First cousin marriage

A comment by admin tickled my interest and I started to look this up. The Internet is as about as reliable as the BBC when it comes down to this and I found many articles that gave me a reasonably informed brief on the subject and the issues.
Firstly I don’t want to marry my cousin (a shag would suffice) and that was not the purpose of my research (should you call it so) but the prevalence of birth defects amongst certain communities and the justification of them.

Are First Cousin Marriages Permissible in Islam?

This article is quite balanced but you will note the “refer to elder” on the end of it.
I was rather surprised that the BBC published this one,

I also found a number of hard left/ right (its wrong/its right) articles on the subject; the rights stating a “possibility of mutation”, the wrongs stating the obvious plus mental health figures from a Scandinavian country that seems to have 30% of its nutters imported.

I also found mention that Holland, a rather liberal country, was against the import of cousin brides where as the UK its on the up.

What a bunch of cunts they are, and Brexit won’t save us because they are Commonwealth not European.

Nominated by Lord Benny

Comment from Chas C :
My great grandparents were first cousins which probably explains why I’m so weird. If really screws up family tree programs.
Also I married my 15th cousin. Does that count?

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  1. Norfolk is part of the United Kingdom, so Brexit won’t save us from that either.

    • Thought by time youd got to 8th cousin youd of learnt your lesson never mind 15th chas! Just what is it about family members you find so irresistible? Web toes all round

      • Pure coincidence as it happens. Wife researched her tree and then I started doing mine.
        One day came across a name I recognised when I went back to the next generation and couldn’t find it in my tree. Switched across to hers and did a search and there he was.
        We’re both descended from the 5th Palatine Earl of Chester in 1254.

        When you think about it, we’re all related if you go back far enough. Each generation doubles the number of ancestors whilst the available population to pick from gets smaller.

      • Sounds interesting mate, thinking of researching family tree myself, earl of chester? Impressive pal!

      • I bend my knee and doff my cap to you Earl Chas. You probably own half the land in the Cunty of Cheshire including my fuckin’ house.

    • RT, it’s not just happening in Norfolk, it’s rife with Farmers ALL OVER the UK.


      • “I’d loike to intraduce you to moi woife, moi sista, and moi aaauntie.”
        Morning chaps.

      • Afternoon Capt, afternoon LL.

        It is my understanding that many deviant Farmers up North bear an uncanny resemblance to Fred Dibnah.

        PS: for some incomprehensible reason Lammy has been given free reign on LBC for the next three hours! Naturally the first thing he said was “Why is the racist Trump allowed come here and attend the state banquet? Jeremy Corbyn, Lucarse, Cable, Bercunt are right to make a stand against this Nazi, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…..”

  2. That’s why zoos shift females around when they reach shagging age…….so they don’t get fucked by their brothers, dads etc. That’s what animals do.
    That’s why you need to keep 3rd world trash out of civilised countries.
    One of the reasons anyway.

  3. I wouldn’t dream of marrying my first cousin. The miserable Cunt died three years ago,and even if he hadn’t I never found him particularly attractive.

    Re the “header” photo….at least the parents won’t be wasting the Child Allowance money on Adidas baseball caps for those two.

    Fuck Off.

    • Yeah but even if you had done him up the bunghole he wouldn’t have been popping out any flids would he?
      Surely you thought about that Mr F? Basic biology.

      • Cheers Blunt – That’s why I love the IsAC site – properly funny remarks like yours.

  4. Holland, more accurately ” Koninkrijk der Nederlanden”, is anything but liberal, Lord B.
    In my modest experience (I had a gap year there in 1988, and speak Dutch), it has one of the most staid and conservative inhabitants in the EU.
    The Dutch are a clever lot, however, and have based their tourism-industry (basically, Amsterdam) on a myth of liberalism begun in the early 70s. Although the brown cafes and red light district are (very successful) attractions for many, they are curiously highly unrepresentative of the wider populace.

    A most thought-provoking nom, Lord B. Thanks.

    • To be sure- the country that spawned Pim Fortuyn and Geert Wilders and their subsequent followings is anything but “liberal”. As far as their own citizens go, they’re tolerant (homos, euthanasia), but that doesn’t really translate to kumbaya liberalism that’s so infamous in the anglophone countries.

      • I did enjoy the college student visiting escort service on my last visit, very convenient and competitively priced.

  5. About 10 years ago I used to go to the same company in Bradford regularly, as part of my job. Next door to the company was a special needs school.
    I would say 95% of the kids there were peacefuls, and they had terrible inflictions, other than their religion.
    Even then nothing was said, so as not to be seen as “racist “.
    It is just something else to put on the list that is wrong, but must not be discussed so as not to cause offence.
    Another thing it highlights is, that they selfish cunts.

    • Stop me if i’m being politically incorrect, but why don’t the peaceful grooming gangs just adopt some of their own inbred retards that they can abuse all they want without having to spend good money on cheap cider? I appreciate they’re not very attractive, but neither are goats or their wives.

      • Their women? Fuck. Have you seen the pig ugly cunts? We should make it compulsory for them to wear burkhas. The only women on the planet uglier than them are the Romanians.

  6. Given half the chance I would have fucked all 10 of my (female) cousins. And a couple of aunties too.

    • That was back in my teens I hasten to add. Wouldn’t give the wrinkled old prunes house room these days.

  7. At the end of The Importance of Being Earnest, Jack (who is engaged to Gwendolyn) discovers that he is part of her family after he was abandoned in a handbag (“A handbag?”). This made her his first cousin. As if Oscar Wilde hadn’t ridiculed, poked fun at, and taken the piss enough out of the English throughout the play. Still, old ‘dirty sheets’ Oscar chose to leave Ireland (a far more incestuous country) to live here, the old hypocritical hómo.

  8. Incest was rife amongst the Royal Families of Europe until relatively recently.

    • Which is why we have the pathetic specimens currently being kept in a life of luxury.

      • ◾ Incest – the best family game for two-four players. Hours of fun.
        from Waddingtons ©

        Keep it in the family!

      • “Incest™: a game for all the family, from Spears Games”, as a simpler variant.

    • Couldnt keep their regal hands off each other thats why they are goofy chinless fuckwits. Duelling banjos at sandringham

    • Although incest within the establishment and cognitive classes is still rife in the UK, save the ginger headed Royal and his sleb bint.

      • Remember hearing this when I was a kid. Boy says to his sister “You’re a good fuck, you’re nearly as good as my mother.” She says “I know, my dad told me last week.”

    • And look where it got them. Technically rich, sure, but a faded parody of what they once were.

  9. You can’t really blame The Peacefuls for fucking their cousins. How are they expected to know who is lurking under Binbag no.1?…..Could be Mother,Sister, Cousin, wife etc… all are fair game and with only the different body odours to guide, it’s probably an easy mistake to make.

    Fuck Off.

    • Luckily for me, the hounds always sniff out Fanny in case I confuse her with some of the ‘ladIes’ you bring to Fiddler Towers.

      She still won’t tell me where Great Uncle Kiddie hid the Reichsbank gold before the nuptials.

    • It’s a bigger problem with higher caste hindus, actually. It’s a weird complicated scheme where it’s ok (and encouraged) to marry and reproduce with certain first cousins, but forbidden with others, but it’s very much a thing.

      Fuck you, too.

  10. Ask any statistician of the NHS and they will tell you the impact of imported mong.

    At HMI. newly arrived wasted no time in sending for all of their defective family members who are automatically entitled to all benefits and of course that old nutmeg “Carer’s Allowance.

    Cash for Trash !

    • Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London(Chelsea) , where many Sloane types go to drop their sprogs, is said by some in the know to have seen some VERY “interesting” genetic cases.

      The “Monster of Glamis” legend is also well worth a quick look.

  11. Any cunt who marries a relative is a sick twat…. Did you know that Richard Carpenter (of ‘the singer was great but he was shit’ fame) married his cousin? Always thought he looked a bit of a creepy cunt… I also know royalty do it, but I’d like to think the British public (that’s British! Not peacefuls, eurofilth, spear rattlers, or any other cunts Rentokill should be brought in for!) have more standards… Unless you’re from Blackburn of course…

  12. What makes me chuckle/puke is the hypocrisy involved in the way this is approached in the West. For the indigenous population it’s a taboo, morally wrong and scientifically proven to result in deformed or retarded offspring, therefore discouraged by both law and society. However, non indigenous folk are exempt from such logic, as it’s part of their culture, and should be respected, regardless of the consequences to the individual and society in general. Cunts.

    • Same with halal slaughter. Brits don’t deserve to survive the mudslime onslaught if they’re too cowaradly to fairly expect immigrants to meet the same standard as Native Europeans.

    • Very good point GJ, wonder if the benefits tree is also a long standing part of their “culture”. If you marry your first cousin and if your blood relatives have been doing the same for x thousand years your gene pool is somewhat lacking in size. The result is lots and lots of kids with genetic defects which apart from anything else cost the exchequer a large amount of our money. OK this first cousin marriage keeps the money etc in the family which is OK in whatever country they come from but its not OK when it’s my fucking money. You bang out three or four kids with the same genetic problems and voila you have your own money tree, with our money you cunts, not forgetting the mobility car and home assistance and so on.

    • Fuck me!! That speech is as prescient today as it was 45 fucking years ago.
      We have been well and truly fucked.

    • A great piece Willie! Prophetic, and a very graphic and detailed assail upon the increasing debt burden. It was clear then that great lies and half truths were abundant , and the Political class, as scheming and wankstained as they are today !

      Good post Willie !

    • Afternoon Willie.

      I hate to be a pedantic cunt (of course you do – Ed.), but we actually joined the EEC in 1973.

      In 1975 we had the first IN/OUT referendum. For the record, the question on the ballot paper was:

      Do you think that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?

      Margaret Thatcher, who called referendums “a device of dictators and demagogues” campaigned vigorously in favour of YES.

      • Benn may have got it right on the EU, but in every other respect he was just another entitled commie cunt.

      • In fairness to Benn Sr, he distrusted the EU and allegedley bullied the French into keeping the Concorde project going.
        Any British politician who bullied the French can’t have been all bad…

      • Fair do’s Mr B… but that was before he came out as a full blown swivel-eyed commie and father to idiot bastard son Catweasle.

      • Not as big a cunt as his son. Who is, in fact, a DOUBLE cunt on account of (a) being called Hilary and (b) being a Brexit-denier. The cunty cunt.

      • Anthony Wedgwood Benn Christened his son Hilary… that makes him a TRIPLE cunt!

      • True… but I don’t think Powell would have taken his eye off the ball after winning the Referendum and let the cunts get away with what they have over the last three years with barely a murmur.

      • Must concede your last point Ruff Tuff, extremely disappointed that the pressure was not kept up by Farage and co.

        Almost as disappointed as I was with J R Mogg, who continued to respect the PM despite her being a total cunt and lying to him and everyone else. Posh naive twat.

      • Leading Brexiteers in general have a lot to answer for… allowing Remoaners to set the post referendum agenda, giving them such an easy ride. From day one it was obvious what the Remain establishment were up to, at least it was to many of us posting on ISAC. But it took complacent cunts like J-RM and Boris 2 years before they seemed to twig what Mavis and Olly Robbins were up to. And where have Bill Cash and John Redwood been until relatively recently? Too late now, the damage has been done, useless cunts all. Is No Deal still a possibility? Because May’s Vassal State deal would be even worse than Remain.

  13. Same goes for disabled-disabled mating. They’ve doubly disabled children and WE fucking pay for it! They should all be fucking STERILISED!!

  14. Loads of my first cousins are big titted, slutty blondes who I would happily smash.

    Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for anal.

  15. In Iceland, population 325000, concentrated in the capital Reykjavik, there is a sort of “dating app” where they enter the name and DOB of the potential fuck-interest and it comes back with how close the two people are related. Green for fuck & red for fuck off.

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