Songs I Never Want To Hear Again

Songs and Music I Never Want to Hear Again

I would like to cuntify certain pieces of music and songs that I NEVER want to hear again in my life. This list is not exhaustive but features some of the most irritating pieces of music ever created. I have heard them so much that I want to scream when they surface anywhere near my ears.

“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”, “The Four Seasons”, “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis”, “Enigma Variations”, “Water Music”, “Brandenburg Concertos”, “Concerto de Aranjuez”, “GYmnopedies”, “Moonlight Sonata” and “Bolero”.

“Yesterday”, “Satisfaction”, “Every Step You Take”, “The Girl from Ipanema”, “Windmills of Your Mind”, “With a Little Help from My Friends” (Joe Cocker version), “Baby Can I Hold You”, “Lady in Red”, “The Final Countdown”, “American Pie”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”, “New York, New York”, “Begin the Beguine”, “Annie´s Song”, “God Save the Queen”, “The Internationale” , “Happy Birthday to You”, “You´ll Never Walk Alone” and “Auld Lang Syne”.

That´s all for now folks.

Nominated by Mr Polly

98 thoughts on “Songs I Never Want To Hear Again

    • By Free you mean? , that song is a tad bit repetitive especially the chorus Its always in car commercials

      • Precisely TS…. played to death everywhere 24/7 during ’80s /’90s /’00s…

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Free, especially the Tons Of Sobs album, but fuck me if I ever hear A.R.N. again – it’s up there with Imagine, Free Bird, and All You Need Is Love.

      • You’re right there RTC, I always thought Wishing Well was a better song too.

  1. Anything by Paul McCartney / The Fab Four ?????
    Hay Jude
    Ticket to Ride (Yep fuck off)
    Fucking hate the overpaid untalented money grabbing cunt

  2. “Imagine” by John Lennon (fucking hypocrite)
    “The Living Years” by Mike and the cunting Mechanics (pass the sickbag)
    “The Power of Love” by Jennifer Rush (gag!)
    Anything by Adam and the Ants (sorry Adam)
    Any 60s hippy peace song (get a fucking haircut, hippy)
    Everything else from the 80s onwards that isn’t British produced rock music…

      • That was unkind, I had forgotten that ugly pot of piss as well,
        I will petition my Lawyer and chase you through the courts for the unnecessary trauma you have just caused me.

      • ‘A Ga Do Do Do push pineapple shake the tree’

        Now try to get that out of you head.
        I will robustly defend your action with a medley of Cliff Richard hits.

  3. ” Two Little Boys” by R. Harris isn’t as popular as it was, I’ve noticed. My drunken rendition bellowed over the wall towards the Scout’s jamboree resulted in some very uncouth language from the Scourmaster.


    Fuck Off.

    • “Tie me kangaroo down sport” was on the B-side…
      If only I’d known, all those years ago.
      Non-consensual bondage with marsupials. Did the sport element involve betting and spectators.
      Also some ref about his hide being taken out to the back (by Jack, IIRC), and tanned. Defo CP there.

      And “Grandad”…
      Last but not least, Beethoven’s An die Freude (Ode to Joy), much abused by dictatorships.
      The ironic thing is, he came within a few months of writing an alternative, non-vocal finale for the 9th symphony.

      I remember hearing some alternative lyrics to Yesterday…
      How the hell did I get this ?

      • Nothing creepy bout Rolf Harris singing bout two little boys… I always thought tie me kangaroo down sport was a fucked up song remember a version he did with the beatles where he forgets abunch of lyrics and Lennon calls him burnt in the head cunt for forgetting I wonder if he knew about his diddiling

        The only Rolf Harris song i really like was war canoe mostly cause he sounds like hes saying cunt when he says kent aussie accent of course

  4. The thing is, most of the songs listed by Mr Polly have craft and merit. They are just overplayed.
    Can anyone list anything by the bland cunts about now? Can you even identify any of it? Do you give a fuck?

    • ‘I’ll be riding shot-gun/ under-neath the hot sun’

      From George Ezra’s Nursery Rhymes for Adults.

  5. Simply red shower of shit
    Bros shower of shit
    Take that shower of shit
    Phil Collins shower of shit
    And all the pish ‘ it’s coming home type songs that caused noise pollution last summer ‘ Total pish

  6. All rap, grime, hiphop, urban, trash, muck, dregs, detritus, gunge, shite, have I missed anything here? Common factors: illiterate usually black person chanting doggerel concerned with social problems of inner-city estate he left some time ago, to the stolen backing of a repetitive Cubase or similar drum loop. Oh, and let’s have a ban on being told this is a valuable cultural expression/great art/ in any way of value.

    • Ghetto rabble? I’m not sure they even count as songs let alone music, more a barbaric stream of primitive gibberish designed to bludgeon any sense of grace or refinement out of a human being.

      The only prioritizing I would do with that vile shitheap would be to put any of the nuggets made by white people trying to be.. urban.. first, in terms of offensive to dignity.

    • Anything by black ‘musicians’ for the past 30 years has been the most obnoxious, vile, anti-social, anti-cerebral shite ever foisted upon young ears. And of course, with the advent of ‘buds’, it can get directly pumped into their malleable brains to the point of inculcation. Until the mid-80s, black music was some of the best at some point the best music in the carts. From ‘Public Enema’ and ‘NWA’ onwards, it’s just been a deluge of dirty, disgusting, degenerate, ugly TRASH.

  7. For me the main ones are listed:

    -Anything sung, made or produced by that Libtard Wench Lilly Allen (cunt)
    -Jimmy ‘Twat’ Somerville and those cretin communard wankers.
    -Blur and/or that Damon Albarn Bellend.
    -Whitney Houston.
    -Any spawn or creation of that giant twerp Simon Cowell and his ridiculous cunting shiny white twat smile.
    -Fucking Westlife (or pondlife as I call the cunts)

    That’s it for now. Maybe some more irritating Girl/Boy bands on there who’s Z-List names/acts escape me (thankfully) at present.

  8. My top 3 most hated songs that make my teeth itch.
    In reverse order
    Bat out of hell
    American pie
    Bohemian rhapsody.
    It’s even annoyed me just writing them down.
    FFS. Aarrrrgghhh!!

    • Aaaargh feck, last week I was stuck in a minibus on the way home from Bath, and Bohemian Rhapsody came on. I remember a friend of mine opining that it was the ant-hymn of our school years. Silly tosser.

  9. How the fuck have the Beatles made the list but not Oasis?

    Nnnyyyyeeeeahh-aahhhh why doncha knowwweeeeaaahh, yeewwwww said maayyyyybeeee.

    Scruffy whiny bastard, needs his guitar jammed sideways up his arsehole.

    • Agree Chunky.

      ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ – fucking snowflake anthem.

      There are some Beatles songs I’d be happy never hearing again (Yesterday, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, etc) but certainly not 95% of their output.

      • Beatles music at the moment is running at No1. In the pet hate list on here .Outdated horrible music of the Grandads All of it wants bricking up in the Cellar

    • wonderwall is a annoying song but i ironically like the mike flowers pops version

    • “Don’t stop ’til You Get Enough” and “You Are Not Alone” put a different spin on the plastic ponce. Lady Elton’s “Candle in the Wind” must be Daily Mail housewife anthem.

  10. Instantly comes to mind anything by Paul Weller/Style Council/Jam and Come on Eileen or Gino by Dexys Midnight Runners. Band Aid Do they know its Christmas, Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder, Music was my first love by John Miles, Things can only get better by D:Ream.

    • Hi Willie –
      I posted a reply to your question from the other day about how I was doing, but something went wrong and it never went online. So I’ll try again….I’m great. Just quit my job which was sucking the life out of me. At home during the day now and enjoying some peace and quiet – as long as the cunt neighbours don’t fucking start. Just got my Xbox re-connected so I’ll be playing a bit of Far Cry later. Need to get Mrs Yank to stock up on beer and I’ll be all set for a while.

      Saw a T-shirt some years back whose slogan was “I Came On Eileen”. Funny stuff. My nomination would be Hotel California by The Eagles. Good song, but sooooooo over played that I can’t stand it any more. Plus anything by the fucking Beatles. Awful, just awful. Timeless? Erm….nope. Of its time, yes. So stop playing that crap. Oh and anything that qualifies as ‘country’. Just shite!

      • Glad you are making time to chill Imitation. We need to do that every now and again,

        Will be glad when Brexit has been resolved one way or the other, that is sucking the life out of Leavers, that is for sure.

        Gave up a shit commission only job just over 5 years ago, when local manager asked whether I would be prepared to work for zero salary for a year in order to maximise company profits. Told him to fuck off and resigned. Fortunately after working on the square mile in London for 30 years had squirrelled some money away for a rainy day so fortunate to be able to quit without financial implications.

        Last 5 years has simply flown past, money holding out quite well. Not many luxuries but we have everything we really need.

        Grew up with the Beatles, the first chord of Hard Days Night is my childhood as are many of their classics so you will have to forgive me if I don’t agree with you on that one.

        For me, hate most firms of jazz, and rap.

        Enjoy the beer and Xbox.

  11. Stupidest song ever “Do they know it’s Christmas ” no of course they don’t!!
    It wouldn’t matter anyway, even Santa has some standards, how could he deliver presents to a mud hut with no chimney!
    Anyway most of them were dead for the new year. It ruins Christmas for me when they play that shite.
    Geldof you see, a right cunt.

    • Plus the cunts are peacefuls. More like would they care its christmas.

      Bet they’d know it was ramadan

  12. Africa by Toto.
    Seasons in the sun by Terry Jacks.
    Anything by Robbie Williams.

      • Oh come on africa is a classic you kill joy cunt, I agree that robbie williams is trash tho

      • It might just be me but it’s the bit where the singer sings ‘Serengeti’ – it just sounds like it’s been squeezed in!

      • Hahaha! I was going to comment on what an awful, clumsy and immature lyric that is:

        The wild dogs cry out in the night
        As they grow restless longing for some solitary company.
        I know that I must do what’s right
        Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti.

        Rhyming company with Serengeti was brave.

  13. I woke up this morning feeling fine despite having had the most horrific nightmare about Herman’s Hermits….

  14. Some great cuntings here but sadly for me Random Cunt bagged my top choice quicker than I could say ’Deadpool’.

    Cant really dispute any of them except Music (Sorry Willie Stroker) but I will add Smoke On The Water despite being an unreconstructed Blackmore fan.

  15. Beatles shit. Queen shit. Blur shit. Post Peter Gabriel Geninis shit. Opera, classical, rap.

    • I was wondering why nobody had mentioned the World’s biggest turd (© South Park- best episode they’ve done after “John Travolta’s locked in the closet” and “Tom Cruise is a fudge-packer.”)

      As soon as I hear Bono’s breathy, tedious voice I feel nauseous, the chubby, Oirish, mîdget, tax-dodging cunt.

  16. 1. Adele
    2. Little Mix
    3. One Direction
    4. Whatever that cunts name Grande is (though I would smash it)
    5. Rita Ora
    6. Rihanna
    7. Robbie Williams
    9. Olly Murs
    10. Any song where the cunts sing “mate”

  17. Freebird, way to long, and overplayed to fuck. Anything by Dire Straights, Knopfler is a boring guitar player and a terrible singer. Smoke on the water and hotel California already mentioned, but guaranteed to boil the piss.
    Any dance music, particularly born slippy, touted as a modern classic, but annoying shite.
    Ride of the Valkyries, once entertaining is now just boring, and any opera, especially Nessun Dorma can get to fuck.
    Not going to start on rap, holding fire if my nom of it comes up.
    All soulless modern pop music. The whole definition of music means it requires a musical instrument to perform it. Not, a fucking laptop. And while I’m ranting, DJs who say they are doing a gig, no you fucking ain’t. You’re playing records, and fuck all else. Cunts

  18. “Gold”……played over and over at every Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Yeah, you get a gold medal when you win. We geddit you cunt.
    “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”
    Yes I fucking do George you cross dressing, annoying poof cunt!

  19. Cant stand anything by Iron Maiden or Def Lepard. And I consider myself a metal head. Also
    The boys are back in town
    Anything by Take That
    Everything red hot chilli peppers did after 1994
    Black lace
    Jive Bunny
    And the music mix played on the shop floor when I worked at Burton on a YTS in 1992.

  20. Rap/Hip-Hop/R’n’fucking’B/Jungle/Grime or anything where thugs wearing jewellery make plosive hand gestures with splayed fingers whilst informing the World how cool/wealthy/aggressive they are in an attempt to cover their below-average rapey antics.

  21. I did in about 1980/81 CnR and I wholeheartedly concur. You strike me as a man of unimpeachable musical taste if I may make so bold.

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