously been elected as both Events Officer of the University of Bristol African Caribbean Society and the President of the University’s Bangla Society, holding both of these posts this academic year. So does this cunt actually do any work?

Looking forward to seeing him in court facing charges of incitement to racial hatred, and being expelled from the uni. Assuming the CPS will get off its useless arse and do something about the cunt.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

47 thoughts on “Omar Chowdhury

  1. Individually, such people are to be pitied.

    The scary thing is though, it is ^^^ these people that will make up the ruling class in the next generation, them and the fellow useful idiots that will excuse and even promote their bigotry.

    Jews are leaving European cities in droves because they can see the writing on the walls, as per the 1930s. This disgusts me as the old four by twos punch well above their weight in every field you could care to mention and are generally as good as gold, you never hear a peep out of them.

    Unlike certain other religious minorities I could mention…

    • I’ve never had a problem with Jews. I’ve worked for them and contrary to popular belief they payed me well. I like Jewish humour, they can take the piss out of themselves.
      The local Synagogue / school over the road from me always has to have 3 security guards outside , they live in fear but only want to get on with their lives in peace. No it’s those other medieval violent cunts that Israel Is surrounded by I have a massive problem with.

      • I could not agree more Fenton. And with M-R’s excellent post above.

        Well cunted Mystic Maven.

  2. With his credentials, he is likely to be on the rise on the left of British politics…..racist, never having to do a real day’s graft etc etc.

    It would be nice to see the University cut funding for him to show it’s own anti racist credentials rather than pandering again to this unacceptable filth.

    After all, it is our money that funds their activities along with the money earmarked as student loans (which in many cases is not paid back).

    • Never happen. It’s more helpful at this stage if you consider the universities as hostile towards ‘us’ as the madressas and mosques etc.

  3. Next time you ever get into any debate/argument with a libtard millennial snowflake about how
    many Eastern European’s are ‘leaving U.K. because of Brexit’ just ask the cunts how many Jews are leaving UK because of racism perpetuated by the Labour Party.

    It’s an interesting argument I promise you.

    • And truth be told, with the escalating Jew hatred, with Islam indulged and excused and the spectre of Führer Jezzbollah Corbyn, Heinrich McDonnell and Eva Braun-Abbott gaining power, we’ve made plans, despite the threats from Iran, Ham-arse and Hizzbollocks, to go to Israel, where at least we’ll be defended, unlike the cowardly cunts here, who’ll throw us to the wolves to protect there corrupt fucking mosque-whipped Postal votes. Am Yisrael Chai.

  4. Initially I thought you meant ANJEM Choudary, the vile, murderous cunt inciting racial hatred and freely walking the streets of London.

    We’ll have to categorise vile, murderous cunts inciting racial hatred in a new way. Too many of the nefarious fuckers.

  5. Chowdhury is a typical left wing hypocrite and like David Lammy seems to think his skin colour excuses his behaviour. If they were white men they would be driven out of their jobs quicker than you can say Keith Vaz

    • One of my fatwas pronounced from the minaret of the Al-Aqsaminster-kharpet Mosque in the Holy City of Qatfuhr, is that they are protected by that most wondrous of force-fields that feed off the aura of white Caucasian guilt, yea for as the prophet pronounce, verily that they are protected by the Holy Melanin Shield of Invulnerability. Ameen b-ameen. Piss be upon them.

  6. Very bad news in the paper today, Blair has successfully reached another birthday today, looking forward to the day they publish the date of his demise.

    • Interdimensional FISH surely. For as the Book of Qatfuhr reveals Ch4 V5 “Yea verily shall the land called Albion be destroyed from within by the People of the Fish – Salmond, Sturgeon, Rudd and Grayling”.

  7. Like Corbyn a lefty peace lover. Except when castrating and murdering Israels athletes. That ofcourse is perfectly acceptable in a peace loving kinda way.

  8. Just think, for the next 48 hours we’ll hear nothing but “royal” baby news as she will have shat out the little turd. Not an ounce of royalty in its blood. Turn off all TVs and radios now.

    • You mean you’re not interested in the fact that little Prince D’Shane Tyreese Lincoln is seventh in line to England’s throne?

      • Funny I was thinking D’Shawn. I’m going to place a fiver at Ladbrokes on the mullato.

  9. Apparently this Omar Himmler cunt made these remarks over a year ago but have only become relevant after he becomes a champion of pretend anti racism. Mr Himmler is, of course so terribly sorry and deeply regrets his insensitivity.
    The National Socialist Union of Students have, in their wisdom, decided that Mr Himmler can keep his position but have issued a “formal warning.”
    The NSUS are very busy at the moment trying to promote the Anschluss with the EUSSR and preparing for the invasion by the orange and white racist devil from the Evil Empire.

    • Incoming President of the NSUS , Zamzam Heydrich Ibrahim, said:
      “This is a big fuss over nothing. The important thing is why is the fascist state of Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest and Somalia isn’t?”
      “Orders from Mecca must be obeyed at all times.”

      • It’s always ‘a fuss over nothing,’ unless it comes out of a whitey’s mouth. Then the darkeys plump up their feathers, & black lives matter addiction demanding his guts for garters, before shooting him at dawn. He’s made his pathetic, insincere apologies, he’ll stay on and it will all be blown under the carpet. The status quo now operates for the powerful & corrupt, so what else can we expect. Omar Chowdhury, when you act like a fool with the IQ of a damp beer mat, best not to advertise it. Especially when you have a face that many would take pleasure in punching out its lights.

    • Imagine a white making comments like that in a student body and being allowed to keep his job.

      No, never heard of it either.

      • It’s not just in the student body, it’s everywhere. The establishment has deliberately made the white British 3rd rate citizens in their own country whilst thinking that they’d be immune. They’re now finding that the cry of racism applies just as much to them, and the ranking coloureds are just as well protected. Give it 20 years and there won’t be a single white person in power here.

  10. Royal Sprog has arrived.

    Beside myself with excitement at what this one might look like!

    • Even THEY don’t know what the cunt looks like. He’s still on his way there in the back of a UPS van.

    • I’m going to miss Meghan’s bump and seeing her in ever fucking image holding it.

  11. Beautiful job MM. Chowdhury is a cunt, with a shit-eating grin thrown in for good measure. I hope that Israel prospers if only to piss off the likes of him.

    • Sink, wrapped in a pigskin and dumped at sea, no marker, destined to be fish shit.

  12. How dare they call the child 🧒🏿 “a boy.!”
    The fascist patriarchal state at work already, imposing socially constructed gender identity on an innocent transgender.
    We never had this sort of thing before Brexit.

  13. The students that elected him will obviously call for hime to be removed with immediate effect!


    • And Sir Nigel will ride into Westminster on a golden chariot after a bloody coup, cancel May’s Brexshit deal and tell the EU we’re off with No Deal and no £39bn….

      • My money is on May croaking in office, preferably the day after the Tories (and Labour) get fucked in the euro elections. I suppose I should say ‘my wish is to see’ since I don’t actually have any money.

    • Not going to happen. Bristol University Students Union has officially warned Mr Chowdhury but left him in office. He has apologised wholeheartedly for his ignorant and offensive comments. He was genuinely remorseful for his antisemitic remarks and has begun efforts to educate himself and will undertake antisemitism training. Altogether now – we believe you Mr Chowdhury. When asked why he had to educate himself when this was the function of the university Mr Chowdhury said “fuck off you big nosed cunt. Are you a Yid or what?”

  14. His name tells me all I need to know. Another ‘taqyia’ spouting cunt being pushed by MSM to us in the campaign of “They’re not all bad you know”.

    Well, take this and shove it up your rainbow-hued stinkpipe MSM. Yes, they’re ALL bad. There is no such thing as a ‘MODERATE’ muslim. Islam IS the Koran and the Hadiths.

    ISLAM is a cancer, Europe is the willing victim bending over and opening it’s arsehole to have it injected directly into its fundament.

    There are no ‘nice’ or ‘moderate’ muslims. When it comes down to it, and they’re forced to make a choice, they will ALL say Islam first, regardless of how ‘metrosexual’ you previously thought they were. You Islington fuckmong twats.

    • It makes me roll my eyes only white terrorists are called ‘right-wing’. As if pisslam isn’t right off the fucking scale politically, never mentioned though.

  15. Bad news for this curry munching camel shagger: Israel was founded 71 years ago this week.


    Perhaps I could buy him a ticket to the Zionist federation party?

    He is also as ugly as shitmima.

    • This cunt doesn’t even rate. From Nebzy to Dolfy and all the Pharaohs, Ceasars, Pope’s and other cunts in between the Chosen have outlasted them all and seen them become dust. He done everyone a favour by killing his political career before it really started. The only thing I’d say to him is “Gin fizz pacey pacey. CHALO”.

  16. Not a chance, the malicious cowardly common purpose Plods will leave this piece of bigotted shit alone as he’s moooooooosssssslimmmm and the STASI are more worried about being called raaaaayyyyycissst or you-know-what-o-phobic than protecting those who are being threatened, such as Christians or FEH!… Jews.
    As for the CPS, they are the skidmark on the underpants of the civil “service”. These are the cunts who won’t prosecute those who are a clear and present danger to us all, are demanding that rape victims and others hand over their private phones to our oh so upstanding police, who, scouts honour, won’t trawl through and copy all and any private data for the burgeoning BritSTASI database, on threat that lack of cooperation could result in the case being dropped.
    These are the actions of a police state, an out of control police force, “leading beyond authority” or rather usurping our elected officials, Common Purpose writ large and running like a toxic skidmark through every public sector organizations.
    The police, judiciary and CPS were once held up as the Gold Standard of justice, now it is a corrupted, foetid, sick fucking joke, stuffed full of well remunerated cunts, poisoning everything they touch.
    I once supported the police, they are now the ENEMY. Damn them all to hell and then damn them some more. CUNTS, the lot of them. I’ll have a posting on my experience with them, the council, various “worthies”, local organisations, in the next few days.

    • The collusion is self evident: you only have to consider the tens of thousands of white girls, groomed, raped and worse by PAKISTANI MUSLIM MEN while the politicians, officials and Plods turned a blind eye, accusing the families of being RACIST for reporting what was happening to their daughters, the girls dismissed as white trash, all in the interests of “community harmony”.
      The same applies to the mass abandonment of tens of thousands of brown girls having their genitalia sliced out and stitched up, turning them into desexualized, unfeeling broodmares, possessions, exploited, abused and a lifetime of gynecological problems and ill health.
      The Council, NHS, Police, School, GP CUNTS fully aware yet only one token prosecution despite concrete data about victims. Naturally this is touted as in the interests of “community cohesion”, more likely to avoid the usual threats, accusations and riots by the usual peaceful suspects, while said “worthies” kneel down, deep throat, swallow, arselick, kowtow and scrape.

  17. I’d throw this camelfucking racist savage into a vat of red hot pig fat… The fucking cunt…

  18. George Washington school in Northern California is to remove a mural of him, as African Americans students are traumatised by the sight of it.

    Muslims in Brooklyn, New York, have set up their own Muslim Community Patrol units, complete with look alike police vehicles with flashing lights, and uniforms. Oh dear, imagine Sadiq’s delight when he gets a sniff of this.

  19. CPS and the Common purpose footsoldiers are recruiting pansies and snowflakes in droves. I know one graduate got a desk job with them. His degree was in performing arts and he’s the cuck of a feminazi moonpig, with is balls in her handbag. A white male who endlessly berates ‘white male privilege’ and brexit.


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