Phone Scammers (2)

Phone Scammers

I don’t know if any esteemed cunters have nominated these oxygen stealing low life fucktards before,but here goes.

Just about to leave home today to go for a cancer check up phone rings, hello automated voice your internet is going to be cut off in Four Hours.

Look you cunts grow a pair of fucking gonads and ring me personally so I can charmingly wish Satan himself runs up and down every bodily orifice carrying Two rolls of razor Wire on his back, then when he gets tired, nominating one of his minions to take over. Fucking Shit eating CUNTS.

If anyone is interested no signs of Mr C, see you in six months Mr CuntyMort

Nominated by CuntyMort

23 thoughts on “Phone Scammers (2)

  1. Good news Mr. Cuntymort those checkups are a fucker.
    Great cunting the bastard phone scammers sold my parents a US vacuum cleaner for 3 times the price of a Dyson and about 1/3rd as efficient whilst weighing twice as much, completely useless.

    • If you email me your bank details i could sort this for you? Maybe also get you p.p.i you wasnt aware of! Also ill need your date of birth, and full postal address for security reasons! Any other elderly cunters also welcome for financial services!

      • Don’t forget the photocopies of Birth Certificate and/or passport and driving licence.

  2. I wouldn’t have thought that it was beyond the ken of phone companies to recognise and block these calls.If a number from Calcutta is making thousands of short calls.surely they can recognise that they are probably coming from a dodgy source and at least check if they are legitimate? I suspect that if each one of these calls was costing them money,instead of making them money,we’d have sharp heard the last of them.

    The recorded ones are the worst because you don’t even get the satisfaction of asking Gupta if he’s a part of the family who sexually assaulted a close relative before chucking her down a well.

    Fuck them.

  3. Silent calls are a pain in the arse too; and I don’t see why I should have to spend my time constantly blocking number after number after number either.

    Then you get those cunts who say “Your PC is about to die, we need to access your machine to update your security. This is urgent!”

    I suppose the cunts that do this work on the principle that for every 50 calls that fail, there will always be one duped cunt that will fall for it, and then suffer having all their passwords nicked.

    there’s that Telephone Preference Service, that is supposed to prevent this kind of shit from happening; but quite frankly there about as much good as a 3 legged blind horse running the Grand National.

    Scammers are just another irritation in our rich and very fucked up tapestry of life unfortunately. Pity they can’t all be rounded up in a field and torched. But I suppose that would be seen as overkill

    Fuck ’em

  4. I engage in polite chit chat with them, explain that I am not the decision maker and give them the telephone number of our competitor explaining that they are more qualified to engage in the agreement than I am.

  5. slightly off topic but to avoid these calls a local person gave our work telephone number to a company…….
    They have repeatedly called the ex directory number to ask for “Mr Butcher” in the end I got fed up with them, engaged in conversation, confirmed “My” home address and arranged for a number of welcome sales visits (But after 21.30 please because we will be eating) .
    All I can say is the calling company got a lot of shit off the sales team, and I assume that “Mr Butcher” gave the sales reps a lot of shit, because the calling company were very upset next time they called.

  6. Cunts. A few years ago, some Joe daki phoned my mother – my idiot mother – pretending to be from Microsoft with a Windows update. He talked her into remoting him onto her computer and cleaned her current account out to the tune of 17 grand.

    Luckily the bank reimbursed. And after the thrashing of her life, my mother agreed not to speak to strange parking Stanleys on the phone ever again.

    Preying on the elderly and daft is a cunts trick, in my book.

  7. Top-Tip: Never answer the phone. Let the ansaphone take the shite… unless you recognise the number on Caller Display and want to talk to whatever irritating family member or friend is calling.

  8. Would you just look at the vicious old bag in that photo ? Phone scamming that nice young Antifa man…

  9. Had this call two days in a row claiming to be BT and cutting off due to my ip being compromised. Bullshit. How do you compromise an ip address?
    Reported the numbers – two different ones – to BT using the form on their web site.

    Anyone else getting the same call? If so, report it.

  10. The Starking Panley ones are priceless…
    ‘Hi-llo! I am frim Microsoft! Yi hiv a virus, izzn’t it?’

    Fuck off! Geldi!

  11. Had two unanswered calls with unknown numbers within a few hours yesterday, one from Bristol and the other Cambridge.

    Scammers are also now able to obtain and use local numbers in order to mislead the recipient of their nuisance call.

    All those who make unsolicited cold calls are FUCKING CUNTS who deserve a horrible end.

    • Rarely get them but had 4 the other morning, one even had the Leicester code but the others were clearly made up bollocks. I can’t seem to stop my wife answering the fuckers. I only answer if the number is in my phone contacts list, otherwise that’s what answer machines or voicemail are for.

  12. BT Call Minder sends all anonymous calls to voicemail.

    I was getting them every hour in the daytime. Not anymore!

  13. Yep, these fuckers are like herpes. You just cannot get rid.

    I was very proud of my 78 year old Dad the other day. For years I have been telling him to just tell these irritants to do one when they call, instead of the polite fashion in which he generally responds, which is usually ‘Just go away please’.

    Some gimp claiming to be from Microsoft called up about our ‘internet problem’….

    …..Dad told him to ‘FUCK OFF’ and with mush gusto and emphasis.

    I was like a proud Mummy when her sprog has done their first ‘number two’ on the potty.

  14. Excellent news on the Big C front CM! These checks are a cunt; I’ve had a few prostate cancer scares and the biopsy’s a real fun day out at the hospital.
    As for scammers, well, they’re just a bunch of low-life scum, but if you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands, it can be a bit of fun to string them along by pretending to be deaf and a bit senile.

    • I do it every time, I usually start with my ‘Are you a Christian, do you follow Jesus’ routine, then I tell them I want to pay for their service because you don’t get anything for free these days. When you insist on paying for their free service they don’t know what to do. Then I ask them to hold on because I have to feed my cat. One last week told me I was wasting his time. I said ‘I don’t know why you would say that. I didn’t ring you, you rang me.’ I’m putting them off one by one but I don’t know how many of them there are.

  15. Help is at hand my fellow cunters, in the form of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company.

    What essentially happens is a scam call is re-directed and picked up by one of JRTC’s bots. The aim of the game is to waste as much of the scammer’s time as possible. All the while the idiot scammer has no idea they’re being wound up by a pre-recorded one sided ‘phone conversation and some clever software.

    JRTC very generously posts some of their best work on YT. Hearing a gupta telemarketer absolutely lose it and resort to insults and swearing is very satisfying. There are much longer ones on YT, but here’s a quite short one to get you in the mood:

  16. Having a reasonable amount of free time if the mood takes me I play along with these fuckers, breaking into obscenity at random points, like a sweary Buckaroo. They are thieving fucking cunts who prey on the vulnerable, and one of the few groups you can verbally lay into without fear of the old bill swooping.

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