Saint Theresa of the May (23)

‘Saint’ Theresa May is a treacherous cunt

So, Saint Theresa has ridden in, on her white steed and declared she has saved the day for all…

“I have negotiated written legal guarantees on the backstop. I have secured the assurances that parliament requested, so they can now approve this even better brexit deal”

No Prime Minister has ever been more deluded, or convinced of their own hype, since Neville Chamberlain scurried back from Hitler’s chancellary, anouncing “I have in my hand, a piece of paper!”

May’s ‘assurances’, scrawled on 3 sheets of Junkers bog paper, have about as much creedance as the worthless piece of paper Hitler signed for Chamberlain, to get him to fuck off.

In May’s own words (which will be her epitaph) “nothing has changed”. Not one word, not one line of the brexit deal from December has been altered. These worthless platitudes, which will be now be approved by the Attorney General as ‘legally binding’ (with a little grease – lifetime peerages, promises of ‘Baron Hardup of the Sussex Downs, etc). She has done exactly what she planned all along – run the clock down till the last possible minute.

She will trot her deal out, and the Tory whips will start reminding MPs they have photo’s of their kiddy figgling, ecidence of expenses fiddling & worse, and she’ll probably get her shitty deal through. That, or they’ll revolt, we’ll end up with another bloody referendum and we won’t leave at all.

Let no-one delude themselves though, that we can cancel brexit, and just go back the way things were. The EU will want to be shown to punish us even further, for daring to have the impunity to vote to leave in the first place. All 27 other member countries will make it their mission to vote down anything we ever suggest; they will pass more EU laws to f*ck us over, bigtime.

May is the biggest Traitor this country has since, since the likes of Oswald Mosely. No branch would be too high to hang this lying bitch from.

What a historically treacherous Cunt !

Nominated by Lord of the Rings

97 thoughts on “Saint Theresa of the May (23)

  1. This cut and paste from John Redwood this morning. I recommend his blog to you. It makes a lot of sense.

    “If these new texts change something, then why isn’t that reflected in a changed text for the Withdrawal Agreement?

    I have not had a reply to my letter to the Attorney General about the other aspects of the Agreement which concern me, and received no good answer when I raised these points last night following the government Statement. Parliament should be shown the legal advice on EU determination of the payments under the Agreement, the role of the ECJ in disputes and the capability of the EU to legislate against UK interests throughout the negotiation period or so called transition”

  2. I’ve always felt a lot of sympathy for old Neville. He was just a posh, Public School toff who had never dealt with a fanatical, two faced piece of shit like Adolf before. For Nev a man’s word was his bond.
    Mavis , however, is a different kettle of fish. There’s only one word……collaborator!

    • At least we had Winston waiting in the wings for when the shit really hit the fan, this time around we have literally hundreds of Lord Haw Haw’s undermining our will.

    • History has not been kind to Chamberlain. However, the fact is that Britain was in no shape industrially or militarily for a war in 1938.

      In addition to that, the horrors of the previous war were still fresh in peoples minds and no-one fancied more of that. .

    • Nev Chamberlain. Tee hee hee. If he had been called Nev he might have been stronger. A ‘Nev’ growing up round our way was invariably a hard man.
      Does it work? Johnny Major. Jimmy Callahan. Harry Wilson. Present day-Mickey Gove, Dom Grieve. Yes that works Dom would have been a really hard cunt if he’d had that handle.
      Come to think of of it that’s what we want in the HofC. Honest to goodness hard men. They’re all so namby pampy.

  3. You think May’s bad. You probably think Corbyn’s worse. But wait till Watson’s assassinated Corbyn, and look at the lovely people he is gathering round him.

    Around 160 MPs and peers attended the get-together in Committee Room 8 of the House of Commons.

    They included leading Blairites such as Peter Mandelson, David Blunkett and Pat McFadden, as well as Brownites Stewart Wood, Yvette Cooper and Mr Watson himself.

    Other senior figures in attendance were former leader Neil Kinnock and former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

    In all, 13 former Cabinet members attended the meeting, as did 14 current frontbenchers, including Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald, Gloria de Piero, Jim McMahon, Justin Madders and whips Mark Tami and Vicky Foxcroft.

    Lord Mandelson told the meeting it was time for “Blairites and Brownites to work together to save the party”.

    …and fuck over the electorate. Again.

  4. She’s a perfidious witch, old Zelda May. It’s been a clever plan to build up the “crashing out” negativity/fear mongering though luckily some MPs have had a stronger backbone. Incompetence was a disguise; this is the endgame of her long-term plan.

    1. Apologise
    2. Resign
    3. Drink hemlock

    • Morning captain!
      Perfidious an excellent word to describe the hunchback…..

      As night of the quislings approaches I’m sure there’s going to be more surprises, mays so-called changes to the backstop appear to be at best window dressing but let’s see how AG cox presents it…
      If as many suspect mays useless sell out deal gets defeated she should fall on her sword but there’s no chance of that happening, instead we’re being lined up for parliament to seize control and deny a real Brexit .
      May will tell the county she did her best? then the blame game will commence and the parliamentary bun fight will ensue ….
      The negotiations have been the most disingenuous in living memory, nothing more than a carefully orchestrated pantomime to remain!!
      The establishment never had any intention of honouring the shock referendum result in anything other than name if at all……
      Utter cunts……..

      • Afternoon Q – that’s all fair and dandy, but you seem to be forgetting one thing:

        “I have secured a Brexit deal that delivers on the result of the Referendum, delivering the Brexit people voted for, building a country that works for everyone, taking back control of our borders, laws and money, but protecting jobs, our security, and our precious Union…”


      • By her repeating that phrase over and over ad nauseum, is she attempting a bit of stage hypnosis?
        ~(🔴 🔴)~
        “Look into my withered, deathly eyes and listen to my voice….”

        Afternoon, gentlemen.

      • Mrs Plastic here. What have you done to my Miles? He’s walking round in a trance saying things like-‘Ruff Tuff’s right, it’s all superstition’ . What have you done to my Miles? It’s witchcraft.

      • Good evening Mrs Plastic, lovely to make your acquaintance again.

        My guess is Miles has been masturbating over Richard Dawkins’ book ‘The God Delusion’ under his bed sheets of a night.

        I strongly recommend you take away his pen-torch, and regularly check for coffee stains on his bed sheets of a morning.

        Please pass on my regards to Miles. Lady Creampuff (who is very fond of him) and I wish him a speedy recovery… much looking forward to his ‘Atheists’ nomination…

      • He’s feeling very woozy Mr Ruff Tuff and gone to bed. He said something about a Captain Magnanimous hypnotising him. Also, he mentioned a Mr Fiddler do you know him? He said he appeared dressed in a long dark cape and was about to bite me on the neck when Miles wrestled him away. That’s what brought him out of his trance-like state. It has been a very strange afternoon. Thank you kindly for all your help. I can hear him going on about the Jews in his sleep so I know he’s back to normal.

      • You had a very close shave there Mrs Plastic.

        Mr Fiddler is the Cuntfinder General and is known to be a jolly naughty degenerate indeed.

        His arm is withered and his vengeance is minimal.

        Miles must be distraught by your beardless visage. But fear not, Benjamin Netanyahu’s stormtroopers will be with you shortly…

    • The Maybot will NEVER resign,
      When they swing the axe to oust her from no.10, they will sever her hands with the reapers sythe. All that will remain is her boney fingers, still clinging to Downing Streets window ledge.

  5. May is lying through her rotten teeth again (quelle surprise – Ed.)

    All the new document says is it “reduces the risk the UK could be deliberately held in the Northern Ireland backstop indefinitely.”

    “Reduces the risk…”

    But crucially it does not prevent the backstop being implemented against our will, or allow us to unilaterally walk away from it. So no substantial change. And certainly not in the Legally Binding International Document.

    Just more smoke and mirrors.

    If May’s EU dictated withdrawal agreement passes, we’ll have to accept whatever fait accompli trade deal the EU decide to serve us up… or remain trapped in the Customs Union forever.

    If our cowardly self serving MPs buy May’s basically unchanged deal, we are well and truly fucked. Not that our leaders will ever be held to account – they’ll be long gone… like Blair.

    And as for Geoffrey Cox’s legal advice, Blair’s Attorney General said his Iraq War was ok, that turned out well didn’t it?

  6. Not sure about Geoffrey Cox. He wasn’t pressured over his legal opinion on the backstop in the way that his predecessor was by Blair over the legality of the Iraq war.

    I read a quote the other day from him that his reputation as a QC was more important to him then his reputation as a politician. Plus, where was he last night while May was sucking up to Juncker? Not in Strasborg that’s for sure.

    Today will of course prove his integrity one way or the other. I’d like to see him resign over the issue. That would finish the old bitch once and for all…

    • Cox has just pronounced that the Legal Risk Remains Unchanged.

      UK still has no legal means of unilaterally exiting the backstop without EU agreement.

      • Yvette Cooper needs to have an “absence” moment. ( Just saying of course and in no way am I suggesting that she is “offed”, That would be a horrible thing to suggest )

      • Ha ha, Yvette ‘Sugartits’ Cooper – “The body of an ironing board and a face like a turnip.”

        Someone on ISAC said that…

  7. “I have in my hand a piece of paper, which Herr Hitler wiped his knob on when he thought I wasn’t looking”

    Fuck’s sake…☹

  8. Big decision to be made in Parliament today. Lots of differing opinions, many angles to be considered and tactical voting.

    So will it be….

    ….Pizza, KFC or Curry.

    Goodbye for now.

      • I have proof that the Flabbapotomous is actually the black hole at the centre of our universe.

        Everything is orbiting her in ever decreasing circles, slowly being drawn into and consumed by her dense dark mass. Even light cannot escape.

        I shall shortly be publishing this in the Scientific Journal.


      • A small amount of energy – not enough to cook a chiggun nugget – in fact escapes a normal black hole. This is called Hawking radiation. However, all that escapes from the supermassive Flabbot singularity is methane. This is called Spitting radiation.

  9. If it involves politicians it’s 99% certain it’s back loaded and it’s a crock of shit.

    My vote is only worth anything if I have something palatable to vote for.

    My vote is currently worthless

  10. Take a look at Nick Boles @NickBoles Twatter feed of a few minutes ago.
    What an arsehole…

      • Boles is a fucking cunt. “Our friends on the opposition benches” the creep says, and “there’s more of us than you.”
        Well there’s more of us who voted leave than you but that doesn’t count in your world, You diseased little slug.

      • Boles is a proper cunt!!
        I did however like Damian’s answer to boles on Twatter….

  11. I still say cunt Mrs.May as much as you like but there are far bigger cunts in the mix such as:

    Dominic Grieve, treachorous self-important shitgstain
    Dame Keir Starmer ditto
    Gina Miller – who asked that fucker to stick her oar in?
    Anthony Blair ditto
    Mangeldum ditto

    There are so many fucking remainers inside the Tory party and out, like all the mixed up poofters on both sides of the house, anyone trying to negotiate Brexit is on a sticky wicket.

    Frankly we could guess there would be compromise – without doubt if this fucking nonsense goes on after tonight I will emigrate.

    Who wants Steptoe, doddery Cable, arsewipe Umunna and Tom Slubberguts Warson forming a coalition? I fucking don’t

  12. Not to be pedantic, but this is actually her 27th cunting. Fast closing in on the big 30.

  13. Rees-Mogg and Grieve have just been on wireless news. Both, in their very different and opposing viewpoints are a fucking pain in the arse. It is like toddlers squabbling over half a jelly baby.

    If I had my way there would be a genetal election now, with Labour completely fucked up it would be an excellent time to clear some of the shit out of the sewer

    • I would have a General Election every month because I didn’t like the result of the last one and I won’t like the result of the next one.

    • I don’t see the point. If May won she’d take that as support for her stance, we’d stay in the EU and we’d be fucked. If the scarecrow won we’d be fucked whatever happened.

  14. Listening to all the coverage it looks like the deal will die today,
    Where next, the Dame Starmer customs union, the Kinnock 2.0, General Election or Peoples vote……. OR No Deal.

    It was easier to invade Iraq and Afghanistan than leave the EU, Hitler could have taken over europe by making a club trading nations rather than blitzkrieg.

    Chukacunt, on TV saying the 2 million young voters who couldnt vote in 2016 would vote to stay in the EU, well thats it, fuck me a second referendum is the only way forward. (peoples vote)

    • 2 million young people could vote?
      But instead they will be too busy on twatter, instafuck, what’s app, taking selfies and any other social meejah bollocks they fuck around with 24/7 ……


    • Fuck ’em. Perhaps the under 25s shouldve turned out in greater numbers to have their voices heard at the fucking time. About two thirds couldnt be arsed. Lowest turnout of the demographics.

  15. Mrs. May, Mrs. May, gallopping through the sward,
    Mrs. May, Mrs. May, on her horse Concorde,
    She steals from the poor
    And gives to the rich,
    Stupid bitch, stupid bitch, stupid bitch.

    Apologies to Python…

  16. Great cunting, great photo. Our Beloved Leader receives the kiss of Judas.
    Don’t really know what to think any more, beyond the fact that we’re fucked. One thing I do believe is that there will be a massive electoral backlash from everyone who wants leave to mean leave, but how that might play out in the future is anybody’s guess.

    • They don’t give a fuck if only 3 people in the whole country vote as long as they get 2.

  17. The time is almost upon us, at last we’ll see who votes for Britain and who votes for europe, some who will vote for this deal don’t like it but are more concerned about their careers/tory party than our country. They will do well to remember that they have to face us at the ballot box in the future. But echoing other comments on ISAC i don’t know if i could be bothered to vote again, such is this betrayal.
    To think through history brave men and women gave their lives for this country, only to have our elected representatives give our freedom away so glibly.
    CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS Parliament is bursting at the seams with them.

  18. I’ve just taken great pleasure in telling Npower, my current supplier to do one.

    “Let’s see if we can get you onto a better tariff” their advisor said.

    “No” I said. “I am leaving the EU soon and will no longer be needing the services of a German company”.


    Goodbye for now.

    • Fabulous RC ! I’m with “British Gas” but i think they’re owned by the frogs, whichever they’re still cunts

      • Doesn’t stop them often being the first to give their loyal BRITISH customers the benefit of a price rise.

  19. Its a fucking disgrace.
    Democracy died on that referendum.

    I’m voting ukip next election, these dishevelled crooked cunts can all go to hell.

    • I’m going to see what the alternatives are on the day and pick one that sounds even more fucking ridiculous than the mainstream parties. Of course, that’s if I will even be bothered to get off my fat arse and wander down to the polling station.

  20. This has been orchestrated from day 1.
    No ‘no-deal’ preparations so we never had a bargaining position.
    Majority of MPs and practically the whole of Whitehall against leaving. While entitled to a Remain opinion they are not entitled to sabotage a referendum.
    Watch parliament ‘take control’ to keep us in.

    We are in the Hotel California.

  21. Brexit is dead, a sham from start to finish. Democracy exposed as the fraud and the remain cunts are lapping it up.

    Well cunts, I look forward to seeing your faces when the same tactics are used to usurp democracy in a way you don’t agree with.

    I will laugh last, laugh long and laugh hard.

  22. “Ms May went a courtin’ and she did ride, M-hm,… Ms May went a-courtin’ and she did ride with a Stahlhelm helmet and checkbook by her side M-hm”

    • chequebook* sorry I had to correct myself before a grammar nazi showed up and convicted me of bad grammar and spelling

  23. Could any anyone other than us totally fuck this up more than it is possible to fuck up?
    I doubt it, what a pile of cunt. It was never going to be easy but with all these remainer cunts trying their best to sabotage and frustrate the vote…its impossible.
    Where now? I dont know and I dont give a fuck to be honest…so tired of this bollocks…all I know is whether we are in/out or bellend in and bollocks out we will still be shat upon by whoever the fuck is in charge. What a cunt Cameron is for not having the bollocks to steer the ship to a destination he did’nt want but the majority did…It was all fucked from then when he bailed out…he’ll no doubt make a comeback when the dust has settled…what a cunt.

  24. “She rode right up to Mister Junckers door, and she said I’ll suck your smelly tiny cock just like last time before M-hm,…. Gave three loud farts and a very big roar i’ll give you the same damn deal I gave you before M-hm”

    • Oh i was hoping cunters would join in on my parody song, don’t you cunters know the lyrics to froggy went a courtin ? pfft bitter spoilsports

  25. I love this country mainly for its sense of humour.

    From Monty Python to the current offering from the Houses of Parliament.

    The DUP and ERG are advising against voting for the deal so it is an ex deal.

    Let’s recap some of the best one liners from the current government:

    Strong and Stable
    Northern Powerhouse
    Brexit means Brexit
    No deal is better than a bad deal
    If you want to take no deal off the table, you have to vote for the deal.

    Ohh my sides.

    Goodbye for now.

    • The cynicism on this site is truly depressing. What is more depressing is that it is 100% justified. What the fuck was wrong with –
      1. Out means out.
      2. We will graciously listen to the EU’s cavils and complaints.
      3. We will accept or reject them in the light of our national interest, as we see fit. We are a sovereign nation.
      4. Goodbye.

      I shall only vote for candidates who can prove they are not politicians in future. If them.

  26. I’m getting a lot pissed off with cunts on here saying they won’t vote. If you don’t vote, then shut the fuck up moaning about the result.

    Get off your lazy arse and write “No suitable candidate” across the ballot paper. They’re obliged to report the number of spoiled ballots.

    When the majority in our wonderful first past the post system is “none of the above” then the fuckers will have to take notice…

    • I did vote, and I’m entitled to moan like fuck about the situation. I may not need to bother in future.

      • Same, but will be taking the Dioclese option. ‘Fuck your self-serving arses’ is my preferred wording.

    • I’ve been trying to persuade my fellow “I’ll never vote again” Cunters to adopt this voting option ever since the last election, which May tried to throw, imo. As with everything else she failed dismally.

      My suggestion has been to scrawl something like ALL CUNTS! across the ballot paper. Send the cunts a clear message.

      Our forbears fought and died for this precious democratic right.

      Maybe now you’ve spoken Dioclese they’ll take notice.

      • I’ve got an idea go and vote but wipe your ass with it (Ideally have a Vindaloo the night before)…instead of spoiled ballot papers they could call it soiled ballot papers. Shite is what most sane people probably feel about these cunts in parliament.

    • I was going to say draw a swastika on the ballot paper and tick that, then I realised that it would probably count towards Corbyn.

  27. If we dont get brexit I am going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, give the fucking country what it deserves.

    • ‘Don’t vote; the government will get in’.
      Never has that old bit of graffiti seemed more appropriate, sick.

      • Older still: if voting changed anything it would be illegal.
        Gwaaan, sick. You know you want to.

  28. in the above picture it looks like Teresa is giving Drunker a hand job whilst talking ‘Sexy’ to him…the dirty pair of cunts.

  29. Having watched all of today’s debate, the worst of the worst are the SNP. I had to turn the sound off after what seemed like 4 days of Ian Blackford wanging on about Scotland. He even said Scotland had been silenced. How I wish that were true. Please tell me the SNP have been cunted.

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