Nancy Pelosi (3)

Foreign cunts….
I’m sick and fucking tired of foreign cunts telling the UK what to do……

I know isac has been heavy on the EU but what the fuck! , every day some political Pygmy opens their big fat mouth and gives us their unsolicited opinions , always followed up with a direct or indirect threat…

This week US democrat shit bag Nancy pelosi visited Ireland and had to put her two cents in “ if the UK fails to address the Irish border issues to our? ( eh!) satisfaction there will be no trade deal done between the UK and the US “

Listen you discredited sack of libertard dog shit!! Mind your own fucking business and stop trying to curry favour with your mostly ( fake) Irish population..

After her and the rest of the so called democrats turd hunt into Russian collusion with trump hit the buffers she’s been looking for ways to build herself back up, So she’s happy to talk tough on her trip to Ireland and stir the pot…..

Fuck off back to America you utter cunt and launch another turd hunt with your pal Chuck Schumer and leave UK politics alone……

It’s none of your business BITCH…..

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38 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi (3)

  1. Seems like she is fed up with The Donald having her on toast on a weekly basis and is sticking her beak into our affairs. Try and sell the EU vision to the American heartlands and see how far that gets you, you hatchet faced old crone.

    • Spot on LL
      My Aunt and uncle with their 2 year old daughter moved to America 37 years ago..
      My aunt and cousin came over just after trump had won the election,
      My aunts still British, watches Fox News and hates the fucking EU , unfortunately my cousin is a democrat!!
      Hard core too..
      After a few bottles of wine my aunt and her got into it regarding trump ( I stayed out) but then Brexit!!
      My cousin was fucking clueless about Free movement and the vast sums that membership involved, and most importantly who wielded the power!!
      Clueless about how Southern Europe was broken and the austerity forced on it, clueless about the democratically Italian government being removed by outside influences…..
      of course my cousin only watches CNN so how could she possibly know?

  2. The border question is simple, we do fuck all, see how simple it is.
    The Irish fought the Brits for their independence, They held on to it for close to 70 years and sold their soul to the EU, Ireland is not a sovereign state, it has no say on its laws or trade functions or border for that matter, If the EU want to build a wall then fucking let them, why should we always be the bad guys?
    I don’t hear any of this shit about Gibraltar which does border directly on to europe fucking bunch of knob ends.
    The yanks can piss off with their “Irish american” bollocks because believe it on not they think you are cunts too and just want your money,

    • It’ll keep it succinct: she can fuck off.

      • Seconded. She should keep her fucking nose out of our affairs. We voted democratically to leave the corrupt festering lunatic asylum otherwise known as the EU.

  3. Clapped out old hag hasn’t even got the strength to give the proper salute.

    The Donald has torn her so many new arseholes her ringpiece must look like fucking stargate by now.

  4. Well said Q… shit stirring Democunt bitch.

    As for a trade deal, we’re in no fit state to negotiate anything with the U.S. anytime soon, Trump or whoever follows would have us stitched up like a kipper! Best we remain on WTO till we’ve had a chance to drain the swamp in our own back yard.

    Meanwhile cunts like Pelosi can butt the fuck OUT.

    • Completely agree RTCP
      If Brexit happens we don’t need to go running into any old trade deal, if we look desperate we would get treated accordingly…..
      pelosi is doing her version of that prick “ back of the queue “ barrack….
      Amazing the American democrats are similar to our Lib Dem’s in neither seem particularly interested in being democratic…

  5. Reassuring to see cunters aware of this massive cunt. She’s got her heart set on destroying America but to her credit she still finds time to put the boot into Blighty.

  6. Most politicians are old wimmin, but the female wimmin seem to be the worst of the lot, pompous, self important, ingratiating piles of useless shit. American wimmin seem to be the worst of the lot. Cunts.

  7. I watched her on the Clinton News Network whilst on holiday last week ( no Fox news.) She really is as pig shit stupid as they come….

    Extinction rebellion are having a pause? No: They have realised that no one is listening to their bullshit.

    Climates change: deal with it.

    • The problem being that we’re not dealing with it. You may feel affection for the Negev desert, Krav, but personally, I’d rather not see it in the Home Counties. Less flippantly, I don’t get the impression that you, any more than I, welcome economic migrants from the shittier regions of Africa as their agriculture fails and their tribes squabble over what’s left.
      1. Climate change is happening, now, fast, in line with predictions.
      2. Dealing with it requires physical and political solutions, which are not happening. Except the globalist solution, which is to move affected populations into still-viable (but already crowded) regions.
      3. Other solutions will be fought tooth and nail by global monopolies dependent on unsustainable growth and the devastation of natural resources.

      One day even you will have to admit I’m right.

      And no, I’m not a climate change agitator. Policies are rarely changed by demonstrations, and in every instance where they are, the policies are changed back when the commotion dies down.

      The most likely effective solution is a global epidemic. The base problem is that there are far too many people.

      • And over-consumption, not necessarily related to population size… cunts maxing out on stuff they don’t need.

        Good post K. The jury’s still out as far as I’m concerned.

        Either way I’m inadvertently one of the greenest cunts on the planet: no car, no plane journeys, never go anywhere on holiday, no iPhone, fuck all.

      • No sprog either… I deprive my nephews & nieces annually of Easter eggs…

        Besides, what’s the point? We’re responsible for less than 1% of emissions in this fucked up basket case of a country… they should fuck off to China /America /India /Russia instead of annoying us.

        Surely we’re a big enough laughing stock already as it is?

      • RTC@4.31. It must be you creampuff! In fact I really think you could be Patrick McGoohan living out a reclusive lifestyle on the Welsh coast in your mature years. Do you know, I could do with finding some reruns of the Prisoner as I can remember very little about it!

      • It was like mindedness that got me here, but it’s the variety of opinions that keeps me here. I fucking hate echo chambers, there’s far too many on the internet, and cunts flock to them, and never challenge their own opinions. It ends up with idiots on flat earth and conspiracy shit.

  8. Fully agree with this cunting, this plastic face old bitch should just fuck off and sign the bill on Trumps wall.
    Another fucking threat like Obama gave us if we voted to leave, well maybe her intervention may push a few more people to support leave with no deal

    The Irish border exists, VAT, Currency and a divide between two sovereign states, what the fuck is the silly cow talking about….. a trade border, its not beyond human ingenuity to sort it out, it is just being used to make brexit as complicated as possible.

    There is nothing more annoying to the British than some foreign cunt telling us what to do, when I say British I mean real Brits not the fucking influx of crap we have endured over the last 70 years.

  9. Here’s theBrexit issue in a nutshell:

    Last year Boston (Lincs, not MA) was dubbed as “the most Eastern European place in Britain” after it was rated worst for integration in new analysis by think-tank Policy Exchange.

    It came after statistics showed the medieval market town, where one in six of the 65,000 population is foreign-born, had the highest rate per population of homicides.

    Boston also recorded the highest Brexit vote in the UK with more than 75 per cent of voters wanting to leave the EU.

    (from newspaper account of pissed Lithuanian ex-squaddy shooting 6 members of the Boston (Lincs) public with an air rifle)

    Which IM far from HO transcends anything Pelosi or anyone else says to lick the arses of her Boston (MA) Irish voters and their bogtrotting relatives.

    Present Irish company excluded, naturally.

  10. Americans should be banned from having an opinion about Ireland since they’re fucking idiots who helped fund the ‘brave freedom fighters’ while still bleating on about the war on terrorism.

    • That’s where all the money came from for the so-called freedom fighters Noraid Twoface hypocrites

  11. Another example, if more were needed, that women can be as cunt as any man. The only difference between men and women is, if you call a man a cunt, there is rarely a problem, but if you call a woman a cunt, for whatever reason, it’s trolling, it’s sexist, it’s hate crime, it’s misogyny, blah di fucking blah. And, if they’re not white, then you can add a whole load more crimes to the list.
    That’s not equality, a cunt is a cunt, whatever it pisses out of, whatever colour it is, and whatever fucking fairy story it lives by. And Pelosi is a cunt.

  12. Trump 2020 baby!
    ….let’s hope the democunts select creepy uncle Joe as their candidate for 2020.
    Democrats are a bunch of thick cunts so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Go Trump. 👌

    • The fun part about that Deploy is the Demoncrats think Biden can leverage his association/involvement with the Obamacunt presidency. Like that turd’s time in office was a good thing for America. Hahahaha. Record numbers of people on food stamps. Highest unemployment amongst blacks in US history. Acquired more national debt than all the previous presidents combined. I could go on…but the point is, Obamacunt will go down as one of, if not the worst, president the US has ever had. And those cunt Demoncrats think that’s not the case and Biden can use it to his advantage! You could not make this shit up. I say fill your boots Joe, this will be fun. Trump to win with a landslide.

  13. I realise a lot of what happens in Yankland is of little interest to Brits, but since I live here I thought I’d chime in to hopefully give a little more context.

    Nancy Pelosi (I feel dirty just typing that bitch’s name) is a mega cunt. This oozing bag of pus is so consumed with attacking her political opponents that she’s completely lost all sense of perspective and understanding of what her role actually is.

    This is the bitch who – live on TV – actually said about cunt Obama’s fucking horrendous health care law, “We need to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill”. I’ll let that sink in. Democracy, debate and intellectual discourse be damned. She’s right and you’re not just wrong. You have no opinion that’s worth anything, don’t even have the right to an opinion and everything you stand for is absolutely corrupt, worthless and you should be silenced forever because she and her fucking party of fuckwits knows best.

    Ladies and gentlemen….I give you Nancy fucking Pelosi. She is one of the most hated bitches in America and with good reason. I wish someone would pour some water on the cold cow so she’d dissolve.

    • I love Nancy Pelosi. She is everything that Trump needs for his landslide victory !

  14. I hate pelosi with a passion the old shriveled smelly witch but Trump has been very cunty as well lately. The dementia riddled old fuck can’t tell a lie if his life depended on it wall is already built?!, I doubt he’ll get re-elected with all his failed promises but then again bush and obama were relelected so who knows

    I was so hopeful for Trump to be a good president but he’s just another corrupt shill at this point on the verge of getting everyone into more unnecessary wars from the usual swamp of crooks

  15. Not as much of a cunt as Maxine Waters. That daft old cow has an age larger than her IQ.

  16. I thought she was a fake Italian?Now it seems she’s a fake Irishwoman? Nancy Pelosi wants to check what side of the river she wants to swim in next time the Americans need our help don’t bother ask the Irish two faced slag

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