Jon Kotler

Jon Kotler is a cunt.

Who, I hear you ask? First, he an American. I know, right? Second, and it gets worse, he is a fucking lawyer. Third, for some inexplicable reason he is a fan of Fulham football club.

Let me make it clear that I have no issues with Fulham football club or their fans.

This cunt, however, is suing the Department of Motor Vehicles because they wouldn’t let him have a licence plate with COYW on it. Apparently, this stands for Come On You Whites ( the nickname of Fulham football club, or at least what their fans chant at them).

He claims to be all about his right to freedom of speech. Well, I, and anyone reading this, am all in favour of freedom of speech. BUT, when you live in a country where black people are shot by trigger happy white cops for committing the offence of driving while black, to have “Come On You Whites” on the front and back of your car is surely going to encourage some braindead redneck with a shed full of automatic weapons to go and shoot some black people just for the sake of it.

This shit-stirring snowflake, and people like him, who deliberately do things that they know, or if they are an educated adult bloody well ought to know, are likely to encourage people to commit violent acts, are cunts of the highest order.

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20 thoughts on “Jon Kotler

  1. Happy St George’s Day


    • Thats racist……

      For sure we wont hear much about the fact it is our (Englands) day, fucking media will keep it very quiet.

      Come on St George!!!!!!

  2. Couldn’t he change it to COYC……Come on you cottagers!

    Er…….on second thoughts…….probably not a good idea.

  3. Was with you till you pointed out the fact it could lead to violence, now im all for him having his white power reg plate! Happy st Georges day!

  4. Never understood the appeal of private number plates anyhow.When I see one,I don’t tend to think “Wow,look at that. The driver must be very rich and important”…more like ” Fucking Bellend, Could well be a “footie-fan”, they’re stupid and tasteless enough to go in for such Fuckwittery.”….this story has proved that my theory was correct.

    Having said that I wonder who has the 1SAC number on their car?

    Fuck Off.

    • Morning Mr Fiddler, Billy Vunipola’s now reads LGBT1LUV after Saracens ‘educated’ him on his beliefs.

      • It’s a fucking disgrace the way that Vinipola and Folau have been treated. They said what they believed. Moslems do it all the time and nobody can criticise them. Wether you believe that they were spouting bollocks or not,they are entitled to their views,and this “reeducation” that Vinipola has been forced to undertake smacks of Big Brother.

        I don’t blame The Gays for this one, I blame a Society in thrall to screaming do-gooders.

        Fuck them.

        Good Morning LL

  5. Hope he gives California fuckingDMV hell. Even my eleven year old said once that hell is lining up to a CA DMV window. Looks like he’s going in to defend free speech and good fucking on him. COYW could mean anything. Came on your Window comes to mind.
    If it was JMCROW then that would be mischief making and a reason for DMV to reject the app.
    Should I apply for a PELOSI plate for the express purpose of freezing it?

    • Great to have you back CaliAngel. We’ve missed your perceptive insights from the West Coast

      I’m sure that unlike this twerp Kotler you would well appreciate that when visiting as a guest in a foreign country you would respect local laws and customs and not make a nuisance of yourself with such time-wasting bollockery.

      Happy St George’s Day

  6. An American in Britain and the best he can do is watch Fulham? My word. He should’ve been out looking at the Loch Ness monster and Robin Hood’s castle while eating Fish and Chips.

  7. White Supremacist snowflakery…?

    Whatever next… Far-Right multiculturalism?

    I give up.

  8. The private registration plate is the refuge for particularly cunty individuals who are

    A …. trying to exude wealth
    B…. trying to hide the age of their car

    I’m sure any decent psychiatrist would tell you these cunts are thin skinned exhibitionists who are continually worried by how the world perceives them….. egotisticaly fragile ?
    Or better still suffering from defensive egotism , serving to overcompensate for the fragility of the underlying concept of self ……..😂
    Either way CUNTS ……

  9. Big Don’s State Visit is looking likely in June.

    I’ll be getting my half & half flag made up soon to wave down the Mall in celebration. Guest of Honour in the Welcoming Party: Sir Nigel !

  10. Proportionally more whites are killed by police officers than blacks. The most likely perpetrator of gun crime against a black victim will be a young black man.

    “t’s true that around 13 per cent of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau.

    And yes, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008”

    The guy may be a cunt, but a black person in the US is more likely to die do to drug feuds or some imagined disrespect, not cos a fella wants a stupid reg plate in the UK.

  11. Football + Yank + stupid number plate = Cunt of cunts.

    All three things stink of anal discharge and mark you out as an uneducated, fat, primitive cunt.

  12. Well, Leeds United in the 70s used to be known as the ‘Super Whites’… That’s when Revie’s mob were the dirtiest, snidest, most cynical team on the planet… But Bremner and Co played in an all white kit… Am I missing something here? Is Liverpool or Manchester United fans chanting ‘Come On You Reds’ now a blatant show of communism? Or will Chelsea fans or Evertonians now be seen as using ‘colour appropriation’ because ‘The Blues’ was the music of the black man (Oh Yessir!)? This world has gone doo lally fucking tap, social media is a disease, and cunts like Kotler should be strung up….

  13. He can get a fucking bumper sticker to “express himself”. Just another braying privileged white guy “bravely” taking on the system (re: attentionwhoring). Whatta cunt.

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