Damon Albarn (2)

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Blur’s album Parklife. The singer has said there’ll only be an anniversary show if we have a 2nd referendum. In other words, we won’t have to suffer his crappy music if Brexit goes ahead.

Please promise us that, Damon!!

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88 thoughts on “Damon Albarn (2)

  1. I’ve never liked that fake prick, ever since his so-called ‘heyday’ and his bitch fight with Oasis, who are another bunch of cunts.

    He is one of those typical, Middle Class tossers who talks and sings like he is a Cockney geezer, with his ‘Parklife’ shite….’All the peepoool, so many peepoool’…..when he is actually just some wannabe, libtard, privileged child of monied, hippy tossers.

    Utter bollockery.

    The fact he is also friends with that tosspot, so-called ‘artist’, Damien Hirst also gets my goat (a goat that has yet to be preserved in fomaldehyde and called ‘art’, of course, but give him the opportunity) and speaks volumes about his cuntery.


  2. A fake media rivalry; Oasis vs Blur.

    Who is it, kids?

    Err, neither, cheers.

    My schoolmates were into American bands, hip hop or British pillhead trance-dance stuff, not puffed up mancs or whingeing fops.

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