The London Marathon (2)

The London Marathon.

For days London has been on lockdown .

Climate change cunts have been gluing their cocks to Jeremy Corbyns face …

Emma Thompson has been shitting tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere on her transatlantic flights.

Many cross words have been spoken by school children about the dangers of plastic.

Ordinary working people have been massively inconvenienced.

Then the climate change cunts all fuck off just in time for a load of skinny dead-eyed Horse faced cunts to run rampage through london dropping plastic bottles all over the shitty place . cunts


And while we’re at it, Maud Hodson

Who? This awful craggy faced mole-rat impersonator has been moaning about the organisers of the aforementioned London Marathon.

Apparently they aren’t making the congratulatory T-shirts “feminine enough”.

The cheap cunts have been buying a standard large T – shirt to give out at the end assuming one size fits all .

Which , when considering you have 40,000 gangly pissflaps all sweating their gunge over the gilded streets of our hated capital and will prolly only ever wipe their faces on it makes perfect economic sense.

Im pretty sure my girlfriend keeps stealing all my T-Shirts. The cunt.

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47 thoughts on “The London Marathon (2)

  1. How many people gonna be stabbed in the next marathon with all the stabbings I read about in blighty these days I wonder? and don’t these cunts think about greenhouse gases carbon emissions they are wasting to travel to said event just to run around like a bunch of stunned cunts greta thunberg I’m sure won’t be too happy

  2. At least one twat will drop dead.

    Scott Mitchell , Dame Barbara Windsors husband is running today to raise money for dementia research. He is one creepy fucking granny shagger.

    I bet a dark key wins. It is their athleticism, you know…..

    • Scott Mitchell will go home, absolutely fucked and hobbling. And soggy baps Babs won’t even know he’s done it !!
      He is a creepy cunt, I bet he proper degrades her in the bedroom with his perversion, and she probably plays up, thinking it’s a carry on film, gone wrong.

  3. Maud Hodson – just wants a bit of media attention before she disappears up her own shithole once more. Cunts like her love to whinge about something or other with their VS bullshit. Next thing she’ll be moaning about the male competitors not being feminine enough!

    As for the marathon itself – good exercise for potential future victims of muggings and stabbings; and similarly gives a good work out for the perpetrators – just like a pride of lions scoping out slow and wobbly wildebeest for their next dinner.

    I wonder how many of these runners are climate change cunts from the week before? One minute they moan about polluting the world with plastic, and then freely throw empty plastic water bottles and sweaty snot rags along the 26 mile route!

    Oh and expect some weirdo competitors dressed as Daleks or Storm Troopers, or if that Owen Jones is running, coming as himself dressed as a complete cunt!

    Hope some of these hypocritical cunts end up with heart attack and croak it! And then if they do miraculously end up in Heaven they can go give God a fucking hard time regarding keeping Heaven pollution free, and that perhaps God himself should “come out” and confess to having feminine yearnings!

    Fuck ’em

    • As for Maud Hodson, I wish she’d “enlighten” me (well, not really), as to what a “feminine enough” t-shirt is…
      Pink, that’s sexist…a lot of “country wear” type outfitters sell pink cords for country lads and farmers (tho I struggle to see our renowned Mr. Fiddler wearing the like).
      Tailored to fit “bust-waist-hips” – no, because da wimminz all come in different shapes and sizes, and it would be sexist to make them all to fit Babs Windsor age 25,,,
      Maybe translucent, figure-hugging latex with nipple stimulators and cut-outs ? A new meaning to jogger’s nipple.
      Answers on the back of a PC (post card), not a “politically correct,” unless you have a chisel handy for the inscription.

      Silly old munter.

      PS. I really hope the 85-yr old guy makes it, he was interviewed on the news t’other day, and seems a decent chap. I’d hate to die amongst a load of sweaty runners.

  4. There’s no way Owen Jones will be running as that would be five hours that he wouldn’t be able to tweet that all tories/Farage/bankers are all evil FASCISTS and organising his oh so longed for march against his ultimate bogeyman, Trump whilst at the same time telling us that Jeremy is a saint and only hates jews in a caring way. Cunt.

  5. The jewel in the crown of the BBC’s “sports” coverage…….a load of virtue signallers dressed as carrots being interviewed by Clare rugmuncher Balding.
    Don’t forget it’s all for Charidee folks!

    • Nice one, Cuntflap. Or just spray them in the face with Nina Ricci and hope for the best, RTC.
      A splendid Sunday morning, one and all!

  6. It is an annual BBC wankfest, apart from Wimbledon (and that’s because al the pinko, shirt lifting executives there get free tickets) it only sporting event the BBC cover properly. Especially vomit inducing is some cunt reading out sub-Kipling poetry for about 3 weeks before the event in order to advertise the coverage.

    • Wanksock- I’ve asked CaliAngel the same question. Are you related? Cali has said she darns socks. Do you fill them?

  7. The marathon was invented in Ancient Greece, as an alternative activity to fucking other men’s arseholes.

  8. I don’t like that photo. What are all those racist flags doing there?
    I find that highly offensive in our multicultural communidee. 🇫🇲

  9. Irrespective whether the:

    👉🏻 London Marathon today
    👉🏻 “Extinction Rebellion” balony last week
    👉🏻 “Stop Brexit” fuckwittery last month
    👉🏻 “Final Say” twastardery last October
    … … …
    👉🏻 Iraq war rally February 2003
    … all the way back to… :
    👉🏻 the Jacob’s Cream Cracker™ of like-mannered cuntery, the very Godhead of all such utter wank, viz those millions and millions of mawkish, gullible tosspots, with their phoney and putrescent “outpourings of public grief” at the death of Diana August 1997 — present
    one thought invariably goes through my mind.

    What a fucking fantastic field day for burglars!

      • Indeed RTC, and quite my point.
        Not only are these daffy, smug, halfwitted cunts out in their droves virtue-signalling their eyeballs out, & thus away from their “Englishmen’s castles” stuffed with egregious Apple Macs, 60″ tellies and the keys to a couple of late-plate German motorcars… but also the Cossors from a selection of Constabularies are tied up in their tens of thousands policing this shite. It’s a burglar’s wet dream, and not just in Laahndan Taahn..

      • Is burglar even in the OED or Collins dictionary any more (except under see “turd-“

  10. Maybe Steptoe will try to ban the London Marathon, he wants to declare a climate emergency.

    Its easy to reduce our carbon to zero, ban all cars and trucks from the roads, stop all flights, turn off all the carbon producing power stations, cut the gas lines….. sorted!


  11. Climate Emergency indeed. What an utter fucking cunt for all seasons.

    The only emergency Corbyn has ever had to manage was when he singed his arsecheeks on the lightbulb when mounting the Hackney Hippo.

    The lazy, IRA/Hammas loving cunt wouldn’t know an emergency if it kicked him in his shrivelled sultanas.

    • Yeah, Catweazle climbing on the latest libtard bandwagon. What an opportunist cunt he is.

  12. A mate of mine who went to watch the marathon from the London Eye has apparently fainted.
    No cause for concern though as he’s slowly coming round….

  13. I would love to see Jimmy Savile’s rotting corpse put aboard a motorised float to meander around the 26 mile route, whilst a recording of his voice periodically barks through a loudhailer “owzabout that then” and “goodness gracious” and a motorised gibbet raises his skeletonised arm to wave at the adoring crowd.

  14. I hope that Paula Radcliffe wench isn’t competing?

    Don’t want her shitting herself in front of the TV cameras again, fuck you very much!

  15. Ahh, the London Marathon. Fully endorsed by Jimmy Savile year in – year out if memory serves.

  16. I wonder who will win this year’s nicking bottles of water competition?
    What a victory for diversity if the same lot from last year win again….

  17. And what about Saint ‘Sir’ Mo getting involved in a hotel punch-up….
    Surely some mistake, eh?…. Of course it fucking is… The BBC and the social media liberal fuckwits will make sure of that…

  18. Since it’s beginnings in 1981 42 cunts have died running the London marathon. In the same period the number of cunts who have died while eating donuts at the finish is zero.

  19. ************STOP PRESS************

    Down the Spoons, and BBC1’s chuntering away behind the bar… & couldn’t help but notice that Eliud Kipchoge and Brigid Kosgei, ostensibly a pair of Kenyan cadavers, are victorious.
    The sanctimonious BBCuntess presenting this total tripe then effortlessly seguéd to a frankly bizarre piece about a incipiently senile Barbara Windsor looking somewhat dazed & confused. At least her Carry On days are well behind her. Who the fuck is that young man with her, some golddigga Gigolo??
    What a pile of the freshest, most steaming of shite terrestrial television really is, unspeakable guff. I’ve asked the totty behind the bar to turn it down a bit, and thankfully she has now obliged.
    Pure fuckwittery of the first order. I should have dropped a tab of acid and brought some candyfloss with for a fuller appreciation of this lunacy that is the popular Zeitgeist.

  20. 185,000 Registered Charidees in the UK this year ( 2019 ) Rising at an annual rate of 5000. 620 Charidees for Cancer alone. 200 Charidees in LONDON for Homeless people. Gross Revenues 2016 ( Incomes form UK donations at both street level and Gifts ) £13.01 Billion.UK Tax Relief on “Gift Aid ” 4.31 Billion .

    Source : Charity Commission Audit of 2013-2016. As reported Gaurdian Newspaper.

    London Marathon. Costing UK Tax Payer/London Resident £6.1 Million ( 2013 ( last figures Published ) with graft to ( sorry, payments to ) Sound and Technical support/. Safety Management Services. Advertising. Hoarding. Barrier Rental. Lighting. Traffic Management Costs. Hospitality and Catering. VIP Enclosure and Refreshments. Car Hire. Refuse Disposal.

    The list goes on and on.

    London Marathon ? A Festival for Fuckwits who would be better throwing their wallets in a collection bin!

  21. Ranks with ascending K2 on rollerskates and rather below dwarf hurling, for me.
    90% of participants today will celebrate the event’s thirtieth anniversary as fat middle aged cunts, probably from wheelchairs as their hammered joints turn to chalk. While telling their grandchildren (any that can be bribed to stick around and listen), ” When I came 1473rd in the ’19 London Marathon, all I got was this lousy T-shirt…”


  22. Watched some of this shite earlier as I polished off an entire Easter egg. For some inexplicable reason, a section of the coverage was all about “the black teenager”, Stephen Lawrence. Then it got even better as the commentator turned to interview 3 brown youngsters who are, and I quote, “aspiring architects”. Nearly pissed myself!

  23. The London Marathon is just heaving with cunts.

    Cunts in animal costumes or dressed as fucking giant vegetables running for 30 seconds and then fast walking the rest of the way whilst losing their body weight in sweat for ‘charidee’, Alpha-types wanting to demonstrate to the world just how superfit and healthy they are and how they are are up to any fucking challenge, like the egotistical cunts that they are, ordinary types who enter it thinking it will be like a stroll to Poundland, only to find out that they actually should have taken a defibrillator with them and not just a bottle of water, and the list goes on.

    I also loathe celebrities who enter it. More ego driven, ‘look at me’ bullshit.

    Fuck ’em all.

    I’m quite content here on my sofa with my palpitation-strength coffee and Easter Chocolate Button food mountain to get through, thanks very much.

  24. Was my contribution removed due to its reference to the competitive projection of very small people? Enquiring mind would like to know…

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