The benefits system

The benefits system is a gigantic pile of cunt. As I have mentioned on here before, my brother is severely autistic. He is one of those poor unfortunates who, thanks to his disabilities and developmental delay, may not ever be capable of work (although he has made some good progress in the last few years so you never know). He is one of the people who actually needs that money, and yet he gets barely any of it put towards his care because its all going on jihadis, migrants, perfectly able bodied, able to work benefits scroungers and others who neither need nor deserve it. Our family has had to care for my brother all by our fucking selves with little to no provision for respite care, or carers, or anything else that might help to make the burden a little bit easier for us and give him the best quality of life possible all because the government are spunking what should be spent on society’s unfortunates like him on those who are undeserving – and we’re far from alone in that predicament. The way the system functions is a national disgrace. And that’s without even touching on other groups who should be getting this money like war veterans and the mentally ill.

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  1. I took Mrs B to a “Pip” review.
    The review was in enfield london and we live in Hampshire.
    Trained it into london, two tube changes/escilators ect.
    Got there and she was by then fucked up to say the least, We are mobile at our own pace cant do BFT’s anymore and if the dog fucks off on a walk, it fucks off because we cant chase it!
    Any way a waiting room full of rather dodgy applicants (Many suffered from pain) and she went in for her assessment.
    (She was strangled at birth by the midwife starving her brain of oxygen causing paralysis down one side of her body, never claimed against them)
    to cut the story short, she lost her road tax exemption on vehicles, but had her personal claim raised by £300 per year (bit confusing that) we were then reimbursed for the train fare and told off for traveling so far! then put in a disabled minibus to take us home.
    Fuck knows how much a return on a minibus from enfield to hampshire is, but add that to the salary of 3 cretins and £100, you will get a good idea on how much the system is costing the tax payer.

  2. The so-called “benefits system” only seems to benefit those cunts that have never contributed, have never worked (with no intention of ever doing so); and those cunts from across the seas – who seem to get all the benefits they can grab their mits on regardless of circumstances!

    Yes, this is a sweeping generalisation, but quite frankly I don’t give two fucks because it is by and large the fucking truth!

  3. And cunt like flabbott and comrade compo want to spend 100’s of thousands on defending the rights of that poor grooming victim “shitface shamima” begum….

    Neil Hamilton (ukip):
    Labour finally find a grooming victim that they care about and she’s in Isis…

    The Tories are cunts too. I don’t think any actually give 2 shites about the poor or disabled. They’ll pretend when they want votes but after that the poor and disabled can get bent as far as they’re concerned.
    ….but terrorists and crims….

    • Did any of the poor girls who were the victims of the grooming gangs and whose lives were ruined receive anything?

      • To be totally honest I’ve not nor has anyone in my family had fuck off the state, not a single penny ever. I’m not super star just hard working as is the Mrs never felt the need to ask for 10 quid a week for kids I wanted them I pay for them. Fuck the scrounging scum

      • Yes Willie they are lost souls suffering from hopeless parents and when a peaceful or dark eee shows any interest that’s jobs done. Parents on fuckin Facebook etc while the kid is getting done fuckin travesty

      • Those girls never existed Willie. That’s what Sly and BBC would have us believe and anyone that fights the girls corner like that Labour MP that was fired for highlighting their plight are nothing but racists.
        Welcome to modern cunting Britain.

  4. I got offered the job of a PIP assessor.Fuck off! They were so fucking desperate to hire me…..

    I may be qualified to do it and the hours/ money were not too bad. However, I would rather suck off Owen Jones….

    Also, how is David Lammy allowed to tweet Ha Rastafhari but call whiteys waycist?

    • shame you could have done some good, if they had CCTV in the waiting room they would have noticed a couple of people who seemed to make miraculous recoveries each time the staff left.

    • @Kravdarth, Lammy is obviously deluded as real Rastas do not drink alcohol.
      Rastafarianism is very close in its belief system to Judaism… The Twelve tribes of Israel.
      Jah Rastafari.

  5. Off topic, but…

    I read the new book on Corbyn yesterday in one go.

    Fucking frightening. No legal challenge from Corbyn so I accept it as fact.

    It is clear that he is an extremely dangerous cunt.

    Ebola would he too good for him.

    He actually shagged Diane Abbott.

    Sick bucket please, Matron!

  6. Good cunting OC, if the figures showing which cultures take the most a fuckin civil war would happen within weeks, unfortunately for us most of this fuckin population I.E white English are so into some reality shite or twatter facelad etal the reality that they are literally being taken over bit by bit. Ahhhh well never mind , Ant and Dec on soon get on the red button you sad pathetic cunts and get what’s coming

  7. I think that a lot of the trouble with the benefit system is that more and more people are taking from it , most justifiably,some less so. There is no bottomless pot of money (unless it is some pet Govt. project), and eventually the pot will run dry.

    Harsh as it may sound,and indeed be, demand will eventually exceed supply. Better healthcare leading to more people living longer, allied to an increasing population and an economy less reliant on “manpower”will mean that some very hard choices should,by rights,be made. They won’t be,of course, We’ll continue to borrow money like a drunken Chink in a casino,until the whole rotten Ponzi scheme collapses.

    • Sadly Dick, I expect you’re absolutely right. The combination of spineless politicians desperate to cling to power and an “I have a right to everything” attitude from most of the electorate means that we’re fucked.

  8. Completely agree that the system is fucked. My personal bugbear is the ability to claim child benefit for an unlimited number of sprogs! It should stop at two per Mother. If you can’t afford to keep them, don’t have kids! It’s utterly warped to expect others to pay for a huge herd of the next generation of daytime TV watchers.

      • It is means tested, but only on one income. So if one parent earns 50k you start to loose it, and by 60k you’ve lost the lot (with 2 kids this is effectively a 60% marginal tax rate over that income band). Of course if both parents earn 49,999, you keep the lot despite paying far less tax than a family with a very unequal income split.

        And yes, I am fucking bitter about this one; get promoted then get fucked by the system. My wife needed to stay in a part time job as I was away at sea a lot and we also have a disabled child.

      • Don’t worry mate there are ways round it, reducing your hours of work reduces your pay so you get through “Means testing”.
        I am paid slightly more than my colleagues at work by my employer, my colleagues through Tax credits, income support, and housing benefit are paid more than me.
        Hence yard staff (man with broom) has subsidised council house, football season ticket, and Brand new car.
        Me, shitty old 8th hand car and extortionate private rent (have to move every so often) and fuck all left over

    • Don’t think people should get ANY child benefit.If you can’t afford them don’t have them.

    • No child benefit at all. Why do even sensible people here on ISAC think child benefit is required? Maybe a white, Anglo saxon child benefit would be ok but can’t see that getting passed as a Bill through Parliament. We are over populated as it is and paying the breeders to breed is stupidity on an incredibly high level.
      Means testing benefits if done well is a good idea but firstly the benefits system should be on a contribution based scale the more you pay in the more is payed out, if you are working and supporting children as a single parent after divorce or relationship break up then child care should be subsidised, disabled people should be properly supported as should the elderly. The leeches spongers and maggots who won’t work, the economic migrants and the rest of the general dross get minimum subsistence allowance to just about survive seems simple to me.

  9. The benefits system like the road network and NHS is out of date. It all worked well before but now it’s struggling to cope. I rented a place to this Japanese Lady (I’d stick my tongue up her asshole) and she couldn’t believe you get paid to not work etc she also used to talk abaaaaaht Brexit but in her English pronounced it Brrreck-shit (which I thought summed it up) anyways I digress.
    You can’t blame the scroungers… You have to blame the system. The NHS is a truly great system and now thanks to its out of date set up catering for most its under strain from the hoardes of Somalians, alcoholic Poles, old cunts etc. The benefits system is most likely the main attraction to the hoardes of European and non European trash that infest most cities and soon town’s and villages. No doubt these fat overweight Somalian women who have 6 kids tell their friends, family and everyone else ‘Come to England, free house, rent paid and money for shopping. All free and free health care’.
    Blame the stupid system and not the scrounging cunts as if in their position we’d most probably do the same, I know I would. Benefits in its current form will eventually get stopped or extremely limited and only the worthy will get help and rightly so but that is a long way away.
    Another point is that although benefit fraud cost’s a lot, it’s no way near what the Government loses in unpaid taxes by these Amazon/Google/ cuntpanies.
    It’s a massive pile of stinking cunt cake… And I ain’t taking a bite.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • When you say that you “rented a place to this Japanese lady””,do you mean that you provided her with a cubicle in your seedy “massage-parlour”?

      Good Afternoon, B+W Cunt.

      • Afternoon gents, B&WC is an entrepreneur, I bet he has a nail bar staffed with Vietnamese women and a backroom with ‘Nigerian Chieftains’ cold calling pensioners about lottery wins.

      • Glad to see a man who recognises entrepreneurial spirit LL, I’m looking into starting up the ‘Windrush, and their next 17 generations’ compensation scheme. I am in the process of writing to Teresa May using the promise that if she gives the scheme 150 million it’ll restore her popularity. I think she will go for it.

      • Compared to the £39billion we are going to cough up to the Brussels Mafia, its a bargain.

      • Good afternoon Mr Fiddler, I would never be involved in such debauched activities. She rented a place from me, and I did her a favour by not requiring the same amount of information the letting agents wanted. She turned out to be a hard worker and paid her rent on time and made me some money, shame she didn’t offer to pay me in ‘other’ ways.

    • Indeed, blame the root cause (the system) because they are the ones allowing it to happen. But you can also point the finger at the aforementioned repulsive beasts, as they are infesting this country, all the while trying to turn it into the shit-hole they originally came from.

  10. It’s always been the same I’m afraid OC, only now it’s much worse. Cut backs, neglected unwanted children of dysfunctional parents of all races, are filling care homes to capicity. Mental health in school age children now spiralling out of control, as prescription drugs are handed out like smarties to them. Opiods with harmful side effects that they will remain addicted to for much if their lives. While pharmaceutical companys line their grubby pockets. And it will only become worse because no one, no one has a bloody clue on how to deal with it. To some extent, parents who do less but shout loudest are pushed to the top of the pile, whilst families such as your own are left much further down. And I’m afraid that word ‘Racist’ is often used as a leverage. I had the misfortune years ago, of working alongside a woman of authority in Learning Disabilities. She was due to retire, and wanted to go out with aplomb. To cut a long sad story short, she instigated a costly extension to a home of a couple. They had a severely, 20yr old disabled son, who through their utter neglect and indifference to him, had spent all his life in care. Apparently a large costly extension plus shower room would fix that. Despite objections, she had the last word and it went ahead. The young lad returned home for two weekends only. Has now been back in care eversince. Last update, parents now rent the extension out. What was paramount in this, was her own complete lack of forethought, or consideration for the young man’s feelings. Or the unsettling, emotional implications this would and did inflict upon him. I have the up most respect and admiration for you and your family. I have a disabled daughter, long grown up, married, worked her way up from the day she left school, to prominent jobs. The one and only time we asked for assistance was a disabled parking entitlement. She was turned down, because she can walk without assistance. I wish I could foresee a somewhat brighter future for your self, for us all, but I can’t. The disparity is the last thing on my mind every night, disturbing sleep invariably, and first thing on my mind every morning.

  11. I’ve nominated it for a pile of cunt previously. It remains a pile of cunt where the deserving suffer and the scumbags benefit. First thing for the new revolutionary government to sort out.

  12. The Ancient Greeks had it spot on.Best,most efficient Benefit System ever devised.Examined at birth by committee, too many physical/mental defects and you were left out on some mountain top .Might sound cruel but look at how many geniuses it produced.Also once a person got old and tired of life,they could apply for state sponsored Euthanasia.Apparently the applicant was interviewed by the ancient equivalent of a mind doc and if approved was given a cup of hemlock which ensured a quick painless death.
    Weve gone soft I tell ya,modern man is a pansy,time to get back to the basics.

  13. I can remember quite a while back there was some bloke n the news who was claiming disability, on the face of it nothing untoward until…..

    A picture/video appeared of him runnng a marathon…… Ooops

    Benefit fraud is an absolute disgrace, it gives everyone including genuine claimants a bad name, I am all for cracking down so that only people who need benefits actually get it.

  14. Meanwhile this poor sod who looked as if he’d just got out of Belsen, was deemed “fit for work” by the benefits cunts.

    At the same time, there are any number of cheating fat slobs who eat themselves to “disability” and get housed, money, the lot, to remain fat, lazy, indolent slobs, procreating and producing even more unemployable, indolent, fat slobs and ever pregnant slobettes in houses packed to the gunwales with the latest gadgets, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, smartphones, designer clothes, a TV the size of the ISS solar panels, every surface covered with expensive takeaway packages, toys and beer cans covering the floors, yet not a single BOOK.

    Add in the thousands of ROP “taxi drivers” imported to pay tax, work and contribute, do do nothing of the sort, claim “back trouble” while having four Islamic wives and the commensurate twenty sproggs to fund his lifestyle of four lots of housing benefit, tax “credits” (aka stealing others taxes), twenty lots of child benefit, while the (often Muslim) fucking cunts of the benefits agencies say nowt and hand over the cash to their co-religionists, as do the non-RoPers who are more shit scared of being called waaayyyycist or phobic than handing out our taxes like drunken sailors on Saturday shore leave.

    Utter cuntritude and depressing cuntritude that ain’t gonna change.

    • I think it’s only fitting Sheikh that you have the last say on this cunting. Excellent cunting!

      • Many blessings upon you from the holy sphincter of the Al-Aqsaminster-kharpet mosque in the Holy City of Khatfuhr.

    • Everything you said is absolutely true.

      And you never see a book at a scratter’s house, except The Big Book of Baby Names. Illiterate, procreating, scrounging scroats.

      • I used to go campaigning with my former Harrow Councillor and saw this shit first hand. Used to drive him to distraction, seeing these lazy, ill-educated products of a shit-for-brains”education” system and a political regime predicated on votes for benefits. Their taxpayer provided homes were in the main treated like shit, dirty, overgrown gardens full of shit and dead cars and the cunts complained about their fucking “rights” when something inevitably went wrong, demanding all and sundry, threatening and bleating about their “rights” while all of us who pay for it get fuck all, moreso, threatened as “bigots”, if we complain.

      • When I worked for the local council, the tenants never referred their accommodation as house, or home, but used the word ‘property’, like they owned the fucker. For me, property, whether it be home or belongings, are things you’ve earned money to buy. So, by that logic, the dole bludgers, the feckless vermin who leach off the system don’t even own the pants they sit in. It’s also disgusting that only the dregs know precisely what they are entitled to, and know how to scam what they aren’t. Life ain’t fair.

  15. We moved to Los Angeles for 20 years when the kids were 2 and none. Came back to find a bank account awash with thousands of child benefit money. Kept it.

  16. Some time ago I had a sponging cunt renting a property I own.. She was in receipt of her rent payment from the benefit system and opted to piss it all up against the wall, as opposed to actually paying her rent as was the intended course of events…
    As I’m self employed and it was the end of January my income tax payment was due , I pay monthly to keep on top of it and with what I paid I was left owing a few hundred quid.. But knowing my next payment was in early Feb.. I just left it..
    In the gap between the end of Jan I got a letter explaining that it was important I paid what I owed as it was needed for essential services…
    It was at this point that I decided that they can fuck right off…

  17. My sister has had at least 5 kids, the filthy slag, hasn’t worked a day in her life. She’s now a grandmother in her late 30’s, possibly early 40’s – I shit you not.
    I looked down on her excessive breeding and scrounging even when I was a kid.

    She’s a cunt.

    • Has she considered a TV set to occupy her spare time ? instead of just knocking endless sprogs out ?

      • Alas, despite coming from a middle class family, she decided to take a poor route and hang out with filthy peasants and dropouts. When someone has the ‘poor mentality’, as I like to call it, all that person knows is knocking out sprogs, smoking fags, watching prime time ITV and scrounging off the taxpayer.

        She definitely had TV’s, how else can the little cunts keep quiet? You can’t expect a child from an scratter estate to read a book or be creative. That would go against everything they are known for.

  18. Dinosaurs lying beneath a dinosaur. This was all done in the Sixties-a ‘Happening’ it was called.

  19. Now I suppose this one should be filed under “Mind How You Go” or “Protect Your Bolloxs At All Times” (as I cautioned fighters in me refereeing days). The following is reproduced for your edification from The Indonesian Times:

    Darlin Uti, 30, was snorkelling in the river to fix an underwater pipe near his home in Sulawesi, Indonesia, when a river croc attacked.The victim’s sister, who was on the river bank, tried to help Darlin by pulling the hose he was using to breathe underwater.
    But the crocodile thrashed around in the water and disappeared into the depths having plunged its razor-sharp teeth into Darlin’s crotch. Indonesian authorities immediately began searching for the missing man from the Kinapani Village alongside the Malaoge river.
    The Search and Rescue Team spotted Uti’s body the next day when the crocodile appeared on the surface with its jaws still clamped around Darlin’s crotch. Rescuers boarded boats and eventually retrieved Uti’s body intact (minus his bolloxs) and returned it to his family for a funeral.

    Team member Usmanudin said: ‘There was a huge bite wound in Darlin’s groin which could have caused him to bleed and die, but his body was still mostly intact inside the crocodile’s mouth.’

    • Sadly the bounders have pixillated oit the bolloxs in cuestion below but cunters should still be able to get the picture. Fucking spoilsports:

  20. Consider the 12bn per year the government give to lazy, witchcrafting, genital-mutilating cunts in Africa! That overseas aid budget should be fucking crowdfunded!

  21. Sheikh Anvakh, thank you for your best wishes relayed from your land grabbing Al-Aqsaminster-kharpet Mosque. One of many that were given planning permission by voting conscious clowns , despite egotistical refusal of your elders to liaison with planning departments about the size and lack of parking facilities. Ala akba’s worshipers, now block our roads with their Mercedes, and infiltrate disabled parking. Your great red pill comments and brevity, inspires me to give you a wave. Please wave back. I’m just sat outside the Al-A- K Mosque, in a humungus yellow digger, the last one going, as all the rest are now busy ramming banks, shops, and cash machines.

  22. My sleeping schedule has been fucked lately guess i’ll hav a wank an hope that gets me in the sleeping mood, if not coffee and hash it is then

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