Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern
Didn’t know anything about her until the Christchurch shootings. However now we know what a kneejerk, liberal fuckwit she is.
I don’t underestimate the horror of what went on but for fuck sake the outpourings from this woman are in a different league.
Here is today’s output following the earlier wailing, including wearing a headscarf and refusing to name the moron who did it:

‘New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called for a global fight to root out racist right-wing ideology following last week’s deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch.’

Where is this simpleton when UK and Europe are attacked? Where is she when mosques and markets are attacked in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan? When planes are downed? When people are murdered or enslaved? Does she really want to make NZ the go-to destination for these fuckers?
The people of NZ deserve better.

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79 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern

  1. She is also a modern day version of Miss Jones from Rising Damp, a right old knob shrinker.!!

  2. I’m afraid her, her ilk and the media are responsible for the rise of the right and actions such as this utter cunt Brenton wankstain. I’m not for one money trying to excuse this sicko’s actions, but I wish the hand wringing left would just try and understand the rise of the right. Constantly rammed down our throats about rights, islamaphobia, LGBT, poverty, feminism blah fucking blah. Left wing indoctrination of academia is entirely responsible. The majority of the worlds population are bored of it all and absolutely unrepresented by most of it. I treat everybody with respect, irrespective of their race, sex or political view. If somebody wants to call me a fat, white cunt then so be it. I’m not going to cry about it and i’m certainly not going to report a hate crime in the same way that people like Abbott would. How we ever got in a position where we had to legislate and kerb free speech is beyond me. You can’t legislate to stop people thinking the way they think. You can try and educate but if people don’t want to hear you can’t force them. Unfortunately now we’re going to have to put up with simpering showers of shite like Jacinda Arsewipe and just hope that she is removed from power before she does any more harm. What’s the odds on New Zealand becoming the New Canada and legislating to force people to use the correct personal pronoun for trans people? Yep, that’ll solve all the worlds evils. Fucking simpering cunts.

  3. Jacinda Ardern is a massive cunt I didn’t think you could be a more weak, virtue signalling liberal lefty cunt of the highest order. Then you go and out cunt yourself and just are beyond pathetic by groveling and kneeling to the peacefuls like this. This pathetic display of phony virtue signalling is just unprecedented

    How do apologise for the christchurch shooting is such a pathetic as piss way you ask? well thats easy just mass convert your country to islam and become a doormat for the muzzies by wearing headscarves and playing the call to prayer at schools and on radio

    Also ban all guns, ban the manifesto, ban shooting video, ban freespeech, ban white people and ban everything while you are at it you stupid nutcase btw the hijab isn’t a fashion statement you burnt twat and showing your hair in the headscarf is haram and women in the middleeast would get beaten for not wearing a full head covering but i bet it makes you feel so holy and moral you silly phony mong

  4. Absolutely spot on, just popped in for cup of tea and thought I bet old horse features from NZ got a cunting after all that virtue signaling. Low and behold here it was. Does the Western world breed these libtards from a mould destined for premiership of their cuntries. There must be a school somewhere teaching them how to be a libtarded cunt. Grow a set of balls horse lady, ohhh sorry I see you did!

  5. It was just so moving to hear and see this filthy slag’s outpouring of emotion towards the 250 plus Christian ‘people of colour’ and their families, after the recent Muslim-orchestrated massacre in Sri Lanka. Or did I miss something? Maybe it was just too abstract for this retard of a female to contemplate.

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