The County Lines Gang

Apparently ‘county lines’ refers to the vile practice whereby city-based gangs seek out rural areas to flood with hard drugs.

Allow me to introduce Michael Karemera, Dean Alford and Glodi Wabelua, aka ‘The County Lines Gang’. These scum-sucking vermin were jailed for thirty years between them at Woolwich Crown Court in 2016. In addition, they now have to cop sentences for human trafficking offences under modern slavery laws, having forced kids as young as fourteen to smuggle and sell heroin and crack in Hampshire.

Two of these despicable wasters hail from London, and the other from Canterbury. IsAC regulars will not require the regulation three guesses in order to establish the ethnicity of these charmers.

If I may paraphrase the great Lorenz Hart, I am enriched, bothered and bewildered. A joint statement was anticipated from David Lammy, Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott on the many advantages of multiculturalism and diversity, to counter the unfortunate effects of stereotyping that this case may engender. It is now understood however that this will not be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

Nominated by Ron Knee

31 thoughts on “The County Lines Gang

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    • Good skills JR
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      FTM …. scum like these cunts in the post need to be in jail for a very very longtime!!
      Fucking lowlife…….

  2. There isn’t anywhere in the whole UK that hasn’t been checked, monitored, and verified for potential drug business by these scummy insects. Don’t think your quiet, little road is safe, it’s already been assessed for clients. Areas are being fought over by Albanians, Romanians, Turks, Poles, Somalians, Lithuanians, Algerians, Egyptians, cunts from every shithole in the World want a slice of the cake. The networks are highly advanced.

    Pop-up business. Buy a pack of 16p paracetamol, crush them up in the pub toilet, twist it into clingfilm, sell it for twenty quid. You’re up and running. Making easy money and taking revenge on Britain. It’s like a tax on stupid.people. A hard rain’s gonna fall.

    • does the placebo effect work in that situation? if you think you’ve bought some sort of drug but it’s actually just paracetamol? wouldnt be surprised if it did.

  3. Arena games, too. These cunts and any other drug-dispensing dross the police are still permitted by our diversity laws to round up, versus knife crime perpetrators, to the death*, perhaps at Wembley for the big matches. Those names look Nigerian, btw. I fail to be astonished.

    * Survivors to be humanely shot.

    • What a fucking slag that Thornberry is. “A threat to our world order.” Yeah, YOUR fucking world order you bitch, not mine.
      Now go and harass some of your tenants and screw some more money out of them you two bob slutbag.

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      • Its a joke the fat cunt with a mouth like a torn pocket is a ‘Lady’, you cant polish a turd except stick her in the Shadow Cabinet.

  4. I like to ring the Police and report any suspicious Dark Keys that catch my attention. I always tell the call-handler that I’ve seen a gang of flash,loud,money-for nothing multi-coloured wasters acting suspiciously and obviously taking advantage of a crowd of poorly dressed, lower-class benefit-claimant types.When she asks me where I saw them, I say “Match of the Day”, giggle and put the phone down.

    Fuck Off.

  5. “having forced kids as young as fourteen to smuggle and sell heroin and crack”

    forced? back in my day you had earn your right to sell heroin and crack, it was only after you sold at least a pound of pot before they even thought about moving the harder stuff on you, it was a privilege to do so kids are spoiled nowadays stupid rotten no good brats

  6. A bunch of cunts, I am still waiting for a memeber of the political elite to tell me what benefits multiculturalism has actually brought to the UK.

    I can certainly list a quite a lot of shit that has found its way into our society.

  7. Strange how these leftys are always offended by people like Trump as they dont have ‘British values’.
    Well its fucking Labour that offends the life out of me and i’m British.
    Especially that false Thornberry woman. Oh and Lammy. Oh and Flabbott. Oh ok the fucking lot of them.

  8. The likes of Lammy, Butler, Abbott and all the other in-denial champagne socialists don’t have to put up with this kind of shit day in day out! They are far removed from real-life crime and the real perpetrators behind it all!

    Instead, they will resort to a well-worn script suggesting that the police are unfairly discriminating against non-white types, and that in actual fact the guys in the photo header are just a small minority when in fact the majority are white, but the media choose not to report on that!

    We all know that’s complete bollocks but they live in a different world, and only a quick stabbing by a non-white against one of these arrogant cunts will give them the wake-up call they sorely need!

  9. But avoid the truth at all costs… the myth is that evil drug masterminds force young oliver twist creatures to shuttle drugs to the areas of outstanding natural beauty… Reality: Smug middle class libtard types living in the shires create a massive demand for Class A drugs, which is fed by criminal gangs using “children” to act as couriers. The “children” are deemed to to vulnerable as they are under 18 ( be interesting for the average member of the public to encounter such a “child ” and deem them vulnerable ), In reality these vulnerable Cunts are queuing up for the job. I think it would be entertaining if we brought the Brazilian Police over to assist us in this matter and the previously mentioned turds started to surface on local civic amenity facilities with half a head.

    • Oh come on you lying poof you’d be begging you suck them off or snog them as you have stated in the past. These dark jungle neandethal looking like the just stepped off the boat shouldn’t hold you back

  10. 95% of ‘modern’ slavers (a term so stupid it’s like describing Prezzo’s as some kind of ‘modern’ restaurant ??) are fucking black, muslim, gyppos, or other dark keys. Funny how that fact gets lost when ethnics are complaing about their post-slavery ‘trauma’, and how that excuses their complete failure at life.

  11. The creature on the bottom left looks as thick as a house brick, I bet you could have a better conversation with the back woods simpleton from Deliverance, it’s brain must be starved of blood as it must take about 6 pints to fill the giant knob it drags around. Useless bastards.!

  12. Having lived in London, black gangs often have a white member who is always trying to impress his coloured peers by acting more detestable than they do, in hope of some sort of acceptance into the troop. Complete with a mock ‘Laaaadon’ / Caribbean / street vermin accent.
    Pathetic. A waste of organs, oxygen, resources and space.

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