Shiraz Maher

Urgent mega- cunting for Shiraz Maher, academic at King’s College London. The revoking of Begum’s British citizenship was racist according to this scruffy bearded cunt who once belonged to Hizb ut-Tahrir, an extremist Islamist organisation banned in many countries including Egypt and Saudi Arabia but not dear old UK. Islamic “communities” across the UK agree with him. Born in Birmingham of Pakistani parents. If he has Pakistani citizenship revoke his British citizenship and send him off to Pakistan, that Islamic paradise on earth which was so idyllic his mom and dad fucked off out of it. I’m sick to death of these fucking hypocritical peace loving cunts.

Nominated by Fimbriations

32 thoughts on “Shiraz Maher

  1. ‘Director at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence at King’s College London’ – this is a guy who belongs to a religion whose definition of radicalisation is somebody who DOESN’T want to kill all us infidels.

  2. Haven’t you realised yet that if you don’t bend over to the will y of Al la you are a racist? So many cunts now, boring holes in this UK, ship of fools.

  3. Wherefore art thou Fimbriations?

    Well cunted. Terrorist sympathising slimeball.

    • Evening Ruffers

      “wherefore” means “why”

      “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” means “Why are you Romeo?” because it’s the rival family. (Shakespeare ed)

      • Et tu ein grammar nazi herr Captain?

        “Why are you Romeo?” “Cos it’s my fucking name, ya silly bint!”

      • It’s not grammar, old boy, it’s Shakey, the Bard, the Swan of Avon.

        Nonetheless, Me? A grammar Nazi? Naturally.

    • Hello RTC. Thanks for the compliment and hope you are in good form. Just passing through to see comments on Nanny T. Put this nom up ages ago before reports of my death but it’s only just appeared. Take care.

      • Good to hear from you Fimbriations old boy – what’s the deal? Don’t make a stranger of yourself… your ISAC needs you!

  4. Don’t like how we deal with terrorists? Piss off back to Pakistan you’re not welcome here.

  5. What is really annoying is that these cunts can hide in plain sight, call themselves academics and away they go, no worries about being terrorist sympathisers, they are academic so they need to understand what makes them tick.

    Who the fuck funds these cunts!

  6. No wonder the cunts smirking. No other country on earth, maybe besides Canada would allow this obvious terrorist sympathiser to not only hide in plain view, but draw a very nice salary thank you very much for spouting his bullshit. Every left wing organisation in the UK will be hanging off his every word, ready to push the islamaphobic, racist button and secure a thumping payout for the Begum family. Universities are choc full of this sort of cunt, spouting their bollocks to any soppy student prepared to listen. Fucking brainwashing by the left.

  7. A mate of mine works with a Muslim who is always late for his shift.
    They call him 9/12….

  8. If this Islamic terrorist loving twat loves them so much then fuck off back to Pakistan The majority of British people don’t support your views.

  9. This country has a long history of letting the enemy within to prosper. I remember going on the piss in Birmingham in the late 80s, and being told we had to avoid a certain pub because it was an IRA pub. I couldn’t believe it! If these scum cunts hate us so much, why do they live here? Nowadays, we have whole towns and cities that are pretty much wholly inhabited by cunts who hate us. Plus, I hear similar crap coming out of the mouths of indigenous cunts too, as they get radicalised by anti western propaganda dressed up as conspiracy theory on the internet. Usually dole cunts, up till three in the morning, watching YouTube videos while drinking spar vodka. I don’t like the way some countries live their lives, so I avoid them like the fucking plague. I wish cunts who hate us, and our way of life would do the same.

  10. Fuckin smelly cunt, I bet it’s straight on with his pyjamas and Ali Barba slippers as soon as he gets indoors, hope he gets pubic lice in his bead from rimming underage goats.!

  11. I don’t care what one “peaceful” extremist cunt thinks about another “peaceful” extremist cunt!

    Unless they’re saying: “And you’re all so fucking awful I’m emigrating to…” – insert “peaceful” shitehole HERE – then I truly couldn’t give two stony fucking shits!

    If you don’t like it, FUCK OFF!

    Easy choice.

  12. He probably feels like a cunt his parents named him after a type of red wine, personally I prefer cabernet sauvignon or a merlot might dig into a bottle later if daily stresses reach their peak

  13. See “Toxic Feminity” nom. Someone can’t distinguish between critique and compliment (albeit backhanded). That’s OK. “Newbies” isn’t. It’s a cunt millennial word implying length of tenure confers exclusive entitlement of some sort. Here “I can post what I like but you, a newby can’t. Fuck off. It’s a public forum and I post what I like within the rules. Reeks of clique, cunted long ago on ISAC under “Bullying at Work.”. Add cryptic comment about some comedian followed with unspecified threat … they’ll learn… and I can’t be fucking bothered putting finger to keypad. Wasted effort on these people. Take care RTC.

    • Ah… gotcha… that’s a reply to my enquiry about 15 posts up.

      Don’t let the occasional Cunter grind you down Fim.

      Be seeing you… hopefully.

  14. @Fim…
    I referred to someone as a newbie, if it was you (can’t remember) no offence intended.
    I’m in year four on ISAC so some could consider me a newbie.
    No offence meant my friend.
    The more the merrier.
    I like your posts.

    Get posting…you’re late on parade….

    • Hello JR. That’s cleared things up. For the record I think your jokes are hilarious. Top notch.Keep them coming friend😂. In tropical parts for another couple of weeks. Put my grumpiness down to 37°C temp and 97% humidity + dengue outbreak in locality. Global warming is a real bastard. Been in and out of here for 30 years and never experienced anything like it. Take care JR.

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