Saint Theresa of the May (23)

‘Saint’ Theresa May is a treacherous cunt

So, Saint Theresa has ridden in, on her white steed and declared she has saved the day for all…

“I have negotiated written legal guarantees on the backstop. I have secured the assurances that parliament requested, so they can now approve this even better brexit deal”

No Prime Minister has ever been more deluded, or convinced of their own hype, since Neville Chamberlain scurried back from Hitler’s chancellary, anouncing “I have in my hand, a piece of paper!”

May’s ‘assurances’, scrawled on 3 sheets of Junkers bog paper, have about as much creedance as the worthless piece of paper Hitler signed for Chamberlain, to get him to fuck off.

In May’s own words (which will be her epitaph) “nothing has changed”. Not one word, not one line of the brexit deal from December has been altered. These worthless platitudes, which will be now be approved by the Attorney General as ‘legally binding’ (with a little grease – lifetime peerages, promises of ‘Baron Hardup of the Sussex Downs, etc). She has done exactly what she planned all along – run the clock down till the last possible minute.

She will trot her deal out, and the Tory whips will start reminding MPs they have photo’s of their kiddy figgling, ecidence of expenses fiddling & worse, and she’ll probably get her shitty deal through. That, or they’ll revolt, we’ll end up with another bloody referendum and we won’t leave at all.

Let no-one delude themselves though, that we can cancel brexit, and just go back the way things were. The EU will want to be shown to punish us even further, for daring to have the impunity to vote to leave in the first place. All 27 other member countries will make it their mission to vote down anything we ever suggest; they will pass more EU laws to f*ck us over, bigtime.

May is the biggest Traitor this country has since, since the likes of Oswald Mosely. No branch would be too high to hang this lying bitch from.

What a historically treacherous Cunt !

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

97 thoughts on “Saint Theresa of the May (23)

  1. Why the fuck are they having a vote on “No Deal”?

    No one wanted a fucking deal, that was a manufactured construct courtesy of Cuntminster purely – as has been proved – to obfuscate the exit process.

    Moreover the default position was always “No Deal” so why have the cunts of Cuntminster got to vote to make it a non-option?

    So then we go into Limahl’s Never Ending Story of delay, after delay, billion after billion…

    And then we simply don’t leave.

    And on that day my Council Tax gets cancelled and so does my TV licence.

    The establishment has always been a hated bunch of cunts. We can stomach that when they’re not useles at the same time.

    Alas – and Mavis is at the top of the pile – they are all useless cunts to a one!*

    And I hate them all!*

    We need better. We deserve better!

    Next general election don’t vote for any of those cunts!*

    *Kate Joey excepted. The only decent and consistent one amongst the fuckers!

    • Even if Parliament votes to take No Deal off the table tomorrow, by law it remains the Article 50 default position if a deal is not agreed in Parliament by the 29th. Only Government can actually stop it, by suspending or revoking Article 50.

      • Which they will do!

        As the Talking Heads lyric goes…

        Same as it ever was!

        Same as it ever was!

        Loathsome bunch of cunts!

  2. Had to laugh. Corbyn’s bellowing for a general election. Who, in their right mind, would want to inherit this clusterfuck? Even if they had some constructive answers, and he doesn’t. Jeremy, stfu and stop embarrassing your remaining sympathisers.

    • Jezza is another deluded ‘May like’ soul, who fails to see how desperately unpopular he is. We’ve been waiting for Jeremy to step forward and present a credible alternative to Mavis Maybot, and he has failed us all desperately.

      We don’t want May, her shitty deal or any other Tory twat in charge, but Jezza fails to grasp the reality that most people would rather douse themselves in petrol and light a match, than put ‘Albert Steptoe’ in charge of steering HMS Great Britain.

      WTF have we done to deserve such choices ? !

      • The party system leaves us little alternative. When I am made Lord Protector by popular acclaim and my armies have burnt Westminster to the ground (Cromwell’s epic fail was not to do so) the party system will be illegal, the holders of PPE degrees will be hanged and members of parliament will be appointed by committees of binmen – people who know what’s going on on the ground. Couldn’t be worse than the present system, anyway. Oh, and at least once a year, the Great and the Good will be required to line-dance naked at Wembley* for the entertainment of the masses.

        * Or Ibrox

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