The not-so-Independent Group


I respectfully wish to nominate this worthless body of cunts who are taking £78,000 each of our money for being even more useless than the LibDems. Chucka Umunna and his bunch of ex-Blair babes, obese old-men-going-nowhere, and three ugly flannel bloomered Conservative tarts, has only been in existence for a month, but they have already run out of steam.

It is noticeable that even that heap of mincing, EU fawning, fruit flavoured shit, Nick Boles, who has jumped on the “Independent” bandwagon, will not join them – perhaps the wisest decision of his fifth rate career.

They have proposed one motion in the House of Commons for which they garnered 85 votes, and I am sure even the deluded baldy man Umunna realises he has made a massive fuck-up now that ageing comic Tom Watson and his outsize glasses have started his “movement” which all the Blairite arse-lickers and Mangledbum have signed up to.

I propose we give all the wimmin, especially the Soubry tart a great big badge saying “I was fucked independently by Chuka”, give the men a good slapping and make them face their electorate by forcing “Independent” ex Labour/Conservative MPs to fight for their own seats. If they lose as I expect 90% of them would, it will be time for them to go out and look for proper work.

This equally applies to that jailbird bint from Peterborough. There ought not to be this get out of jail free card whereby an MP who has thrown the toys out of their pram can just go on living on our charity. Fuck the lot of them.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. Could it be that Comrade Corbinski believes the rumor that the group is funded by Zionist’s and this explains his actions yesterday?

  2. Only one minor error in this superb cunting. Heidi Allen may be deluded and barking up the wrong sage bush….but she ain’t ugly. I would certainly medievally knock the independence out of her back bench.

  3. Wordcunt has blocked all my attempted posts with bullshit error message ‘cookies and JavaScript must be enabled’ Any idea Admin?

    • I’ve had that before. It just seems to come and go for no apparent reason. Perhaps Admin may know more,but don’t think that it actually comes from their end.

    • We’ve been asked this many times and its definitely not our end
      Suggest you buy a Mac as it doesn’t seem to happen on OSX 😉

    • Fim;
      Have had, and still have this prob. Got so bad that I (and others) referred it. Admin got their IT guy to look at it but couldn’t trace the source. It was suggested I try ‘e’ and that seems to have sorted it, except for the fact that my every post now goes straight into ‘mod’! WordPress or something is acting the cunt. Suggest that you report it on the ‘comments’ facility if you ain’t done so already, to let Admin know it’s causing problems again.

      • Thanks Ron. Admin have replied Suggest I buy a Mac. They think it’s going to rain.
        Yes I am a fuckwit where computers are concerned.😀

  4. And fuck me sideways that goes through!

    Good cunting WC. £78,000 is understating it. See

    Would you like ice with the boiling piss, Sir?

  5. All these cunts should go back to the electorate and ask if they still want them to be their representatives in Parliament

  6. What’s not to cunt about the TITs? But a great precis of the main points, WC.

    Would point out to Kravdarth that the TITs have reportedly (24 Feb, all papers. five days after ) received the backing of David Garrard, whose support of Labour Friends of Israel’s lunches and Israel trips has been in Joan Ryan’s words in 2013, “longstanding” and who pulled his funding from Labour in response to the concerted media campaign to brand the party as antisemitic. (Garrard’s also donated directly to Ian Austin, Chuka Umunna and Tom Watson) Is he a Zionist? Rather depends on whether you think that’s a good thing or not, doesn’t it? The Tits are also supported by a plumber, I should add.

  7. …five days… after a Corbynite MP was forced to apologise after making the allegation)

    Lost the thread, senile cunt.

  8. Slightly off topic, sorry, but ably assisted by disgracefully blatant advertising on the BBC every hour on the hour on Radio 2, a petition to reverse article 50 and stay in the eu has been started by some daft old bag and has received over a million signatures by Democracy Deniers, today.

    For fuck’s sake don’t sign it, but it’s interesting if you click “Show on a Map” indicating where the bulk of the signatures are from – Betcha can’t guess ?

      • The best thing about this absurd denial of democracy from the EU-hat wearing grannies, four eyed “students” and (to use a BBC favourite expression )”young millenials and busy professionals”, is that it might concentrate the minds of MPs next week (though of course you will never change the rat infested minds of Hilary Benn and Dominic Grieve or Hammy Lammy).

        Rod Liddle sums up exactly my feelings in this excellent piece:

    • Interesting. Neatly complements the numbers for the petition to prorogue parliament and get the fuck out. Except Brum, for some reason. A slight preponderance of university towns, predictably enough.

  9. Bristol West, Oxford East, Hornsey and Wood Green, Islington North, Brighton Pavilion, Cambridge, topping the bill and as a wild card Manchester Withington.

    The site crashed twice in the last ten minutes (16:10–16.20) I’ve been looking, and the number of adherents appears to be climbing extremely rapidly indeed.

    Quite a phenomenon, but no real surprises in the demographics.

    • Also (it’s back online, briefly perhaps) I failed to notice, up the road, Edinburgh North and Leith

      • It has just sailed past 1 100 000, having been memorably 1 066 000 at around 16:15. It’s now 16:30, so that’s 34 000 additional adherents in fifteen minutes, or 132 000 per hour.

        Very rough, obviously, but at that rate it’ll have exceeded 10 million at the weekend.

        We are witnessing history, I suspect. Right Now.

      • Typo: 136 000 per hour (not that my toe-in-the-water was all that precise, it’s just time for a pipeful and I’m getting sloppy)

      • Errm, before some fkn wiseacre points out that this is bullshit/”spin” /not an accurate prediction errm yes, quite.
        For a start, the server is repeatedly crashing, akın to DDoS attack, and most people will not be signing up while asleep (&c).

        But this petition is indeed historic (& unsurprising again, yes indeed). What were you saying about the technological means of democratic expression being available earlier today, RTCP? Something like this, peut-être)?

      • Maybe it’s the Russians?
        Remain have over cooked that …..
        Literally millions of remainers hitting the site every few hours?
        WOW ……

      • In 2016 they did the same thing and got 4 million by using auto bots …. yawn
        So desperate…….

      • No Quislings, it isn’t the Russians. (Putin very much wants us to leave, and that’s right out there in plaintext.)

        It’s not the Americans, either. More the “promotion” of the petition mentioned passim on this thread.

        That, and the fact that the momentum being built up is undeniably and de facto newsworthy.

        It could equally have been Pedantic Cunt’s selection of petition, or indeed any of the others, quite clearly, that would then have been newsworthy too; but it wasn’t.

        I think it’s our splendid democracy in action, yet again. Let’s see, and not jump the gun, eh?

      • Literally 34 000 between around a quarter- and half past four that I just observed.

        There are no bots involved any more, Quislings. That’s largely been cleaned up and was always mostly bollocks anyway. (Trust me, or not, but I know a little about this shit too).

        That the servers are not geared up to accept the numbers should tell its own story, really.

        It is actually a fkn disgrace that HMG can’t run the IT to cope with a “mere” 500 000 hits per hour (which is, I’ve just been reliably informed, an absolute maximum, and it’s been more like a third of that this afternoon).

      • If I were the Russians (devious bastards) I would be pushing to revoke A50, what better way to fuck our democracy than putting the political elite at odds with the people.

  10. Perhaps we have failed to notice the perition which calls for leaving with no deal.
    Strange that one never gets mentioned isn’t it?

      • Certainly isn’t. Brighton Pavilion, spiritual home of the remoaning snowflake, has a total electorate of 75,486 (2017)
        The current count for signatures there is 7,186.

        While petitions may have some use in forcing government to address single issues, they are in no way a basis for democracy. Wouldn’t mind betting some of those cunts are signing from the grave. And primary school.

      • As advertised on national TV, I am surprised there isnt a guide on how to ….

        All you need, Email address and Postcode.

      • Well Brighton Pavilion was dark red on my map, Komodo. I’ve no idea, it’s on of the few major towns in the UK I’ve never been near.

        You’re the expert, teehee! But as ever, your point is?
        Was it perhaps Milton Keynes? Or Speldhurst? I was commenting on the demographics as I saw them at 4.30. That map was unwieldy, but I believe I wasn’t wrong.

        Are you seriously going to keep this BS up? Actually, your comment is pretty weird. If the electorate is 75 486 and the current count there is 7 186 then, now at 10%, that’s a considerable increase.

        This afternoon, Brighton Pavilion was at less than 6%. Thus your point is? Certainly not what?

        Comic cuts, this is!

      • On my map, the current figure for each constituency is given when you hover over it. Check your cookies, or Javascript if you couldn’t see that. (Thought you were the hacking/organ/quantum mechanics/FCO/macrame expert round here. I make no such unsustainable claims.)

        10% in favour of the proposition does not a mandate make. And dependent on what comes out of Brussels tonight, the chances of getting a debate before the 29th as a result of 56 million fucking signatures are still pretty low, I’d say.

        The people spoke in 2016.

      • I do have a nice little Stihl two-stroke chainsaw to avoid the hacking, but macrame is a closed book to me, Komodo.

        I’ve also had an ARCO since my twenties, and worked in the DS from 97-07, gained an OU degree in mathematics for sport around ten years ago. (I now fall back on my PGDL and BVC from the early noughties for a crust, though I didn’t mention that particular “unsustainable claim” –or did I? Hoho, hehe indeed.)

        As I’m looking at the Unboxed™ map on an Android phone, you “click” on the zones; there’s no hovering involved. It is very fiddly, and I really should have a look on my PC, but I’m not very interested and can’t be arsed.

        A glance just now (09:30) reveals the count at 2 708 000 [wow!] , but Brighton Pavilion is still at 6.89%. (Not sure where your 10% of yesterday came from.)

        Thanks for your kindly advice about cookies and Javascript, Mr K, but again I ask: “what is your point?”

    • That one doesn’t seem to be attracting quite the same interest, curiously, nor the call for mandatory 10-stretches for carrying a blade, and 25 years for their malicious deployment.
      That’ll not be too popular with Jamie Oliver, then.

      • I certainly hope they do, Seymour, as that’s my carefully-crafted persona, and a large part of the raison d’être of the blog into the bargain.

        Isn’t that kind of the whole point, or have we all had a mass self-awareness crisis, and meanwhile ISAC has gradually morphed into a serious, political blog?

        I fucking hope (as a criminal barrister) most folks on here aren’t being too serious (to be a bit too serious). I certainly don’t come on here to be popular, but nor yet to troll or be trolled.

        I just happen to believe, for example, that Brexit is total bullshit, and that purposelessly railing against our current crop of charisma-free politicians is fairly pointless.

        Satire must, at the least, be humorous when current to be effective; it is often enough embarrassing in hindsight even when it was actually funny at the time.

        A cautionary tale for us all, I suggest. Make of that, and my contributions, whatever you will. If it’s not already plain enough, and to be completely frank, I think I should point out, once again, I couldn’t give a toss.

      • Chances are I’ve missed the boat on this one, Mr. Spedding, as you’ve most likely been barred by now but your phrase extolling your “carefully crafted persona” did make me smile.
        Most folk on here just pick a daft name and start typing – The fact that you felt the need to “carefully craft” a “persona”, strikes me, as a lesser mortal than your good self, as somewhat superfluous ? Oh and whilst we’re at it – Never put a comma in front of “and” or “but” – O Level English for you…

      • As an expression of purely personal opinion, yes. More generally, I have seen bigger twats but they were framed by thighs.

      • I’m simultaneously, and respectively, anointed and disappointed, Messrs K and Plastic.

        You always did have it in for me, eh Miles? “Lower-class Twit of the Year” p’r’aps?


      • “ Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?”

        “No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!”

        Have I mutated into an eidolon of Sean Connery, RTCP?


  11. TIG is nothing more than a lighthouse attracting the most vacuous deceitful cunts in British politics ….
    Let’s hope like the pied piper it will attract all the sewer rats out into the open and we can all rejoice as they commit political suicide by joining this band of disaffected rabble led by Martian headed freak umunna…
    I’m sure his troops are only following this pathetic spineless cunt out of a morbid curiosity…
    Politically these cunts are finished
    Good riddance..
    The swamp has lost a few turds and that’s something to celebrate.

  12. Did you see that moaning whinging cunt Soubry on Daily Politics this week with Andrew Neil, they were interviewing Farage and he said she would have been better off in New Labour and wanted to stop Brexit. Then she started blubbering about not being able to go home now because she’d get death threats cos of what Farage had said. What an absolute CUNT she is.
    If her husband had any sense she wouldn’t be able to go home cos he’d have changed the locks and got that Ester McVey in his bed 🙂

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