Jibriel Guled

Jibriel Guled jailed for 26 weeks after kicking a four month puppy to death. Google his photo, a depraved foreigner with evil eyes & demonic intentions.
Just give me 26 minutes in some dark alley to kick the f****** daylights out of him, and every other sick man or woman degenerate inflicting intolerable suffering upon our most vulnerable, defenceless animals, babies & children. A pair of nailed boots & boxing gloves would at the very least save the court cost of any mitigating, nauseous defence. If anyone harmed just one of my beloved family I would quite happily exercise “hell has no fury…,” and face time behind bars for my remaining years.

Nominated by Lostsheep

48 thoughts on “Jibriel Guled

  1. Lostsheep, I always thought you were a gentle soul! It’s very refreshing to know that you are quick to ire at the sense of injustice shown here. We need more magistrates like yourself who believe the punishment should fit the crime. When you’ve finished with that low life can you start on Alastair Campbell?

  2. Better yet, feed him to a pack of half-starved swine and give any leftover bones to dog rescue shelter.

  3. Yeah, this shit is a Somali alright.
    The only cunts in the world the pikeys won’t live next door to.

  4. Can’t stand Somalians…some of the ladies are worth a fuck but I’d wear at least 3 condoms because I don’t want HIV and I don’t want a Somali kid who may grow up to dine at Alan’s O’snackbar.
    Can’t stand these cunts… Arrogant, rude, sound like they’re spitting a massive phlegm when speaking, don’t work, and contribute fuck all. Anyone who picks on a animal is in need of a beating, and then another beating. Rat cunts.

    • I’d like to see him thrown in a pen with my dog ‘charlie’ he’s a 4 stone Akita husky/border collie cross, and an absolute cunt to boot! see how you get on with him you vicious fucking sand rat.

      • I’d like to put the filthy bastard in with my Staff bitch. She absolutely hates the cunts. She’d rip lumps out of the cunt every time she locked her Jaws.

  5. Fuck me, we’ve let some low life scum into this country.

    Deport any fuckers who break the law.

    In this case after a kicking. See how he likes it.

    Fucking coward.

  6. I work with some of these ex pirate cunts, vile, egotistical, lazy, leeching fuckin pricks & what’s with the clicking noises? Aids is too good for these cunts!

    • How are you doing @Cuntosaurus? Your fighting spirit still doing you good. 🙂

      • Evening lost sheep, yes today is thankfully not too horrific! Seeing assholes like this in the world keep my level of hatred at a nice summer & inspire me to be a bit more of a cunt tomorrow 😁

      • Couldn’t agree more @Cuntosaurus. Hundreds just like him, still paddling onto our shores weekly. 😧

    • Never having come across a Somalian, what are these clicking noises? Is it tribal, an expression of hate or what?

      • ‘..what are these clicking noises?’
        Arm the vest…disarm the vest…arm the vest…disarm the vest..


        safety off…safety on…safety off..fire selector to semi…fire selector to full…

        take your pick..

  7. OMG! Why would anyone want to do that? It sickens me to think of the suffering that poor puppy endured. 26 weeks for an innocent life. Pathetic. Rot in hell you utter, utter bastard cunt scum.

  8. Lucky the coppers got there before the filthy cunt had eaten the evidence.

  9. Why do we let these cunts into the country, when he comes out of jail, cut his balls off and send the cunt back to Somalishithole

  10. Another Peaceful acting like a depraved cunt. No doubt the puppy offended Mohammed ( piss be on his name) in some way. Hopefully someone in jail will kick this cunt to within an inch of his life.

  11. When he gets out of nick they should move the imported trash next door to Lily Allen.
    That’ll give the bitch something to weep about.

    • ‘When he gets out of nick ..’

      If, I think you meant to use there, If…though I suppose you’re right, as they’ll fall over themselves to protect the cunt from the right good doing he so richly deserves.

  12. I do so wish some of these Somalian cunts would pitch their tents outside the homes of the likes of Thornberry, Jones and all the other in-denial cunts that seem to think immigration is a good thing!

  13. Don’cha know these Somalians make good Lord Mayors! Rakhal Ismail is the first Somali born lady mayor in guess where? – Islington of course!
    Then there’s Magid Magid, just finished his year as Mayor of Sheffield and now MEP for the Greens who ‘banned’ Trump from visiting Sheffield. He would like to ‘bring the role of mayor in to the 21st century.’ It’s nice to know he’s interested in our traditions isn’t it?


    • When I lived in Feicester, in the 80s, it was always a source of amusement to cross back into the county, and see a sign proudly proclaiming “Nuclear-free zone.”

      I’m sure that when an ICBM was heading towards The Portway, it would have been looking out for a sign like that, and slammed into reverse…

      Can’t imagine Big Don wanting to visit Sheffield.

  14. While watching elections last night, magid magid (ex mayor of Sheffield ) and green party cunt, was on he had a t shirt which said, immigrants make Britain great.
    I beg to differ, they bring nothing but a hefty tab for the taxpayers to pick up, and cunts like this are allowed to hide behind human rights, to behave worse than an animal.
    Torture would be too kind for this cunt, our country is an embarrassment when it tolerates behaviour like this, by giving out such a puny sentence.

  15. He obviously got bored with being an architect, doctor & engineer. I bet he loves rough goat sex too.

  16. He’ll probably say its his human right to kick hell out of innocent animals and anyway didn’t know it was illegal in Britain.

  17. I used to work at a really great college… Then one day Satan Blair got in and it became infested with Somalifilth overnight… This was way back in 98 and the cunts were getting preferential treatment already… I resigned in disgust…

  18. Dirty filthy piece of foreign trash beloved of the left another benefit the country has to endure thanks to the cunt of all cunts the Blair.
    Roll on the happy release of death so I can be spared the rest of the journey the nation is taking down the crapper

  19. Fucking isis looking cunt, I would happily return the favor for the puppy, I just hope this cunt gets a good fisting while he,s inside, and when the cunt is released deport him and the slag who that him into the world back to the fly blown shite hole the these cuntts hail from, no abuse is to lenient for this piece of Arab shit…..fuck off you greasy shit stain…..

  20. I hope someone sets this cunt on fire. Cruel little scumcunt. Talking of animal cruelty, remainers will mention animal welfare being at risk if we leave, however it doesn’t stop Spanish cunts torturing bulls for entertainment, the sick cunts. I love it when a bullfighter gets his comeuppance, be it a large horn up the balloon knot, or crushed to death. Dying, dressed as a ponce. A fitting end to a cruel cunt.

  21. The puppies life is more important by a long way than some imigrant ,Somalian , long necked, get chewing , backwards, piece of shit who is a drain on our society, even in prison this waste of space cunt is costing us, let hope he gets the same treatment inside, and if he doesn’t he probably will when he gets out,he would be safer in Mogadishu….send the flea bitten cunt back to his shit hole country….

    • Yes. Let’s fucking hope someone literally kicks his head in until he starts to convulse.

  22. Well said gutstick, a fitting end to sweaty fancy dress hit men for fray bentos, a horn in the ring…..

  23. Is he one of the 3 million that Michael Gove will be giving free passports to?

  24. I hope this piece of filth dies soon, and not quickly either, a lingering illness would right cheer me up.!!

  25. This filthy sandpig cunt will get out in less than 26 weeks and then he’ll be claiming every benefit going… I hope he fucking dies….

  26. I would kick that cunts head back to Somalia with the rest of the filth.

    I bet the liberals are on Facefuck suggesting the puppy kept running into his foot or something.

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