Gina Miller (8)

The cunts cunt has been spending more of her husbands money on adverts “designed to speak to wimmin”. The demented old trollop is plainly getting desperate:

Do wimmin really fall for this horseshit from a tart with her own mercenary reasons for wanting to stay in the EU. Even Mrs. Boggs can see through the old cunt.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

69 thoughts on “Gina Miller (8)

  1. I bet those earrings cost more than I earn in a year.
    Another rich fucker crying about how poor the plebs are going to be because they didn’t know what they were voting for.
    Who needs Mother Teresa when we’ve got all these saints who have crawled out of the woodwork in the last 3 years?

  2. Arrogance is the least attractive of all human traits and this bloody woman has it by bucket load.

  3. I remember that she said she felt physically sick when she heard the referendum result. The rest of us feel physical sick when we see her.

  4. I’ll do her a favour and take her up the arse. All she’s worth for.

      • The only way one of those blue arserags gets near my cock is so I can piss on it.
        Then I would shove it in Gina’s big gob.
        Fucking scrubber.

      • I’d still take her up the arse just to show my utter contempt for the cunt

  5. I’m abaaaaaht to bang an Indian bird soon and have always wondered if their cunt smells of curry, not sure if she eats a lot of it but when on the train in east London you can smell it seeping out there skin… Probably don’t help half the cunts don’t wear deodorant.
    Can anyone speak from experience?
    Don’t want my bellied smelling like I dipped it in a jar of Pataks ya understand.

    • I did bang an Indian girl a few years ago nothing wrong with their minge; but watch out when they fart or take a dump – fucking horrendous!

    • In my younger days I had a few Indian takeaways, never had a problem in that department but they can be a tad hairy on the arms! But saying that I’m talking mid to late 80,s nowadays everything gets waxed!
      My opinion For what it’s worth BAWC is fill ya boots…..
      Some really pretty girls ……….

      • Go for it B&WC, she is probably thinking “I wonder if his cock tastes like KFC hot wings?”.

      • Aww! Come on admin. There’s absolutely no logic in the way some comments are moderated. What’s wrong with my comment here? I think the software for doing this needs updating.

      • Sorry! I’ve just found my comment. Bow, scrape etc.(no emoji for red faced embarrassment)

      • Cunters,
        With regard to your comments being moderated:
        There are words which trigger moderation, but moderation also occurs randomly and unintentionally.
        We cannot change it.
        All we can do is check as often as possible and release your comments.
        I try to do this several times a day, usually when I get the chance to stop for coffee. If I’ve been boozing you have to wait till morning.
        The software will not get changed or updated any time soon.

      • Evening Q, Mr Fiddler would have some insightful input on this matter no doubt.

      • You’ve got to stop typing the word cüm Mr Bluntspeakingcunt!

      • No RTC@7.32. Stuck one in today with an umlaut and it was accepted thanks to your excellent tuition!

      • I have to take care these days when leaving my iPad lying around that it’s not left open on IsAC showing comments like those on this page. I have to reassure Mrs B that it’s an educational site but that it’s occasionally frequented by perverts and deviants and that I’m just as disgusted as she is.

      • I do relate things to her but she just turns her nose up in disgust a la Chuckup.

    • Evening B&WC.

      My missus is of Indian descent and is fastidious about her personal hygiene, a fuck sight more than me in fact, virtually OCD.

      And no, her snatch does not reek of curry. At least it didn’t last time I was down there… about 15 years ago!

  6. Just another commentator, knows no more or no less than the rest of us, only reason she get into the media…… she wants to fucking remain.

    Tries to spin, cunts like her and campbell must think the population are thick…..

    Its a joke, the next thing we will hear …… brexit party are far right …….
    Ann Widdecombe in doc martins, tattoo on her forehead and a skin head lol!

    Fucking Maybot shoud be off to brussels tomorrow and give them a ultimatum

    Free trade deal, scrap the backstop or you can whistle for the 39 billion and fuck off….. one sentence! ….. she is off in 2 weeks so nothing to loose.


    • The new “Brish Subjickt ” with her cavernous tooth filled gob is an individual that deservedy should get a fucking cunting for what she has done. An imported punka who suddenly becomes the “voice of the Nation ” ( self appointed ) but with the contacts and the cash to complete the task of our destruction. I only hope that her flaps are crusted, open weeping sores around her ring piece, and a gushing purulent vaginal discharge matched only in quantity by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Fuck the rancid twat !

    • After I wrote this nomination last week, La Gob Gina appeared YET AGAIN on Wireless 4’s Any Questions?.

      The BBC seem to be very willing to give a voice to the wealthy – however trite or deluded their comments are.

    • I understand that she has said she is quitting it 2 weeks but is also staying on until a successor is found so I think we have got her for a possibly another 2 months.

  7. If these treasonous remainers are so against nationalism and so for the EU I really don’t understand what the problem would be with them going to live in the Reich…. it’s not like she couldn’t afford to just move over there and she obviously doesn’t have any love or pride for this country.
    I suspect this has become more about her ego than anything else.
    ….or maybe she thinks we won’t be able to get a cheap supply of bananas after we leave.

  8. Hypocritical cunt. Calls for greater transparency in the investment and pension fund sector. With hubby Alan Miller is joint owner of SCM Direct and refuses to disclose the size of the assets (ETFs – Exchange Traded Funds) under management (AUM). Some in the City reckon it’s about 70 + million pounds. SCM’s management fees are about to 1.2% per annum or 840,000 pounds. Not a bad little earner for taking risks with other people’s money. Don’t you love these capitalist cunts who have a social conscience? The cunt set up a registered charity in 2009, the True and Fair Foundation, with the stated aim of increasing philanthropy and common good in an era of growing inequality. Trustees? Yes just the two, a Mrs Gina and Mr Alan Miller. They closed it down when annual net expenditure exceeded net income i.e when there was no money left in the pot to buy expensive earrings. She’s not a great believer in the UK. Only has about 12% of SCM funds invested in UK Plc. The majority slice, about 39%, is in the USA with South America and the EU each having more than UK. It always pays to do a bit of homework with cunts like this as it shows their real interests in life – in her case making shed loads of money for doing very fucking little with other people’s money. It’s not as though she can control the returns on the investments under her management. She decides where to put the money and hopes it doesn’t go tits up. End of story. She’s a jumped up little fucking colonial. I feel nothing but intense ill will towards her.

    [I have a laptop purchased in New Zealand and the keyboard has a $ symbol but no GBP symbol. Anyone know if this can be fixed? It’s a pain having to type “pounds” ]

    • Well researched. Nor is she alone among our politicians. Pick a name at random…shall we say Osborne?

    • There should be a little program somewhere on the computer called Character Map. Find it create a shortcut & you can copy & paste any symbol you want.

  9. All these cunts (Miller et al) are only out for self serving reasons & couldn’t give a fuck about the wellbeing of this country.

  10. Every time I see this cunt’s smug face I just want to kick her very hard in the snatch….

    …..and Kung Fu kick her in the tits.

    She needs to shut the fuck up and disappear down the nearest, deepest manhole, quick smart.

    Nobody’s interested in your ‘campaign’ Miller, especially women (I would hasten a guess)

    Irritating cow.

    • Gina Miller disappearing up her own arsehole would provide an entertaining, visual feast.

    • I just can’t get the image of you Kung Fu kicking the traitorous cow in the tits out of my head Nurse.😂

      • Me neither, SH! 🙂
        I fear it will remain but a beautiful dream….the chance to unleash my Bruce Lee moves on the jumped up twat!

      • You dont jump into a filing cabinet then get stuck do you Nurse Cunty? Then let out by your pet cat?

      • YES! Hong Kong Phooey and Spot the cat! I spent many a Saturday morning watching HKP….

        ….I still would now, if the TV cunts put him back on, Miles. A DECENT cartoon for a change.

        Let’s not forget the lovely Rosemary:
        ‘Hello, Hello, Police Headquarters, this is Rosemary’….

        God, I’m a sad cow.

  11. Michael Gove to offer three million EU nationals free British passports.


  12. Tory leadership contest: Jeremy Hunt warns against no-deal Brexit ‘suicide’


    • They just don’t get it!

      And then they wonder why they got absolutely shit on at the Euro elections!

      • According to every remainer Cunt out there .. the ‘remain vote’ was higher in the EU MEP elections blah, blah, blah… we’ve all heard it over the past 48hrs …. however.

        Lord Adonis took the fucking biscuit this morning on LBC with Nick Ferrari …. Adonis started his jibbering about Brexit being like buying a house … and all that shite. He then starts on about the total sum of the ‘remain EU MEP’s’ being greater than the ‘leave’ vote… and then the cheeky dispicable Cunt throws in that .. ‘Why, even some of the people that voted for the Brexit party … wait for it .. WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EU ‘ …. Un-be-fucking-lievable !!!

        This Cunt should be locked away ….

      • File under; “begging for it” – Cuntbell’s been expelled from Labour, presumably for voting LieDump.

        Slimeball now proposes to appeal the decision. It’s all about him, you see.

        File under “gas-filled floater” – Blair’s bounced to the surface again (any media who will pay him to finish off ‘his’ party), but has not yet been expelled for telling Labour voters to vote for someone else. Who Tony voted for has not become known, yet.

      • But it was only one person who expelled him, so if you add up the total number of people who didn’t expel him he’s still in the Labour Party.

      • Campbell is just like his old mate Alex Ferguson… Pretends he’s a staunch socialist and solid working class, but is a cunt who gets into bed with the likes of the Glazers and those EU Fuhrers… I wonder if Campbell with follow his idol Goebbels’ example and top himself?

        We hope…

    • Yes but what’s worse is that cunt, The Squeaker of the House Bercunt isn’t going to step down so that he can block a no deal Brexit.

    • Sorry, posts crossed. Hope it makes his much-publicised depression terminal and that he does it with drain cleaner.

    • Given all the internal shit that’s been flying around the Labour party recently (especially Thornberry constantly having a dig at Worzel) I am surprised there’s any party left as they should have all been expelled by now!

    • After me – “he’s got a tri-angle on his head”

      Now let’s see the Tories do the same to Heseltine.

  13. Ceremy Junt warns that calling a general election would be suicide and that a No Deal Brexit would be suicide.

    Why doesn’t this cunt just go and commit suicide instead of living his life as a speaking, breathing, push-bike riding arsehole?

    Why doesn’t any of these Tory cunts realise that you need to be prepared for a No Deal Brexit if you want to negotiate the best for our country? All these twats telling us that No Deal isn’t an option merely gives Spuncker and Verminhofstadt the green light to vigorously fuck the UK in the arse.

    Fuck Gove and fuck Hunt too. The cunts.

    • And that fucking cunt Hammond. Another hook-nosed twat, like Campbell and Macron.

      Jeremy Cunt is definitely political suicide for the Tories; the slithy Gove is absolutely monstrous, as much a gross error of judgement on Nature’s part as the Flabbott is.

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