Soya milk

Soya milk.

I’ve been drinking this stuff recently as the missus gets it in . What harm can it do I thought ….might even lose a few pounds I thought.

Imagine my alarm when I read the fucking stuff turns people GAY!

Full of Oestrogen apparently …

Then I thought about it a bit and the Japs and Chinks are always eating soy sauce and they’ve got really little cocks; although curiously not known for being gaylords they are certainly fucked up sexually.

Whatever…I’m not touching that shit anymore.

Nominated by A Cunt For All Seasons

45 thoughts on “Soya milk

  1. How can it be called milk it’s not from the lactation of a mammal, it’s just like all the vegan bollocks being labelled as chicken or other meat products when the don’t contain one iota of said product, name it for what it is,bean squashing.

  2. “Imagine my alarm when I read the fucking stuff turns people GAY!”…….The very fact that you even tried it would suggest that you’re already well past that point.

    🙂 .

    • I fear it goes beyond this. Your estrogen levels will already be that high that you will have developed titties by the end of the week and will have fully transitioned by the end of the month.There is no known way to be able to reverse this.😀

  3. I have about 2 fluid ounces of Alpro in my porridge of a morning. Because I’m lactose intolerant. At least I was 15 years ago.

    I’ll get my coat.

    • Me too!, I have a compulsion to punch amputees.

      fuck the coat I will just run out the door.

  4. Fuck me! Some cunt called TRUMP has just won the world snooker championship!
    I’m looking forward to explaining to the dumb cunts in work that he is closely related to the white racist Nazi devil who, by cheating tactics on the part of the KKK, the Nazis, the Nazis and other……er Nazis……and Tommy Robinson and Farage and other racists, is actually the President of the United States.
    That’s if I can actually get a word in edgeways between the gushing about “ the Sussex baby.”
    Fuck all these brainless cunts to hell.

  5. A diet rich in animals and animal products gave westerners our evolutionary advantage. And just like every superiority Native Europeans have attained, the namby pamby leftist trans class are trying to roll it back.

  6. Certainly very true about effect of soy sauce on oriental penis size. It’s a major cause of sexual anxiety among Japanese men. They have the equivalent of AA meetings which begin “Hello. My name is Ichibum and I have a soy size penis” Meetings are a mix of physical therapy combined with humiliation because the Japs like that kind of kinky shit.

    • That film looks like Yvette Cooper inspecting the latest intake of Blairite pansies.

  7. The anal ‘worm’ drinks semen. Now this soya ‘milk’ is supposed to cause it. Could there be a link there? I see the soya theory comes from ultra orthodox Jews. The Kuwaiti lady’s ‘worm’ ultimately comes from her reading of the Koran. Maybe these two great faiths can come together on this one issue to find a cure.

    • Let us hope so. Certainly there is a great explosion of scientific thinking on the Gayness at the moment. Exciting times.

  8. Full fat blue top milk, anything else ain’t milk. Go fuck yourselves.

    • Sorry BWC but blue top milk is NOT “full fat” these days. Remember when the milkman brought it in bottles and you could pour a tad of cream off the top (unless the sparrows had already nicked it) ?

      • @ SG, I am old enough to remember those bottles of milk…peel off the foil and there was a nice bit of cream on the top. @ RTCP You nailed it there… Gold top is the Bollocks…

      • That is because milk is mostly homogenised these days which stops the fats separating.

        Buy non-homogenised milk and it will have the cream at the top, just like in the old days that a cunt like me remembers, before this new fangled homogenising process was invented and spoiled a little treat in life.

  9. It is a well known scientific fact that too many vegetables will impact negatively on your masculinity. With the exceptions of baked beans, spuds and to a lesser extent carrots, peas, and in very small portions, other root vegetables. Foodstuffs made from pigs.and other tasty animals can counterbalance some of the dangers associated with salad, avocados, chickpeas and soy products, but avoid these unhealthy vegan fads whenever possible and always carry a bag of scratching as an antidote in case you inadvertently consume something containing Quorn. Which reminds me of an obsolete joke; What has 3 legs and lives on a farm?, Paul and Heather McCuntry. Boom Boom cunts.

  10. Guys it’s a fallacy that soya has high levels of estrogen, and the level it does have isn’t even the same type. That kind of thinking is on the level that the Jews are the cause of all humanities problems….

    • That may well be true but the fact that you begin a sentence with the word “guys” doesn’t do you any favours.
      Know what I mean fam innit?

      • And why would a retards idea of a 90’s wigga (the kids haven’t spoken like that for two decades “mate”) have anything to do with the use of the word ‘guys’?

  11. Sadiq watches his porn backwards, because he enjoys seeing the white prostitutes returning the money.

    • I’m shocked Lostsheep. I’d have thought an ex convent girl like yourself would have thought hard porn was when Julie Andrews kissed Baron von Trapp under the bandstand.

      • Haha!!,ah noo Steaming Helmit, it was the bus conductor’s winking every morning, as he fiddled with his ticket machine.

      • No, the winking began one morning when I was two pennies short in my bus fare, Steaming Helmit. As I gave him the money, I said I’d get off the bus one stop sooner. To which he replied, no you’ll be late for school, don’t worry about it. And he winked. Every day afterwards, he always gave me two pennies change out of what should have been a sixpence fare. Followed by a wink. The two pennies brought me a sherbet dip from the school tuck shop each morning. The fiddling with his ticket machine came about because for some reason, before printing off the ticket, he had to adjust the cost by turning the little wheel. Now whether his eyesight was not good, or his fingers lacked nimbleness, but he never found it easy. 🤔

      • Now Lostsheep, this conductor definately had a soft spot for you i’d say!

      • Ah, innocence is bliss Steaming Helmit. Many years an lots of hindsight later, I did wonder if perhaps the long blond hair, light blue summer dress, navy blazer, and ankle socks, may have piqued his kindness somewhat. How I miss those days of fearless freedom, when the only bogey men were under the beds.

      • With that description Lostsheep, i’ve suddenly realised why his kindness may have been piqued as mine certainly has!😂

  12. Never had this shit but after reading the thread I dont think it is for me

    Small cock (fuck that)
    Makes you gay (not for me)
    but worst of all, starting a post with ‘Guys’ (sorry, couldnt resist)

  13. Easy as it seems to be to quibble with your emollient style, grating grammar and in particular gruesome genitives, Mr Baldê, the cut-and-thrust of your first postulation is undeniably well made.

  14. Soya milk is for vegans…
    And we all know vegan is another word for cunt…

  15. Turning gay is the very least of it. You may remain ‘straight’ but develop desire for yeasty, piercing-studded moon-faced feminist mongs. Have you developed the soy-lent grin; the dead-eyed, open-mouthed facial expression of the beanie-wearing, neckbearded soy boy and beta-male in all of your instagurn and tumblr pics?

    Tell the missus to bin the stuff before your winky shrivels and your tits are filling her may even start demanding ‘demi-queer’ be an opton on various forms.

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