Womans Hour

Womans Hour

Ok so I admit it I listen to Radio 4 occasionally in the van as I cannot abide adverts and most of the music is shite these days.

Thing is I keep catching bits of womans hour.

Fine ,let women have their own hour nothing wrong with that but do they have to talk constantly about their tits and fannies ?

Its Vaginal mesh this …..breast cancer that …on and on and on.

Now normally I can listen to talk about fanny all day …but not when its a group of old biddys cackling on about their creamy discharges .

What is wrong with these people?

Mind ; they had Louise Redknapp on the other day so I got ready to knock one out….and guess what! Not a single mention of her tits or fanny . Cunts.

Nominated by A Cunt For All Seasons

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  1. Dear me A Cunt For All Seasons, hard on the heels of your nom. for Soya milk we get your thoughts on Woman’s Hour of all things….what ever next?…. The fact that your Pot Pourri loses it’s delightful smell after 2 days,perhaps?

    ( Just Kidding)

    Woman’s Hour……Never heard it put can imagine that it will be more menopausal old bags competing to best describe their powdery,fishmonger’s -apron smelling,welly-top Fannies.

  2. Radio 4 Wimminz Hour?

    I’d rather listen to adverts.

    Or as Cunflap helpfully suggests: SILENCE

  3. Mrs. Boggs doesn’t listen to it quite so much these days since I refer to it as Lesbians Hour and say in front of her friends “Mrs. B never misses Lesbians Hour”, for that is what it really is closeted dykes telling each other what *victims* they are, and their fanny problems are only caused by nasty men. Misandry rules on Wireless 4 I am just surprised Squadron Leader Jenni Murray isn ‘t replaced by a Dark Key

    • Mrs Norman wouldn’t go near Womans Hour if you paid her.. She also despises Loose Women and other such shite… She’s not a fan of the Me Too mob either… She reckons that most of them are self serving cunts doing it to cover themselves and their slag antics… Aye, she’s a good ‘un…

  4. When will it be realized that all this `special this’ and `special that’ crap is generating anger and resentment. It is achieving nothing but division.

    Woman’s Hour, Black History Month, Hug A Terrorist Sunday, Infibulation Week, Smile at an Irish Wanker Thursday, Wank off an Illiterate Monday, cut-your-willy-off Empathy Day…

    When will be given Cunt’s Saturday?

  5. There’s no classy totty on the BB of C any more either…
    When I were a lad it was Joan Bakewell and Angela Huth (the lovely Angie seen on Late Night Line Up in the link below))…..


    It’s all rugmunchers, token dark types and irritating look at me cunts like Gabbing Logan and the like these days… And anyone who thinks Emily Mathis/Maythis/Whatever is sexy they need recapturing very quickly….

    • Who was that sexy one who presented Play School? There was one… Can’t remember her name though… It wasn’t Dame Floella Thingy, that’s for fucking sure…

      • Scouse Play School….

        “Today, children, we’ll be going through the recently jemmied open window”….

      • Wow nothing like an eighties joke EH! Who’s your script writer Eddy Braben?


      • CUNT am I. Wow! what a brilliant post, calling someone a cunt on ISAC, brilliant.
        Just a gag, just passing it on.
        Wind your neck in you sensitive little thing….
        Made a cunt of yourself….

      • Crusty.

        Welcome to ISAC.

        Some us, including JRC have been on here for years.

        One of the basic tenants of ISAC Is you don’t cunt cunters, especially if a newbie.

        There’s others too but just try to remember that one.

        JRC is the resident comedian, proper funny cunt, you’ll see.

        In the meantime, shut it or write a nom.

      • Floella Benjamin I think her name was;

        She was a bit of a boring cunt on PS, but Johnny Ball and Brian Cant were the best

  6. I have to admit that that I watched Victoria Derbyshire this morning, my excuse is that I was waiting for a parcel to be delivered and it was on after the news….
    My piss was boiling before the credits had finished, fucking Jess (I am always the victim) Phillips was on.
    She is such a lying fucking cow, claimed she cried after hearing about the Carl Benjamin comment about her and that given enough pressure he would cave in and rape her but there isnt enough beer in the world.
    Fucking cant win, he gets slagged off for saying he wouldnt, then for saying he would ( but actually not because he would never be drunk enough)

    Man hating fucking bitch deserves everything she gets, she would like to be PM (cos she would be good at it)…..i almost choked with laughter…. but now she doesnt want to be PM because she wouldnt be able to walk around “like an ordinary person” ….. CUNT.

    Womens hour, should be fucking banned, ban anything with woman/women in the title

    • I’d like to see fucking Jess Phillips end up like Mussolini – just hanging around. Let her poor cunt of a husband put the bullets in afterwards.

      • Jess Phillips always sounds like she’s just finished her arduous shift at Wetherspoons.

        Apart from her grating Estuary accent, you could strike a match on that stubbly chin.

      • Serving beer at Wetherspoons would be about her limit, as long as it was a wimminz only night.

    • Oh don’t mention that cunt of cunts again!

      She’s bleating about that very thing in this morning’s Birmingham Post, AGAIN!

      Doesn’t this cunt do any proper work for her constituents?

    • Police are looking into remarks by UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin after Labour MP Jess Phillips accused him of malicious communications.

      Mr Benjamin, who is standing in the European elections, tweeted that he “wouldn’t even rape” Ms Phillips.

      He has refused to apologise for the remark made in 2016, arguing that “any subject can be the subject of a joke.”

      Surely if the comment was made in 2016, it should have been “investigated” at that time? Just another attempt to discredit UKIP.

      And to say you wouldn’t rape someone is preferable than telling someone you would?

      A stupid thing to say admittedly however not worthy of valuable police time, especially theee years after the event and with PHYSICAL crime spiralling out of control. Those advising the police need to sort out their fucking priorities.

      Oh, it’s the useless out of touch cunts in Government. What a surprise.

      • I am not sure if she is upset about not being worth a rape or his later post where he said he would but there isnt enough beer in the world.

        Make you mind up Jess, which is it….. stupid cow!

        Still laughing at her ‘would be good at being PM’ …. I dont think SHE was joking.

  7. Just wait until they start “identify as women’s hour”

    Dried out old welly top fannies will seem like the garden of eden by comparison!

  8. The nomination gave me flashbacks to a time that I was a temp driver delivering for argos.
    I did a drop at a particularly pretty young ladies flat and she asked us if we could take it up stairs (of course anything for you)
    any way going up the stairs we came upon a discarded pair of tights complete with pants in them that seem to have been used to store dairylea, rather put us off her.

      • I have no intention of discussing my dietary regime with a bunch of animals like you.

      • You should have scraped that soft cheese up and melted it under the grill with a couple of rounds of toast: nice bit of frothy Welsh Rarebit for free (along with the odd pube or two)

        And if her pants were a bit red after a heavy period, that makes for a nice bit of tomato ketchup on top. Win Win!

      • Gusset cheddar. I shudder to thinks of the rich creaminess of same that inhabits Joe brand’s voluminous undergarments

  9. Very hard not to listen to Wimminz Hour on R4, as that’s what most of R4 is these days. Even the bloody Archers. Entirely agree with the cunting. Except that it’s not old wimminz for the most part but giggly little girls with speech defects, 75% of them BAME and 100% of them incapable of logical thought. Bring back ‘Kinder, Küche, Kirche,’ and kindly keep the first of those well away from me.

    • I know the BBC is turgid at best but…. Bring back the KKK?

      Bit harsh.

    • Don’t worry, all those outfits will be going to the 3rd world to help the poor and deprived that these useless narcissists are always crying about.
      Bless their hearts.

  10. A thoroughly deserved cunting. Ive only heard a few minutes on a few occassions. A bunch of upper-middle class hags talking over each other about nothing of importance.


  11. **Public Service Announcement**

    Today is the last day to register if you want to be part if the EU elections in a fortnight so pull thy finger out, although a deal rustled up by the piss and vinegar of Corbyn & May might negate that.
    What a cocktail that’d be.

    • Afternoon Capt.

      Did you know that the 3 million EU foreign nationals resident in this country are eligible to vote in our election? Same applies to local elections I believe. No wonder the LibDems did so well.

    • Where do you register? Do you have to register through IsAC or do you pick up a form from the yoof club? You’ll have to excuse me, I’m a first time voter and know nuffink about it. I just want to get back at all those old gits who’ve stolen my future.

      • Afternoon chaps.

        Ruffers, are you certain about that? Why isn’t there a Polish or Romainian Party on the ballot paper? They’d pull in millions of votes.

        Concerned about your benefits?
        Worried about too many Somalians muscling in on your drug patch?
        Justice for burglars against those nasty guard dogs?

        Vote Pavel Himmler ✔ ⬜ Dooshka Dooshka Party

      • Booshka Booshka, Captain…
        Me want to see Doctor! Me no want wait!
        Me want box of Daz powder! A pound! I give you one pound!

        What a plus those Europeans have been to dear old Blighty, eh?…. Tesco had to put a sign up: to tell these gyppog speaking half breeds that Daffodils were not vegetables to be eaten… If that doesn’t sum it up… They are cunts…

      • I am certain about that Capt. Though which of the 6 Remain parties they’ll vote for is anyone’s guess.

  12. I think the clue is in the name of this particular radio programming…

    ‘WOMEN’S’ hour.

    Therefore, they are bound to be talking about snatches, tits, the school run, body hair removal and every other vacuous pile of shite that women tend to drone on and on about.

    As a female myself, I cannot abide ‘women’s talk’. It sets us back about a million years when all we do is perpetuate the stereotype that women have nowt better to talk about than their hair, bodies, dropping a sprog out of their vag, etc. What is wrong with wider ranging subjects, rather than fucking menopause or the dryness of an ageing fanny? Of all subjects, that is one I would not be gagging to discuss, and I would hasten a guess most women wouldn’t want to, and DEFINITELY not men.

    I have never listened to this tripe, and frankly wouldn’t want to. I have better things to do with my time than listen to a bunch of annoying bitches chit chat about shite. Coming from a big extended family that is predominantly female, I get enough of that at home as it is!


    • ….or rather ‘WOMAN’S hour’.

      Christ, if any of those feminazi cunts get a sniff that I got their radio programme name wrong, they will tar and feather me.

      Where are my bloody car keys……..

    • Hmmm. Football, cars, beer, prostates….doesn’t inspire, somehow. Only justifiable if it infuriates the wimminz.

  13. I’ve been listening to Radio 4 on and off ever since it was known as the Home Service, but I could never listen to Woman’s Hour, that drivel could drive a man insane. What annoys me these days is they try to fill every programme with as much music as possible. I used to listen to 5Live at tea time but I got sick of all the pop music, it’s supposed to be news and sport. So I went back to PM on Radio 4 and fuck me, they’re doing it too. It can only be about saving money.

  14. And as everyone started to desert radio one because its a fucking racket which most of the yoof don’t even like they decide to turn a more popular radio two into a copy with excitable screeching twats like Zoe Ball being down wiv ver kidz.
    Will you just FUCK OFF BBC!

    • I still think Sarah Cox is lovely.

      Unfortunately you’re not allowed to say that anymore because it’s racist and homophobic.

  15. Wimmenz Hour but to be balanced the AL-BEEB will also be showing Men’s Minute.

    This includes 25 seconds of intro music, 25 seconds of exit music and 10 seconds of Jess Phillips’ horse-faced laughing at male suicide, cos that’s funny you see.

    Taking the piss out of her, not so.

    The West Midlands’ thought crime unit is on the case as we speak.

    Not that West Mids police have anything better to do with their time such as investigating the profligate bomb-maker fuckers on the known register, and tackling yardie-boy stabbings and shootings (that the rest of the UK never hear about because they’re so common)!


  16. Women’s Hour for me is seeing how many ships Trump has in the Mediterranean. Update: US Navy has 10 ships, 130 aircraft and 9,000 personnel in the Mediterranean. And he’s keeping the Chinese from building their shit riddled islands in the South Sea.
    And I like the drink in the woman’s hour. Just Saying.

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